Title: For Good - either the version by Kurt Schneider and Nick Pitera or the version from Wicked by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth (I wish I could sing like them!;))

Caroline gasped and Bonnie mirrored the shock on her face. "No!"

She put her hand in front of her lips that started to quiver ever so slightly.

Damon's jaw dropped. "What?" His voice was wary. "Stefan, where is Elena!?" He straightened and stepped menacingly close to Stefan who looked remorseful into the raging eyes of his older brother.

Stefan sighed and stepped closer to Damon. He stretched his hand out to pat his shoulder in a soothing gesture but Damon easily avoided his advances and Stefan's hand dropped. Rebekah stepped up behind Stefan as if she wanted to support him, quite literally.

Damon was still glaring at Stefan while he waited for the answer that he was sure he didn't want to hear. Stefan's mouth was dry and he swallowed before he said in his calm serene voice. "A wolf bit her, right before he snapped her neck and…she didn't wake up." He added closing his eyes. A gentle hand cupped his shoulder and he felt the tiniest bit better with Rebekah's comfort.

"What?" Damon's brain wasn't able to process the news properly. "No! No no no!" An angry hand flew up to his hair and he didn't know where to turn to, as the kitchen suddenly became smaller and smaller.

Bonnie wavered and held on to Caroline who tried to steady her. She wrapped her arms around her friend while hot tears sprang to both of their eyes. Elena…dead?

"She's not dead!" Damon suddenly yelled. He threw his hand into the air and the mugs and plates that had been standing on the table; the leftovers from the normal morning they had had; shattered onto the floor.

"Damon…" Stefan tried to soothe him, but Damon kept yelling.

"Where is she? Where is she Stefan?" He tried to intimidate his brother, but Stefan didn't back down.


Damon screamed and ran from the room not wanting to hear another word, another lie, but Stefan quickly followed him.

Bonnie cried into Caroline's shoulder and the two of them tried to comfort each other. Elena gone?

Caroline couldn't believe it. She shook her head like a petulant child.

Rebekah's hand was suddenly on her shoulder. "I am sorry." The original sister mumbled.

"What happened?" Caroline snivelled and Bonnie looked from her shoulder at Rebekah.

Kol suddenly felt very uncomfortable when this heavy wave of emotions crashed over the small kitchen and he would like to follow Damon, but the sad red eyes of Bonnie Bennett stopped him, even though she didn't even seem to notice him. He didn't want to miss anything that was happening in the room that was drowning in bad news with tears, remorse and pain.

"We didn't hear him coming. He was clinging to her back and…he just snapped her neck." Elena had not been her favourite person in the world. Rebekah had always thought that the doppelgängers had this air and attitude around them that she didn't like at all. Maybe it was because the original one had taken her two favourite brothers away from her or because she had hurt them both, but to see her friends hurt over Elena's death left her not so indifferent. She didn't feel remorse especially for Elena's death, but for the sadness that she was leaving behind and for her friend's pain she wished that she could have saved the doppelgänger. Stefan would certainly need her later and her eyes wandered to the door through which he had left.

The silence was heavy and it lingered like a dark cloud in the kitchen.

No one was saying a word and Kol wanted so much to blow the dark cloud away, but he didn't dare to crack one of his inappropriate jokes, so he waited silently and endured the heavy weight.

Bonnie's sobs subsided after a while. She wasn't sure she really believed yet that her friend was gone. Caroline wiped her eyes, her sentiments were similar. She looked around the room and stopped at Davina. One could see how her brain worked behind her eyes. There was someone else missing and she was almost too afraid to ask. "Where is Josh?"

Davina looked at Kol and everyone else shifted their focus on him. He frowned not saying anything at first but finally he admitted annoyed. "Yes, okay, I gave him Nik's blood, no big deal!" He muttered and despite her grief Caroline's lips twitched. No big deal that Kol Mikaelson saved a life that he couldn't care less about.

"Are there any other good news?" She asked trying to keep the conversation going, because she too felt the weight of the air around her and she wanted, she needed, to lift if off her shoulders.

"Well, Tyler and his lady friend are dead." Kol said indifferently and shrugged.

