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Mr. Litwak was going about his normal day, watching over his arcade and keeping things in order. There were only a few kids left now, since it was so close to closing time. He was cleaning up a bit, when one girl, a blonde with glasses, approached him. She was a frequent visitor.

"Hello there, young lady. Is there a problem with one of the games? My first rule of repairing electronics, make sure it's plugged in!" Mr. Litwak chuckled.

"No, sir... I was just wondering something." The girl replied. "I play the Fix-it-Felix Jr. game sometimes, and I was wondering something." She tilted her head. "Why do all the people hate the wrecking guy? I mean, the fixer guy does help them, yeah, but... I mean, they threw the guy out of his home in the stump and put him in a dump. And then when he tries to get his spot back, they throw him in the mud. Isn't that kind of mean?"

Mr. Litwak sighed a bit, smiling lightly and bending down a bit. "Well, see here, some people will do anything to make themselves happy. Even if it means taking away someone else's happiness. Now there, Ralph is happy in his big 'ol stump, but it's in the way for the nicelanders to make their penthouse, so to build their home and be happy, they had to get rid of his stump, see? Now there's nothing wrong with being happy, but not if it means making someone else miserable. Remember that."

The girl nodded slowly. "Oh... okay." She smiles a bit. "Thanks Mr. Litwak, see you tomorrow." She skipped out of the arcade, and Mr. Litwak waved as he closed and locked the door, flipping the sign around to the closed side. He went into the office in the back, rummaging around a bit as he collected his things to go home. Once he was ready, he put on a light coat and a baseball cap to head out. Before he did, he stopped, glancing over at the console sitting all the way in the back, the same spot it had been in for over thirty years.


Mr. Litwak sighed a bit, smiling sadly. "I remember when nana told me that story..." He said to himself, adjusting his glasses. "Now... how did it go again...?" He looked at the ceiling, and it took only a few moments to remember the enchanting story behind the game.

It started on Long Island, in the 1920s, a pair of gentlemen standing at the edge of a large patch of woods, their Chevrolet Capitol parked a few yards away. The two talked, a man with black hair and dressed in a white suit raving about his plans.

"Ah... I can see it now!" The short, pudgy man exclaimed as he walked around the wooded area, waving his hands as he envisioned the future completed project he had been speaking of. "Felix, my boy, your father would have been proud! We're going to have the loveliest penthouse on the south shore... no, on the whole island!"

Felix, who was taller, slenderer, and younger, smiled lightly and cleared his throat. "Thank you, Gene... yes, I think it's a beautiful area to live. We'll have lots of nice residents that I'm sure will love the Hamptons. Besides, Kira will be happy to be out of the city... she always says she always wanted to live where the air was fresher."

"Ha ha, well, anything to keep my Kira happy... sometimes I can't keep up with what's going on in her head... Kira! Kira! Oh, where did that girl wander off to now?"

Kira, a young, blonde girl a few years younger than Felix, hummed lightly as she wandered through the trees. She smiled, closing her eyes and inhaling the fresh air. She then felt someone's hands cover her eyes, emitting a soft giggle. "Hm... who could that be?"

"Hm... well, I could be a forest monster..." Felix chuckled.

Kira turned around, smiling lightly. The two had been friends since childhood, and got each other through some very hard times; Felix had already outlived both his parents, and Kira had already outlived her mother. "Can't father let me explore even a little?"

"Unfortunately no... you know how he can be. He's just looking out for you."

"Well, alright... But are we really going to be building here? It's so peaceful. It would be wrong to disturb such a beautiful place." Kira frowned.

"Don't worry... most of the forest around here won't be touched. Just this one patch here, and a path to make a private walkway to the beach. Carpenter's honor, m'am." Felix tipped his hat, making Kira smile again.

"Well, alright..." She nodded. The pair headed back to where Gene was looking at a stump that had been left from what looked like a rather large tree.

"This... right here. This is where we'll build it. I'll tell the crew to get rid of this old rotting thing and then we can get the cement in!"

"Father... Can't we build closer to the beach? What about all the wildlife here?" Kira asked.

"Now Kira, you know I can't do that, the ground isn't good for building and then the floods! This is the perfect spot. A ten minute walk from the beach, close enough, but far enough away to avoid those other problems. These surrounding trees will just have to go." Gene said, sighing at her sad expression. "Come now, you said the city was too muggy and after pestering me for months I finally got the permits to build out here, and now you're getting all fussy over a few trees? Kira, this is going to be our crowning project! You should be grinning from ear to ear!"

"I know, father... I just... I feel like we're taking away someone else's home by building our own."

"Someone else's? Kira, the little squirrels and birds can fly and crawl into a DIFFERENT tree. There's nothing but stupid little animals out here, who cares about that?"

Kira didn't want to hear anymore, shaking her head as she hugged herself, going back over to the car and she climbed into the back seat, resting her head against the back. She glanced over as Felix leaned against the window.

"I wish my father was more caring. Animals have feelings too."

"Don't worry, Kira... you've got a good heart, but the penthouse WILL be beautiful once it's done. Just try to get along with him, I haven't seen him this happy for as long as I know him." Felix said.

"I know... " Kira looked over at him, before glancing around at the trees. "But this place is already beautiful..."

A bit of a short chapter, as most of my first chapters are, but it gives you all a bit to think about. I chose the time period and location myself, I thought it would be a good setting for this story. Hope you all enjoyed, and stick around for the next chapter! :D