Pega-Rider: ONDORIYA! Pega Rider here, again. Now I've been thinking about the project of the fic which involves none other than: the newest Kamen Rider, Gaim! So YEAH, I've come up with two anime that fits with this crossover, and they're K and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Since both anime shares similar theme and fits with Gaim's "Modern Warring States" thingy, I was confused to decide which series to choose. After a long debate, I finally decided to use MadoMagi for this. Though I mainly use MadoMagi cast, I also use characters from other anime, for example Himeko Kurusugawa as Himeko Himemiya and Chikane Himemiya from Kannazuki no Miko / Himegami no Miko for Kureshima bros' role. And for those who don't know, the script for Kamen Rider Gaim is written by Gen Urobuchi, aka. Urobutcher, who wrote Puella Magi Madoka Magica as well as Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet and Fate/Zero. Without further ado, let's start!

DISCLAIMER: Me, Pega Rider doesn't own Kamen Rider and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and the only one I have in this story is the story itself and Kamen Rider Mariachi. Kamen Rider belongs to Toei Co. Ltd., and Puella Magi Madoka Magica belongs to Magica Quarters & Aniplex. Also, Kamen Rider Fraise is owned by Pikatwig, while other characters featured here is belonged to their respective owners. And some of ideas used here regarding Lockseeds and such that will be featured in near future are courtesy of KKD and Pikatwig.



Pluck the Fruit of Heaven.

On a forest, there was a tall building shaped like a tree on the center, while plants of some sort began to grow upwards, stemming the leaves, flowers, and fruits. The scene shifted to an blue-and-gold suited samurai-like warrior with orange armors and crescent-like head crest, as well as the visor resembling orange slice. He wore a black belt buckle with a knife-like switch and a lock with the "fruit" sliced open. He carried a katana-gun hybrid weapon and he was riding a brown horse. The horse neighed as he tried to maintain the balance.

That the world may be dyed in your image.

Behind the blue armored Rider were vast number of insect-like monsters of some sort with grey-and-blue body, insect-like face and bulbous upper body of some sort, while some of them had wings to fly. Beside the blue Rider was a pink Rider with strawberry-like armor and bows on her left arm, as well as a bunch of arrows on her back. These troops seemed to be ready for war.

Is that the glory you seek?

Is that burden one you can bear?

The scene shifted to the troop led by a lance-carrying red-and-silver Knight-like Rider with yellow-and black armors, with the banana-like shoulder armors looked asymmetric, as the left shoulder armor was larger than the right one. He has the red knight helmet with yellow back headpiece and banana-like horns, and the visor showed yellow from the grills. He rode a black-and-red rose-themed motorcycle. The troop consist of mostly same one as the orange Rider's army, except that their blue on their bodies were replaced with red ones, and had sadder face. Floating over them were a flying watermelon-like aircraft containing the typical Rider of some sorts. Blended with the monsters was a mallet-carrying brown viking-like Rider with acorn-themed armor on his shoulder, back of helmet, and torso plates. There was a shield-like emblem emblazoned on his chest. Behind the lines of gray-and-red monster were coconut-armored tanks similar to the watermelon aircrafts.

When viewed from airborne, the troops formed some kind of unique formation. The blue Rider's army formed an orange slice-like formation, while the red Rider formed the banana-like one. On the middle side was a green-colored force with melon-like formation.

Up closer to the green force, there was dozens of same gray monster, except with green instead of red or blue and angrier face, and behind them were the large naginata-carrying samurai-like mecha with watermelon-like armor, which seemed to be the watermelon aircraft's humanoid mode. In front of the army were a shielded white samurai-like Rider akin to the blue one, except that he wore green melon-themed armor, light green sharper visor, and stag-like head crest. Beside him was a gun-wielding green Chinese-themed Rider with grape-themed armor, and purple bug-like eyes. The green Rider had a ponytail-like crest atop his head. The green Rider knelt beside the white Rider while turned his head to the melon Rider. Back-to-back with the melon Rider was a twin-rifle-wielding brown-and-black Rider shrouded with brown Mexican poncho with American-Indian motif and a gaudy cowboy hat covering his head. Underneath his poncho was a brown coffee-themed armor. His bug-eye was colored brown.

Somewhere in the forest, there was a blonde-haired girl in white dress wearing some kind of silver necklaces sleeping on the bed of vines, the skin was pale green in color until she awoke, which turned her skin into whitish creme. Her eyes were different in color, red on left and pink on right.

Know this. The lives of men are not ours to control, not even our own.

The girl then walked to the edge of cliff while carrying the purple flower-like fruit of some sort, which the blue Rider turned to, while she watched the entire event.

We cannot defy the inexorable current of fate that carries us.

Suddenly, as the girl gasped when flower on the girl's hair was blown away by wind and fell on the war area, the Orange Rider yelled to order his army to attack. The Strawberry Rider was about to stop him but was too late as the blue army then began charging to the opposing side, while the Banana Rider's army began charging in response. The melon Rider and Grape Rider stood up while the Coffee Rider turned around.

But what if fate itself were to call you...

To change the world?

The shots were coming to the flying grey monster, while the orange Rider kept charging. On the other side, the Banana Rider force were approaching the Orange Rider's while the watermelon aircrafts kept shooting at the other side. The two opposing Riders yelled as they got closer to each other.

You cannot defy your fate.

The girl in white watched with worry as blue and red forces were destroying each other, while the green force were watching the war, with the Melon Rider, Grape Rider, and the Coffee Rider did the most observing. As the Orange Rider and the Banana Rider were about to clash...

But the fate of the world is in your hands!

(Suddenly the current scene zipped open to reveal the opening scene.)

(Cue Opening: Just Live More by Gaim no Kaze)

(As the opening begins, the core six Riders: the Orange Rider, Banana Rider, Grape Rider, Melon Rider, Strawberry Rider, and Coffee Rider were posing on their ways, focusing on Kamen Rider Gaim, the orange Rider. The plants on the forest diminishes to reveal an object, where the weapons of those Riders smashed to reveal the title card.)


Got it Move... Wow...

Don't say No! Just Live More!

(The scene shifted to a room with Samurai armors displayed, and the Riders were standing beside each armors)

Don't Say No! Just Live More!

(Gaim pointed the katana-gun weapon, Musou Saber while on his reflection under him was Akemi Homura)

Survival, You gotta move

(Homura ran to the fence with locks)

Gendai wa sanagara Sengoku

(She saw her another self holding an Orange Lockseed, walking away from the crumbling fence)

Dare ga kachi nukeru?

(There were Team Baron, Sakura Kyouko and other two male members were seen dancing in front of the building)

Kagi wa hirake rarete shimatta

(Homura and Kyouko stared to each other, while in their reflection, Gaim and Kamen Rider Baron, the banana Rider charged to each other. In the reflection were Homura and Kyouko holding Orange and Banana Lockseeds respectively while doing some kind of hand-wrestle.)

(Don't say No! Just Live More!)

(Miki Sayaka held the Pineberry Lockseed while watching them with worry, and she saw her Rider form, Kamen Rider Fraise in her reflection much to her surprise.)

Doko ni aru? Dou tsukau?

(Himemiya Himeko picked up Budou Lockseed and tried to approach her older sister, Himemiya Chikane who held Melon Lockseed but stopped by a fence. On the reflections, the grape Rider, Kamen Rider Ryugen was stopped by the melon Rider, Kamen Rider Zangetsu with Musou Saber.)

Kindan no Kajitsu

(Gaim in watermelon Mecha, Suika Arms flew as it transformed to Gyro Mode, while Baron and Fraise zoomed up with their bikes. Then the scene shifted to the characters activating their Sengoku Drivers, from Zangetsu, Baron, and Gaim in order.)

Ima to iu kaze wa

(Kamen Rider Gaim was ready in action and slashed an Inves by its gut as she drew Musou Saber.)