"Did Klaus kill them?" Caroline shot and for a moment her grief for Elena was replaced with shock.

"The she-wolf, yes." Kol answered slowly drawing the words out.

"Kol killed Tyler to save my life." Bonnie's low voice explained and she lifted her head slowly. She looked at Kol with gratitude in her eyes and he had to avoid that look quickly. The role of the saviour didn't feel comfortable on his shoulders. He didn't want anyone to put him onto a dais and have certain expectations of him. In that way he wasn't like Nik who secretly wanted to have that role, the one where everyone looked up to him with either fear, gratitude or fascination.

Caroline looked from Bonnie to Kol and she didn't miss that secret exchange between them.

"He tried to kill you?" Was her next question and there was venom and disbelief in her voice. Bonnie nodded.

Caroline sighed. She knew that Tyler had had to die. She had talked to Klaus once about it and she had seen the reason why, but she was still a bit sad about the fact.

He had once been what she thought was her epic love, but she had soon realised that they had never been epic. They had been in love but it hadn't consumed her, while she would have done almost everything for him he hadn't managed to put her first.

She had told Klaus that she understood why he had to die and why Klaus had wanted to do it, but right now and unconsciously though, she realised how relieved she was that Klaus hadn't done it. There was no murder that tainted their love now.

And then there was the fact that Kol had saved her best friend who she wouldn't want to lose as well. She hugged Bonnie again and also extended her arm to Rebekah when she saw her standing aside.

The victory was severely clouded by Elena's death.

No one dared to enjoy it much and so they instead tried to keep themselves busy by cleaning up the mess. The house would never look the same again though, no matter how much bleach, water, soap or paint they used.

The blood had dried and seeped into the wood. Most of the furniture were broken beyond repair. The walls were decorated with large scratches and the holes in them, where the windows had once been, let the cold night air into the house. It travelled through the rooms like ghosts that could walk through walls and Caroline shivered because of the thought that the ghosts of the fallen could actually really still linger there and haunt her in her dreams.

Their home would forever bear the marks of the battle. And their home started to feel awkwardly strange to her and not as safe anymore as it used to.

Shooing the gruesome thought away she threw some rubbish onto a pile in the middle of the living room. She wished that Klaus was here who always gave her that security back when he held her close. She wished that he could hold her now and take away some of her pain and tension. She was exhausted, both physically and emotionally and she wanted to bury her head in his chest and only wake up again when the sun dared to show its head again.

"Seems like we have to move." Kol said and also threw an armful of broken pieces onto the pile. Elena's death hadn't really bothered him much, so he was the only one who wore the smile of victory on his face. He had never liked the doppelgänger, so he saw no real reason to mourn her. His light heart only ever stung slightly when he saw Bonnie's heavy one.

"I had hoped to find this place not this damaged." A voice suddenly said and made everyone turn around.

"Elijah!" Rebekah hugged her brother quickly.

She was glad to see him unscathed except for his suit that had certainly seen better days. His sleeve was torn as well as one of his front pockets. He had lost his tie somewhere and his white shirt resembled an old cloth that could be used to wipe the floor. His hair was dishevelled and Rebekah didn't waste this opportunity. So she ran her hands through her brother's hair. Out of habit he swatted her hands away but smiled sweetly at her.

"Where is Nik?" Caroline asked when no one else followed Elijah into the room.

"We got separated. He chased after one group while I took care of the other. I am sure he will be back soon." He nodded encouragingly at her and Caroline grimaced exhausted. Elijah extended his hand and pulled Caroline into his other side. "Why don't you show me what we can still save from this mess?"

Caroline and Rebekah both grimaced at the unnecessary question.

They spent hours trying to clean up the last reminders of the battle, but the house didn't look any better. The second floor had luckily been spared though.

The water was still running and it only took a bit of aid band and wire to fix the electricity in most parts of the mansion.

Elijah found Caroline later in the library where she sat on a window sill, staring into the garden.

She had pulled up her knees that she had covered with a thin blanket and a book was lying in front of her.

"There you are."

"Hi." She sighed. He had showered and changed into a simple blue t-shirt and black jeans which made him look more easy going.

Elijah leaned opposite of her against the window frame crossing his arms.

"Are you all right?"

