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Cold. It was always sold this time of night. The slight drizzle didn't help. People were hurrying back and for the along the crowded sidewalks, all anxious to get home to their families. A solitary figure seemed to stand out in the crowed, though he looked no different from any other. Dressed in loose jeans, a bulky sweatshirt, and a baseball cap pulled low over his face, the figure was in no real hurry to get home. It was cold there too, and had been since his parent's murder. The sixteen year old had walked in to find the house empty; only a phone call an hour later had told him the truth. The teen was only able to identify his parents by their wedding rings.

In shock the teenager had fled from the morgue, and into the streets. Blinded by tears, he hadn't been looking where he'd been going, until those men had grabbed him, and then. no, some memories were best left alone, locked in the darkest reaches of his heart.

Seeing lights from police cars up ahead, the teen stopped. What was going on? A small crowd was already gathered, human curiosity making them forget appointments that were so important three minutes before. Shrugging, the teen decided to walk past; it wasn't his business anyway. As he passed by the crime scene, he couldn't help glancing at it and what he saw made his heart stop. It looked just like his parents.. elbowing his way to the front of the crowed the teen got a closer look at the body.. exactly like his parents.

Leaning over the remains of the body, was a woman, lovely with her blue- black hair that fell to her waist, and midnight blue eyes, and a man, more beautiful than handsome, his lavender hair tied back in a loose tail that reached his knees, and odd greenish-blue eyes.

For a moment, those eyes seemed to flash yellow, and become silted like a cat's. No, it was just his imagination; they were still that greenish-blue. Shaking his head, the man stood an offered a hand to the woman. Ignoring it, she stood on her own and spoke, folding her arms under her breasts. The teenager could only make out the words, "no.Shido.."and, "Breed" over the noise of the crowed. The man again shook his head and smiled. "Owe.dinner.. Yayoi."

It was obvious that these people were investigators or something on this crime, but how could the man think of dinner while standing amidst all this gore? As the man, Shido, started walking away, he turned around and scanned the crowed. Those eyes seemed to land right on the teen and flash yellow again. This time the teenager was sure they went cat-like. The man stared at the teen for a space of heartbeats and mouthed a single word before turning, "Breed."

Shaken bye the strangeness of this, the teen too turned and walked way, feeling that his bed might just be warm enough tonight.


"What was that all about?" asked a small voice by his ear.

"That boy," Shido replied, quickening his pace, "has a strange aura of power around him."

"Could he be the Breed?" the voice inquired, and Shido felt something shift on the back of his neck.

"Most likely he is.. Guni, stop wiggling around. You already saw him."

A little green face peeked out of his hair and gave Shido a sidelong glance, "Yeah, but then I didn't know what I was looking at."

"Hey, you!" a voice called from behind them. As the little demon retreated back into his hair, Shido turned to see a red-faced human approaching him.

"You don't work for me; what are you doing on my crime scene?"

"I'm with Agent Matsumaga."

"Oh really? Matsumaga, get over here!"

Yayoi looked up from a form she was filling out, shrugged, and handed it back to a plain-clothes cop.

"Yes sir?" the woman said, taking her time walking over. This seemed to infuriate the man even more.

"Why is he here again?" the detective growled, jabbing a finger at Shido. Yayoi didn't even bat an eye.

"I needed his professional opinion on this case," Yayoi replied primly, waving a hand behind her.

"You know you're to clear it through me before letting him within ten feet of my crime scene!"

Shido sighed as the man's barrage continued, and gave Yayoi a look. She glanced back at him, fire dancing behind her eyes. "Don't you dare leave me alone to deal with this!" her glare warned him.

Shido had to grin. Walking over to Yayoi, he bent over her shoulder and muttered, "I've got some things to check. Call me later."

As he turned, Yayoi snatched his arm, "You are so not leaving!"

"Oh? So Matsumaga, you have become the CO on this case?" the chief asked, "I don't want him anywhere near the evidence. Get lost Buster."

Shido's grin broadened, "Nothing would make me happier sir, but something seems to be holding me back."

"Matsumaga, let him go." the chief said, his voice dangerously low.

"You heard the boss-man, Yayoi," Shido said pulling on his arm.

Yayoi gave him a dark look, "you can forget dinner then," she said as she released him.

Shaking his head as he left, Shido could hear the chief's voice carrying over the wind, "Look Matsumaga, I don't care if he is you r boyfriend."

"He's not."

".As long as you work for the NOS."

"Ouch! Much as I dislike her, I'd hate to be in her shoes now," Guni commented, looking back at the two arguing NOS officers.

"No kidding."

"So Shido, what now?"

"Glancing up at the sky, Shido studied the thunderheads on the horizon. "It's going to rain tomorrow; I'll come back when then when it's not so crowded, and check out the scene more thoroughly."

A safe distance away from the crowed, Guni flew out of Shido's hair and floated cross-legged in front of his face. "Think you'll find anything?"

"I doubt it, but maybe that boy will come back."

"It'll be a long shot."

Shido stopped and considered, "I know, but even so, that power around him was strange. Maybe the host was fighting the Breed's control."

"Man, that would make our job easier."

"One can only hope." Shido agreed and began walking again, Guni in tow.