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Spread Your Wings and Fly Away

Chapter one

Life Goes On

"Ah. Another day, another penny earned I guess," Dryly grumbled a petite red-headed girl as she lazily sauntered away from a bar filled with enough perverted drunken men to fill a football stadium, each one of them lecherously whistling, and lasciviously peering at the retreating form of the red haired girl, "Geez. I'm so lucky, I apparently got myself my own fan-base."

The blue eyed, pigtailed girl let out a sigh, shouldering a brown sack bag over her shoulder and proceeding to waltz on home with a small chip on her shoulder. She sported a red silk Chinese-esque shirt, black baggy pants, and Chinese shoes on her feet.

The young girl's figure was womanly, her breasts were developing at much faster rate than most girls, a modest size of D-cup. She had baby blue coloured eye-liner around her eyes despite not coming off as the most feminine of girls.

Yes, Ranma Saotome was not what one would call the girlish of girls, since she... he wasn't born a girl, but a boy. Damn pops. He just had to force him to China where the two ignorantly treaded on the sacred grounds of the cursed springs, foolishly leaping on a couple of poles and seeing who could knock the other one into one of the springs first.

Of course if they had known the springs were cursed with the poor souls of which had drowned in them than Ranma and his father probably wouldn't have risked engaging in such a dangerous, but somewhat thrilling sparring match.

Such was Ranma's luck.


Ranma defensively raised her foot the moment a bike came dangerously close to landing on her face, easily stopping the wheel of the bike from smashing into her face and sending it and a bubbly blue haired girl crashing to the ground.

"Ow!" Ranma's impassive gaze shifted to a young girl of her age. Her blue hair fell to her back. Two strands of her hair framed her cheeks, two hair-buns was styled on top of her hair, her complexion was light, and her eyes were a light shade of purple. She sported a darkish pink Chinese shirt with matching trousers, and a pair of sandals on her feet.

"Shampoo," Ranma groused, her steely blue eyes locked on the form of the bubbly girl now known as Shampoo, rubbing her backside and making sure the package she had in her basket propped on the front of her bike wasn't damaged in anyway.

"Aiyaa! Ranma!" Shampoo said bubbly, looking up at girl-Ranma with two big purple lovey-dovey eyes, "You go out with Shampoo. Yes?"

Ranma couldn't help but roll her eyes. Damn Pops. Yet another consequence of going to China aside from getting cursed was having stumbled across an village inhabited by a tribe of females known as the Amazons, Shampoo being one of them.

Naturally at the time both Ranma and her father were in their cursed forms when they were led to the Amazon village by the guy who worked at the cursed springs of many drowned souls, people and animals alike. The two were frustrated having only recently been cursed, and naturally, frustration soon turned to hunger and Ranma and her animal-father found themselves digging into the first meal their eyes lay upon.

Unfortunately for them that particular meal just happened to be the prize in the tournament Shampoo was completing in at the time. Ranma-chan figured if she could defeat Shampoo, thus officially earning the grand feast for herself and her Pops than there wouldn't be a problem. How wrong her judgement turned out to be? Goddamn it…

After effortlessly seeing off Shampoo, the prideful Amazon-warrior planted the kiss of death on girl Ranma's lips, Mafia-esque, vowing by Amazon-law she'd track down Ranma, and kill her one way or the other, only doing a complete 360 upon finding out the truth – Ranma was actually a boy, the person of which had defeated Shampoo had only been in his cursed form.

Ah now that threw things for a loop, and Ranma wasn't sure if she (he) had preferred being targeted like she'd a freaking bounty on her head or persuaded like she (he) was a carnival prize. God damn Amazon-law. If a girl subdued an Amazon girl then that Amazon-warrior would have no choice but to hunt her down and murder her victorious opponent. However, if a male stood tall in a winning fashion over a Amazon-warrior than that male was to be wedded to the one who he'd defeated.


Just another fiancée Ranma would have to pry off of himself, which was made especially hard by Shampoo's grandmother, Cologne. The old ghoul had made audacious attempts to force Ranma to marry Shampoo, and help her keep the Amazon-tribe going strong by assisting Shampoo in the method of producing many babies. The old hag even went as far as to make girl Ranma's body exponentially sensitive to hot water by using the cat tongue on her so she couldn't turn back into a boy, and would hopefully lose the patience to be a girl longer, and would cave in and beg Cologne to be a boy again.