Caroline nodded. "I tried to read." She picked up the book and waved it at him. "But it seems I can't concentrate."

"I am sorry about Elena." He said silently and Caroline nodded fighting the tears.

"Me too." She tried to smile but it looked rather silly given her emotional confusion. She didn't want to think about Elena. She didn't want to think about the fact that she wouldn't see her again so instead she said: "It's been five hours, Elijah! Five hours without any note!"

He knew immediately that she was talking about Niklaus' absence.

"I know." He too stared into the garden. "But he will be here soon."

She sighed. "What if something happened?" Elijah didn't answer and Caroline added bitterly. "Last time he came back as a wolf." The déjà vu felt too real and that made her worry.

"I am sure that he is fine. You'd feel it if something bad happened."

Caroline wasn't convinced but he was probably right. At least she knew that Klaus wasn't in any life threatening danger. "Is Stefan back yet?"

"Yes." Elijah replied. "He is with Rebekah but I am afraid Damon disappeared."

Caroline nodded. He had really loved Elena everyone could see that now and being Damon she wasn't sure if he appeared again anytime soon.

Probably not.

"But there is still some good news." Elijah said wanting to cheer her up.

"What good news?" She looked up and Elijah pulled her with him.

"Come along."

He led her back into the kitchen where Bonnie was standing opposite of Davina.

Josh was there too and Caroline smiled when she saw him standing on two feet. He still looked pale, but he was sucking on a blood bag which was a good sign.

"What did you want to tell me?" Davina just asked Bonnie and Caroline wondered what was going on. Bonnie licked her lips.

"Well, Mona showed me a spell. Don't worry, it is a neutral spell." Bonnie soothed Davina immediately when she saw her appaled expression. "Neither white nor black magic. It is harmless. So if you want to then I could neutralize your powers."

Davina simply stared at her with big eyes. "What…what do you mean?"

"Your powers would go back to the earth and you no longer would be a witch. You could go back to your old life, leaving the supernatural world behind."

Davina had tears in her eyes. Happy tears. Hopeful tears. "Would you really do that for me?"

There was so much hope in her voice that no one could hate her for wanting this.

Bonnie nodded. "Yes."

Davina grinned and she couldn't believe it. She jumped around to Josh. "Did you hear that? I could go back to school and I wouldn't have to be afraid anymore. Not of my classmates for figuring out what I am and not from anyone who would want to use me or steal my powers."

Josh laughed. "I heard."

Davina squealed, but Elijah the voice of authority cleared his throat and Caroline wanted to punch him in the side for interrupting Davina's happy dance, but she knew that his wise words would be important.

"I certainly don't want to spoil your mood Davina, but you have to be aware of the fact that your witch craft is an important part of you, so please do consider this carefully. You won't feel the same anymore."

She looked at him with her young eyes and bit her lip for a moment, insecure. Did she know what this meant? Then again how could she?

Bonnie jumped in because she saw that Davina had no real idea what he was talking about.

"My mom loved her garden when she was still a witch, before she was turned into a vampire. You know how we can let nature bloom. When you touch a tree you feel the life circling in it, like small ants running all over your skin. When you touch a stone you can feel that it has a certain aura and power. You won't be able to feel that anymore when you are human."

Everyone looked at Davina who seemed to consider this for a minute.

But then she nodded.

"Yes, I am okay with that. I want to live a life unaffected by this supernatural world."

And in that moment she sounded more responsible and certain than she ever had, so Elijah nodded and accepted her decision. He saw that she really meant it and that she had never been surer of anything else.

"But…" She raised her voice again. "I don't want to give my powers back to the earth. I don't care about the harvest powers, but the powers that were given to me and belong to me; I want you to have them." She looked at Bonnie. "If you want them that is."

Everyone stared at Davina and Bonnie didn't know what to say.

Stefan closed his eyes when Rebekah ran her hand through his hair.

"Are you okay?"

He nodded and pulled her close.

"I know she meant a lot to you." Rebekah said and Stefan nodded.

"She did." Rebekah hoped that she wouldn't feel the small needle that was stinging her heart right now. "But it feels like a long time ago. Right now I am glad that you are here."

