His voice, his lips pulling away from mine, widening the distance between us.

"Oh, Anna," Hans cooed to me, his green eyes changing. The warmth in them died to be replaced with a strange sort of anger. "If only there was someone out there who loved you."

At first, his words didn't make sense.

Pain filled my chest and I leaned away from him. What was he saying?

And then I'm running to Elsa, away from Kristoff.

My feet are numb and I staggered forward at first. My vision blurs and the blood in my body turns to ice.

"Elsa," I command my body to move. Hans holds the sword tightly in his hand and I see Elsa on the ground, her back to him. She is unaware of what he's about to do.

I want to scream to her to run, but I'm too weak to speak. I feel the frost begin to gather on my cheeks and spread across my face. I have to move faster.

I swallow hard and push myself between them, shielding Elsa and throwing my hand up as if to cover my eyes from what Hans has turned into.

"No!" I cry and the numbness from my feet spreads quickly up my body, stiffening my clothes into stillness and turning my skin to ice.

I freeze in place and watch the sword blade hit my frozen hand. The blade shatters like glass hitting the floor and Hans falls back, hitting his head hard on ice.

Air leaves my lungs in a small cloud and I'm unable to move.

I close my eyes, though to Elsa, they are wide open and staring ahead.

"Anna," Elsa sobs though I hear something else. "Anna, no," Elsa cries, "please, no."

I see Elsa, looking much younger, a child, stand in the middle of the Ball room. She's watching me, smiling as I leap lightly into the air and land on a lump of cold snow.

I hop again, higher, and Elsa smiles, catching me.

"Catch me!" I cry joyfully and hop again.

"Anna," Elsa sobs and her arms come around my frozen body.

"Wait, Anna, slow down!" Elsa cries but I'm unable to make myself halt. I'm too happy to see the blue ice fly from her hands and I'm too happy to feel the reassuring chill of ice caressing my feet when I land.

I'm too happy to hear what she's saying.

Elsa cries into my chest, her platinum blond hair touching my frozen cheeks.

Something cold pierces my chest and I fall. I fall onto the floor and tumble down off of snow. Elsa cradles me in her arms, crying.

She's crying again, crying for me. Because she thinks she hurt me.

But she hasn't.

I see Mother and Father gaze at us as they're about to depart. I capture Mother for a hug and feel Father kiss the top of my forehead.

I turn to Elsa and see her walk hesitantly to them, ignoring me.

She always shut me out.

I feel warmth spread into my chest.

But she did it to protect me.

The warmth grows, spreading into my arms and up my neck.

Elsa wanted to save me from herself.

She could have told me, but what would I have done? I wouldn't have changed anything.

I can feel a breeze on my face.

I open my eyes and move, looking down at Elsa.

I see her light blue eyes, full of tears, glow when they see me move.

Elsa wraps her arms around me again, in a different hug. A hug of joy, not grief.

I wrap my arms around her and close my eyes a moment. "Oh, Elsa," I sighed, knowing for a moment that everything was right between us.

Elsa seemed incredulous, joyfully incredulous. "You sacrificed yourself for me?"

I pulled away, almost confused. "I love you," you're my sister.

Elsa smiled tearfully and pulled me to her. Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven looked moved, almost teary-eyed.

When I froze, I realized how much she cared about me.

When I froze, I realized why she shut me out.

When I froze, my sister missed me.