But anyone who knew the great Ranma Saotome-sama knew the big-cheese didn't give up without a fight. She won the right to be turned back into a guy by swallowing the phoenix pill she had required off of Cologne by pure determination and straight up doggedness.

"Hey, Shams," Ranma muttered distastefully, shaking her head as the Amazon-warrior picked herself up, propped the customer's order back in her basket, and sat on the seat of her bike, "Ain't you got anything better to do besides from stalking me like the paparazzi," Ranma quipped.

Shampoo tilted her head to the side in a cute manner, "Shampoo make delivery for great grandmother."

"Whoopee doo to you," Ranma grumbled.

"Then Shampoo come back to marry Ranma," Shampoo smiled in an optimistic fashion.

"I ain't marrying you Shams," Ranma groused in a dry manner.

"Why girl Ranma be mean to Shampoo?" Shampoo questioned, a pout of irritation evident on her features, "That mean old Akane be sauce (source) of Ranma's pain. No? She force Ranma's hand in marriage. Yes?"

"It ain't that Shams, and you and I both know it," Ranma griped. In truth Ranma hadn't spoken to Akane since Ranma had called off the engagement. A potential marriage filled with nothing but arguments was not a healthy one, and both Akane and Ranma knew that.

A marriage like that would've left both Akane and Ranma stressed and very much unhappy. The two martial artists knew that deep down in their heart of hearts. Even still it was hard Ranma to see her how hurt Akane had been by his refusal to go along with the engagement.

"Shampoo!" Ranma let out a sigh at the joyous cheer of a young boy, letting out a few snickers at the sight of a short-sighted boy galloping past him and Shampoo, and ensnaring a lamp post possessively, "Oh Shampoo, I'm happy you finally decided to return my affections!"

Ranma snickered at the fuming Shampoo, "That not Shampoo, you stupid Mousse!" Shampoo glared at her fellow Amazon-warrior now identified as Mousse.

"Huh?" Mousse let out in a dumbed manner, adjusting the round thick glasses on top of his forehead and pulling them down over his eyes, "Oh!" Mousse turned around, his eyes narrowing at the bane of his existence in the form of the red headed girl.

"Ranma how dare you! Even as a girl you still pursuit my precious Shampoo! You're sick Saotome!" Mousse's long black shoulder-length hair angrily swayed like a whip hitting a raging bull. His white diamond-patterned robe rattled as he raised his arm to reveal his fist hiding in his long sleeve. His blue pants shook as he used his black shoes to gallop his way to Ranma to deliver a dose of righteous fury.

Like a magician pulling stuff outta his hat, Mousse expertly whipped out a long solid steely gleaming weapon from his sleeve, spinning around like a propeller, the sharp edges of Mousse's weapon looking well and truly sharpened. So much so the blades on the end of Mousse's weapon sliced through Ranma, strangely leaving the top half of Ranma's body floating above the lower half of her body, the mid section of Ranma's body inexplicably disappeared.

"Huh?" Mousse wondered, a blur of red and black slowly fading out of his sight, "I… won?" He began to tear up, "I won! I defeated Saotome and freed Shampoo! Now she'll ju-." The air left Mousse's lungs, followed by drips of saliva and enough blood to fill up a cup; the cause of the boy's pain was a light skinned small fist wedged in his tummy, "W-what?"

"Jeez wiz Mr slowpoke, I've seen snails moving faster than you," Ranma quipped lackadaisically, purging her fist from Mousse's gut and allowing the boy to collapse onto his knees, glaring up at Ranma in defiance, "Didya really thunk I would just idly stand by and admire my nails while ya nail me eh?"

"Grrr." Mousse growled.

"You stupid Mousse!" Shampoo said harshly, causing both Ranma and Mousse to cringe with the latter also wincing from the object of his affections berating him in a icily cold manner, "You no beat Ranma, he too good for you! Mousse should just quit and go home!"

'Ouch, aim a little lower why don't ya,' Ranma remarked mentally.

