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Previously on Kamen Rider Gaim Magica...

When Sayaka AKA Fraise wanders back into the mysterious forest, a most unlikely of sources, her old friend turned rival Baron, accompanied her to find way back home. Baron and Fraise fights alongside Gaim, and change into new Arms, Mango and Blueberry Arms. But in the shadows, another rip opens into the forest...

At a factory basement, someone lurked through the corridor, lighting the walking path with the lighter. The corridor was dark, with little to no lightings at the room. Speaking of whom, the someone seemed to be a technician, complete with hard hat and construction suit. He seemed to be late thirties or early forties from his face. He spotted the vines wrapping around the staircase handle, much to his curiosity.

"Hmm?" The technician mumbled as he spotted the vine. He walked over to the strange-looking vines to investigate it some more. "What's is this?" He asked to himself as he kneeled to examine the vines closer...

To notice these vines came from more vines around nearby pipes. The vines with flower-like fruit like ones in Helheim. How did those plants ended up there? Was it because of the similar rip as Sayaka encountered earlier? If so, then what or who brought them there?

"Fruit? What's it doing down here?" The technician wondered aloud, surprised that he saw the fruits in such place of all places. The vines were so bushy, almost covering the pipe entirely. For some reason, the technician seemed interested to pluck one of the fruits there, without any question. He placed the lighter in his armpit so he could pluck the fruit while holding the fileboard. When plucking the fruit, his eyesight was devoid of liveliness, as if he had been hypnotized by something from the fruit. Now he almost drooled at the fruit like he was about to eat it, his focus was taken by the fruit's look, and his consciousness seemed drained away.

"This fruit... It looks so... delicious..." The technician murmured in monotone voice, driven by the desire to eat the fruit...

At Gaim's garage, all members gathered to discuss about something, but silenced for a while to think what they had to do, especially about the rip Himeko had mentioned earlier after Sayaka had gone into Helheim once more. Himeko browsed with her iPad, until...

"I knew it, Homura-san." Himeko said, turning all other Gaimers' attention to her. They then went over to her to see what she came up to. Homura took Himeko's iPad to see what the Himemiya heiress had browsed: a news about monster of some kind attacking people in several succession, much to her surprise.

"You think an Inves from the forest did this?!" Homura asked as she read the news, titled "Attacks Continue, Victims Describe Seeing "Monster"?!".

"I don't see any other explanation." Himeko answered as she took the iPad back. She then scrolled the article down to see the pictures related to the news, consisting of objects like electric transmitter, borders, and walls, smashed and wrecked. These were most likely the result of said attack, and these were too violent for humans to do. "No humans could do this." Himeko continued.

"I think it makes sense, though..." Sayaka said. "I don't see anything hoax from the news."

"Maybe we should go to the cops about this?" Madoka asked. Other members turned at her, but soon their attention turned back to Himeko.

"They won't believe us unless we can show them an open rip." Himeko answered. This made other members sighed in disappointment, that they could hardly find an authentic proof about Inves being perpetrator of the serial attacks. That could be true since most cops wouldn't believe such nonsense stories about monsters and dimensional stuff, or else they could be said as insane.

"We don't know where these rips are opening, and they never last long." Homura sighed as she walked away from the team a bit. That's why to find an open rip was a bit hard. If somebody find one, they could be lucky. It's like finding needle amongst stacks of hay.

"So as it stands, no one but us even knows they exist." Himeko added. Other members nodded agreed.

"Yeah." Homura nodded as she turned back to the gang. "Which means it's up to us to do something!"

"Homura-chan!" Madoka gawked, surprised that Homura suddenly made the brash decision.

"The Beat Riders are the only ones who know how to fight Inves!" Homura said. "The adults don't know anything. If we rely in them, things will just get worse."

"But the Inves in the forest are way stronger than the ones summoned with Lockseeds, right?" Sayaka inquired.

"If we work together, we can beat them." Himeko responded.

"Right." Homura nodded. "So let's get the other teams on board."

At Baron's base a hour later...

"I refuse." Kyouko answered.

Himeko, Sayaka, and Homura all sighed in disappointment that their ex-teammate of all people turned down their help. They could expect it, since all other teams, including Baron were bent to take over the first place in Inves Game ranking. So all other matters like Inves attack were out of their concern for now.

"The only foe Team Baron's concerned with right now is you, Gaim, the team at the top of rankings." Kyouko continued. "Helping you guys only slow us down, period."

"You're happy to let innocent bystanders get attacked by Inves?!" Himeko retorted as she approached Kyouko, but got dragged back by Ky. The second-in-command of Baron smiled at Himeko and placed his arm around her shoulder, only to be shoved off.

"Bystanders, huh? They've got no shit to do with us." Kyouko answered cynically. She and her team didn't have time to do something trivial, as they had more important goal to reach. But helping people from Inves attack was more important, isn't it?

"Come on!" Sayaka groaned annoyed. "We've been friends for almost three years, and you don't wanna help us?!"

"It's not about you guys or those so-called bystanders crap, silly." Kyouko chided. "It's about the first place."

"But...!" Himeko interrupted.

"If ya wanna play the hero, then so be it. Now that you've no one left to beat, it might be the distraction you're looking for." Kyouko said as she placed the cards in her hand to the table. "Dull bein' on the top, ain't it?"

"C'mon! Quit the fucking snide remarks, will ya?!" Homura grimaced annoyed as she walked over to Kyouko, but halted by Miwa. Even Kyouko's lackeys didn't let them to get closer to their boss, afraid of same incident as when Kyouko put Gaim's Player Pass on wager happened again.

"You're really quite ignorant of what your position means, aren'tcha?" Kyouko said as she shuffled back the cards before tossed them aside. Seriously, this redhead girls need some beating to her senses. Lives in danger and she ignores them? What a jerk. While Kyouko talked to her teammate turned rivals, Ky and Miwa looked at each other, until the leader stood up from her chair.

"Go ahead and ask Raid Wild, Invitto, Souten, and Red Hot. They'll give you same answer." Kyouko remarked. Miwa smirked at them with mean look. Kyouko walked closer to her rival, shoving Miwa aside.

"As it stands, Team Gaim is the strongest on the streets. So you may help others, but you're in no position to demand help." Kyouko pointed out as she walked through her. Homura sighed, shrugged that her former comrade refused to help heir former team. It could be understandable that Kyouko had no ties with Gaim of some kind, now that she lead Team Baron. But there's still any way to help them when in trouble, right? "Besides, you've gotta hella many Riders on your team, right?"

"I know, but can't you at least look over when you see a rip and inform it to us?!" Sayaka suggested and walked over to Kyouko, and halted by Ky.

"Like hell I care." Kyouko responded. "Just accept it. It's the curse of victor."

(Suddenly the current scene zipped open to reveal the opening scene.)

(Cue Opening: Just Live More by Gaim no Kaze)

(As the opening begins, the core six Kamen Riders: Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Fraise, and Mariachi were standing back-to-back and posing on their ways, focusing on Kamen Rider Gaim, the orange Rider. The plants on the forest diminishes to reveal an object, where the weapons of those Riders smashed to reveal the title card.)


Got it Move... Wow...

Don't say No! Just Live More!

(Homura, Kyouko, Sayaka, Himeko, and Kamijou put on their Sengoku Drivers, while unlocking their Lockseeds)

Don't Say No! Just Live More!

(Nobita, Hideyoshi, Sanji, Battler, and Sonomura followed suit, and the battle took place at the park while DJ Sagara announcing)

Survival, You gotta move

(Homura, Kyouko, Himeko, and Sayaka arrived in front of castle of some sort, with Bujin Rider OOO and his army battled horde of monsters)

Gendai wa sanagara Sengoku

(The scene shifted to Bujin Riders fighting each other, from Kiva and Fourze, Den-O and Agito, Hibiki and Faiz)

Dare ga kachi nukeru?

(Bujin Gaim broke into the castle, walking slowly to the battlefield)

Kagi wa hirake rarete shimatta

(Madoka worried about Homura and the others, while Ieyasu withdrew his katana, ready to attack)

(Don't say No! Just Live More!)

(Shinichi Banabara transforms into Kamen Rider Showa, fighting Nepenthes Kaijin alongside Gaim, who was fighting Bujin Gaim)

Doko ni aru? Dou tsukau?