Her heart fluttered and she snuggled up against Stefan and he kissed her hair.

"I wish I could do something for Damon." He sighed.

Rebekah ran his hand over his chest. She knew how it felt when you couldn't help your brother, even when you wanted to.

Kol looked up from his phone when someone knocked at his door.

He straightened when he saw that it was Bonnie and he truly felt utterly surprised to see her. He hadn't expected her to come to him.

"Hey. Can I come in?"

"Sure darling." He put his phone next to him and sat up.

Bonnie smiled shyly when she walked into the room and sat down on the other side of the bed. "Listen, I…I wanted to thank you." Kol looked taken aback then. "For saving my life."

He tried to remember a time when someone had thanked him for something.

He couldn't.

He shrugged. "That's all right. Gotta keep Nik on my good side." The answer tumbled out of his mouth like a reflex, like something that he could do nothing about, but as soon as he had said the words he wanted to slap himself.

Bonnie however smiled which really confused him.

"So…" He needed to change the topic. "Did the little witch give you her powers?"

Bonnie kept grinning without answering.

Suddenly the phone lit up and Kol frowned. He reached for it and stared at the display.

She did.

He looked at Bonnie in surprise.

The witch straightened. "Impressed?"

Kol grinned. "Not bad for starters, darling."

"I feel so alive!" Bonnie told him and Kol chuckled.

"Don't let all that power get to your head."

Bonnie laughed, but suddenly she yawned tiredly. "Alive and exhausted at the same time." She excused herself.
Then she started to fiddle nervously around with the hem of her shirt. "Uhm…"

Kol looked at her waiting for her next words.

"You probably think it's silly, but I actually don't really feel like being alone tonight and…"

"And you want to spend your new powers on me in exchange for one of the best nights of your life? I am flattered, darling."

Bonnie's face fell. She groaned and got up. "Why can't you be normal for once!?" She complained and was about to leave the room when Kol called her back.

"Bonnie." Her name had rarely left his lips so far. "I' am sorry. Stay if you want to." She turned to him with a pointed look and Kol held up his hands. "I'll even behave." He grinned and winked at her.

Bonnie snorted amused. She shook her head at herself, thinking that she had to be insane, but she felt the tiredness creeping into her bones and she really didn't want to be alone, which meant that Kol had the chance to prove himself to her and maybe, maybe she would agree to go on a date with him.

That night Caroline was the only one who couldn't find any sleep which was no surprise to her. She was tired as hell, but every time she lay down, she couldn't fall asleep and was suddenly wide awake.

She stared at the ceiling and listened to the weird sounds of the old house. She literally heard everything.

The worms in the wood. The water dripping into the sink. The wind whistling through the broken windows. The sighs of the stairs and every time she perked up her ears to decipher if someone was coming upstairs, but it was always her imagination and she sighed frustrated.

It was no use. She concentrated so hard on the loud silence now that she knew she would never be able to find any sleep that night.

So she stood up instead.

Her bare feet made no sound on the cold ground. She hoped no one would catch her on her way downstairs for her nightshirt just barely covered her behind, but she didn't want to turn on the light and search for a pair of trousers. She could find her way in the dark and she didn't want the light to disturb her cover or attract any attention.

It was chilly in the house and she shivered lightly out of habit, because she wasn't sure how much cold she actually felt as a vampire.

She slowly tapped over to the fridge to get herself some milk.

It was another human habit that she refused to abandon. Every time she couldn't sleep, she had gotten herself some milk. It had always been like that and she wasn't ready to let go of that part of her human nature just yet, even though Klaus always laughed at her.

The light of the fridge was the only thing that illuminated the kitchen. She spilt some milk, but she didn't care.

It was cold and Caroline tasted it in her mouth. It reminded her of her easy days and it somehow seemed to work its spell, because Caroline felt a bit calmer.

But just after she had finished the glass she froze.

Her head turned and she waited. What was that?

There was a noise outside on the patio.

Very faint but she heard it.

So she listened.

There it was again!

A dragging noise. Feet that heavily dragged over the ground.

There was someone in front of the house she realised and her dead heart started pumping her blood wildly through her veins.

She swallowed her fear and tried to think clear.