Dare mo tsutaeru tame

(Team Gaim were seen dancing in front of the same building, focused on Kaname Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka. The scene shifted to Homura and Madoka, while in their reflection were Kyouko and the girl in white, who in fact looks like Madoka.)

(Omae no moto ni fuku?)

(Zangetsu pointed his Musou Saber to viewer with series of spear-wielding pinecone-themed Riders behind him, while scene shifted to Gaim slashing and hacking those pinecone Riders, while in her reflection was Baron instead.)

(Tsuyoku tsuyoku Blowin' Up)

(Ryugen shoots and breaks the fence before barging in, while facing Zangetsu.)

Ashita ga, Yume ga, mada mienakute mo

(Team Gaim finished dancing, and they disappeared, the girl in white appeared in their place and pointing to the viewer.)

Soko Genkai? Seiipai

(The scene shifted to a blonde, twin-drill-haired girl in western-themed poncho and cowboy hat surrounded by the pinecone-themed Riders, holding the Coffee Lockseed. In her reflection was a Coffee-themed Rider, Kamen Rider Mariachi.)

Ikite iru to ieru nara

(Team Baron continued dancing, when the scene shifted to Baron hacking and slashing the Elementary Inves horde in Helheim Forest.)

Utsumukuna yo (Kao agero) Doko made demo (Mageru koto naku)

(The weapons and broken armors of Orange Arms, Banana Arms, Budou Arms, Melon Arms, and Pine Arms were shown along with their respective closed Lockseeds.)

Shinjita michi o yuke! (JUST LIVE MORE!)

(Homura tried to reach Madoka, but the former was stopped by a fence where the plant grows on. She yelled in desperation while holding the fence...)

Don't Say No! Just Live More!

(Gaim rushes on his horse, along with the other five Riders...)

Lock 1: Henshin! An Orange From Sky?!

Somewhere in the city, there was a shopping disrtrict of some sort, where people of all sorts walked around. Among them was a little boy crying on the street while a girl talked to him.

"You've lost your mommy, huh?" The girl asked the boy.

The girl looked up to a girl who looked taller and had long black hair, black eyes, and wearing school uniform consisted of brown wool vest over the white blouse, as well as knee-length skirt, white loose socks, and black shoes.

"Well, sometimes life sucks, and you wanna cry, but you can't let it beat you!" She encouraged. "You gotta take it on like a game. If you cry, that's it. You lose. You win by finding a way out without crying. No matter what it is, everyone has the strength to put up the fight. So, what's the first thing you're gonna do?"

"Find my momma..." the young boy answered.

"Ok!" The girl smiled. She was known as Akemi Homura.

Later, Homura and the boy walked around the streets to find the latter's mother. They browsed for the person, while shouting for her.

"Mommy!" Homura shouted. The boy later shouted, "Momma!"

"Mommy, your son's lost!"

As the two continued to look out, fortunately, a slightly older woman heard them shouting. "Kenichi!" The woman shouted as she ran up from behind them, getting the young boy's attention before he ran up to her before they hugged, showing their mother-son relationship. "Thank goodness!"

"You see that? You totally won!" Homura smiled.

"Thanks, ma'am." The boy said as he smiled.

"No prob." Homura smiled back before walking away.

"Um..." Kenichi's mom responded, getting Homura's attention. "Sorry, were you going back from school?"

"Yeah, but it's fine. It's not that I'll on hurry or something." Homura said as she walked off.

"HELLO~! MITAKIHARA CITY!" A voice boomed throughout the city. The view turned to the entire Mitakihara City from upwards. There was a giant tree-like tower same as the one in the forest at the center of city. In a radio station was a middle-aged man in a polkadot T-shirt with the logos of some sort (one of them was a logo of Carrefour), blue jeans, sneakers, and the wristbands and watch on his wrists. He wore a pair of goggles and headband on his head, and a headphone hanged around his neck. That was the voice came from as he broadcasted his radio show, Beat Riders Hotline. "It's DJ Sagara Coming to you LIVE!"

The scene then shifts to a stage where the dance team in midst of their routine when the upbeat hip-hop themed music played. Several people swarmed the stage to see and cheer the dancing group. The group consisted of 4 females and 3 males. One of those female dancer was a pink-haired girl in a white T-shirt with "GAIM" green word, black shorts, blue sneakers, and blue jacket wrapped around her waist like a belt. She also wore blue cap with "GAIM" word made of silver perches.

Another female was a blue-haired girl in white-and-black checkered sweater under blue vest, brown shorts, and black sneakers.

The next female was a blonde, long-haired girl in blue hoodie sweater with white-and-black checkered sleeves, pink capris, and pink sneakers. She also wore red ribbon on back of her head.

The last female of the group was a girl with olive waved long hair in a white Y-shirt with checkered sleeves, black navy shorts, orange sneakers, and blue jacket wrapped around her waist like the pinkette had.

One of the male figure was a black, short-haired boy in a grey T-shirt under blue jacket with black-and-white checkered inner side. He wore blue short jeans and a pair of black sneakers. He also wore a watch on his left wrist.

The other males wore the exactly same outfits as the previous boy had. One of other two boys had slightly longer hair in black sleek cut, while another one had brown harajuku cut. Those three males had similar look, implying that they were triplets.

This group of dancer was known as a Beat Riders known as Team Gaim.

These dancers pulled out fantastic breakdancing moves, despite they constantly changed their formation for a while. After Team Gaim managed to put their formation back in place, they twirled their body, then proceeded to skipped quickly left and right, and jumped as they turned around and re-did again to face back to audience. They faced to audiences' right side while stepping back and forth for few times.

"This one goes out to all Beat Riders out there cuttin' up the concrete! It's blue skies and sunshine again today over Yggdrasil tower! Here we go! Time to get your fiery beats bumping through Mitakihara City!" DJ Sagara announced as the scene shifted to a man in business suit sitting on a bench with tree in its center while browsing on Yggdrasil Corporation's shopping web site with his iPad. The scene then shifted to Yggdrasil logos and names in various goods all over the city, such as credit card, school bus, hospital, and even dump truck.

Back to the dancing stage, Team Gaim performed the most complicated moves in their dance, which the triplet boys lined with each other, and the olive-haired girl and blonde girl jumped onto their shoulders, and then the last one was the blue-haired girl jumped over the pinkette so she could climb on the other two girls to form the top of human pyramid formation. The bluenette then fell backwards and the pinkette below her caught the former, while the black-haired girl and the blonde jumped down from the triplet boys' shoulders. The team returned to the earlier formation, and they skipped as they pointed towards audience and skipped again as they pointed with other hand. The team changed their formation again, but with same pattern; the triplet boys on the left side, the girls besides the blue-haired girl on the right side, and the bluenette herself was on the rearest. The bluenette skipped and jumped before she shoved her arms to the left and right, which the other members followed. They followed the blue-haired girl's hand motion swinging back and forth.

Suddenly, the music stopped as someone took the black card belonged to Team Gaim, Player Pass with Team Gaim's logo from the music box, much to everyone's surprise.

"The heck?!" Some of the audience and the group gawked as they were confused. The person who took the Pass was revealed to be a dark brown-haired young man in black-and-red coat over red blouse under black vest and black long cotton pants. He was one of Beat Riders obviously from another team.

"Hey, what's your problem?!" The pink-haired girl, Kaname Madoka snapped at the black-coated male.

"C'mon! Not those Baron creeps again!" The blue-haired girl, Miki Sayaka said annoyed, refering the young man with black coat as a member of another team of Beat Riders, Team Baron.

"Buzz off!" The triplet boys shouted at the Team Baron member at same time. The one with short black hair was Osomatsu, the longer haired one was Karamatsu, and the brown harajuku-haired one was Choromatsu.

"Why must they show up now of all times?" The blonde girl with head ribbon, Himeko Himemiya asked irked.

"Sorry, but Baron's taking this stage." The Baron member answered cockily, getting a very unfriendly reaction from the crowd, most of them were supporters and fans of Team Gaim.

"The hell you are!"

"Buzz off!"