(Showa transformed into Legacy Form, while Gridon fell onto Nepenthes Kaijin from the midair zipper rip. The scene then changed to Gaim and Showa met the previous Kamen Riders, which then disappeared)

Kindan no Kajitsu

(Gaim and Showa fell onto Bujin Gaim, doing flying side kick. Then the scene shifted to the characters activating their Sengoku Drivers, from Mariachi, Ryugen, and Gaim in order.)

Ima to iu kaze wa

(Kamen Rider Gaim was seen transforming into Orange Arms, and ready for combat.)

Dare mo tsutaeru tame

(Team Gaim were seen dancing in front of the same building, focused on Kaname Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka. The scene shifted to Homura and Madoka, while in their reflection were Kyouko and the girl in white, who in fact looks like Madoka.)

(Omae no moto ni fuku?)

(Zangetsu pointed her Musou Saber to viewer with series of Kurokage Troopers, while scene shifted to Gaim slashing and hacking them, while in her reflection was Baron instead.)

(Tsuyoku tsuyoku Blowin' Up)

(Ryugen shoots and breaks the fence before barging in, while facing Zangetsu.)

Ashita ga, Yume ga, mada mienakute mo

(Team Gaim finished dancing, and they disappeared, the girl in white appeared in their place and pointing to the viewer.)

Soko Genkai? Seiipai

(The scene shifted to a blonde, twin-drill-haired girl in western-themed poncho and cowboy hat surrounded by the Kurokage Troopers while holding the Coffee Lockseed. In her reflection was Mariachi.)

Ikite iru to ieru nara

(Team Baron continued dancing, then the scene shifted to Baron hacking and slashing the Elementary Inves horde in Helheim Forest.)

Utsumukuna yo (Kao agero) Doko made demo (Mageru koto naku)

(The weapons and broken armors of Orange Arms, Coffee Arms, Lime Arms, Cherry Arms, and Blueberry Arms were shown along with their respective closed Lockseeds.)

Shinjita michi o yuke! (JUST LIVE MORE!)

(Homura tried to reach Madoka, but the former was stopped by a fence where the plant grows on. She yelled in desperation while holding the fence...)

Don't Say No! Just Live More!

(Gaim rushes on her horse, along with the other five Riders...)

Lock 10: Big Operation: Catch Those Inves!

"Come again soon!" The shop owner bid Bandou, who bought a crate full of fruits from his fruit shop.

"Sure thing." Bandou replied as he put the crate on the box of his pickup truck. He just bought those fruits, so he could have stock for Drupers drinks recipe. He opened the crate to see the bunch of fruits. Those were still fresh, and in good condition.

"Man, we've got a lot of good stuffs today!" Bandou gawked happily as he closed the crate. Now loaded and locked, he was ready to go back to Drupers.

Bandou drove the truck the way back to Drupers to restock the ingridients for the menu. He whistled in joy, that he bought all those fresh and good-looking fruits. However, unbeknownst to Bandou, something flew fast behind the truck, and whatever it was it aimed for the truck, or something it contained. Suddenly, "it" dropped onto Bandou's truck at its windshield. It was a monster, to his shock and horror! Frightened, Bandou drove the truck in zig-zag pattern to throw the monster away. However, it remained still as it gripped onto the truck tighter. That is, until it flew up when the truck hit a parking car in front, shattering the windshield of left door.

The monster, Koumori Inves landed on the clashed car, roaring at Bandou, making him leaving his truck for his lives. Just when he was about to leave, Koumori Inves jumped before him, intercepting Bandou from escaping.

Meanwhile, Homura and Madoka were walking back to Gaim's garage. They sighed in disappointment, somehow.

"Raid Wild and Invitto aren't gonna help us either..." Madoka muttered, disappointed that they also turned down their help. Homura sighed in response. She knew it wouldn't end up well, as Kyouko said. Other Beat Riders team were too absorbed into their goals of first place, it seemed.

"Kyouko was right on the money, huh." Homura remarked.

Sayaka and Hitomi then ran to them, reporting their progress after parting with them.

"How's with Souten and Red Hot?" Homura asked the two girls.

"They refused either." Sayaka sighed, shaking her head in disappointment. Now the girls had to take this matter themselves. The only one who they could offer help was Kamijou, as Team Gaim's trusted ally.

"I guess we only have Kyousuke-kun to count on..." Hitomi said. Just then...

"HELP ME! PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Suddenly, the girls heard the scream of someone familiar from nearby. They turned back and ran to the sound source.

There, Koumori Inves threw Bandou aside, and went to attack him. Just when it was about to assault him, the girls arrived.

"Bandou-san!" Homura called as she and her friends arrived.

"And an Inves?!" Madoka gawked at Koumori Inves.

"And... his right arm is different!" Homura pointed out, there was a long, sharp talon on the Inves' right arm as opposed to the regular ones.

"How'd you know?" Sayaka asked.

"I've seen the one in Beat Riders Hotline during Himeko's match. This guy has long blade, unlike what Nobi had." Homura answered.

"Get off me!" Bandou pleaded as the bat Inves was trying to assault him. It then stopped it noticed the girls coming. It then turned to the truck Bandou had driven. Bandou just stared at it in fear until the girls ran over to him.

"Are you okay?" Homura asked the Drupers manager.

"Did you get hurt?" Madoka asked as well.

"What the heck is that?!" Bandou gawked, seeing the rampant Inves in horror.

Koumori Inves threw the crate away, dropping the fruits of all sorts. It went down from the truck and threw the fruits to look for something. It seemed that it got attracted by a fruit scent. It picked up an apple. However, instead of eating it, it crushed that apple into pieces. It roared in disappointment and threw the apple down, much to its annoyance.

It headed to Bandou and the girls, only to get a kick. It then countered with a blade swipe that it missed as she ducked. Sayaka then joined in by giving the humanoid bat a jumping kick, and missed a hook punch. When Koumori Inves tried to slash Homura, she grabbed its left arm, so Sayaka could land a punch at it. It then broke free, jabbing Homura at her gut and kicking Sayaka. It then threw Homura at Sayaka before slapping them, stumbling them to ground.

"You little punk...!" Homura hissed annoyed.

"We've to do this, really." Sayaka said as she and Homura pulled out their respective starting Lockseeds.

"HENSHIN!" Both girls exclaimed as they unlocked the locks.


Just when the Koumori Inves attacked them, the orange and pineberry fell and hovered above them, blocking its attack and flinching it off. This was good chance for them to transform.


Homura and Sayaka stood up so they could put their heads into their respective fruits, transforming into their respective Rider forms. When the Inves attacked them again during their transformation, it got flinched again after knocked them somehow.



"This is my stage-" Gaim tried to proclaim her usual catchphrase, only to be interrupted as Koumori Inves dodged her slash, and parried her another slash. "My stage-" Gaim got stumbled to Bandou's truck after getting parried again.

"Don't push it, Homu-chan!" Fraise told as she loaded her Berrybow to aim the arrow at Koumori Inves. "Let's juice it-"

Koumori Inves interrupted Fraise's catchphrase as well, by shouting at her to emit high-frequency soundwave, disrupting her from shooting the bat. Gaim then walked atop the car to evade Koumori Inves' attack, chased by Koumori Inves. It then jumped atop Bandou's truck to dodge Gaim's slash. Gaim rolled down from the car when the bat Inves jumped from Fraise's arrows to attack her, dodging the attack. Gaim braced herself when Koumori Inves jumped from the car to attack her with a somersault before moving aside to dodge the attack.

Fraise joined in to send some slashes with her bow, only to be dodged. It then tried to catch Gaim before getting kneed and slammed to Bandou's truck. Fraise then shot some arrows at it, and missed again. This brought Bandou to shock that his truck got pinned by arrows as he stood up.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Bandou gawked, slightly worried at Fraise. Thanks to her he had to bring it to the workshop to repair the truck, plus the damage it had earlier from Koumori Inves' attack.

"I-I'm sorry, Bandou-san!" Fraise apologized.

Gaim, Fraise, and Koumori Inves were dodging each others' strikes, until the latter parried the former's strike. It also parried Fraise's blow, backing her up a bit.

