I told you I wouldn't take too long to write another TVD fanfiction!;)

This can be read as a sequel to my story: The Air I Breathe, but it can also stand alone.

This is a story about Klaus and Caroline's ongoing lovestory in New Orleans. You will meet familiar characters and new ones. It will be about the ongoing war between witches and vampires. There will be heartbreaks and deaths, but also the shining light at the end of the tunnel.
Let me take you to an enchanted place where schemes and betrayals, friendships and liasons are tested.

PS.: No baby-business going on in here!

Please note that this is just a Prologue!
The chapters will be following in a bit!

Have fun reading and thanks to everyone who does!=)

Everyone was standing in the middle of the graveyard. It was pitch black and in the distanced rolled a thunder over the hills. Lightning struck the sky and illuminated the grey clouds. It was too far away for anyone to care, but that didn't cease to make it less threatening. It was like a change. A change in the far distance that was yet about to come, but for now no one knew what it was. Never the less you could see a glimpse of it and hear its roar. It was coming.

Klaus looked around the place. It was dark and the gravestones looked very old, all of them covered in moss. Most of them were tilted to one side as if they were about to fall over. It almost seemed like they had served its purpose, the dead being dead for already too long so they didn't need any reminder anymore. The names that had once been carved into the stones were long gone.

Just then Klaus noticed the silence around him. No one moved or made a sound.

"What's going on?"

He looked from side to side. Elijah stared into the far distance and Klaus approached him. He waved his hand in front of his brother's eyes, but there was no reaction. The original frowned.

What was this?

Rebekah was also close to him, but she looked just as indifferent too. He turned around and noticed that Caroline and Stefan were staring directly at him. It only needed two long strides for him to walk up to where Caroline was standing.

He stared into her eyes that were hollow. They stared at him with no light, no soul, no recognition.

Carefully he stretched out his hand to brush over her cheek.

It was cold and felt as if it was made out of stone. And exactly that was it.

He wondered why he hadn't noticed before that everyone of them was just a statue, that was, just like the tombstones already years old and weathered. At the hem of her collar he saw the moss creeping up. Covering her.

Klaus shook his head. He must be dreaming.

Suddenly the thunder grew louder. It rolled over the hills and up to him.

With a start he woke up on the couch of his study in New Orleans.

He shook his head and tried to orientate himself.

"I don't care about it!" Caroline yelled. "I say we go now!"

Elijah was there as well, along with Rebekah and Stefan.

"Caroline be reasonable! We can't save them!" Rebekah said, but Caroline shook her head.


Klaus jumped up from the couch. "What is going on?" He asked loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Our baby vampire here is determined to go and save a bunch of werewolves that don't deserve to be saved. Seriously, you are out of your mind!" Rebekah yelled.

"Everyone deserves to be saved!"

"Stop playing the saint!"

Elijah cleared his throat. "It is too dangerous, Caroline. I don't think they want to be saved and they tried to kill you!"

"What?" Klaus asked. He was confused. What had happened? Why couldn't he remember?

Caroline set her jaw. "Fine, if no one of you wants to help me!" She turned around to leave for the door.

"Caroline, stay!" Klaus called after her, but she didn't listen.

"Caroline listen!" Stefan called.

She headed straight for the door until Klaus was suddenly in her face.

"You aren't going anywhere!" He snarled, but Caroline just stared.

"Watch me!" She said determined.

"I am not risking your safety!" He said.

"It's not your risk to take!"

Klaus quickly blocked her way. "I don't care! No one is risking anything here!"

"Why are you so stubborn?"

"I am stubborn?"

He saw how Caroline raised her hand to hit him, but his hand was quicker.

With a thud her body tumbled to the floor.

Klaus was panting as if he had just run a marathon. His chest was heaving violently.

Everyone stared at him open mouthed and shocked. No one dared to breathe but Klaus, who didn't understand what was going on. Why were they staring at him?

"Niklaus." Rebekah whispered and covered her mouth.

He frowned at her.

"Brother, what have you done?" Elijah gasped just as shell shocked.

Klaus didn't understand. He shook his head and Stefan raised his finger to point at something.

Klaus looked down at his hand and froze.

He gulped and a white wave of panic broke over him. His dead heart started pounding so violently as if it had to pound for the heart in his hand.

It was drenched in blood and looked rather like a chunk of flesh then the one vital thing everyone needed to survive. His throat closed and his eyesight suddenly blurred focusing on the lifeless body on the floor. The blonde hair covered her face so he couldn't see it. She lay motionless on the floor and the only grey part of skin visible was her hand. Grey. Lifeless. Dead.

The chunk in his hand grew heavy and he had to let go of it. The thud it made as it hit the ground was deafening. The sticky blood made an ever quiet smacking sound.

His chest felt as if someone had rammed a stake inside his own heart and then he opened his eyes.

With a hiss he drew in the air and looked frantically around in his bedroom. The sheets and covers were rumbled as if he had tossed around all night.

"Caroline?" He hissed and searched the room for her, but it was empty.

He tried to calm down. Just a dream, Niklaus!

His forehead was covered with a thin sheet of sweat and he attempted to wipe it away with his hand. But his hand was just as sticky and wet.

His glance dropped to it and he froze.


He turned his hands around and started to tremble while he stared at the blood.

A scream escaped his lips and travelled through the whole mansion. Infiltrating every corner.