Late Night Shots



Author Note: Alright, so for some reason I have given birth to another OC, you know along with Hikari, Kitai and Daisuke. His name is Aisa...Sabaku. BOOM, surprise. Yup, he has navy hair with teal eyes. I even drew him because... Well, he is apart of the family now. Anyway, here's his debut. (I'm so fucking weird)




Chapter 8: Not Leaving



Prompt: Hinata's son gets into a car accident and finished with his surgery, Sasuke arrives.




Sasuke opened the door to the hospital room. He closed the door quietly and loosened his tie. Sighing he turned to narrowed teal eyes. "Where is my mother?"

He walked to the extra chair and sat. "She is on the way," said Sasuke.

"Why are you here?"

Sasuke shrugged. "I didn't want you to wake up alone."

The boy sneered before looking away. "Too late as always, Sasuke."

Sasuke unbuttoned his sleeves and turned off his phone. He didn't want to be bothered by any business while he was here. "I tried."


Sasuke held his tongue. It was times like these when he reconsidered settling down. "You're upset."

"Upset? Yes, I'm upset!" He clenched his fist. "I have a metal rod in my leg."


The dark haired boy shook his head. "Don't, okay. Stop trying to win me over because of my mom. You're not my father and you will never be."

Sasuke was physically biting down on his tongue. Aisa had a right to be mad, yes. Sasuke had moved them out of their comfort zone and into his place. He was planning to marry his mother. He had changed everything for the boy.

"Furthermore," Aisa continued. "If you think that you being here when I did wake up was going to-"

"Would you shut up?" Sasuke snapped.

Teal eyes widened. "Don't tell me what to do!"

"I understand fully that I am not your father but must you remind me every chance you get? Where is your father, Aisa?"

The boy frowned. "Just get out."

"No, do you want me to be like him?" Sasuke asked. "And I suppose you think that I haven't had to sacrifice?"

Aisa clenched his fist. "Nobody asked you to come!"

The onyx eyed man gripped the armrest. "And yet I'm here," said Sasuke.

"Sasuke, I hate you." He said softly. "I hate everything about you and I wished my mother saw what I do."

Sasuke froze at the words. Many people had said those three words to him and yet there was a twinge of pain when it came from him. Had he ruined the boy's life that much for him to hate him?

"Should," he coughed. "Should I end the engagement with your mother?"

Teal eyes hardened. "Would you?"

"You hate me and therefore Hinata will eventually," he grabbed his jacket. "I will break things off with-"

"Stop lying," said Aisa.

He pulled on his jacket. "I will be in the waiting room until your mother arrives." He walked towards the door.

"Sasuke," he called. Sasuke paused. He wanted to leave to think but he stood there. "D-Do you hate me?"

Sasuke turned to the thirteen year old. His head was low and fists clenched. "No."

He looked up revealing foggy teal eyes. "W-Why isn't he here? He should b-be here, right?"

"He should."

He used the hospital gown to wipe his face. "T-then...what did I do?" His voice cracked and shoulders reluctantly began to tremble. "W-why weren't we e-enough?"

Sasuke watched the boy who was carrying all the guilt of the world on his shoulders begin to crumble. He refused to let Sasuke see his tears. He had to be strong.

"That's not your fault," mumbled Sasuke.

"It is! I'm not stupid!" he shouted. Sasuke took off his jacket and walked over to him. "D-Don't touch me!"


He pointed at Sasuke. "Y-You're going to leave us! I know it!" He shook his head. "You're going to break her heart and leave me to put her back together."

"I'm not."

"You will," said Aisa. "You're just like him."

Sasuke took a deep breath finally hearing the truth. "I love her more than you can comprehend and I would never hurt her."

"You w-will," he repeated.

"You don't have to be strong all the time, Ai."

He looked away. "D-Dont call me that."

Sasuke walked up to the boy and pulled him into his arms. "I won't leave you either," whispered Sasuke as the boy broke down in his chest. He gripped the fabric of his shirt for dear life and Sasuke let him. "I kinda like you, Ai."

Hinata pulled the door close silently and pressed her back against the wall. Maybe that's all they needed. She smiled softly and waited until the crying ended. They would be too embarrassed if she came in.

After she called Sasuke telling him she arrived, she waited a bit before walking in. "Ai-kun! Sasuke!" She had hope.



AN: Aisa apparently means "Loved" in japanese, (Thank you Google) so you know, I dig it. My cousin got into a car wreck (he is fine now, it was a year ago) and broke the bone in his thigh. They had to put metal in his leg too. Anyway, Aisa's has joined the crew! See you later :)!