Was it a wolf?

A witch?

Quickly she grabbed a big kitchen knife from the counter and prepared the blade with wolfsbane that was always standing readily between pepper, salt and vervain.

She grabbed the weapon tightly in her cold hands and made her way through the kitchen. It was quiet. She looked around the corner into the dark hallway and she was glad that she didn't turn on the light. She silently approached the front door at the end of the hallway.

The blade was readily stretched out in front of her.

She heard it behind the door now.

Caroline pressed herself against the wall next to the doorway trying to control her breathing.

The doorknob suddenly turned.

She readied herself and silently exhaled through her lips.

The door opened and as soon as the dark silhouette entered she hurled herself onto the creature of the night. Caroline showed her fangs and hissed angrily about to shove the knife into her opposite's throat.

But a strong hand gripped her wrist and easily held her back.

"Oh, sweetheart, you wouldn't want to do this!"

She stopped.


"I truly don't belief I deserve it."

She dropped the knife and flashed to turn the light on.

Klaus stood before her in the hallway covered in blood from head to toe, but there was the faintest shadow of a smile on his lips.

"You're here!" She breathed. "You're back!"

"I am!"

Caroline hesitated for only a second before she jumped into his arms, not caring about his looks.

"Are you okay?" Her hands roamed over his face and she looked at him from head to toe as if she wasn't able to believe that he was really here.

He chuckled. "Surprised?"

She cupped his cheek, but then she dropped her hand and took half a step back. "Twenty four!" She said. "Twenty four hours without any note! I didn't know anything! I was worried!"

Klaus rolled his eyes. "I needed to chase the rest of the pack down the river until I finally got them."

Caroline bit her lip and let her hands wander over his shoulders. "That's not your blood is it?"

He shook his head. "No."

"Hm…" She gulped. "Did you kill all of them?"

The original didn't answer. He just stared at her.

Suddenly her hand soared through the air and hit his cheek with a smack.

Klaus' jaw dropped and he looked taken aback. Caroline stared at him seriously.

"You killed Hayley!" She accused him and Klaus moved his jaw from left to right.

He was about to defend himself when Caroline suddenly threw her arms around him.

"I've missed you so much!" She whispered and Klaus tried to catch his breath from her sudden outburst. He caressed her hair.

"I know." He whispered and rested his cheek on her head.

"Elena is dead." She whispered gravely into his chest.

His hands kept caressing her soothingly. "I have heard and I am sorry."

He comforted her and she let him.

His arms around her, his warmth and smell, that was mixed up with blood and mud, covered her like a secure blanket and she felt herself relaxing into him. Her body melted into his and she closed her eyes feeling safe again.

The electric shocks that ran through her whole body due to the sire bond didn't leave any room for grief anyway. Her whole body was covered in goose bumps and tingled and burned at the same time and she held him close.

Caroline pressed her lips to his briefly, but quickly withdrew again. "I am so mad at you for simply killing Hayley."

Klaus was breathless and his voice was a rough whisper. "I thought you despised her."

Caroline needed to feel his lips again on hers and kissed him again breathlessly. There was fire fanning between them and Klaus pushed her backwards until she hit a wall. He pressed his body flush against her.

"No reason to kill her in cold blood." She rasped out while Klaus attacked her throat with his scorching lips. Caroline gasped and bent her leg. His hand caught her thigh and his fingers ignited sparks along her soft skin.

"It's been too long!" Klaus whispered and his lips traced along her neck and up her jaw.

"Yes!" She managed to whisper, until his lips were taking her breath away again. Her stomach fluttered and wetness pooled between her legs.

Klaus needed to feel her and he pressed himself between her legs becoming desperate for some friction.

"We'll fight later." Caroline breathed heavily. Her fingers played with the hair on his neck, chasing goose bumps down his spine. His hands travelled up her sides and tenderly lingered under her breasts. His lips were light like feathers gently outlining her ear shell. Her stomach clenched and tingled with warmth settling between her legs.

"I am sure we will." He whispered, his words and breath caressing her ear.

Caroline hugged him tightly to herself and she pressed her lips to the crook of his neck. She wrapped her arms strongly around him as if he would disappear again if she let go.

