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I woke up thirty minutes before my alarm clock, which is a bit unusual. Maybe it is because I went to bed with a happy heart last night. I wasn't stuck thinking about all the possible scenarios of telling Mulder how in love I am with him. We had basically said it to each other yesterday in the hospital room. Well, he said it. But, I said it back, in my own little way. Either way, Mulder read my eyes loud and clear.

It's about eight o'clock and I need to hit the road. I dully note that traffic seems to be scarce, which I am more than happy with. It just means I will arrive early to see Mulder. I smile to myself, feeling like a sixteen year old again. Then I stop, because I now realize that things might be different between us, now that we admitted our feelings.

Is Mulder going to be more handsy? Are those sexual innuendos going to get worse? What's going to happen at the office? Can I handle this change?

Then I stop. I am a grown woman. I can handle anything that comes my way. I have looked serial killers straight in the eye without blinking. I can handle Mulder. He knows me, and he knows that I need my space and time to process every little thing.

I take a deep breath and relax my posture. I am at the hospital in record time, of course. I shake off my silly panic attack and try to excite myself to see Mulder. Oh, there is that smile again. Piece of cake.

I take the elevator up to his floor, and I notice his door is open. When I walk in, I catch a little smile upon his face. He is up to no good, and I know it. Something is sinister here, but I can't put my finger on it. Oh well, I will know soon enough. He hardly gets away with anything these days. I am on to him. I've learned his games long ago.

"What are you snickering about," I asked, watching him jump out of his skin. I had to stifle a laugh. Clearly he was thinking things that he probably shouldn't have been. What I would give to be inside his head. He recovered quickly, telling me how great it was to see me. I will let this one slide.

As I walk over to him, I get a whiff of him. He smells a bit ripe. It's nothing I can't handle. I lived with two brothers. There isn't much that can surprise me in that area. I don't mention his new found smell, but I dully note it.

Ignoring his odor, I suggest we head to breakfast, but he derails the idea and suggests we cook at my place. Now, this may be a ploy just to be at my house and have me at his every beck and call, but I quickly oblige. The thought of Mulder needing me sends me into my happy place. I love it when Mulder needs me, and it's ten times better when he wants me.

After I agree to the idea, Mulder seems a more than eager to leave the hospital. I try to figure out what has gotten his underwear in such a bundle, but it doesn't take long.

At that moment, the doctor walks in with his clip board.

"Mr. Mulder, and his trusty sidekick, Dana Scully," I hear the doctor mumble accusingly. I looked over at Mulder and gave him my 'seriously, Mulder' look.

Oh, yeah. Mulder lied. And no, that does not surprise me. I can't believe I didn't see this one coming. I knew something was off kilter this morning. I just couldn't place my finger on it. But, at last, Mulder's shinning moments always presents itself, and fast.

"Actually, she's my trusty partner," Mulder says, trying weasel his way out of his mess. But, at that moment, I was his accomplice without knowing it. I was an accessory to his little lie. Big surprise there. Not only am I his partner, but I am his partner in crime too.

"It's Doctor Dana Scully," I correct everyone in the room, glaring at Mulder. Right now, I am not his partner, I am so mad.

The smug doctor practically ignores me and goes on with his check up on Mulder. Figures.

As he starts examining Mulder, he goes over our track record. Clearly we are famous.

He hits the basics:

Mulder was a whiny pain in the ass. There was a woman here late into the night; me. Mulder was hitting on all the nurses. We leave AMA. The list goes on. I have heard it all dozens of time, and so has AD Skinner. The only thing that changes is the hospital. But, it's still embarrassing being called out on the carpet. It's something I've never gotten used to.

That's when Mulder tries to make the matter better, but fails miserably. I give him an A for effort, but definitely a F for delivery. It just made me look worse.

"My partner is a doctor, so I have no reason to worry," he says, hoping the doctor will be okay with his little stunt. Yes, Mulder, because I am a doctor, you can just bust out of hospitals whenever you feel like it. I swear. It's like he thinks I am magic and can fix all of his wounds with just my hands. No!