"Come with me!" Hitomi advised as she and Madoka brought Bandou away from the battle area.

Gaim continuously slashing the bat Inves with her trustworthy katana Daidaimaru in quick succession, finishing with a kick, pushing it to the car. Fraise shot some arrows at the bat Inves.

"Let's juice it u- / This is my stage n-" Fraise and Gaim were about to proclaim their continuously interrupted catchphrase earlier as they charged at Koumori, only to be interrupted yet again by its soundwave, knocking them off.

Gaim then pulled out an Ichigo Lockseed, activating it.


She then replaced the lock in her Sengoku Driver with the newer one.


"Eat this!" After the Orange Arms folded back into its fruit form, Gaim exclaimed when throwing the fruit to Koumori Inves, which then disappeared upon impact. The new Ichigo Arms then fell over Gaim, replacing her armor as it unfolded.


"This is my stage for real this time!" Gaim proclaimed as she charged at Koumori Inves.

"And I'll juice you up for real this time!" Fraise proclaimed as she shot Koumori Inves.

Koumori Inves kept evading Gaim's strikes and Fraise's arrows, and then it jumped to the car and back. Koumori Inves blocked Gaim's slash, and brought her pushed to the car, and then suddenly the arrows hit it from behind, finched it a bit. Gaim then slashed the bat Inves at its chest, stumbling it off.

"Take these!" Gaim roared as she threw the Ichigo Kunais at Koumori Inves, only to be shrugged off. Fraise then shot the arrows, deflected as well. Koumori Inves flew at Gaim, knocking her off with a charging dive attack before landing atop Bandou's truck.

Suddenly, Koumori Inves took some shots from source unknown. It turned out that Mariachi came from the same way as Bandou's truck had gone through, shooting the Inves rapidly.

"She's..." Gaim mumbled as she noticed Mariachi coming. As if it recognized her, Koumori Inves flew from the truck to Mariachi, which she dodged, and then dived to Gaim and Fraise. After getting beaten a bit, Gaim withdrew her Musou Saber.

"How about this?!" Gaim taunted while loading the weapon with her current Lockseed, while Fraise and Mariachi sliced their Lockseeds once.

LOCK ON! / SOIYA! / *guitar riff*



After their weapons charged up, all Riders shot their respective weapons. Gaim's unleashed rains of Ichigo Kunais, Fraise dhot rain of pineberry arrows, while Mariachi combined her both rifles and fired beam wave with coffee lead.


Unfortunately for them, Koumori Inves dodged all of their blasts perfectly. They then fired their weapons some more, only to be missed again.

"Oi! Get back here!" Gaim called out as she kept firing rains of Ichigo Kunais.

"You can't get away this time!" Mariachi shouted as she kept shooting.

Despite their continuous yet rapid shooting, all of their shots missed, and thus Koumori Inves escaped.

"Dammit, come back, oi!" Fraise yelled. However, the Inves was too far to even hear her.

"Huh... Damn." Gaim cussed disappointed. Now the Inves flew away, they must search for it throughout the city. Not to mention that if someone met the Inves, more lives in danger, and finding it could be hard somehow.

"Are you okay, Homura-chan and Sayaka-chan?" Mariachi asked.

"We're fine, but..." Fraise answered, and wondered how Mariachi knew them. "How do you know our names?"

"I can't tell you for now." Mariachi answered Fraise's question. "You should be careful of Yggdrasil." She then jumped away, leaving Gaim and Fraise.

"Hey! What do you mean?!" Gaim asked, but the person she asked to left them. And here goes more vagueness into their concern. What did she mean with be careful of Yggdrasil?

"Homura-chan!" Madoka called out. Gaim turned at her and Hitomi, running over to the Riders. "How's the Inves?"

"Sorry! It got away..." Fraise apologized.

Gaim sighed, wondering what she should do to look over for it. She then turned to the messed up crate of fruits, with the fruits scattered all over the place. The Inves must be destroyed as soon as possible, or else more lives and stuffs would be screwed up. And the Inves seemed to look for something. Just what it's after?

"We've gotta do something about this." Gaim said.

At Himemiya Residence, Himeko returned home, at night. She then checked her school coat pocket, pulling out a Suika Lockseed. The color now had returned, meaning it could be usable once more.

"The color returned... Does it mean it'll work again?" Himeko wondered as she looked at the Lockseed. The Himemiya youngest daughter then put the lock back into her coat as she entered home.

Himeko walked to the staircase, and as she reached the halfway, her sister Chikane noticed her from upstairs.

"You're back late again." Chikane said.

"Yeah." Himeko answered as she walked over to her sister.

"Make sure you lock the gates when you enter. It seems we've had a thief break into the house recently." Chikane advised.

"R-Really? I didn't notice anything..." Himeko lied. This "thief" in fact was Himeko herself, much to her unawaredness. She just stole the Suika Lockseed from her sister, and lend one to Homura. As she lied, she touched the school coat pocket containing the said lock.

"Fortunately, we know who it was." Chikane said. And it was fortunate to Himeko that she wasn't suspected as the thief. All thanks to Sid to keep the true culprit secret from her sister. "One of those "Beat Riders" you see dancing around the city. Those layabout street rats contribute nothing meaningful to society. I can't begin fathom why they do it."

Hearing Chikane's statements, the younger Himemiya prodigy just looked away from her with speechless look. Did her sister have right to judge the entire Beat Riders as street trashes at all? She wondered about that, and thought it was unfair since she was among those Beat Riders. Not to mention her friends were there too.

"What do you think, Himeko?" Chikane asked as she turned to her beloved sister.

"I wouldn't know..." Himeko answered.

"They seem to be around your age, that's all." Chikane added as she walked over to Himeko.

Himeko just sighed, shrugging while pondering. While she didn't know why those so-called street rats do so, she only could think that they were in same position as hers.

"I think they're worried what the future holds." Himeko pointed out. Maybe they were uncertain of what they wanted to be, while afraid of what they gonna do for their future. So, they do anything to explore themselves, such as dancing all around the town to entertain people. "They have to live how other people want them to, without knowing who they'll end up becoming."

"Oh?" Chikane asked.

"So they just have as much fun as they can, while they figure out what's important to them." Himeko continued. "At least that's how I see it." Himeko finished as she smiled to her sister.

"But you have no doubts about your future." Chikane responded. She then looked at the picture of Yggdrasil Tower, pointing out what's important about her future. "As a Himemiya, you are fully aware of the significance and your value of your place in the world. Are you not, Himeko?"

"Of course I am, Onee-chan." Himeko answered.

"Good." Chikane praised as she pat her sister's shoulder. "That is what sets you apart from that garbage. Remember that."

Chikane then suddenly walked closer to Himeko until her breasts pressed against Himeko's, much to her embarassment. She then lifted Himeko's chin a bit and leaned her head closer to her sister's as if she wanted to kiss her. Embarassed, Himeko braced herself as her face blushed redder, thinking that her sister would do something lewd, as she did lately. However, it turned out that Chikane just passed by Himeko's head and went to her ear.

"You're worlds apart from that filth, now that you're in my side." Chikane whispered close to Himeko's ear, embarassing Himeko much more.

"Umm... That's right, Nee-chan..." Himeko nodded, answering reluctantly.

Chikane then let go of her sister and pat her shoulder before going downstairs. Himeko Just looked at her sister away, while thinking if she should work for Yggdrasil in future, afraid of abandoning her friends. She was a bit uncertain what should she choose: her future as Himemiya heiress or her career as Beat Riders of team Gaim. However, she had something more important to do...

Following day at Gaim's garage, Homura slammed the chalkboard, with graphs of strategy to catch rogue Inves escaped earlier. All Team Gaim members plus Kamijou were having a meeting about this operation. Team Gaim's current second-in-command, Homura was so enthusiast about this.

"Okay, we'll have to do something ourselves, before any more people get hurt." Homura began.

"I've marked all attack sites." Himeko added as she showed the marked attack points in the map application in her iPad. "It's reported that not only one rogue Inves there, but also two of them."

"TWO?!" Osomatsu triplets gawked in surprise when hearing the news.

"Yeah, and the suspects said it was a mantis of some sort." Himeko replied.

"Mantis? So... Kamakiri?" Sayaka guessed.

