Late Night Shots

Author Note: I know, I know, I know exactly what some of you are thinking, "Four Fics! Come on Kia, focus!" But look... I am! These are random Sasuhina one-shots! I'm starting to do request too! Then because they are HELLAH short and just get inspired when I have writer's block or get bored... I'll update like the wind. (Hopefully) So it's a little bang for your buck! So, with that being said here's the first one!

Chapter 1: Interesting Poem




"I want everyone to write a creative poem about anything you are passionate about!"

A blush flooded her face as she peeped through navy bangs at the blond sitting in front of her. He was in the middle of whining, "BUT Kurenai-sensei I can't write poems!"

"It doesn't take rocket science, Naruto." The young teacher sat at her desk. "Either do it or get a zero."

"He's an idiot." She looked at the scowling Uchiha beside him. "He can barely count."

"Shut it, Sasuke!" He bit back before groaning and started doodling on his notebook.

She took a deep breath. "I-It doesn't have to rhyme, Naruto."

When bright azure eyes looked up with a huge smile. "You're right! Thanks." He clapped his hands. "Ramen it is!"

She allowed a small smile to tug at her lips then felt heated eyes from the boy next to him. She choose not to look at him. Those black hole he called eyes were more nerve-racking than anything.

Soon it was time to present but thankfully only two people had the chance of embarrassing themselves in front of the class. When the bell rang everyone started filing out as Kurenai explained homework. Hinata looked up to see she was the only person left in class.

Sighing at the blond's vacant seat, she packed up her books to see a folded piece of paper on her desk. She took it carefully and saw the initials: S.U. to H.H.

She looked around before stuffing it in her pocket and leaving the class. Once to her locker she opened the note.

'Stupid, pathetic, dumb little girl

Shy, mousey, hopeless little girl

Blind little girl.

You've given an idiot your whole little world.

Large, wide, creepy little eyes

Special, unique, one of a kind little eyes

Stop living your self-made little lies.

Fragile, dainty, glass little toy

Breakable, priceless little toy

Someone cares for you…

Just a quiet, patient, waiting little boy.'

She pressed the note to her chest and looked around in the crowded hallways. Tucking a loose strand of navy behind her ear, she looked back down at the poem until she heard a familiar voice.

"Hello, little girl." She looked up to see the author who wore his normal stoic expression.





Author Note: Pretty short, but yeah. Sharing is Caring!