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When Gandalf awakens to see a hay roof above his head he isn't sure how to react. He is a Wizard so panicking is out of the question... But how did he go from being on the road to being in a bed? He stands a little disturbed to see that he had been redressed in what looked like Shepherd's gear. His staff thankfully hadn't been messed with as it was leaning against a table. Carefully exploring what little there is in his new abode he smiles at the small plate of food left on the table for him. He eats it happily before grabbing his staff and heading outside... No... Nope... Not happening.

Taking a deep breath he: re-enters the small hut, closes the door, takes a deep breath closing his eyes, bangs his head slightly on the door and opens it. The sight doesn't change and he wonders if maybe he grabbed the wrong pipe tobacco because in various stages of movement or non-movement are thirteen dwarf like sheep and one hobbit sheep. And by dwarf like sheep he means, small, smaller than normal even, humanoid sheep. From their necks to just below their private parts, from their knees to their feet, from their elbows to their hands is covered in silky white wool. Where their ears should be is the soft most definitely sheep like ears! But the rest of their head is dwarf or hobbit. And they weren't just any thirteen dwarrows and singular hobbit; oh no they are the thirteen dwarrows and singular hobbit he led to Erebor. It is impossible because he knows that three of them died in regaining their home!

Yet there is: Dori and Nori and Ori and Bifur and Bofur and Bombur and Balin and Dwalin and Oín and Gloín and Thorin and Fílí and Kílí and Bilbo! He wonders slightly if now would be a good time to panic because he is sure that discovering you have awoken in an alternate universe possible caused by drugged pipe tobacco where your friends, even if they are dead, are sheep is reason to panic! But before he can go into a full out panic attack like which he hasn't done since he was a child the Bilbo sheep rushes up to him a smile on his face.

"Shepherd Gandalf! You're awake! Good morning!"

A smile appears on his face at the energy he hasn't seen Bilbo possess since he was a young Fauntling. He opens his mouth to give his usual response to being 'good morning'd' when the Thorin sheep walks over to them, still gruff and grumpy looking all while being kingly, he gives Gandalf a look and proceeds to place a possessive arm around the Hobbit Sheep who blushes.

"Shepherd Gandalf... Dis and the others are still resting in the barn but they should be along presently."

Valar even sheep Thorin speaks in clipped to the point ways. Very nobly holding back a sigh he nods his head to acknowledge what was said. How many more sheep did he have!? Oh Valar he hoped there wasn't many... He is a wizard not a shepherd! What did Dwarf Sheep eat? Did Hobbit Sheep still eat seven meals a day? Would they go into heat? He shudders at that thought. Spotting a chair that is much too tall for the Sheep to sit in he goes and sits down before he pulled a Bilbo, who followed him over to the chair just so you know. Thorin followed Bilbo glowering all the way. Resting his head against the back of the chair he gazes up at the blue sky.

He feels very torn about all of this. He should be wondering Middle Earth insuring that nothing dark or evil is able to spawn but here he is instead, enjoying the fact that all his friends are alive.

"Shepherd Gandalf!"

The young voice draws him out of his thoughts and he looks down to see that Ori has joined Bilbo and Thorin at his side. Not too far behind the youngster are both Dwalin and Dori... Is Balin... No, he tells his brain sharply you are not going there just like you are not going to notice the looks Dwalin is giving Ori. He mentally shakes himself trying to rid his mind of those thoughts. He smiles down at Ori.

"Why hello there Ori. How are you this morning?"

Ori blushes slightly and scuffs his toes.

"Dwalin took me to the fence today... We went to Rhadaghast's fence line not Saurmons."

"Oh?" he didn't understand the significance of that but who was he to deny the boy his moment, for he was most definitely was having one. Ori nods his head excitedly and Gandalf feels more at peace at being here. Fílí and Kílí are the next to approach him. Kílí is talking excitedly about something and Fílí smiling bemusedly.

"And I was like Legalos I am so better than you with a bow and he was like nuh uh and we got out our bows and had a contest and I would have won if Gimli hadn't startled me!"

He chuckles softly.

"And what did you do to Gimli?"

"We didn't do anything!" they exclaim innocently. Gandalf huffs, he doubted that very seriously but Bofur rushes up to him all smiles, his hat almost falling off if the hand holding it on is any indication…Why is he wearing a hat?

"Guess what Shepherd Gandalf! Bombur's wife, Wina, she says she's with another! Oh joyous days!"

"Is that so? And what does that bring the total up too?"


Gandalf valiantly doesn't notice the way Nori's eyes devour poor unsuspecting Bofur's body and congratulates him. Bilbo, Ori and Kílí surround Bofur happily chatting with him. Dori even actually approaches the group to congratulate the soon to be Uncle. The happy chatter about children soon turns to gossip and like old maids they move away to do so where few can hear them. Gandalf chuckles slightly at that. He's slightly surprised when Balin, Dwalin and Nori join Thorin and Fílí standing next to him. They all heave a sigh and look longingly at them.