"Go home!"

The Baron boy walked to the stage along with his teammates in same uniform (and most of them were males, though one of them was a female), although some of them wore silk hats. From their appearances alone, Team Baron was surely considered as one of elite Beat Riders team. Not to mention that they had the highest in Beat Riders' ranking.

"We know, we know, these streets ain't big enough for the both of you!" DJ Sagara spoke over the radio. "But that's no excuse to roll around butting heads all over the place! So when you wanna know once and for all who's got the most, you settle it no doubt, no fuss with a couple of these babies!"

For those watching via web streaming, DJ Sagara showed them what he was talking about, holding up two lock-like items with each having designs of a fruit along with small codeon them as well. The lock in his left hand showed design of an orange with the code "LS-07", and in his right hand was the lock with banana design and code "LS-08". However, these locks were not ordinary locks, but...

"Lockseeds!" DJ Sagara finished.

"You wanna go?" the Baron member from earlier smirked as he showed off the Lockseed with design of pinecone and "LS-01" code, challenging Team Gaim. He was a pioneer of Team Baron, Kai, or better known in stage as Ky.

"No problem! Let's do this!" Madoka answered, holding up a Lockseed with sunflower seed design along with "LS-00" label.

"Madoka-san, We should call Mami-san!" Himeko responded.

"I can handle these goons myself, Himeko-chan!" Madoka snapped as she forced Himeko off.

"Oh, look at that, Ky. We're battling the girly team!" The blonde-haired boy with messy hairdo in Baron uniform behind Ky chuckled as he saw the Team Gaim ran with female members more than males.

"We don't have right to talk, Miwa." Ky sighed.

"Does that make your team better, considering a girl runs your team?" Madoka questioned. She knew that the girl, who actually was considered as one of her old friends was the one running Team Baron.

"Better or not, let's see in this battle." Ky said. Miwa, the blonde boy then went out of the stage.

"Pop one of these locks and call an Inves to do the dirty work in style!" DJ Sagara explained as a stadium made of light appeared before them. Something weird happened soon after. The two zippers appeared out of thin air above the stadium on either sides before pulling open to reveal some kind of forest on the other side as two strange creatures similar to the one in war scene emerged, Elementary Inves warriors that resembles some kind of chrysalis monsters that were about as tall as action figures; Gaim's Inves warrior had blue color while Baron's had red. Both of them had holographic appearance somehow. "Keep winning, build respect, and you'll be a real champ in no time! OK, rock to the beat, Riders! Pow!"


The Inves summoned by two opposing Beat Riders began facing each other to begin the battle. Due to their bulky upper body, they mostly swatted against each other. While Gaim's Inves scratched Baron's fiercely, the latter struggled to get on its back and kicked the former away. As the battle went, the audience cheered, mostly for Gaim.

Suddenly Miwa was hiding not too far behind the audience while holding a piece of plastic toy and a slingshot, waiting for signal. Ky nodded to give said signal, and Miwa pulled the plastic toy along with the catapult band to aim the toy.

"You've got him!" Madoka cheered her Inves.

And Miwa shot the plastic toy to... Madoka's hand holding her Lockseed!

"Ow!" Madoka groaned as she accidentally fell her Lockseed after said plastic toy hit her hand holding it. "Huh? Wha-?!"

Suddenly, Madoka's Inves broke out of the "ring" and fully materialized as flesh and blood, and it roared to its master while the jaw-like appendages opened from its bulbous body and face to reveal its true face within, which horribly resembled human skull. Team Gaim urged to ran away in response, while audiences ran about in panic. While running, one of Osomatsu triplet accidentally kicked Madoka's dropped Lockseed out of stage, thus keeping Madoka from picked the lock up.

"Oi, Baka. Don't you know you don't let go of your lock during a match?" Ky sneered.

Feeling ashamed, Madoka ran away from the panic scene as well. Soon after, Homura arrived to the stage where the havoc took place. During the chaotic runaway, Madoka's Himawari Lock Seed was kicked and stepped unknowingly by the refugees like a football, further damaging the Lockseed. Madoka tried to reach the lock only for her to be stopped by her own Inves. When it jumped and opened its hidden jaws in attempt of attacking Madoka, suddenly Homura jumped and kicked the Inves away. The pinkette noticed her appearing as Homura picked up Madoka's already damaged Lockseed with its sunflower image slashed apart, unlocking it. The zipper portal appeared and the Berserker Inves jumped in, going back to the forest where they came from. After locked it again, she realized that she broke the lock's arm.

"Homura-chan!" Madoka gawked.

"Are you okay, Madoka?" Homura asked as she walked to Madoka and picked up Madoka's hat, only to be approached by Madoka's teammates. Said teammates along with Madoka herself were in fact Homura's former teammate as she already left the team. However, they approached Homura like they hadn't meet for long time.



"You guys okay?" Homura asked.

"We're fine." Choromatsu replied.

"You called your Inves off first." Ky said as he unlocked his Matsubokkuri Lockseed. Ky's Inves gawked and confused what to do at first, but then it sheepishly jumped into the portal appeared near him. "Which means we win by forfeit, do we not?"


After calling back his Inves, the portal and ring disappeared. Despite the fact that Homura saved people from the chaos, Madoka tried to contain the shame and grudge from Gaim's loss against Baron. She felt annoyed, and disappointed at same time. Now that Gaim lost and Baron took their stage, they don't have any place where they can perform their dance publicly, as well as brining joy to the city. Baron was to blame for cheating, but Homura also took the responsibility for this as she played a little part on their forfeit.

Homura, on the other hand, glared at Ky and his teammates. She knew that something was wrong. Madoka she knew never let go any Lockseed during Inves Game, and she suspected that Baron had something to do with this.

"Yo, cold-face. Boss says hi." Ky said.

Homura knew who they referred to. It was one of her old friend...

Madoka was walking away from the stage, and Homura chased her as she brought Madoka's hat. "Madoka!" Homura shouted as she ran to Madoka to give her hat back. "Hey, you forgot your hat!"

"Oh, shut up! Just leave me alone!" Madoka snapped as she swiped the hat from Homura. Madoka sighed annoyedly as she tried to regain her composure. "You're the one who called Beat Riders dumb kiddy stuff. So go back being all responsible and adult! Just don't bother us again!"

"But..." Homura said.

"Enough!" Madoka snapped. She tried to contain her tears as she was keeping herself from crying. She didn't know how to react for Homura's sudden reappearance after the latter left the team, whom she considered dearest. Especially that Homura was important person of the team back then. "Honestly I wished you to go back, but you're so busy with school and part-time job these days... So, so... I think I should give that up. But when you suddenly appeared out of blue, I don't know what to say, so for some reason I snap out of my will!"

Madoka then left away, but suddenly she met the girl with blonde, drilled hair in white shirt and hot pants under blue Happi-themed jacket like Team Gaim had, creme stocking and white low heel shoes. She also had slightly larger breast and hourglass-figured curves, in which the shirt fitted.

"Madoka, are you okay?" The girl, Tomoe Mami, who known as Team Gaim leader asked.

"I'm sorry, Mami-san..." Madoka apologized as she approached Mami. "You got me this Lockseed and I screwed it up... And now Baron's stolen our stage..."

"How many times do I have to tell you to wait for me if anything goes down?" Mami said.

Madoka sighed sheepishly as she felt scolded by the team leader. Homura, on the other hand watched the two talked. Now that Madoka lost the Lockseed that Mami just gave to her, she felt ashamed that she had just wasted Mami's trust. Mami on the other hand, wasn't disappointed at all. Besides, Madoka knew well that like Homura, Mami was also busy with things. "I can't call you for everything, Mami-san! You've got things to do..."

"Come on..."

"I'm really sorry!" Madoka bowed and then she stormed away from Mami and Homura. Mami then turned to see Homura nearby. Homura then waved in response.

"Hey there. Been a while." Mami said. The two former teammates then walked to each other. "You saved her back there. Didn't you, Homura?"