His lips at her ear made her shiver again. "I really hope you haven't already showered. I need someone to wash my back." A sexy devilishly wicked smile formed on his lips.

A chuckled erupted out of Caroline's throat without letting go of him. Klaus' hand caressed her soft hair that smelled of peaches. He closed his eyes and let his chin rest on the top of her head. For a moment he let himself be engulfed in a piece of peaceful serenity. His senses were very aware of the arms around him and the burning between his legs. He allowed himself to be fully engulfed by the feeling. A feeling he had been secretly looking for for ages and now that he had found it he was too selfish to ever give up on it again.

Caroline trembled in his arms and both of them felt the same, both of them knew that they belonged to each other and that they would never be parted again.

Klaus stepped back to look at her: "Let me look at you."

His eyes caressed her face making sure she was okay. "I missed you my beautiful."

"I was so scared." Caroline whispered running her small hand over his cheek and Klaus frowned at her.

"There was no need, Caroline."

Caroline shook her head while her hand left a burning trace on his cheek. "I was scared for you!"

She explained and to Klaus it felt like a punch in the gut. He tried to weaken the blow. "I can't be killed."

"That doesn't mean nothing can happen to you!" She said and emphasized her words by putting all of her emotions into her eyes.

He gulped.

They have had this conversation many times before, but none of them got tired of telling the other how important they were. Not if they were to spend a lifetime together, which was in their case a very long time.

Klaus cupped her soft cheek. No one had ever been scared for his life, not even his family.

Scared because of him and of him, yes, all the time!

But never for him.

They were two parts of one piece and their mating bond tied them together like two strings of one rope.

No one wanted to live without the other anymore.

He felt his arousal settle down very prominently in his loins. It had been too long without her.

"Come on let's get you cleaned up." Caroline said and wanted to pull him along with her but Klaus twirled her back into his arms. "Just one second."

Then she tasted his sweet kiss. It tasted of blood, Klaus and passion. His tongue danced around with hers making her head spin.

"My darling girl!" He whispered against her lips.

Effortlessly he picked her up and carried her upstairs with vampire speed. Her head was still spinning but she was sure that it wasn't because of the speed.

Their teeth clashed against each other.

Caroline pushed him against a wall fiercely attacking the soft spot right under his ear that drew a growl from his chest. He turned them around and pushed her against another wall. His hands ghosted under her shirt and took the fabric with them. They broke the kiss until her shirt was gone and his eyes raked over her glorious body. There was darkness and mischief in his eyes and Caroline had never expected that it would turn her on so much.

She ripped his shirt apart and Klaus' eyes flashed.

His lips found her nipple and he extracted the loveliest sound from her sweet swollen lips. His arousal grew and he was afraid that he wouldn't last long if they went on like this. Caroline, however, was his match and sometimes he was sure that she could read his thoughts.

While his lips and tongue were still working on her hard peaks she let out another gasp. "Nik, I…will need you soon."

He growled while he slipped down her body his tongue tracing a wet trace from her breast down over her flat stomach. Her gut clenched.

His teeth took the hem of her panties between them and he slowly pulled it down her legs. Caroline's hands fisted in his hair and he struggled to hold himself together.

Caroline wasn't sure if she could get any readier than she already was. His stubble caressed the insides of her legs and it made her shiver. She was aching with want.


The smell of her arousal made him go crazy and just like her he felt the desire burning inside of him like a hot flame. She moaned so sweetly when he obliged and kissed her where she needed him to be.

He did a long languid lick with his tongue and Caroline simply melted at his touch. Her legs quivered and she was afraid that they'd give in any minute.

Klaus took care of it quickly though. Suddenly there were some crashing noises and her back gently hit a cold table top. He looked down at her, towering over her with his necklaces dangling above her chest only touching her skin ever so slightly. She pulled his head down to hers so she could press her lips to his.

He widened her legs and pulled her closer to the edge of the table so he had a better access. She had no memory of him losing his trousers but she could definitely feel his length next to her thigh now. Her lips claimed his very fiercely.

Klaus' gut clenched and his stomach turned and flipped. He could feel how every cell of him longed for her tight walls.