"Maybe he's just a mutated Kamikiri Inves, like Koumori Inves." Kamijou assumed. "So he has weird arms like actual mantis."

"Anyway, let's split up and search them." Himeko suggested.

"The Inves is more dangerous than we thought. Take it slow and be careful." Homura said. "If you find it, don't get close. Just call me, Sayaka, Himeko, or Kamijou right away."

Moments later, the Gaimers split up to look for Koumori Inves, and possibly a Kamikiri Inves in various location. Some of them asked to the bystanders, but said bystanders claimed they had never seen the creatures in question. Some of them said they said something nonsense, and shooed them away. Most of their searches were having little to no hint about two target Inves' whereabouts.

Meanwhile, somewhere at the city, Hitomi talked to someone via phone, asking for the search progress.

"How's it over there?" Hitomi asked.

"Nothing." Homura, whom Hitomi talked to answered from the other side, at the riverside to be precise. "I don't think we'll find it like this..." She continued when checking the trash cans to look for Inves. But she knew that she couldn't find the Inves there, just in case.

"Another quiet day in Mitakihara, huh." Choromatsu added, from yet other side of the phone. He was at the park, where the lovers were cuddling behind him.

"Yea, I agree." Karamatsu said from yet other side, at the town alley.

"No hints of the Inves here, either." Kamijou said from yet other side, this time near the station.

And then we went to Madoka, who turned out to call all Gaimers at once via phone, so other members could report the progress. However, with the search returned futile, Madoka had to think about the plan B for this.

"Maybe we should regroup, and..." Madoka said, as she closed the call and returned to the team base, and suddenly...


Madoka ran to the voice source, ar the nearby staircase. There, she saw something... surprising. No, it wasn't too surprising, only that's...

"Aaaah! A monster!" A middle-aged woman screamed on the staircase, prompted Homura to ran over the voice source. She saw... Fraise?

"...What?" Madoka murmured, sweatdropped.

"Yeah, I'm asking about a monster. Have you seen one?" Fraise asked to the woman as she showed the poor-drawn picture of Koumori Inves from her phone. However, it turned out that the woman was screaming at Fraise, since the latter was the cause her doing so.

"Monster, there!" The woman screamed at Fraise, calling her as a "monster".

"No, listen..." Fraise tried to explain.

"What the heck is wrong with you?!" Madoka interrupted, bonking Fraise's head. "Get over here!" Madoka berated as she dragged her away at her hood. Yeah, at her hood. That's for asking a person in full Rider suit, so no wonder why that woman screamed at Fraise like a little girl.

"I'm really sorry." Fraise apologized.

Later at Drupers...

"Don't walk around transformed!" Madoka snapped at Sayaka, who used her Rider form to ask people. Honestly, it could only scare some people, if not most.

"But what if someone gets attacked... while we're searching?!" Sayaka gawked in response. She just wanted to prevent any casualties, just in case. But that wasn't quite a justification, however. "I got nervous."

"But that's no reason to ask people out in Rider armor, mofo. You might be got mistaken as monster, too." Homura sighed deadpanned.

Madoka sighed, hardly believing that they had played dangerous game all along. Now that they knew Inves' true nature, they had to reconsider their Inves Game playing. One mistake could lead to chaos, like what had happened to them earlier.

"I can't believe we've been playing games with these creatures." Madoka remarked as she looked at her Himawari Lockseed.

"We knew they rampaged if we lost control, but no one imagined an Inves would go after people on its own." Himeko noted. Considering they were talking about Inves from the forest like Byakko Inves and Koumori Inves they had met earlier, it made sense.

"What is that Inves, anyway? Forget that freaky forest, who'd be crazy enough to make these Lockseeds?!" Homura wondered out loud out of annoyance, after learning how dangerous an Inves and Lockseeds could be.

"I'd rather know who'd be crazy enough to make those belts!" Sayaka added. Homura nodded in agreement. Whoever made the Inves Game was a really crazy person, that is. Speaking of whom, Himeko looked around to see the man behind the game, only to find he was nowhere to be seen.

"Just when we want to see the man most likely to know these answers, he's away at the moment..." Himeko sighed as she looked at the seat Sid usually sat at.

"Yeah, it stinks." Sayaka added.

"Hey, Bandou-san!" Homura called the Drupers Boss after the latter and the waitress served a customer. She then got up, then walked over to Bandou and asked him, "Did you notice anything when that thing came at you? Anything could help."

"Well... I was a little busy trying to not get eaten." Bandou answered. He then remembered something he noticed when the Inves had attacked him. "Say, didn't he peel off me to go after my stuff?"

"What stuff?" Madoka asked.

"The fruit! Apples and melons and stuffs, just in! Ah, what a waste of good products..." He answered, and then cried in his arms. Homura pat Bandou on his shoulder to comfort him a bit.

"So, the Inves attacked Bandou's car to get the fruit?" Himeko asked Bandou to clarify as she picked an orange from the fruit tower.

"Not quite." Homura answered as she took the orange from Himeko and asked, "It didn't eat the fruit, did it, Bandou-san?"

"You're right. It was going to, and then it threw it away and got madder." Bandou answered, taking the orange from Homura and put it back on the fruit tower.

"You think it was bad?" Sayaka asked, oblivious to the fact that it could disturb a customer and complain at the owner.

"Don't-!" Homura tried to berate Sayaka for that obnoxious question.

"Oi..." Bandou interrupted.

"Ah~ That was delicious! More, please!" But fortunately a customer nearby her couldn't care less as she cooed after enjoying the fruit, and ordered for more. This took the Gaimers' attention for a while.

"Figured!" Bandou smiled, sighing in relief that his customer was pleased so much, despite Sayaka's disturbing question. He then took the dish of scooped pineapple-shelled jelly and told the waitress, "Bring out all we've got, Iyo-chan!"

"'kay." Iyo replied as she and Bandou went to the kitchen to make the ordered dish. This left Team Gaim members to discuss on their own.

"But they couldn't get enough of the fruit from the forest." Madoka noted.

"And they can eat Lockseeds, too. Lockseeds start out as those fruits, right?" Homura added.

"So what if... Inves only eat fruit from that forest?" Himeko figured.

"What?" Other Gaimers gawked, wanting to know about Himeko's theory.

"So it got stranded on this side, and when it got hungry, it couldn't find any food. So it's been attacking people out of frustration." Himeko explained.

"Of course!" Sayaka gawked after getting the idea, clapping her hands in amazement.

"And if that's true..." Himeko continued, taking her teammates' attention as they listened her another idea of solution, "I know how to lure them out."

"Really? How?" Madoka asked.

"We'll lay a trap." Himeko answered.

At Helheim, Gaim, Ryugen, and Fraise burst out of flower portals with their LockVehicles and stopped few meters away.

"Here we are!" Fraise said cheerfully as the Riders dismounted their vehicles.

"So, what now?" Gaim asked.

"We'll take the fruit back, and the smell will lure in the Inves." Ryugen answered as she walked toward a tree.

"But they turn into Lockseeds as soon as we touch 'em." Gaim argued.

"Yeah, but if we take off the belt..." Fraise said.

"Sayaka-san's right." Ryugen said as she closed the Lockseed, reverting Himeko into normal before taking off the belt and Lockseed. "Hai." She said as she handed them to Gaim.

"Okay..." Gaim mumbled as she took Himeko's Sengoku Driver and Budou Lockseed. "Whoa!"

Himeko plucked two fruits and took out a zippered plastic bag, so she could put them in. She then showed Gaim and Fraise the packed fruits and asked, "How is it?"

Gaim then touched the fruits, but it didn't turn into Lockseeds, due to being protected by plastic bag. Fraise did so, and nothing happened. Now they understood how it worked.

"Here you go." Himeko said as she hand the fruits to Gaim. She looked at the fruit, and then figured out the next plan.

"Heh heh... Heck yeah, Hime-chan!" Fraise cheered.

Meanwhile, at Mitakihara Park, Kamijou was searching for the Inves in case they showed up and attacking random citizens. He looked around to see any sign of the Inves, but he didn't find any yet. That's after something took his attention...


Kamijou quickly rushed to the source of voice, and as he arrived, the junior pianist found a Kamikiri Inves attacking a couple backing away. This Inves had mantis arm-like sickles on his both hands. Kamijou then rushed at the Kamikiri Inves and tackled it, and then clutched it from attacking the couple.

