In Which Cranial Recalibration is Universal

Cotton candy was put on hold, due to the very dangerous man in their glass containment unit. The hold is put on longer when he wakes up. He is pacing when Steve gets to the makeshift prison in Doctor Banner's floor. The man stops, stock still, and turns.

"Punk." the word is sudden and Steve stops, blinks, heart leaping with hope.


The man in the glass room blinks. Blinks again. He licks cut lips and stares at Steve. His eyes are not frigid as before. No, this is full of confusion and furrowed brows.

"Do…. Do you know who I am?" he asks Bucky.

He blinks again.

"Scrawny." is the immediate response, before he blinks again, rapidly shakes his head.

"I joined the army."

A sound that can almost be laughter falls from his throat.

"So did I punk, but you don't see me boasting about it."

Steve does not let the tears fall. Because no matter what, the man across from him shall always be his brother.