Randy walked and walked. Town was coming in sight. He saw a familiar young man walking towards him turn and head for the drug store. That young man reminded Randy of how unfair losing Bob was. Soda Curtis shouldn't be up running around and breathing when Bob was dead, it wasn't fair.

Before Randy knew what he was doing he was calling out, "Hey, Curtis."

Soda stopped and studied the figure walking towards him, probably he didn't recognize him. But he waited for the stranger to get closer. Randy was overcome with rage. He slugged Soda before he even stopped walking. Soda fell to the ground and his head bounced with a sinking thud. But that wasn't enough. He kicked the unconscious young man for good measure. But a boot landed at the corner of Soda's shoulder and the bone glanced the blow, directing it to soda's head. Blood gushed, at first Randy was unsure of where it was coming from, but further inspection showed the gash on Soda's temple to be the source.

Knowing the consequences of such an injury, Randy hoisted Sodas light frame up and began to half carry, half drag him back to the other side of town. Much to Randy's surprise, Soda's feet began to move with him clumsily and he mumbled indistinguishable sounds. Weather Randy was acting out of remorse or curiosity he didn't know.

"Who are you?" Soda mumbled after ten minutes of being dragged.

Curiosity. Randy didn't answer and kept towing the other boy to his house. He maneuvered him up the steps, through the front door and on to the couch.

Sodapop Curtis was handsome. Everyone knew it. Randy couldn't help but appreciate that fact when he looked down on him. His golden hair matted with blood and fell down onto his forehead and cheeks, his eyes were closed in a painful expression and he moaned lightly in pain and confusion.

"Shh. It'll all be ok tomorrow, just sleep it off Bob." Randy said as he pushed the bloody hair away.

How many times had he said that when Bob had stumbled his way to Randy's after getting wasted? Now Randy had a reason to say those things again.

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