"Run away!" Kamijou told the couple.

After the couple ran away as he told, Kamijou got shoved off as it broke free and he dodged Kamikiri Inves' slashes, and then he rolled to its behind and kicked it off, stumbling the Inves. It growled in anger as it tried to get up. Kamijou put on his Sengoku Driver and took out his Lockseed.

"Henshin!" Kamijou announced as he opened the lock.


As the mangosteen appeared from circular zipper rip above him, Kamijou posed and locked the lock on his belt.


After slicing the lock open, the Mangosteen fell over Kamijou, transforming him into Bima as the armor fold into place.


"Time to claw my way to victory!" Bima announced as he dashed toward Kamikiri Inves to send double rakes, and missed both times. Kamikiri Inves returned with a slash, and then it kicked Bima at its gut, stumbling him off few distances. The Inves then elongated the antennae to whip Bima, but he blocked them with the slashes. The mangosteen-armored Rider then sent the slashing shock waves from his claws to Kamikiri Inves, flinching it a bit. Bima then leaped in and sent the Inves a couple of rakes, before giving it a front kick and yet another rake, stumbling it off.

As Bima was about to finish it off, Kamikiri Inves suddenly smelled something from a far, considering the long antennae it had, he could smell the aroma distances away. This made it jumped away, escaping from Bima.

"Wait!" Bima shouted as he chased after the insect-based Inves.

In front of Gaim's garage, the Helheim fruits hanged on the rope, hanging from the pole Team Gaim had made. This was the trap intented to lure rampaging Inves in, so the Riders could finish them for good to prevent any casualties. At a side, Hitomi, Karamatsu, Fraise, and Ryugen was hiding behind a fence covered by leaves and vines for camouflage. They also had twigs on their heads to blend in with the camouflage. Meanwhile, the rest hid inside the trash bins, with a bin had the golden... blade poked out of its lid. One of the bins shook, and then someone inside the bin lifted the lid, revealing he was Choromatsu.

"So Lockseeds come from those fruits, and they're what Inves eat? Really?" Choromatsu asked.

"Yeah." Gaim answered as she poked her head out of bin, with the pointy part of her head crest pierced through the lid. "We're not sure how it works, but there it is."

"Wonder how it tastes." Osomatsu said as he lifted the lid.

"It looks so delicious~..." Choromatsu cooed, as he and Osomatsu enticed by the fruit. The fruit looked like having something to allure everybody looking at it, like pheromones and such.

"See, I thought so too." Gaim said. When she took the Sengoku Driver from the place Mami had appointed her along with Madoka and Sayaka, Homura had been so close to get a bite from the fruit, but Madoka and Sayaka getting attacked had interrupted her from eating one. That was when she learned the Lockseeds were transmuted from the fruit for the first time.

"Just one taste, please?" Osomatsu asked.

"You really shouldn't..." Gaim suggested.

"Shush!" Madoka hushed as she poked out of the bin. This made Gaim and Osomatsu to hide back into the bin. "You're going to ruin our plan!" Madoka scolded Choromatsu and pounded him at the head with the lid he used to poke out for talking with Gaim and Osomatsu while they supposed to stay quiet when hiding.

"Ow... ow... ow..." groaned Choromatsu.

Hitomi hushed them, telling them to be quiet as they saw someone coming. Madoka and Choromatsu quickly hid into their respective bins and closed the lids. That someone walked to the hanging fruit, and this prompted Gaim to go out of hiding.

"Hya-ha! We've got you now, Inves! O-riyaaaa...!" Gaim smirked as he jumped out of the bin and rushed at the "someone". As she was about to swung the Daidaimaru at her, the 'someone' turned around, turned out to be the middle-aged woman Fraise had unintentionally scared from earlier.

"Oooooh..." Gaim stopped. The woman stared at her like seeing yet another freak, like when she met Fraise.

"I-I'm sorry, lady..." Gaim apologized.

"AAAAAAAAH!" The lady in question then screamed at Gaim in shock seconds later. Few moments later...

"You scared me to the death! Not you, not that pink girl! You are all just the same!" The old woman scolded.

"I'm sorry." Gaim apologized once again, kneeled at her.

"Where are you from?!" The woman demanded to know.

"I'm sorry!" Gaim apologized yet again, and then she got "mauled" by the woman.

Several minutes later, the kids were trying to knock the fruit off of the rope, only to be interrupted by Gaim running over to them, trying to secure the fruit.

"Hey, stay away! You can't have that fruit! That's not a toy!" Gaim told the kids as she barged in, only to be assaulted by them. Moments later, one of the kid tried to pluck the fruit while Gaim ran away from the rest of kids chasing her.

"No, get away!" Gaim yelled as she carried one of the kid away. She then tried to keep the kids away from the fruit as she told them, "Go do your homework!"

Yet other minutes later...

"No, don't eat that!" Gaim yelled as she tried to keep the crows away from surrounding the fruits. However, they refused to heed Gaim and attacked her relentlessly as if they tried to eat her as well. "Ow-ow-ow! Don't eat me either!"

Soon after she managed to chase away the crows, Gaim just sat under the fruit in comical black aura of gloom.

"Man..." Gaim whimpered, now a bit desperate that she almost killed the crows to chase them away. Soon, Choromatsu, Osomatsu, and Madoka walked over to Gaim, with Madoka patted the latter's head to snap her out of gloom and dragged her back to their posts with two of Osomatsu triplets helping. This made the rest of Team Gaim sighed, with Fraise facepalmed.

"What are you doing?" Hitomi asked the "Trash Bin Group". As Karamatsu ate the bread, she asked him, "And what are you eating for?" Karamatsu could only answer with a chuckle.

Ryugen noticed something coming, and she told the rest of team, "Minna, get down!" Meanwhile with the trash bin group, Gaim noticed the same thing too.

"Look!" Gaim gawked as she pointed at that thing, prompting the rest of group to hid back into their posts.

It turned out that the Koumori Inves from earlier landed on the rooftop of Gaim's Garage.

"It's here!" Madoka gawked.

The mutated Koumori Inves jumped down, and it sniffed the stench of some sort, noticing the source was nearby. It then turned to something that it seemed attracted to by the smell. The fruit Team Gaim had set up as a trap. The bat Inves growled, and reached out its hands to the fruit, as if it wanted to eat it. That was right moment for the Riders to jump and strike. As Koumori Inves was about to reach the fruit, it stopped as it noticed Gaim yelled and ran to the Inves, interrupting it. The mutated Inves dodged Gaim's slashes twice before it jumped to upstairs, emitting the high-pitched sound wave that hurt entire Team's auditory senses.

"W-What the-?!" Gaim groaned in pain from the sound wave.

After disorienting everyone around, Koumori Inves dropped upon Gaim, with the latter bringing her katana to block its blade arm in attempt to push it away. Just as Koumori Inves was about to assault Gaim, Fraise shot some arrows at it, followed by Ryugen's diving tackle, shoving off Koumori Inves from Gaim. It then jumped to reach the fruit, but Ryugen caught its leg, falling it along with her and rolled before getting up.

Koumori Inves kicked Ryugen off, and then Fraise charged forward to sent some slashes, before getting the slashes. Gaim also charged at it, but got tackled shortly after. After retaliated from stumbling, Ryugen took out a pouch of some sort, and ran towards Koumori Inves, which was locking Gaim's weapons with its arm blade. Just after the bat Inves dodged Gaim and Fraise's slashes and beat them, Ryugen clutched it, struggling to hold it still so she could hang the phone pouch on its back.

"Yosh!" Ryugen muttered.

And soon Koumori Inves broke free of Ryugen's clutch and slashed her in return, and then Gaim and Fraise. The latter two then backed up until they bumped with Ryugen and falling.

Koumori Inves plucked the fruits, and flew away. However, Fraise shot the arrow at it, and its hit made the Inves flinched, dropping one of the fruits. And the Inves took its leave. The Riders grimaced that they failed to catch the Inves yet again.

"Damn! It got away again!" Gaim cursed as she got up, as if she tried to chase the Inves.

"No. This time, it won't escape." Ryugen said as the rest of Team Gaim gathered around her.

