Late Night Shots

Chapter 18: Problems with Reviving


Sasuke wasn't - perfect. He was far from the word but nobody knew that except Hinata. She sat with her bare back toward him, clutching dark blue sheets to her front.

Sasuke was in distress. "We can try again." He suggested only for her head to shake in a horrifying-

"N-no," she squeaked.

He watched her back for a moment then pulled his vision to nothing in general. Never had he been so - embarrassed. The young Uchiha fisted the sheets around him. "We-"

"No." Hinata cut him off.


"No," she repeated and wrapped the sheets around her body. "I s-should go."

"I don't know much," he confessed. "About...that."


Dark eyes widened and cheeks tinted. Sasuke quickly schooled his slipping emotions. "Stay." He offered as she was searching for her discarded clothing.

"I h-have to go," explained Hinata, still not looking at him in the eyes. "Training - um, Shino's dog!" She blurted out.

He bit the inside of his cheeks hard until blood could be tasted on his tongue. Hinata started putting on her under garments and wiggled back into her pants.

"We probably shouldn't talk a-about this," Hinata pulled her shirt down and grabbed her jacket. "...again...ever."

He stayed silent as the heiress desperately tried finger-combing her hair back to normal. "Hinata, I-"

She finally turned to him and zipped her jonin jacket to the top. "I...ano," she nodded with a weak smile. "T-thank for the meal before - I...okay," she shook her head and walked out the room.

Sasuke walked loosely behind her. Hinata slipped on her shoes and opened the door. "Hai," she gave a quick bow. "Ja ne." Hinata closed the door behind her.

Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Maybe being solely focused on revenge majority of his life was a bad idea. How was he supposed to revive his clan if he didn't know how to-

"Fuck," he hissed and stormed into his room.