"Yeah, I did." Homura replied. "But looks like she isn't happy..."

"Take it easy, okay? Soon she'll soften up." Mami said. "She still didn't accept that you left, after all."

The scene shifted to an outdoor table in front of a cafe, where some people watched DJ Sagara's show from laptop via online streaming. In the show, the footage of Team Gaim shocked by Inves' sudden breakout during the last battle was broadcasted, while a live recording of DJ's radio station was shown as an inset on the screen's upper right. From the sudden turn of events, DJ Sagara was very enthusiast! "Oh man! When the heat turned up, Team Gaim's rep just couldn't hold on! Which means they forfeit, baby! Oh!"

After the Inves Game's commentary, the show shifted to polling segment where the logos of Team Baron and Team Gaim displayed. Most of people choose Baron over Gaim, thus making Baron get landslide of the votes, while Gaim suddenly loses points steadily.

"Baron's just raking in the votes here! And Gaim's losing points like nobody's business! It's gonna be hard to pull this one back!" DJ Sagara finished.

Meanwhile, at Team Baron's base, the entire Team Baron members were laughing at how the other teams were dropping below theirs in terms of points in Inves game. Some of them were enjoying the drinks while watching DJ Sagara's show from the TV. In the Beat Riders ranking list, Team Gaim, which originally was in 5th place, dropped down to 9th place, while Baron being the 1st. Also, there were other Beat Rider teams in the rank list, such as Souten in 2nd place, Redhot in 3rd place, Raid Wild in 4th place, Invitto, now in 5th place, Popup in 6th place, Spingere in 7th place, Boost in 8th place, and Mouryou at 10th place. There might be other Beat Riders that wasn't listed in rank list, perhaps due to their lower ranks.

"We did it!" Miwa cheered as he entered the base, all while the team hollered in their victory.

"Piece of cake." Ky added with a chuckle.

"Hey, Kyouko-san! Look, we're steamrolling those sugary fags!" Miwa yelled as the team turned around to see someone walkind down from the stair. The person revealed to be a girl around Homura and Madoka's age, except that she had red ponytailed hair tied by black bow and red eyes. She wore Team Baron's signature uniform plus long coats. Despite her wild-looking sight, she actually looked so charismatic when she was in the uniform. The chocolate Pocky stick she was nomming added the wild impression, implying that she had hearty appetite.

"Team Gaim, huh?" The girl, identified as Kyouko Sakura the Team Baron leader asked. "Is that news? The weak will perish and only the strong shall survive." She said walking down. She then crossed her arms. "Such are rules of nature."

The rest of team nodded, agreeing Kyouko's statement. "...What she said!" Miwa yelled cheerfully, and then followed by the rest of team, except Kyouko. Kyouko sighed and then walked away. "...And how were Sayaka and old friends out there?" she asked, turning over to Ky and Miwa.

"Well, they did fine. And the cold-faced chick just showed up to save her former team from Inves." Ky answered. The Inves part took the redhead's attention.

"An Inves got loose?" Kyouko asked.

"Uh... Yeah, er... That girlfriend of that cold-faced chick suddenly dropped the Lockseed and I don't know why."

Kyouko scoffed, and then walked away.

Back with Team Gaim, inside a garage where an old car resided, as well as snack bar with popcorn grabber and a standboard of Team Gaim. The team were all sitting around moping about their loss. Osomatsu was sitting on the driver's seat of the car, which door was open. Karamatsu was sitting on the car's luggage, and Choromatsu sat on car's dashboard. Sayaka and the olive-haired girl, Hitomi Shizuki stood on the wall behind the car. Madoka sat on a chair in front of snack booth, while Himeko sat on the chair not too far from Madoka where.

"I can't believe those Baron thugs..." Osomatsu groaned.

"If only Homura-san were still here..." Himeko muttered.

"You're still going on about her, Himeko-chan?" Madoka asked as she got up from the chair and got close to Himeko.

"Well, think about it. She did just bail us out." Sayaka reminded.

"If only weren't her, you'd be eaten alive!" Hitomi said.

"Man, why'd she have to go and quit the team?" Choromatsu sighed.

Madoka then looked at the picture of her, Homura, Sayaka, Mami, Hitomi, Osomatsu triplets, and Kyouko. However, in that picture, Kyouko wore Gaim's uniform. It meant that Kyouko once was a member of Team Gaim, and quitted before she started Team Baron...

"Homura-chan..." Madoka muttered as she remembered how the team started, and how Kyouko quitted from the team...

(Cue flashback)

In Team Gaim's garage, past and present Team Gaim members minus Himeko were discussing something. However, Kyouko was the least mood among the team.

"Well, what should we do?" Madoka asked.

"At this rate, we're in danger of getting kicked out from Beat Riders ranking. We're already at 10th place, and we must climb up the rank somehow." Mami sighed.

"Not to mention we can't afford higher rank Lockseeds..." Sayaka said.

"And guess what's the highest rank of Lockseed we have? C-Ranked Lockseed!" Choromatsu snapped as he slammed his fist to scaffolding.

"Now, now, calm down, Choro-kun." Osomatsu said.

"Oh yeah?! Then how can you guys calm down when we moped the floor with Souten and Invitto?! IN A ROW?!"

"Well, think about it. We maybe great dancers, but we lack good Lockseeds at our disposal. That's why we sucked at Inves Game." Homura said.

"Heh, now I start to think how long I've wasted my time with this Fail-O'Sucky team, which consisted of whiny faggots here and there." Kyouko said cynically.

"Said that again! Spit it again on my face!" Choromatsu walked to Kyouko.

"Hmph. Perhaps I begin losing all my hopes in being this good-for-nothing team, who already sinked into the bottoms of Beat Riders rank after. Losing from powerhouse team such as Souten was one thing. But the mediocre Invitto? I'm starting to think to get out of this drama ASAP." Kyouko scoffed as she got up.

"Kyouko!" Homura snapped. Homura tried to approach Kyouko, but was halted by Madoka.

"That's it. I quit." Kyouko said as she threw her Gaim jacket to Homura, leaving the garage. Homura was taken aback of this as she didn't believe of what just she heard.

(End Flashback)

"Kyouko-chan..." Madoka said under her breath.

Meanwhile, a greater distance from the base, there was a juice bar called "Drupers". People began walking in and out. The waitress greeted the customers friendly. Homura and Mami sat on the chairs behind circular table with mountain of fruits on its center. Homura also noticed the show DJ Sagara was broadcasting on TV.

"Beat Riders Hotline's always looking for comments and clips from our audience! Send us anything, anytime! If you see a hot battle going on downtown, or..." DJ Sagara rambled before Homura's attention was taken by Mami.

"It's a different street from when you took off." Mami sighed as a barkeep walked over with fruit smoothies, and handed them to the girls.

"Everyone's big into the Inves Game now." The barkeep, Bandou sighed before walking back to the bar. Homura sighed and looked over at a corner. She saw a totally new face to her, the man with black fedora hat, black coat on top of his red-and-white checkered shirt, as well as black long pants and black stepping shoes. He was talking to a boy, seemingly conducting a transaction.

"How about this one?" The man with fedora offered the boy as he showed his iPad with a catalogue that showed Himawari Lockseed. The boy looked at it, to make sure his choice was correct.

"I'll take it!" The boy answered. Soon, the man opened the large case next to him before pulling out said Lockseed in glass case.

"Good choice for starters." The Lockseed dealer, best known as Lock Dealer Sid nodded while handing out the lock. The boy then pulled some amount of money from his wallet before traded it for the Lockseed.

"The city is crawling with Lock Dealers." Mami said to Homura. The boy left the bar with his newly bought Lockseed. "And the team rankings might as well be a big list of who has the most Lockseeds."

"It's sad to see, really." Homura sighed as she stirred the smoothies.

"You think?" Bandou asked, not knowing that Homura was looking at him. "Better to have you kids battling in a game than fighting for real. Nobody gets hurt this way." Bandou then headed back to bar.