"What was in that bag you stuck to the Inves?" Madoka asked.

"My phone... with the tracking feature turned on." Ryugen answered as Hitomi hand Ryugen her iPad, in Maps application turned on, so the Riders could locate the Inves easily. "It's currently heading... this way!"

"Whoa, sweet!" Osomatsu triplets gasped at Ryugen with compliment. The geniusity of Himeko was something they were proud of, no wonder why they relied on her for strategy due to her ability to think and making a solution quickly.

"As expected from our strategist!" Fraise beamed.

"You're incredible, you know, Himeko?" Gaim praised. Ryugen smiled under her helmet in response, blushing that she got the compliment from her role model out of all people, and the class rep.

"Let's clip its wings for good!" Ryugen said.

"Yeah!" Gaim replied.

Just as Gaim Riders were about to chase after the Inves, another Inves, Kamikiri Inves jumped in, surprising everyone who was about to celebrate.

"Not another Inves!" Choromatsu gawked.

The Inves then picked up the fruit dropped from Koumori Inves, and as it was about to eat the fruit, the slashing shock waves hit it. This was obvious that Team Gaim's ally was about to help them.

Bima jumped in and tried to raked Kamikiri Inves, but missed a couple of times. It then returned the slash with the sickle arms, knocking Bima off.

"Kamijou!" Gaim cried as she was about to step up.

"Leave this Inves to me! You go after that Koumori Inves now!" Bima told other Riders.

"Okay." Gaim nodded as she along with Ryugen and Fraise ran after Koumori Inves, leaving Kamijou to handle the mutated Kamikiri Inves by himself.

The non-combatant Team Gaim then ran back to their hiding posts, watching Bima fighting against Kamikiri Inves with anticipation, hoping Kamijou would be okay.

"I wonder if Kyousuke-kun is okay to handle that dangerous Inves..." Hitomi murmured.

Bima stood up and charged forward, sending some rakes to Kamikiri Inves. The mantis Inves then used its sickle arms, trying to slash the Ghatotkacha-motif Rider but got missed twice, before got kicked. Kamikiri Inves then used the antenna-whips and Bima had to evade them, and then he cut them off.

"Yosh!" Hitomi beamed.

However, it didn't turn the favor for Bima as Kamikiri Inves shot energy discs from its sickles to him, inflicting sparks as they slashed its armor. The antennae grew back to normal before Kamikiri Inves using them to whip Bima off his feet. It then whipped again and again, causing him to grunt in pain.

"Kamijou-san!" Osomatsu cried.

As Kamikiri Inves kept whipping Bima good, suddenly it got barrage of shots, thus disoriented it a bit. Mariachi jumped into the battlefield, walking over to Bima.

"Who is that?" Madoka gawked when seeing Mariachi's sudden entrance.

"Are you okay?" Mariachi asked to the mangosteen-armored Rider.

"I'm fine, thank you." Bima answered.

And the two Riders had to turn their focus back to Kamikiri Inves, as it ran to the newcomer Rider, trying to slash her and missed due to the latter's dodging. Mariachi gave the Inves shot barrages before turning her rifles into Bayonet Mode and proceed to slash it. When Kamikiri Inves launched the energy discs, Mariachi used her poncho to deflect the discs away, as if it were a shield.

"Sugoi..." Madoka gasped in awe.

"Alright then. I'm not gonna lose!" Bima said as he pulled out the Salak Lockseed he just got from Helheim.


The zipper rip opened above Bima, and a metal snakefruit came down from it. He then changed the lock in his Sengoku Driver, slicing it open.


As the mangosteen armor dispersed into light particles, the snakefruit fell over Bima, and it let out splashes as it began to open. The top split into two and folded together with the sides to form shoulder pad, while the front and back folded onto place, with the front forming the chest piece with snakefruit skin and flesh. The back of his helmet retained the curled hat just like Mangosteen Arms helmet had, except it sported scaled texture like a snakefruit. The earpiece was golden in color, resembling elven ears. The visor became creme in color, with brown circle at its center. In his hands were a pair of zig-zag shaped sword, keris themed in snakefruits with their spiky blades, and the hilt similar to Gaim's Daidaimaru and Bravo's Duri Noko.


Bima had changed into Salak Arms, with his weapons Salakeris.

Bima charged forward and dodged mutated Kamikiri Inves' slashes before slashing it back with his keris. Kamikiri missed yet another slash and went to Mariachi to slash her with the sickle arms, but she used her El Machiatos to block them, pushed it away and slashed it with the bayonet blade. Bima leaped in, and then cut its antennae again before sending it a powerful sideways kick to stumble it off.

"Let's finish this, Kamijou-kun." Mariachi suggested as she sliced her lock once.

"Couldn't agree more!" Bima replied as he sliced his lock as well.

HAI~H! / *guitar riff*


Mariachi combined her rifles to form a long rifle, aiming at Kamikiri Inves as it charged the energy, while Bima launched thorns from the spikes of Salakeris blades, paralyzing it as they pierced into. Bima then combined both Salakeris to form a double-bladed lance before charging at Kamikiri Inves, slashing it twice and dashed through, while Mariachi fired a powerful laser shot to the Inves that pierced it through, destroying it soon after in explosion, with the salak slices and coffee seeds flew away from the explosion.

"They did it!" Choromatsu cheered.

"Yeah! They did it!" Hitomi cheered as well, with the rest of team high-fived each other. However, Madoka saw Mariachi as if she knew that coffee-armored Rider was someone in her past...

"Phew, one down, and one to go." Bima sighed in relief. He then turned around to see... Mariachi wasn't there anymore. Just what was with Mariachi? And who in the earth is she? Why did she knew his name, even though he hadn't meet that cowboy-like Rider? Those aside, he hoped that Homura and the others could handle another one...

Meanwhile, at a factory of some sort, Homura, Himeko, and Sayaka arrived. Based on what the maps showed, the Koumori Inves was most likely escaped there. Now it's up to them to look for the Inves.

"You sure the Inves is down here?" Homura asked as she and the other girls walked downstairs.

"Without a doubt." Himeko answered.

The girls then arrived at the basement of the factory. The trio walked carefully while looking around to their surroundings to see if the bat was around, in case it was waiting for them to come, so it could so sneak attack on them. They then found the vines from the Helheim forest around the staircase. They slowly ran to the fruited vine, curious on how could it grew to the place outside the forest, especially at the place like that.

"This is..." Himeko murmured.

"The fruit of the forest." Homura added.

"You know, these things always grow around those rips..." added Sayaka.

"I guess their seeds or spores come through." Himeko guessed.

Homura's attention got caught as she found something laying on the floor. It was the white hard hat like the technician had, but it was grown with vines. Himeko and Sayaka also looked at the hat. Was the vines' seed or spores planted on it and grew?


Soon, the girls had to shift their attention as soon as they heard Koumori Inves' roar, charging at them. It tried to slash the girls, and missed as they kept evading its strikes.

"You little jerk!" Homura growled as she clutched Koumori Inves to prevent it from attacking her friends, but it broke free soon after and swiped its arm blade at her feet, only to be dodged with a backflip, and countered by a jumping roundhouse kick hitting its face. She caught Koumori Inves' right arm when it tried to slash her, and it broke free so it could jab the ex-Puella Magi at her stomach and swat her away to the point she hit the fences and drums, collapsing upon impact.

"Raaaaah!" Himeko let out a battle cry as she ran to the Inves and clutched it from behind. Koumori Inves struggled to steer her away, and then it threw her behind, dropping her to the floor. Himeko grunted in pain as she tried to endure them. Sayaka rushed at Koumori Inves and performed a barrel roll to dodge its slash before turned around to sent a jumping high kick at its chin, and then proceeded to punch its face with a hook. Displeased, Koumori Inves swatted her away to the fence Homura had collided with, along with Himeko. Homura then grabbed a hydrant tube.

"Eat this!" Homura roared as she sprayed the hydrant at Koumori Inves' face, disorienting it stumbled.

"Girls!" Homura instructed as she pulled out her Sengoku Driver.

"Hai!" Himeko and Sayaka replied as they pulled out theirs, putting them on together with Homura.

"Henshin!" The girls announced as they pulled out their starting Lockseeds and unlocked them.


