Burt didn't know how to feel. Getting a letter that his ex wife died and that his son was going to be sent to live with him after 7 years. That's insane. He hasn't heard from either of them for years. He had no idea where they were. He hasn't been a part of his sons life in so long. He was terrified to be honest. Sure he knew the kid for 9 years of his life but who knows what kind of stuff Elizabeth put in his head about him. Originally he was supposed to keep Kurt. It was partly Kurt's decision to, especially with how Lizzy had been acting around that time. And Lizzy agreed saying she wasn't fit to care for a child alone. But she still left with him, leaving Burt worried and alone wondering what was going to happen to his son and Lizzy. Kurt would be sent to him later today and he was internally freaking out. He didn't know how to deal with a teenager. Heck his room was exactly the way he had left it except for all his clothes everything was gone.

He only has recently dealt with teenagers. His first girlfriend since Lizzy, Carole, has a teenage son named Finn. Finn was a pretty good kid. They bonded over football and other sports. The relationship is still mostly new but Carole knew about Kurt.

Burt paced back and forth waiting for child services to ring the door bell and change his life. He briefly wondered what Kurt was interested in. Maybe sports like Finn. But if he was anything like he was when he was nine, he would still care about his clothes getting dirty. Burt's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door bell ringing. He took a deep breath before walking forward and opening the door. He was met by a woman and a man in some kind of uniform.

"Burt Hummel?" The man asked.

"Yeah that's me. Your child services?" He asked them. They nodded.

"Yes that's us. We just wanted to inform you of a few things before we let Kurt out of the car." The woman said. Burt nodded. "Okay you are aware of the death of Elizabeth correct?" He nodded once again. "It was actually suicide." Burt's eyes widened.


"Elizabeth killed herself. And in front of Kurt too." The man answered.

"I- wow. That's terrible. How did Kurt take it?" He asked unable to believe it.

"Kurt was traumatized of course. He's in therapy sessions and its your duty to take him there every Thursday after school." The woman said and Burt nodded.

"Not a problem. But who was taking him before?" He asked. The two officers shared a look.

"His boyfriend, Blaine Anderson." The man responded.

"He's gay?"

"Will that be a problem Mr Hummel?" The woman challenged. Burt shook his head immediately.

"No of course not. He can't help that he's gay. I kinda thought he was when he was younger but things can change in 7 years." The officers both seemed pleased with his answer.

"Okay we are obligated to tell you that Kurt got bullied at his first school and his mother pulled him out and now he attends Dalton Academy. But though he was able to get out of that situation, he was sadly being abused at home as well." Burt looked at them dumbfounded.

"Are you saying that..Lizzy was beating him?" Burt knew the answer, they already said it. But it was so hard to believe.

"Yes. We have a report from Kurt's friends at Dalton, his boyfriend and his family, and Kurt himself. The reason he never told was because Elizabeth told him you died when he was 13. He didn't want to be sent somewhere else. He made his friends swear to secrecy. They did until Kurt didn't show up to school for about 3 days. They went to his house, and Kurt was barely hanging on and his mother was hanging from the ceiling." The woman said.

"Oh my God. That kid has been through hell and back hasn't he?" Burt couldn't believe all the shit that Kurt had been though and mentally made it his mission to keep him safe.

"Yes, he has. And we want to guarantee that we won't have to worry about things getting worse if we leave him here."

"I promise I'll take care of him. I'll meet his friends, his boyfriend, take him to therapy, anything to make him feel safe and happy." Burt answered quickly and they smiled at him.

"Good. We'll let you have your son. Now he's kind of withdrawn and quiet but just try and bond with him. He used to sing we've been told. So surround him with music and things he loves. Everything should be fine." Burt knew it wouldn't he as easy as that but he'll take as much advice as he could get.

"Okay thank you so much. Can I see him now?" They nodded and headed back to the car. They came out with a boy who was looking down. His shirt was way too big for him and his sweat pants were a little short. He was only carrying a book bag and a small suitcase.

"Kurt are you ready to see your dad again?" He heard one of the workers ask. Kurt didn't answer. He didn't even look up when they came to the door step.

"Hey buddy. It's good to see you again." Burt spoke softly and genuinely. Kurt hesitantly lifted his head and Burt did his best to keep his expression neutral. Kurt had a black eye, a split lip, and various bruises around his face and neck.

"It's good to see you too." Kurt said quietly.

"Why don't you take him to where he's sleeping, he's hasn't gotten any sleep." The man suggested. "We'll wait here." Burt nodded.

"Follow me Kurt. I'll take you to your room." Kurt followed Burt slowly with his head down. Burt stopped at Kurt's bedroom and opened the door, ushering Kurt inside.

"The bathroom is through that door over there. You can shower if you like before you sleep. And I'll wake you up for dinner later. That sound okay, kiddo?" Kurt nodded.

"I'll be outside talking to the social workers if you need me." Burt said before hesitantly leaving the room.

"He's getting settled in now. Anything else important you'd like to tell me?" He asked once he made it back to the front door.

"Just that we'll leave Kurt in your hands. We think you'll be good for him." The woman smiled.

"Also he doesn't have many possessions, as you may have noticed. He needs new clothes but not much because Dalton is a uniform school. If he shows interest in something it would probably be nice to encourage it." The man advised. "I think that's about it Mr Hummel. Take care of Kurt."

"I will. Thank you both."

"No problem, have a good night."

Burt sighed quietly as he closed the door. This was a lot to take in. But he would do anything to make his son happy. He walked into the kitchen and looked into the cabinets. The only thing he could make without making it taste completely horrible is spaghetti. So he made just that. He started boiling the water and decided to go check on Kurt. He went down the hall and was about to open the door when he heard Kurt speak.