"That easily could, though." Homura responded. "I mean, what are those Inves thingy, really? And who even put these locks into circulation in the first place?"

Sid was snacking on lemon-flavored crackers with lemon tea. While Bandou was cleaning bar table, the TV showed the commercial of Yggdrasil Corporation.

"New life for a new generation. Welcome to the planned municipality of Mitakihara City, The Yggdrasil Corporation's blueprint for a better life." The commercial spoke.

For some reason, while looking at the commercial, Mami gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She looked so hateful and angry...

It was sunset and Homura returned into her own apartment along with a bag of groceries. She sighed, and pulled out her key to unlock the entrance door to her own apartment, and then walked in.

Inside, Homura placed the bag on the dining table before bringing them out and putting them into refrigerator. She took some carrots and beanstalks from the fridge, as well as meatballs and fish. She began peeling the carrot as she was preparing for dinner. After done with peeling, She cut the beanstalks into small pieces.

"Being an adult... It means to look after themselves. I'm already paying my rent and buying my own food. Some people think that with this fact, I'm already an adult now."

Soon after, Homura boiled the carrots, beanstalks, and diced meatballs in full pot of water. From what she cooked, she was making a soup. While waiting for the soup to be done, Homura was grilling the fish. The grilled fish produced the smoke as the grilling went, but said smoke went through to the ventilation on the kitchen.

"However, looking after myself is about all I can do. My hands are full with school and work. I've had to drop just about everything I used to care about to do it. How's that any different to how I was living before? If only I have Madoka on my side..."

After done with cooking both the soup and grilled fish, Homura placed them on dining table before closing them with a food hood. Homura was watching an anime on TV while waiting for the rice cooker to heat up the rice inside. She then had the dinner while watching TV, this time broadcasting a news.

"I want to transform, into someone strong enough to do everything. But that's nonsense. You know that you're not just gonna wake up one day and be a totally different person, right? Because life's not that easy."

In her room, Homura was studying. She read the textbook of school and worked on some of assignments, as well as practice with problems. After done studying, she opened her laptop and start typing some kind of story of some sort, most likely for submission to newspaper or some other media.

"Just take the things slow, and you'll become the adult you wanna be. I'm tyring to grow up at this moment, and hopefully me and Madoka can grow up together as adults."

On the following day, Homura in school uniform left the apartment after locking its door, and walked through the streets. All while on the way to the school, Homura began thinking about Madoka. She thought that Madoka would still not forgive her, as she caused Gaim to lose their stage. Not only that. Now that their team was on danger of kicked out of Beat Riders' ranking like a year ago, Gaim had to work hard to reclaim what's lost. Homura knew that she didn't have to make it burden to bear, but still she felt responsible for them somehow. Even if Homura wasn't a Gaim anymore, she still have her friends there.

Arriving at school more specifically Mitakihara High School, Homura sat on her seat in her class, 2-A. She spotted Madoka nearby chatting with Sayaka and Hitomi. She sighed as she felt that she still couldn't talk with Madoka, thinking that Madoka was still angry to her.

"Ever since the last fight, Kyubey were sent into Seven Circles of Hell. Now, I lived a normal live with my friends, and started our life as Beat Riders. However, it didn't last long as I must focus on my studies and part-time job. I just don't want to impose on anyone anymore. I need to become an adult as soon as I can."

After school, Homura was seen working on an Indian restaurant as a waitress, serving the foods to customers. She looked very busy at the moment, but she liked it. Serving customers with the best is her duty. Homura sent the orders one by one, while busy going back and forth between tables and kitchen.

Meanwhile, Team Gaim at their garage were practicing dance. Now that they lost Lockseeds and stages, they don't have any place to perform, but that wasn't reason for those Beat Riders to stop dancing. As long as they had friends and the whole team, they wouldn't stop to grasp their dreams. Becoming #1 Beat Riders in Mitakihara and bringing joy to people. They had to keep up with other teams; if not with Inves Game, why don't dance better to get more attention?

At Garage balcony, Madoka was seen spacing out while staring at her own hat. Both Madoka and Homura looked at the sky. Homura wondered if she and Madoka will reunited and she asked herself if she should rejoin Gaim.

Meanwhile at Drupers, Bandou was sitting behind bar desk, and a waitress went to him while giving a menu. "I'm gonna take a break." The waitress said to Bandou as she left the bar.

"What, again?" Bandou asked. He then saw Mami entered the bar. She went to the place where Sid was sitting, exactly the place where he had sit before. Sid was sipping on a lemon tea, and he placed it on the small plate for teacup.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Mami asked.

"Well, your team's in a bit of trouble, isn't it?" Sid inquired. "I could offer you something to turn the tables..."

"Another new lock?" Mami sighed as she sat across to Sid.

"No. This." Sid said as he pulled a some kind of belt buckle-like device with knife on its left side...

While walking out from school, her phone suddenly rang, and she picked it up from her pocket to see what was coming. It was a message from Mami.

"Mami?" Homura asked. She then read the message, "I got my hands on something good. Check it out." Homura then scrolled the message downwards to see the belt buckle device from earlier. "What is this?"

Around old warehouses, Madoka and Sayaka were walking around, seemingly looking for someone. They then saw Homura coming.

"Oh, Madoka, Sayaka." Homura said.

"What're you doing, Homura-chan?" Madoka asked. She wondered why Homura would've come to the place like this, especially at the edge of town.

"Mami called me out here." She said as she walked past two other girls, to discover an area with odd plants nearby. On the wall was a zipper portal that looked exactly like the Inves went back and forth to the forest. The trio then walked over to discover this as well. The plants providing them some mysterious vibe, as they never seen those plants before. For some reason they had a bit of chill...

"What are these?" Madoka wondered as she looked at one of those plants.

"Girls," Homura responded, getting the girls' attention as they turned to see the zipper portal.

"An Inves portal?" Sayaka gawked.

"Who could've opened the Lockseed?" Madoka pondered. Only Homura, Sayaka, and Madoka were there. So could be someone else to open Lockseed and went into the portal?

"Where do you think this leads?" Homura asked as she entered the portal.

"Hey!" Madoka and Sayaka called out as they followed suit.

They entered into a place that looked like forest of some sort, surrounded by trees, with purple flower-like fruits hanging on vines wrapping around tree.

"What is this place?" Madoka wondered.

"Don't ask me." Homura answered as they walked around some more, looking at the scenery.

"I don't know why but I suddenly think this place is creepy." Sayaka shuddered.

Suddenly, Madoka pulled Sayaka and Homura behind a tree. Homura confused at this.

"What's gotten into you?" Homura asked, but hushed by Madoka and they looked ahead to see what Madoka saw.

"Look!" Madoka said.

There were full-sized Elementary Inves warriors as opposed to action-figure-sized ones in Inves Game. They examining the fruit on one of the trees before trying to eat them. However, the red Inves tossed the fruit as soon they bit it, implying that it wasn't ripe enough. The blue Inves ate it heartily as it confirmed that it was ripe enough to eat.

"Aren't those Inves?" Homura whispered.

"Gotta be." Sayaka nodded.

"Then... is this some kinda Inves nest?" Homura wondered as she walked around. Homura turned her attention to some fruits growing on one of the tree's vines. For some reason, the fruit had stem resembling the lock arm of Lockseeds, and its endocarp resembled that of lychee. Out of curiosity, Homura plucked two of those fruits from the vine. Sayaka then noticed something lurking through the foliage behind Madoka as Homura stared at the fruits she held.

"It looks so delicious..."Homura thought to herself as she was close to take a bite out of one when...

Madoka and Sayaka noticed the Inves, but this one was completely different from Elementary Inves; this one was about a size of a full-grown human and resembled white tiger with its lower torso and long claws, but most of its upper body was covered in jade armor with oriental design.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAH!" Madoka screamed in response of its arrival, which made Homura snapped out of her thoughts. Sayaka then grabbed Madoka's hand and along with Homura, they ran away together. After several distances, they managed to hide behind one of the trees.