The girls posed in their ways as the fruits came don to them before locking their locks onto place.


When the standby musics played, Koumori Inves turned at the Gaim Riders as they sliced their locks open.


The fruits fell over their respective summoners, transforming them into their Rider forms as they opened and folded into place.



As the Riders charged forward, Koumori Inves flew past through them, and it performed U-turn as Ryugen and Fraise tried to shot it down and missed, and then Gaim tried to swat it and missed again as the Inves flew upwards and past behind them. Koumori growled as it turned around, and Ryugen fired the Budou Ryuhou, only for the Inves to jump down. Koumori Inves dodged Fraise and Gaim's slashes before jumped and swung its blade arm at Gaim, only to be blocked by the Daidaimaru and brought it locked before shoved it to the fence nearby and kicked it. Gaim tried to slash it but got parried by Koumori Inves and got shoved to the wall, and got a lockdown by Koumori Inves' arm blade. She then quickly withdrew her Musou Saber reverse-gripped to slash it at its midsection in Battoujutsu style, making it tumbled from the blow.

As Fraise joined in, Koumori Inves blocked her bow slash, and then used its ultrasonic soundwave to disorient her from attacking, as well as Gaim.

"Not this again!" Gaim groaned annoyed as she tried to endure the pain she got from the soundwave while being pushed to the wall.

She then kicked a barrel to Koumori Inves to disrupt it, only for it to continue its ear rape. Gaim cocked the hammer on Musou Saber to load them with built-in cartridges, turning it into Gun Mode. As she withstand the soundwave, Gaim managed to shoot the barrel to blow it away.

Ryugen then shot the Inves from behind as she ran to it, so she could assist Gaim. After Ryugen dodging Koumori's slash, Gaim ran in to block its blade and missed her slash, while Fraise shot some arrows to it, and missed again. After dodging the blows from the Riders, Koumori Inves got elbowed by Ryugen and shot from point-blank range, along with Fraise, that the force from combined attacks sent it flying backwards.

"Let's finish this!" Gaim said.

"Hai!" Ryugen and Fraise replied.

Gaim combined her weapons to form Daidaimaru Naginata Mode and moved the Orange Lockseed to Musou Saber's Drive Bay, while Ryugen and Fraise sliced their locks once.





While the weapons charged up for the finisher, Koumori Inves stood up shakily. Ryugen fired the Dragon Shot and Fraise shot the Barry Barrages, raining them with powerful shots.


Gaim charged forward and slashed with Daidaimaru Naginata Mode, and stopped past it as the energy orange flashed from the slashes she made, making it explode in fire and orange juice. Gaim sighed in relief, and turning off her transformation.

"Phew! That was close." Sayaka sighed.

"Did we get him?" Homura asked.

"Homura-san, Sayaka-san!" Himeko shouted.

Homura and Sayaka then ran to where Himeko found. Looks like the Helheim flora had surprisingly infested the place, or so it seemed. It was indicated that there had been a rip there, so the seeds might spread there. But the question is, how?

"It's just like in the forest..." Homura gasped in surprise.

"It means more free Lockseeds, eh?" Sayaka asked.

"Yeah, but how do they grow so fast?" Himeko wondered aloud, until she saw something. "Homura-san, Sayaka-san!" she said as she brought other two girls hiding behind the pipe. It turned out that a group of Elementary Inves came to the plant-infested area. They were enjoying the resources there, surprisingly rich, even to the forest's level.

"Inves?" Himeko gawked as the girls peeked at the Inves, watching them eating the premature Lockseed fruits heartily.

"So the other one must have run out of fruit to eat here and went out looking for more..." Himeko deduced.

Suddenly, there were sounds of footsteps, and shadow of human approaching to the Inves. The green Elementary Inves stopped its foraging as it noticed someone coming. As that figure came, overshadowed by the light behind her, the Inves began to face her. As the figure walked in, Homura realized who it was.

"She's...!" Homura muttered.

The dangerously voluptuous body, white suit, and sharp-looking melon armor, with alluring eyes, carrying a melon shield. She was Zangetsu. As she showed herself under the light, Zangetsu lowered her shield so she could withdraw her Musou Saber. Zangetsu then slashed the Inves one by one, mercilessly slaying them.

"The white Kamen Rider..." Himeko muttered, as Zangetsu pommeled the green Inves with her shield before slashing it. "Is she...?"

"Yeah." Homura nodded. "She's Zangetsu, the one that attacked me in the forest."

After she slashed all Inves with charged up Musou Saber, Zangetsu lowered her Musou Saber as they exploded, swinging it before sheathing it back. The group of men in hasmat suits and back-mounted gas tubes arrived and they proceeded to... burn the plants with their flamethrowers?! They burned every Helheim plants all over in the place, until they became ashes. But what for?

"They were here too..." Homura muttered, curious of why would they appeared and burned the plants out of sudden. She remembered having met some of them when she looked for Mami in the forest.

"Are they...?" Sayaka asked.

"I can't believe it... They're destroying the evidence!" Himeko concluded as she and the girls sat at the staircase. "It looks routine for them. They must know exactly what happened here."

"T-Terrible...!" Sayaka gasped in dibelief, mixed with shock.

"Someone's been attacked! They can't just-!" Homura argued.

"That's exactly why!" Himeko pointed out. "They're making it as if none of it ever happened."

Homura could understand now. That's why at the place where she had supposed to meet Mami, the plants were gone after going there for second time. They wanted to hide the existence of the plants from the public, for unknown reasons. Homura gritted her teeth, clenching her fist in anger. Those low-lifes must be given a lesson or two.

"They can't do that!" Homura growled annoyed as she slammed her fist at her knee.

While Himeko thinking if it was something they should not do, to hide evidences from public, she turned back at the incinerated plants, and her eyes widened as she recognized something from Zangetsu. She gasped in shock to see something she knew very well. The Sengoku Driver, with white faceplate.

"That's...!" Himeko gasped in disbelief, as she remembered having seen the very same belt she had seen from her sister, Chikane's briefcase days ago. She could remember it very well, and since Sengoku Driver was tied to only one user for each unit, she could tell it if Zangetsu was really her sister, Chikane. However, she got frozen by the shocking truth that she didn't recognize something coming at her...

"Himeko!" Homura gasped as she and Sayaka dragged the Himemiya prodigy away from the flames aimed at them, to kill them so there wouldn't be witnesses. As the girls ran away, Himeko turned to Zangetsu, who stood in midst of fire.

Later night, at Yggdrasil Tower, in Ryouma's lab...

"Cracks are forming faster than anticipated." Chikane informed.

"It seems Helheim is finally awakening. How fascinating." Ryouma guessed as he typed some kind of data in his laptop.

"Is this some kind of game to you? Our staff is being stretched much too thin already." Chikane deadpanned. She then turned to the professor and asked, "How are the new models coming?"

"We need to move up the schedule." Ryouma answered. "Who will our first tester be?"

"I'll do it." Chikane answered as she turned away.

"Are you sure? It's much riskier that the original. I would choose another guinea pig, myself." Ryouma pointed out with a chuckle.

"I've commited to this project. I will see its success." Chikane said, determined to this project, with the objective in her mind.

"Oh? Why all this dedication?" Ryouma asked. He then got up from the chair and asked her again, "What are you so invested for?"

"Yggdrasil holds fate of the world in its hands. I will secure the future of humanity." Chikane answered with determination. It wasn't about power, but it was about saving mankind, from what would come to them.

"Oh, and I've gotta go home now. Later." Chikane bid as she left the lab.

"Laters." Ryouma replied. Now he was on his own, it meant he could return to his work. But before that, he wanted to contact "someone" first. Q.B.

"Hey, Ryouma. How's the progress so far?" Q.B. asked.

"Nothing much to say, but it seems the cracks are opening faster than usual." Ryouma informed. "If only that Melon-Boob Overseer don't watch us too often, we would reach our "project" goal in no time."

"I see. Actually, we can use Contract Alpha for some more." Q.B. said.

"Yeah, I know, right?" Ryouma remarked.

"But you gotta be careful with Contract Beta. She's one of my old friend, so you know."

"Oh yeah? She's just one of the street rats now. We can dispatch her easily once the new models completed."