And he couldn't hold on any longer. He slipped inside of her and Caroline wanted to take him in as deeply as possible. Klaus' skin prickled and he started to pump into her wildly. She didn't mind the hard table top beneath her, on the contrary. Hot hybrid sex was what she wanted.

She reared up and changed the angle ever so slightly that made Klaus groan in pleasure. He pressed his forehead against hers while he withdrew from her only to push into her again. He could feel it building up inside of him like a balloon about to explode.

Caroline's walls clenched around him and he knew that she was just as close as he was. He grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him. Their moans mingled and their breaths were sweet.

It was like a roller coaster ride but even more intense.

Caroline cried out and his name tumbled off her lips when she came wildly around him. Her walls contracted and he exploded inside of her, but rode her through the orgasm as if he was about to take her again and Caroline had to gasp for air.

Her legs tingled and she felt him prominently inside of her so she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and her arms around his torso, because she didn't want to let go of him just yet.

Klaus felt the trembles in his stomach and Caroline's plump breasts and her stomach against his skin. When she tightened her grip on him he felt it building up inside of him again which he hadn't thought would be possible.

He kissed her languidly.

His hands set her on fire again while she writhed beneath him on the white sheets of the bed. Her hair was still wet but no one of them cared.

They had made it to the shower eventually and from there on straight to the bed, which meant that the clothes were an unnecessary accessory.

Caroline pushed them over and she settled herself on top of him tracing kisses down his chest.

"Are you already ready again, my love?" He grinned and Caroline smiled against his skin.

"I am wondering who is more insatiable tonight?"

Klaus grinned running his fingers through her hair and enjoying having her lips setting his chest on fire while her leg rubbed against his.

"Surely you are quite a handful, my love. Ouch!" She had bitten him playfully with her blunt human teeth. She smirked cheekily at him.

Her gentle eyes searched his. "Say it again." She whispered.

"What? My love." He joked.

She rolled her eyes joyfully at him.

Klaus gently pulled her up to his face. His breath was sweet on her face. He pushed her hair behind her ear.

"I love you."

She grinned.


"Caroline." Her name rolled heavily of his tongue and left a shivering echo behind. "You are the only one for me."

The butterflies in her stomach did turns and back flips.

"I love you too, Niklaus."

Her breath left her when Klaus suddenly turned them around again and kissed her feverishly again.

She felt him harden against her and she grinned into the kiss.


He simply breathed her in. Her body was warm and his arms were protectively wrapped around her. His naked body rested next to hers while his nose was buried in her hair.

And Caroline?

She smiled and wrapped her hands around his arm.

"How do you feel?" He whispered against her cheek. His stubble scratched her lightly but she didn't mind. She loved his rough stubble against her soft skin.

She took a deep breath before she answered. "Safe."

A rush went through his body. He had always wanted to keep his family safe but he had never really succeeded in it.

"I need to show you something, love."

She looked at him curiously.

Klaus got up and walked over to his closet and Caroline watched his back shamelessly in all his naked glory. He was quite a sight and she revelled in the feeling of having all that exclusively for her, even when she had to fight a black witch for it, she would!

He pulled something out of the closet and Caroline sat up when she saw the rectangular shape.

He turned it around for her to see and Caroline's eyes widened in awe.

"I thought it was gone!" She looked at him.

"You saved it!" She said softly and Klaus nodded.

"Of course I did, sweetheart."

It was the painting that had hung downstairs, the one she had thought would have been destroyed.

She jumped out of bed and walked towards him. His eyes scrutinized her body from head to toe and she felt like his stare solely could ignite a fire inside of her body.

He put the painting carefully to the side so Caroline could wrap her arms around him.

"No one has ever made me so happy!" She said and Klaus smiled enjoying the shiver running down his spine.


A few days later Elena's funeral brought them back to the sad reality.

There were only a few people there.

Damon appeared, but quickly disappeared again.

It was a very sad day and it was also the day when everyone started to walk their own ways again, at least for a while. They scattered like the leaves that travelled with the wind into many different directions.

Bonnie wanted to go to college, but first she went back to Mystic Falls to tie her own loose ends there, but Kol had promised her to see her home safely and she wasn't at all reluctant about that.