"No, he's nice so far. As nice as I remember actually." Kurt said. Burt frowned as he heard another voice and made no move to leave.

"That's good. You'll be safe there." It was another guy.

"What if he starts to hit me too?" Kurt sounded so scared and unsure. Burt wanted to make it clear that he'd never do anything to harm Kurt.

"Then you'll just live with me again baby. But I don't think you have anything to worry about, they wouldn't have left you there if they weren't sure he wouldn't hurt you." Ah so this was the boyfriend.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. But I know nothing about him, everything is so different now. Do I call him dad or sir? Does he even consider me his son. I'm probably just his charity case." Kurt mumbled sadly and bitterly. Burt had to restrain himself from going inside the room and doing everything in his power to convince Kurt that he was his son and not some community service project.

"Listen, I don't know anymore than you about your dad. But just give him a shot okay? I have a feeling everything will be okay." Burt was really beginning to like this kid.

"Okay. I will. I should probably go but I'll Skype you later on."

"Okay. I love you, and promise me something?"

"Depends on what it is."

"Promise me you won't shut him out. I know how hard it is for you to open up to people but later on you'll thank yourself for it." Burt was surprised at how wise Kurt's boyfriend sounded.

"I'll try Blaine. I love you. Talk to you later." There was a few moments of silence before Burt heard the clicking sound of the laptop closing. He waited a few minutes before knocking on the door.

"Kurt? Can I come in?"

"Yeah, you can come in." Burt slowly opens the door and walks in.

"Um I'm making some spaghetti for dinner. I hope you don't mind it. I'm not really the best cook." Burt admitted and he swore Kurt's lips quirked up for a quick second.

"Spaghetti is okay." Kurt murmured.

"Good, good. Uh, you can go to the living room and watch TV if you want or just stay in your room until dinner is ready." Burt told him. Kurt nodded.

"Thanks." Burt paused before leaving the room and walking back to the kitchen to finish dinner.

Dinner was a rather awkward affair. Neither knew what to say to the other. The tense air around them was filled by the sounds of them eating.

"So, this school of yours, Dalton Academy, you like it?" Burt asked him. Kurt nodded but didn't look up.

"Yes sir." He responded quietly. Burt sighed.

"Okay listen, I know it's been 7 years but I'm still your dad. Or if you're not comfortable with it you can call me Burt until you're ok with calling me dad." Burt told him gently.

"Okay, thank you Burt." It was quiet for a while before Kurt took a deep breath and spoke. "Dalton is amazing. Its like my safe haven and I met a lot of people there who really care about me." Kurt murmured just loud enough for Burt to hear.

"Like your boyfriend?" And maybe Burt shouldn't have been so upfront about that but how was he supposed to know how Kurt was going to react. He expected a blush or denial or something like that. But Kurt looked scared.

"Please don't hurt me.." Kurt whimpered and his breathing was increasing rapidly. Burt got up but then thought about it. He would probably only scare Kurt more if he approached him.

"I- Kurt I'm not going to hurt you. I don't care if you're gay. I promise. I had a hunch when you were younger." Burt said as gently as he could.

"Mom didn't accept me. Why would you?" Kurt whispered and some tears spilled down his cheeks. Burt swallowed thickly.

"You were supposed to stay with me instead of leaving with your mother...she was unstable. I will never do anything to harm you." But told him firmly but in a low voice. Kurt nodded a little and calmed down.

"I-I I'm sorry for my reaction. When I told her I had a boyfriend...she didn't take it very well." Kurt murmured to him. Burt nodded.

"You don't have to tell me anything yet Kurt. We'll ease into the heavy conversations. " Burt said. And Kurt gave him a small smile.

"Thanks Burt."

"No problem kiddo."

When Kurt went to his room at the end of the night he showered and put on some clothes Blaine gave him. Then he grabbed his laptop. He didn't have a phone. Just a laptop. It was a present from Blaine's parents. He waited for Blaine to get online so he could Skype him.

"Hey baby." Blaine answered with a smile.

"Hey Blaine. What are you doing?" Kurt asked getting comfortable in bed.

"Missing you. The boys miss you too."

"I miss you guys too."

"Do you know when you're coming back to school?"

"Maybe Monday. I don't know. I could ask Burt in the morning." Kurt told his boyfriend.

"Speaking of your dad, how was your first day with him?" Blaine asked hoping he got a happy answer.

"He-I he doesn't mind that I'm gay. He asked me about Dalton. He assured me he wasn't going hit me. He made me food, let me shower, Blaine it's too good to be true. " Kurt cried.

"Babe." Blaine breathed. He knew what Kurt went through but even so, the thought that the simplest things his father did surprised him made his heart clench. "You deserve all of this alright? This is how it's supposed to be."

"But she told me-"

"Kurt, sweetheart, forget what she told you. She's gone Kurt. She can't hurt you anymore." Blaine spoke softly. Kurt closed his eyes and let tears fall.

"Then why am I still hurting?" Blaine forced himself not to cry.

"Because it takes time to heal after something as traumatic as what you had to go through." Blaine reminded Kurt.

"I just want to get over it. I don't want the nightmares, the impulsive reactions, the fear. It's too much sometimes." Kurt whispered. Blaine wished he was there to hold his boyfriend. He told him as much.

"I wish you were here too. I really miss you."

"I miss you. And you'll make it through this. Trust me." Trust was hard for Kurt but he and Blaine grew to the point where Kurt couldn't even doubt that he trusted Blaine.

"I'll make it through this." Kurt said out loud although hesitantly. Blaine smiled.