"Have we lost it?" Homura panted as she tried to catch a breath. Madoka and Sayaka did the same.

"I think so." Sayaka answered.

"I'm kinda scared..." Madoka said nervously. It wasn't the first time she saw Madoka this scared, lost, confused, and hesitant. However, it was her duty to protect Madoka.

"Don't worry, Madoka. I won't let something terrible happen to you. I'll protect you, I promise!" Homura said. This made Madoka lighten up a bit. She then widen her eyes as she spotted something on the ground.

"Homura-chan, Sayaka-chan, look!" Madoka gasped. They then looked at the ground to see... the belt buckle Mami showed Homura via the phone?

It was just resting on the ground as if it was waiting for someone to take it. Homura then walked over and picked it up.

"This is what Mami wanted to show us, isn't it?" Homura asked, referring to the item she just picked.

"Then Mami-san must've come here too... But where is she?" Madoka pondered aloud.

"Hmm... It looks like some kind of belt buckle..." Sayaka said.

"Yeah, I think so." Homura nodded as she placed it on her tummy. She was only thinking a picture of how if it was really a belt, and with the belt suddenly appeared from the buckle-like device, wrapping around her waist, it really became a belt! She was surprised by this as the profile image of a blue shogun/samurai kabuto helmet facing leftwards appears on the right side of her buckle.

"What?" Homura gawked as the fruits she held transformed into... Lockseeds?! One had an orange design and "LS-07" code label and another had strawberry design and "LS-06" code label. Those were Orange Lockseed and Ichigo Lockseed respectively.

"Wha-?!" All three gawked as they saw the fruit transformed.

"What the-?! Are those Lockseeds?!" Madoka gawked.

"Then... does that mean those fruits are...?" Homura wondered.

"If those Inves eat the fruits you plucked earlier, then... They ate these as well?" Sayaka asked.

"Maybe we summoned them because of they're attracted to Lockseeds?" Madoka asked.

"Maybe." Homura answered.

And the white tiger Inves, Byakko Inves finally caught up with the girls, thus forced them to run again.

"It's back!" Homura shouted as she, Madoka, and Sayaka ran away again. They soon found the zipper portal they went into earlier, and they went through it to exit the forest area and back into the place they had been.

"This way!" Homura pointed as they ran away. However, Byakko Inves followed them exiting the portal, thus the girl must ran away as far as they could.

While running through the factory area, Homura accidentally knocked out one of tin barrels. While the Inves lurked around, the trio hid in one of warehouses.

"What is that thing? An Inves to?" Homura gawked.

"Don't ask me!" Madoka retorted.

While the trio were cathing breath, Homura stared at Orange Lockseed and she discovered its back, which had octagonal shape. She then looked at the belt buckle with the port in same shape at its center.

Byakko inves roared and unleashed energy beams violently from its body, which tore its surroundings and detonated some of factory equipments due to its powerful effects. The trio tried to protect themselves from the brutal collateral damage. Homura and other two were taken aback by this. The black-haired girl was a bit nervous as she never saw such destructive power from an Inves. She was afraid of her friends being danger, especially Madoka. She got an idea to keep them save.

"I'll draw it! Sayaka, you take Madoka away while it's distracted!" Homura said. She then tried to leave, but Madoka held her arms.

"What are you saying, Homura-chan?!" Madoka snapped. She didn't want Homura risk her life just to ensure their safety. The girls then heard Byakko Inves roaring nearby.

"Just find someone, anybody! Otherwise it'll kill us all!" Homura said as she left the girls from hiding.

"Homura-chan!" Madoka yelled. She was too late to held her back, though.

"Just leave this to Homu-chan!" Sayaka snapped. "We've gotta run before they kill us!" Sayaka then grabbed Madoka's hand and both of them then ran away.

Homura appeared in front of the evolved Inves without any sign of fear, and she shouted, "This way, you freak!"

Homura then ran away, assuming Byakko Inves would follow her. While running, she performed amazing parkour manuevers by jumping over tins and scraps, but she had to stop as she found a dead end, with gates blocked by piles of boxes. Byakko Inves then caught up with Homura and the former Puella Magi took an iron pipe to fight it. She would've done it easily is she still had her power as Puella Magi, but since the last battle and Kyubey died, her contract with them ended, thus rendering her a normal human.

"You son of a bitch-!" Homura cursed as she slammed the pipe to the Inves, but no avail. She tried to hit it again but the brutal Inves blocked it and hit her at face, knocking her down and getting disarmed. It then proceed to brutalize Homura by pound her and kicked her tummy with its knee before throwing her aside, breaking the dead end gate behind her and having her stumbled. Homura then coughed blood, as the blood came out to her mouth. Not to mention there was wound on her face. She looked at Byakko Inves coming, and now that she got her butt kicked by an Inves whose power beyond her comprehension, she became slightly desperate. Homura lost her Puella Magi powers, and nothing she could do to fight back.

"Shit...!" Homura hissed angrily.


Homura then looked at the Orange Lockseed and touched the belt she was wearing, and she stood up as Byakko Inves readied to beat her up once more.

Homura sighed angrily as she had no choice, but to unlock her Lockseed.


After the Lockseed announced its name, Homura gawked as she noticed a zipper portal appeared above her in circular formation. However, instead of Inves, it was a giant orange-like metallic ball. The Inves became confused as it saw this, as well as Homura herself. Homura knew she didn't have a time to ask what was it, so without second thought she put the Lockseed on the port on the belt buckle before locking it back.


Soon, the belt played some kind of Japanese music, similar to that of horn used in Sengoku period to alert for enemy forces. Later, the music was mixed with hip-hop tune. Homura gawked as she tried to figure out what's next. The Inves on the other hand, became impatient and roared in annoyance.

"Now what?" Homura gawked. She then noticed the knife on the belt, which she tried to move, and it "cut" open the fruit on Lockseed. "This?"


As the fruit was cut open, its upper part showed an interior of orange, while its lower part showed a katana with orange slice-like blade painted in classic Japanese style.

Soon, the giant metallic fruit fell on her head, generating splashes around her. Her body became clad in blue bodysuit with golden checkers along with golden kneepads and shinguards.


"Wait, am I an orange now?" Homura gawked inside the "gigantic fruit". She felt a bit ridiculous that she found her head inside a gigantic orange.

Her head was clad in blue samurai kabuto-like helmet with asymmetric katana-like golden horn, long and jutting out at left side and short at right side. Soon, a slice of orange fell into her head, giving the orange slice-like visor and more kabuto pieces, plus an orange stem atop the helmet.

The "fruit" then opened, and each "peels" folded in to form armors. Once the transformation completed, Homura held the same katana as depicted on opened Lockseed.

"Eh? Eh? EEEEEEH?!" Homura gawked hysterically as she became clad in armors for some reason. She didn't get to used it that a weird orange fell on her head and transformed her into some kind of samurai-like warrior.

Homura transformed into Gaim, Orange Arms!

Byakko Inves jumped and attacked her mercilessly, even though she had stronger armor but she could feel pain from it.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Homura, now Gaim snapped as she threw the Inves aback. She then stared at her own hands. She never felt this powerful before, not even in her times as Puella Magi.

"Hey... I can take it on like this?" Gaim gawked. "Wait!" Gaim shouted as Byakko Inves got up and tried to beat her up again, but blocked with her orange katana, Daidaimaru.

"Fun's over! We can stop now!" Gaim snapped as she slashed the Inves with Daidaimaru. When the Inves tried to get closer, she slashed it again, this time at its gut. Byakko Inves walked over and choke-slammed Gaim, knocking down boxes behind her. As Gaim got up, Byakko Inves immediately knocked her weapon aside, rendering her disarmed. When the white tiger Inves choked her, she grasped on a katana sheathed on her waist.

"That's it!" Gaim said as she unsheathed it and slashed the Inves' gut, forcing it to back off.