'Oh Shampoo, why won't you return my affections I've held so dear for you?' Mousse mused pitifully, his mind replaying all of his attempts to win Shampoo's love which resulted in him being on the receiving end of a thrashing from his beloved Shampoo, "…Shampoo."

Shampoo turned away from Mousse, her arms crossed over her chest and a grimace on her beautiful features, "Bad Mousse! Shampoo no like you! Shampoo like Ranma!" The bespectacled boy's head lowered, letting out soft growls of frustration while Shampoo smiled pleasantly at the mention of Ranma, "You walk with Shampoo. Ran-?" Shampoo's question ended there; her eyes blinking at the vacant spot once preoccupied by the redhead.

"…Ranma disappear?"


Several blocks away, the redhead appeared in an immense dash of strong wind, standing highly on the roof of a tall four story high apartment complex, a pout of irritation evident on her features.

"Man ain't she got nuthin' better to do other than runnin' around chasin' me all day?!" Ranma wondered, kicking the air as if it would release her rage. This was one of the reasons why she'd called off the engagement to Akane – in the futile hopes it would end the blind, ignorant girls' trivial attempts of marrying her.

Apparently, it hadn't done the trick. No. It gave them renewed hope that they could somehow convince Ranma to marry them. Damn it. Life sucked, with a capital S!

A sigh escaped Ranma's lips, her feet pivoting her around and leading her to the door of the rooftop, "Lady lucky and I ain't on speaking terms," Ranma grumbled wittily, releasing another sigh while opening the door to the rooftop and venturing into the building. Perhaps a kickass movie and some popcorn could cheer her up.


"Now where am I?" A black haired boy wondered, glancing around his surrounding in clear confusion. He sported a V-neck dark yellow t shirt underneath a long-sleeved yellow jumper, a cheetah-esque striped dark yellow bandanna wrapped tightly around his head, black trousers, a backpack strapped on his back with a red thick umbrella sheathed across the straps of his bag, yellow wristbands, dark green trousers, and wooden sandals on his feet.

"Ohhhh. Why must my luck be so tainted?" The boy anguished, "And just when I had worked up a little courage to put my feelings in a letter for Akane-chan." The mention of the aforementioned girl made the boy's heart clench and he fisted his hand, "Oh Akane-chan, if only you knew how I felt about you, but-." He trailed off, a picture of a smirking black haired boy flashing through his mind, causing him to gnash his teeth in fury.

"Saotome!" He murmured forcefully, and unmercifully, "How dare you treat Akane-chan like she ain't a goddess! You don't deserve her!" After a moment, the boy felt the anger drain out of him, leaving a pitiful expression on his features, "Oh Akane-chan… If only, if only I had the courage to tell you how I feel," His eyes closed, his fist loosening, and his fingers falling freely.

"…But you'll never see me as anything more but your pet P-chan," He whispered, recalling all the times he'd been splashed and forcefully turned into his cursed form, only to get cuddled by the ignorant Akane. It made him sick to his stomach how he could use the beautiful, innocent girl's ignorance to his advantage, but he was desperate; desperate to be loved, desperate to feel the warm touch of a woman, desperate to see a caring woman smiling at him, and treating him like he was a god among men.


It was all that ingrate's fault! If he never stole the lost boy's sandwiches, if he would stop tormenting the lost boy, stop teasing, stop belittling him in front of his dear Akane-chan, then maybe the lost boy could have his own happiness! His own happy life! One without seeing the annoying cheeky grin plastered on his rival's face as he flipped off of his head or fooled him into falling into water, thus activating his Jusenkyo curse!

It was all Ranma's fault!


"Oh Ryoga-kun, how nice it is to see you?"

"Eep," The boy, Ryoga Hibiki, squeaked in surprise at the call of a sweet feminine voice. Turning around, Ryoga's eyes grew wide at the sight before him, 'I…I made it to the Tendo-Dojo,' Ryoga realized, an audible gasp escaping his lips. Well he did want to be here for one reason or the other, but he wasn't expecting to come so soon.

Sometimes Ryoga had to wonder was his directional curse really just that: a curse or a blessing?