Rebekah and Stefan had decided to look for their own place to stay, after the Mikaelsons had decided to burn their mansion in New Orleans down to the ground in order to erase every trace of the bloody war. It would have never been the same anyway. It would only have been a cruel reminder.

Davina went back to school with her friend Josh who was very excited about his new life. For the first time he really made plans. School, graduation, college; all with his best friend.

Elijah went back to whatever he was doing all the time and Marcel had seemed to vanish for now, but no one really cared. Klaus had decided to let him be and spend his time with more important things.


"Mh?" She turned around to face him.

"There's something I wanted to talk to you about." He said and nodded towards the door while he extended his hand to her.

Caroline was unsure of what he wanted to talk to her about and some parts in her were a little anxious, because those words: 'we need to talk ', never meant anything good.

Never the less she took his hand and his touch somehow calmed her down a bit.

He led her away from the living room and upstairs into his studio of their mansion in Mystic Falls.

Did he finish a new painting? She wondered.

Klaus stood in front of her taking both of her hands.

"Are you mad at me?" She asked suspiciously and Klaus tilted his head.

"Why would I be mad at you?"

"Er, I don't know. You are acting strange and it is starting to freak me out, besides I still need to give you some crap about everything that happened."

Klaus smirked.

Caroline jerked her hand out of his grasp and pointed her finger into his face. "Niklaus Mikaelson do not believe that I will merely forget about everything! I might not be able to leave you, but I am surely capable of being mad at you!"

He took her hand again. "Oh, sweetheart, I know you can. I know, but before we start fighting again I still owe you a birthday present."

Caroline stopped and her lips pulled up into a smile. She tilted her head.

"Everyone's favourite holiday, wasn't it?" He mocked repeating what Caroline had once told all of her primary school friends.

Caroline sighed. "Yeah, my birthdays are kind of becoming worse year by year."

"I'll make up for it next year." Klaus said making her pull a face.

"You don't believe me." He stated.

"Ask me again next year." She replied wryly.

"Oh, I will."

Caroline chuckled shaking her head.

"But as for this year." He walked over to a cupboard and pulled something out of it.

A rectangular thing wrapped in blue gift wrap paper with a silver bow on top of it.

Caroline grinned, after all she loved presents.

Her look made him happy when he handed it to her. "Happy birthday, Caroline."

She squealed playfully. "What is it?"

"Why don't you open it?" He grinned and watched how Caroline eagerly ripped the paper apart.

"A scrapbook?" She asked looking up at him from under her eyelashes.

Klaus smiled. "For the memories you will make. Open it."

She opened the hard covered book and there was something clipped to the first page of the book.

"What is that?" She asked pulling it off the page and looking closely at it.

Her mouth dropped open and she stared at Klaus.

"This…this is a plane ticket."

"All around the world." He replied watching Caroline's reaction amused.

Her eyes flashed. "Wow."

"Do you like it?"

"I love it!" She exclaimed being thrilled, but then she paused. "But, it's only one ticket." She turned it over in her hand and squinted at him raising one eyebrow.

Klaus looked at her.

Caroline blinked and frowned.

So much about we need to talk!, she thought wryly and her good mood started to get a slight crack like a glass that didn't break but still cracked.

She became wary, but Klaus smiled softly when he noticed it.

"I want you to make the choice, love. You can simply go and discover the world on your own which would mean that no one would interfere with your plans or corrupt your decisions or opinions."

"Or?" She asked hoping for a better option there.

"Or…I could come with you if that is what you want."

Caroline stared at him.

"You are kidding me, right?" She asked and Klaus frowned. "Don't play the dumb one now! You know exactly what the deal was."

His lips twitched.

Caroline folded her hands behind his neck. "You promised me that you would take me. So this is a very lame attempt to get out of that deal!"

Klaus chuckled and put his hands onto her hips.

"Besides, " Caroline went on. "I would never ever believe that you would let me go on my own."

Klaus licked his lips. "I'd hoped you'd say that." He smirked and pulled a second ticket out of his back pocket.

Caroline rolled her eyes. "You knew I'd say that!"

"I wanted to hear it never the less." He mocked.

"You're insufferable."

"Why, thank you for the compliment, love."

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