Wielding the katana-gun hybrid, the Musou Saber, Gaim slashed Byakko Inves a couple times. She then ran over to pick up Daidaimaru laying on the ground.

"Okay, good." Gaim said as she looked at both Musou Saber and Daidaimaru. "I can do this!" Gaim exclaimed as she ran over the Inves and slashed the Inves wildly as if she was dancing. Despite her lack of experience with melee weapons as she prefer ranged weapons during her time as Puella Magi, she did it very well, though her fighting style was a bit sporadic and weird. She needed to get used with such weapons, somehow.

"Hey, get back here!" Gaim shouted as she noticed Byakko Inves running away and chased after it.

"It jumped that?!" Gaim gawked as Byakko Inves jumped over to the balcony on the factory. It then roared and unleashed energy beams to blast Gaim, but she dodged them despite they caused her surroundings such as cars and electronics to explode. After stumbled by sheer colateral damage, Gaim stood up.

"Fine. Me too!" Gaim said as she jumped over to the balcony, but as she tried to climb the scaffolding to reach the Inves, she get kicked out and sent falling back on the ground, and the gate fell upon her.

"Mou... JUST YOU WAIT!" Gaim snapped annoyed as she ran through the nearby staircase...

"Waiting's over!" Gaim said as she finally arrived at the balcony where the Inves was, but she was welcomed with a kick from Byakko Inves and got pushed backwards. It then tried to slash Gaim with its claws, but blocked with both katanas. When got pinned by the monster, Gaim noticed something on Musou Saber's hilt. She pulled the yellow part of the back of hilt to have it charged. She then pulled the trigger, thus made the katana-gun hybrid fired an energy bullet, which hits Byakko at chest. Gaim now finally found the weapon she got used to. She then reloaded it by cocking that part again and shot Byakko repeatedly. However, she found the Musou Saber ran out of ammo after few shots.

"Wait?! I'm out already?! COME ON! I never ran out of ammo this fast before!" Gaim groaned as she switched Musou Saber to katana mode back.

The two then began fighting again. When Byakko tried to strike her, she evaded every time it tried. She pointed Daidaimaru to Byakko in nervousness. She then found something on both weapons' most bottom parts. They looked like intended to connect to each other.

"Wait, do these..." Gaim said as she connected both weapons by their bottoms, and they formed a naginata, Daidaimaru Naginata Mode! "They do!"

They then began to fighting again, mostly involving block and parry each others' strikes. The Inves then ran to the top floor.

"Quit running!" Gaim yelled annoyed as she chased after it. Gaim then tried to strike Byakko Inves, but then it blocked and both of them struggled to break free before both of them stepped backwards. Both of them struggled before Byakko managed to dominate the fight, beating Gaim up violently before threw her out of balcony to the lower floor.

As she tried to got up, Gaim saw someone coming from the staircase. It was the blonde-haired girl in white similar to that in Rider Sengoku War scene, who strikingly resembled Madoka, but with red eye in her right eye. For some reason, it gives Gaim a bit solemn feeling.

"M-Madoka?!" Gaim gawked as she noticed this mysterious girl.

"Be warned." The Madoka-look alike said. "Your choice now will turn the course of fate."

"Is that you, Madoka?" Gaim asked dumbfounded.

"Continue down this path... And there shall be no turning back." "Madoka" added as she walked down the staircase. "You will have to fight until the bitter end, till the world is dyed in your image."

As she stopped after the staircase, she turned to Gaim. The armored warrioer turned Puella Magi noticed Byakko Inves coming to them. Gaim then stood in front of the mystery girl, covering her from Inves.

"I... I tried many times to save you..." Gaim said. "Each time I did so, I failed, and almost fell into despair... I leaped through time more than you know to save you from danger! That's why I became Puella Magi in first place."

Byakko Inves walked over, getting closer to these two.

"Each time I almost fell into despair, I realized that as long as I have that power, I can save you. That's what gave me hope!" Gaim added. "Now that I finally managed to save you and get rid of that furball Kyubey, we finally can live a happy life as Beat Riders. I gain the power once more, and if that's what it takes to protect you from anything worse... I'll bear that burden! Trust me, Madoka! I'll keep you away from anything can hurt you! No matter what! I'll promise!"

This made the mystery girl sighed and reached the Lockseed on Gaim's belt, unlocking it before removed it.


The girl in white then handed Gaim the unlocked and open Lockseed. Gaim gawked as what she must do with these.

"Remember. Now that you chose to fight, and there's no point of return." "Madoka" said as the Inves charged to Gaim, but the Orange Rider shoved it aside, send it falling to the ground. Gaim jumped to the ground, and she looked up to see the girl in white pointed to the same port as Gaim's belt had in Musou Saber. She then attached the Lockseed on the port before locking it in.


ICHI (1), JYU (10), HYAKU (100), SEN (1000), MAN (10000)!

As the Musou Saber announced, it was filled with energy from the Lockseed as the charge meter reached maximum. When Byakko Inves stood up and shooting some more energy beams, Gaim swung her Daidaimaru Naginata Mode in circular motion to repel the attack.

"EAT THIS!" Gaim yelled as the Musou Saber's blade shined in orange color. She then swung the weapon to fire orange slice-like shockwaves from Musou Saber end of the bifurcated naginata, which trapped the Inves inside energy orange upon contact. She then swung the naginata with Daidaimaru end on the top.


"Haaaaaaah!" Gaim yelled as she rushed to trapped Inves and slashing with Daidaimaru end of the naginata, slicing it into two pieces before exploded both in fire and orange juice splashes. After the explosion, the energy orange slices flew away somehow. Gaim then stood triumphantly as she removed the lock and placed it back into the belt and closing it, cancelling her transformation and turned back to her human form. She didn't just believe what she had experienced, as she stared on her own hands.

Later, Homura noticed Madoka and Sayaka running over, gawked at her looking normal compared to the "one" she just saw during her battle with Byakko Inves. So, if the girl wasn't Madoka, then who could it be?

"Then what just...?" Homura asked.

"What happened to the monster?! Did you beat it?" Madoka asked.

"Oh!" Sayaka gawked. "You... You just transformed into... A... Kamen Rider!" Sayaka finished as she recreated the first Kamen Rider, Ichi-go (#1)'s pose.

"Kamen... Rider?" Homura dumbfounded.

"They're the masked heroes fight for justice and protect the weak! You just defeated the monster and I know you'll make a good one, Homu-chan!" Sayaka beamed.

"So from now on..." Homura said. "I'm Kamen Rider?"

"That's right! Kamen Rider Gaim!" Sayaka answered. She suddenly covered her mouth, realizing that she just said something wrong.

"Kamen Rider Gaim..." Homura mumbled. She felt like she liked the name, but for some reason, the Gaim part made her to think more about the team...

"So, you're gonna return to the team?" Madoka asked.

"I don't know, but I just..." Homura said as she removed the Lockseed. "I... really transformed!"

(Suddenly the Orange and Ichigo Lockseed flew over the current scene and it zipped closed to form blue background with Gaim's logo on it.)

(Cue ending: E-X-A ~Exciting x Attitude~)

Sekai o kaeru junbi wa ii ka?

(The scene showed Homura with her hair flailing as if was blown by wind with Orange Lockseed and Daidaimaru over the blue background with Gaim's logo)

Kajitta kajitsu wa, sui ka amai ka?

(It then switched to Kyouko facing leftward while nomming on chocolate Pocky stick, with her ponytail flailed in same way. On the background were Banana Lockseed and Baron's weapon, Banaspear over red background with Baron's logo)

Unmei o kirihiraku kagi

(Next was Himeko standing with her hair flailed similarly, with Budou Lockseed and Ryugen's weapon, Budou Ryuhou over green background with Ryugen's logo.)

Sore wa kimi da, susume EXA e

(Then the scene switched to Chikane pondering on something as her hair flailed in same way. On the background were Melon Lockseed and Zangetsu's weapon, Melon Defender over white background with Zangetsu's logo. Soon after, the scene changed to Gaim zooming in with her bike.)