The demure teenage girl became concerned at Ryoga's faraway look, "Is everything alright, Ryoga-kun?" Her long brown hair hung freely to her back, kept in a ponytail by a blue hair-scrunchy, her brown eyes peered into Ryoga's curiously, her loose baby blue coloured dress highlighted her light complexion, and her sandals picked up dust as she shifted in place; a small brown basket held in her hands.

Ryoga snapped out of his stupor, his hand reaching behind his head and massaging it in a sheepish manner, "O-oh… I, you know, just stopped by to see how Ranma was doing?" Now why on earth would he say that? Ryoga knew damn well he wasn't here to see that jerk Ranma. However he wasn't confident enough to admit he had a crush on the youngest Tendo daughter of Soun.

The well-mannered woman offered Ryoga a small smile, "Oh my, that's very thoughtful of you, Ryoga-kun, But I'm afraid-," Her smile faded out, a now sorrowful look masking her face and betraying her normally happy and docile demeanour, "Ranma-chan no longer lives here?"

"Huh?" A deer-in-the-headlights look appeared on Ryoga's features, his head dropping to the ground and his surprised expression giving way for one of contemplation, 'If Ranma no longer lives here, then maybe I've got a chance with Akane-chan!' Ryoga looked up again at the woman, now sporting a mask of resolution.

"What happened Kasumi-san? Why'd Ranma move out for? Isn't he engaged to Akane-chan?" Ryoga asked. Silently, secretly, he hoped the answer would be they wasn't engaged anymore, as much as he knew, deep down, it'd upset his dear and precious Akane-chan. The beautiful blue haired girl was a goddess to Ryoga, and Ryoga knew with confidence that she deserved better than Ranma. She ought to be with Ryoga!

The eldest sibling shook her head regretfully, "That poor thing, she hasn't left her room since Ranma-chan called off the engagement."

Ryoga was now gaping like a fish, "Ranma called off the engagement."

Kasumi nodded her head sadly, "Yes. Akane's very sad. Every-time she comes home from school she resigns herself to her room and doesn't leave for the remainder of the day."

Ryoga lowered his head, 'Akane.' He fisted his hands, 'Ranma you jerk! Can't you see you're hurting Akane-chan? Grrr. Why do you have to be so selfish?' Ryoga looked up, "I-is…" He swallowed a nervous lump in his throat, "Is… is Akane-chan in her room now?"

Kasumi offered the lost-boy another smile, "Yes. I believe she's doing her homework. Poor thing, she still tries her hardest to study, and get good high grades in school." Kasumi smiled, shifting her hands, and causing the basket in her grip to wobble.

"Hehe." Ryoga laughed, 'That's my Akane-chan, always so brave, strong-willed, and beautiful-.' Ryoga shook his head, he had to stop thinking like that. Looking to change the subject, Ryoga saw the basket in Kasumi's grip, "What's in the basket Kasumi-san?"

Kasumi gasped as if she had completely forgotten about the object in her grip before smiling again at Ryoga, "Oh, just some things for Ranma-chan." Looking at the boy's clueless expression she decided to elaborate for him to comprehend, "Ranma-chan has gotten himself a little apartment. I thought I would bring him something to eat."

"Oh." Ryoga nodded in understanding.

"Would you like to come with me to Ranma-chan's place? I'm sure he'd really appreciate it." Kasumi offered gently.

"No, no, I have… stuff to do," Ryoga lied in a bashful manner.

Kasumi smiled, "Okay," she bowed slightly, "It was nice talking to you, Ryoga-kun."

"Yeah. Same here." Kasumi smiled one last time and made her way to Ranma's home, Ryoga waving at her as she did. Once she was out of sight Ryoga lowered his arm, an angry expression masking his features, "Damn it Saotome! You've hurt Akane! Why must you be so insensitive, you damn ingrate!" Ryoga took a deep breath, trying to school his emotion as best as he could, but at lest it was no good. The lost boy could feel his temper bubbling up, like a volcano just waiting to erupt.

Then he finally exploded in a fit of immense rage.



1. Happosai - Massively Hypersonic plus

2. Cologne - Massively Hypersonic Plus

3. Girl-Ranma - Hypersonic plus - Boy Ranma - Hypersonic

4. Genma - Hypersonic

5. Soun - Hypersonic

6. Ryoga - Hypersonic