"Good. Soon, the power of Helheim is in our hands..." Q.B. said.

Meanwhile, at the rooftop of building, Mariachi stood there, and then she closed the Lockseed to cancel her transformation, revealing... the blonde, twin-drilled hair girl in poncho, with the brown shirt underneath and black skirt, as well as brown leggings with a gun holstered on her right thigh. She wore brown leather shoes, and brown cowboy hat like her Rider form wore. When looked from the front, she was... Mami?!

"Yggdrasil is getting busy now. I wonder what Yggs have in the store..." Mami said as she stared at Yggdrasil Tower, under the dark night sky...

(Suddenly the Orange, Pine, Ichigo, Kinkan, Ume, and Suika Lockseeds and Sakura Lockvehicle flew over the current scene and it zipped closed to form blue background with Gaim's logo on it.)

(Cue ending: E-X-A ~Exciting x Attitude~ by Kamen Rider Girls)

Sekai o kaeru junbi wa ii ka?

(The scene showed Homura with her hair flailing as if was blown by wind with Orange, Pine, Kinkan, Ume, Ichigo, and Suika Lockseeds, and Daidaimaru over the blue background with Gaim's logo)

Kajitta kajitsu, sui ka amai ka?

(Then the scene switched to Sayaka with her hair blew in same way. On the background were Pineberry, Blackberry, and Blueberry Lockseeds and Berrybow over pink background with Fraise's logo.)

Unmei o kirihiraku kagi

(Next was Himeko standing with her hair flailed similarly, with Budou, Kiwi, Riberry, and Shipova Lockseeds and Ryugen's weapon, Budou Ryuhou over green background with Ryugen's logo.)

Sore wa kimi da, susume EXA e

(Then the scene switched to Chikane with her hair blew in same way. On the background were Melon Lockseeds and Melon Defender over white background with Zangetsu's logo. Soon after, the scene changed to Gaim zooming in with her bike.)

(Lock On Soiya Soiya!)

(The scene showed all Team Gaim dancing)

(EXA Soiya!)

(Then it switched to Gaim performing a sword dance.)

Isshoku sokuhatsu bachibachi kiteru

(Homura and Madoka were holding hands while faced to each other, on their reflection were Gaim and the girl in white in their respective place.)

Jintori omotemuki mata kiken'na Game

(Kyouko and Sayaka were sitting back-on-back, on their reflection were Baron and Fraise on their place.)

Dare no inomama ni ayatsurare teru?

(Himeko and Chikane walked through each other, as soon they passed by, it switched to Ryugen and Zangetsu doing the same)

Hora kagi ga hirakeba tomaranai Time to Fight!

(Gaim and Baron were standing back-to-back on greater distance, and then they turned to each other before charging with their respective weapons.)

"Ki o tsukete kimi wa ima unmei o erabou

(The scene switched to a mysterious girl in white turned to viewer and pointing it.)

To shite iru" chūkoku? Imi nante wakarazu

(Gaim was seen battling a horde of Elementary Inves around her. After few slashing and hacking, Gaim kneeled exhausted.)

Tobikonda Battle Field! Hey!

(When viewed from sideways, her helmet was broken, revealing Homura's face at left side, shedding tears. She then rose and roared to her vigor.)

Kimi ga eranda (Hey!)

(Gaim, Baron, Fraise, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Mariachi, Bima, Gridon, Kurokage, Bravo, Viscount, and Asura were having bike race on a circuit. Gaim was on the first place.)

michi no sakini wa (Hey!)

(Baron managed to catch up with Gaim, and she tried to take the lead.)

Nani ga atte (Don' t stop) dare to atte? (Carry on)

(The scene shifted to Team Baron dancing, and then back to Team Gaim.)

Mada mienaikedo (ten o mezase)

(The scene returned to dancing Team Baron.)

Exciting × Attitude Chanto arawase

(Gaim tried to preventBaron to take the lead, and then she first reached finish line, followed by other Riders.)

Tachimukau shisei o

(The scene shifted to Gaim riding horse in high speed)

Iza susume don' t get back EXA!

(Team Gaim continued dancing in high impact moves.)

(Lock On Soiya Soiya!)

(Gaim, Baron, Ryugen Zangetsu, Fraise, and Mariachi acted in their ways with their weapons.)

(EXA Soiya!)

(Then, Gridon, Kurokage, Bravo, Bima, Viscount, and Asura followed suit.)

Iza susume don' t get back EXA!

(Gaim jumped as he spun, then landed, posing with her both weapons, and then Team Gaim and Baron finished dancing.)


At the studio where Sid usually review Lockseeds, Sid sat at the sofa and was snacking at the crackers, while looking at the Lockseed catalogue in his iPad. He then turned to the readers who wanted to see some review from him.

"Yo, ladies and gentlemen. Back with me Sid, in this Lockseed Catalogue." Sid began. "Today, we'll introduce these guys."

Sid then showed the Almond, Hashibami, and Salak Lockseeds. He then began his review with...

"First, we began with the Almond one."

Sid showed the Almond Lockseed as the TV screen above him showed the image of Almond Lockseed. He then began the explanation about the lock,

"Almond Lockseed is one of B Class locks, which is commonly found among nut-based ones. This lock is in possession of Nobita, and since it's uncommon even among lesser locks, few Beat Riders uses this. And this can be used for..."


"Almond Arms!" Sid announced as the screen displayed Gridon Almond Arms and Almanx in place of the previous image. "This Arms is, like Donguri Arms, is heavy-armored, but it's more strength-oriented like Mango and Pine ones. And you can see, there's an axe, which is powerful enough to deal heavy strike! What's funny is, the Arms come in upside down, so it's kinda weird, but who cares?"

"Alright then, let's continue with this." Sid continued as he showed the Hashibami Lockseed and the screen displayed Hashibami Lockseed.

"Hashibami Lockseed is, like Almond, B Class Lockseed. This lock is based on hazelnut, the nuts commonly used in chocolates and confectionaries. It's in possession of Hideyoshi, and it's kinda common among Beat Riders, especially mid to top rankers." Sid explained about the lock. "It gives Sengoku Driver user..."


"Hashibami Arms!" Sid announced as the screen displayed the image of Kurokage Hashibami Arms and Hashibasami, both in separated and combined forms.

"This Arms is kinda nimble, thanks to its light armor, although it has the bits of bulk... And the scissor swords, it reminds me to certain kind of anime, I don't know what is it, but you readers probably know. Instead, it comes with both halves. Anyways, it's recommended is you're prone in lockdown so you can use them for counter-attacks!" Sid explained.

"The last, but not least, is, Salak." Sid said as he showed the Salak Lockseed, and the TV screen displayed Salak Lockseed image.

"This Salak Lockseed, is B+ Class Lockseed. This is based on snakefruit, or salak in southeastern countries. This lock is in possession of that violin guy, and used right one chapter after he got it for the first time!" Sid explained about the lock. "When used with Sengoku Driver..."


"TA~DA! Salak Arms!" Sid announced as the TV screen showed the image of Bima Salak Arms and Salakeris, both in pairs and single double-bladed lance.

"Salak Arms, is speed-oriented Arms akin to Mangosteen and Ichigo Arms. The light, thin, and scaled armor what makes the user nimble, plus the pair of weird weapons which can be used for quick slashes. And it can shoot spikes too. Pretty neat. Its finisher is Salak Needles, where the user shoots the spikes form the swords to paralyze them before finishing them with powerful slash."

As the TV screen turned off, Sid put all locks into his briefcase, and then he finised his review,

"Alright, that's all for now. As usual, don't forget to read, review, follow, and favorite. It's gotta be interesting as you'll see what to come..."

Sid then continued snacking on the crackers...

Next time on Kamen Rider Gaim Magica!

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Kyouko: "You look better when you walk in barefoot."

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Kyouko: "You're strong, and I'll make you the power I need."

Lock 11: Clash of Giants! Watermelon VS Coconut!

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12. Asura

13. Knuckle

14. Kageri

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16. Kusanagi

17. Bujin Gaim

18. Fifteen

19. Malus

20. Kamuro


1. Zangetsu-Shin

2. Duke

3. Malika

4. Sigurd

5. Kurokage-Shin

6. Arjuna

7. Jester

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