(Lock On Soiya Soiya!)

(The scene showed all Team Gaim dancing)

(EXA Soiya!)

(Then it switched to Gaim performing a sword dance.)

Isshoku sokuhatsu bachibachi kiteru

(Homura and Madoka were holding hands while faced to each other, on their reflection were Gaim and the girl in white in their respective place.)

Jintori omotemuki mata kiken'na Game

(Kyouko and Sayaka were standing back-on-back, on their reflection were Baron and Fraise on their place.)

Dare no inomama ni ayatsurare teru?

(Himeko and Chikane walked through each other, as soon they passed by, it switched to Ryugen and Zangetsu doing the same)

Hora kagi ga hirakeba tomaranai Time to Fight!

(Gaim and Baron were standing back-to-back on greater distance, and then they turned to each other before charging with their respective weapons.)

"Ki o tsukete kimi wa ima unmei o erabou

(The scene switched to a mysterious girl in white turned to viewer and pointing it.)

To shite iru" chūkoku? Imi nante wakarazu

(Gaim was seen battling a horde of Elementary Inves around her. After few slashing and hacking, Gaim kneeled exhausted.)

Tobikonda Battle Field! Hey!

(When viewed from sideways, her helmet was broken, revealing Homura's face at left side, shedding tears. She then rose and roared to her vigor.)

Kimi ga eranda (hey)

(Gaim, Baron, Fraise, Ryugen, Zangetsu, and Mariachi were having bike race on a circuit. Gaim was on the first place.)

michi no sakini wa (hey)

(Baron managed to catch up with Gaim, and she tried to take the lead.)

Nani ga atte (Don' t stop) dare to atte? (Kyarī on)

(The scene shifted to Team Baron dancing, and then back to Team Gaim.)

Mada mienaikedo (ten o mezase)

(The scene returned to dancing Team Baron.)

Exciting × Attitude Chanto arawase

(Gaim tried to preventBaron to take the lead, and then she first reached finish line, followed by other Riders.)

Tachimukau shisei o

(The scene shifted to Gaim riding horse in high speed)

Iza susume don' t get back EXA!

(Team Gaim continued dancing in high impact moves.)

(Lock On Soiya Soiya!)

(Gaim, Baron, Ryugen Zangetsu, Fraise, and Mariachi acted in their ways with their weapons.)

(EXA Soiya!)

(Gaim jumped as he spun, then landed, posing with her both weapons.)

Iza susume don' t get back EXA!

(Team Gaim and Baron finished dancing.)

Next time on Kamen Rider Gaim Magica!

Homura: "I seriously transformed!"

Kyouko: "Your strength is the only thing you can rely on."

Miwa: "Do you have any Lockseed to cover it up?"

Homura: "If I use this power to protect everyone, not just Madoka, then..."


Lock 2: Hissatsu! Pine Kick!


"Yo, readers. This is me, Lock Dealer Sid." Sid said sitting on a sofa.

"You know me as the Lock Dealer in Mitakihara, right? I'm selling Lockseeds for Beat Riders and anyone willing to pay my service. I'll set a price based on its rank and rarity. I can increase or decrease the price if my mood suits also." He then sipped a grape juice before he placed it back on the table.

"Many people said that we Lock Dealers took a part of Inves Game's popularity, and that's right. The youths these day are sensitive and hot-headed so they are in verge of fighting each other, right? So our duty is to introduce Inves Game as means of alternate solution of settling disputes." Sid said as he pulled out Orange Lockseed from his large briefcase.

"Alright, now we're introducing this guy, Orange Lockseed." Sid introduced as he showed Orange Lockseed.

"As you can see, Orange Lockseed is based on orange. It's coded LS-07. This Lockseed is pretty rare and is classed A. You can see this is pretty strong Lockseed, eh?" Sid continued. He then took a remote control and pushed one of its buttons to show a footage of Gaim battling Byakko Inves on his upper-left side.

"And today we'll feature the very first Kamen Rider to be featured in this story. Of course..." Sid said as the footage changed into the picture of Gaim in Orange Arms. "Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms."

"As Orange Arms, Gaim is very well-balanced. Using the Orange Lockseed on Sengoku Driver, an ex-Beat Rider named Akemi Homura can transform to Gaim. Well, the name comes from the very team she left, though. How ironic." Sid sighed as the picture switched to picture of Gaim's weapon, Daidaimaru.

"This is Daidaimaru, a weapon came with Orange Lockseed when used with Sengoku Driver. This sword can't do much by itself, but when you combine it with Daidaimaru, you'll get Daidaimaru Naginata Mode." Sid explained. Then, the picture of Daidaimaru switched to picture of Musou Saber.

"Speaking of Musou Saber, I forgot to introduce that one. As you can see, it looks like katana and gun bashed together." Sid introduced the Musou Saber. "By default, it's used as sword in Blade Mode, and you can pull a reloader on its back to switch to Gun mode. Pretty neat, huh?"

"And don't forget that you can insert Lockseed there. Put it and lock it in and unleash its full potential!" Sid added. The picture then switched to the transformation belt, Sengoku Driver.

"Now this is Sengoku Driver." Sid introduced. "It's the Henshin Belt of the primary Riders of this story. At the Drive Bay, you can put an unlocked Lockseed in before you locked it back. After that, you will hear various standby noises, depending on whose Rider's face appear in Rider Indicator at its left. For Gaim's case, you'll hear Japanese horn of some sort mixed with hip-hop tune thingy, I don't know." Sid explained.

"Then, cut the "fruit" on Lockseed with Blade Cutter on its right side to transform! Since we're using Orange Lockseed, then..."


"The Lockseed announce the transformation! I'm serious. The belt only does cutting sound, "Lock On", and "Lock Off" thingy. Once transformed, you can "cut" the fruit again to activate extra functions." Sid continued. "Once will get Squash for finisher, Twice for Au Lait, an enhanced finisher, and thrice for Sparking, for folding the fruit armors back into fruit mode, and use it for various uses."

"Oh, and I forgot this." Sid gawked as he showed the picture of Lockseed holder. "Lockseed Holder can hold up to 3 Lockseeds at once. And due to this, this can be very handy for Gaim since only she has it so far. Not to mention we'll have bonanza of form changes for Gaim, won't we?"

The picture then disappeared and here we go focused at Sid again.

"Well, that's it, folks. Don't forget to read and review this story. See you next chapter. Ciao!" Sid bidded as he snacked on the malkist crackers.

Pega-Rider: Yosh! Now here's the first chapter of Kamen Rider Gaim Magica. Honestly, I've been working on this from the end of December, but due to me being lazy bum, I postponed this again, again, and again. But Thank God that I finished it on time! Huzzah! Oh. Since I discovered that most of Urobutcher's works involves super-powered girls and extreme plot twists, why don't we apply on Gaim? I mean, I made main 4 Riders plus 2 main OC Riders female, right? Also, I'll be using Pikatwig's Kamen Rider Fraise for Sayaka's Rider form. That's right!

Sayaka: Speaking of Riders, do you have some request for OC Riders?

PR: Of course, but keep in mind that we've limitation of 13 Sengoku Driver users and 7 Genesis Driver ones.

Well, as of this writing, the confirmed Sengoku Driver users so far are Gaim, Baron, Fraise, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Gridon, Kurokage, Bravo, Bima, Mariachi, and Bujin Gaim. As for Genesis users are Zangetsu-Shin, Duke, Marika, Sigurd, Arjuna, and one Rider whose name are yet to be announced. You can also submit original Lockseeds/Arms/Lockvehicle of your own! Take a note that I'll use original Lockvehicles from KKD Silver's Mega Kamen Rider Gaim. And original Lockseed numbering will start from LS-15.

Oh-kay, let's wrap this up! Don't forget to read and review as Sid said in this story, so we can get this fic going. See you next time!

Oh, before I forgot, here's a quiz!

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