"Than she should know better," the doctor says, glancing at me. I look over at Mulder with my pissed off eyes. He just made me look like a complete idiot.

After an examination and a snarky comment to the nurses, Mulder was free to go. I was completely silent until we got to the car. I could feel fear radiating from Mulder. I inwardly smiled. It's kind of funny to see him scared of me. But, he did wrong and if I laugh, he will just think its okay. He's such a child.

After I throw his bag into the car, I sit down and let him have it.

I use one word, and it's a powerful one. "Why," I say. That's all. And it's a detonator. It's not the word, it's the way I say it. I hear him sigh dramatically. He's sorry, and I know it.

He promises that he feels great, and he may, but it's the point and he knows it. We have rules for a reason, I tell him. He agrees, sort of. It's like a backhanded apology. He says I am right, but he has to throw in his opinion and explain why he is also right. It's a vicious circle.

He begs me to let it go, and why shouldn't I? He is a grown man. He can make is own decisions. But know this: because of this little stunt, Mulder is on lockdown! That is all I have to say.

"Scully, it's a hospital, not prison. Though they seem pretty similar," he smarts off. I just roll my eyes and ignore him, because he is right. But, I am not going to let him know that. Ever.

I let him off the hook for now, knowing he was in pain, but I wasn't going to let this slide either. We walk up to my apartment, and I unlock the door. Stepping in, the first thing Mulder does is throw his bag on the ground. Such a male. I give him my famous raised eyebrow, which I know makes him sweat. He quickly apologizes and picks it back up almost immediately.

"I'll just go put this in the guest room," he smiles sweetly. What I say next shocks the hell out of both of us. But, I meant it and it was the right decision.

"Don't bother, Mulder, just put it in my room," I say, looking down. I wont give him the satisfaction of seeing my inner battle.

He seems surprised and questions me, "really?"

"If you play your cards right, I will let you stay in my bed tonight. No funny business though," I quickly warn him. I am not even close to ready for that business, but I wouldn't be opposed to some snuggling. It's been a while since I have been held.

"I promise you, Scully, nothing about that subject will be funny," he remarks, and I stop in my tracks. Too far, Mulder, too far.

"Mulder," I warn with my eyebrow again. And that was all it took. He ran to my bedroom with his bag, with a wounded ego. He'd be fine though. He bounces back quickly.

I call towards him to sit down and watch television while I make breakfast, but quickly warn him about any sci-fi movies. We aren't working today, and I don't want to deal with anything paranormal. I know Mulder. When he watches his sci-fi movies, he gets into it and suggests that we go cross- country to prove the movie isn't a hoax. It's annoying, but I also love it. I love arguing with him. Don't judge me.

I had breakfast ready within fifteen minutes, so I called Mulder over, dishing him out a plate. He came over and made a joke about his arteries clogging, and he wasn't too far off. But bacon was delicious and even I couldn't hold back.

We ate all the bacon, and I was about ready to lapse into a food coma. Mulder was probably worse off. He was complaining about hating himself, which I giggled when he said that. I knew the feeling, and it was uncomfortable.

Suddenly I got a good whiff of Mulder and I made the mistake of offering to assist him in a sponge bath. I knew I just set myself up for one of his sexual innuendos, but surprisingly he acted very mature about it. He must be in shock, I assume.

But first, we have to clean up the dishes. I cannot do anything until my house is tidy. I am a nervous wreck when my place is disorderly. It's almost pathetic. I don't know how Mulder lives. His house and officer are completely disorganized.

"Alright, Scully, let's get these dishes done. I have been waiting for this sponge bath for years," he jokes. Yep, there it is. I knew he couldn't hold back. Oh, well. That's why I love him. He's a funny guy.

I smile back at him and throw a dish towel at him, silently telling him that he is going to be drying the dishes. He frowns for a second, but soon realizes that his help will speed up the process. Doing this dishes would give me time to process the decision I just made. I was just hoping I could be professional and not embarrass myself. Never a dull moment with My Mulder, I tell you.


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