An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking whatever language they speak in whatever part of Scandinavia the movie takes place in. It's probably Danish and they're probably from Denmark, were Hans Christian Andersen lived. But I don't know that for sure."

-Start Chapter-

All was well with the world as Naruto finally succeeded in life. After so long the war was over and he had defeated Kaguya. The village had finally given him the respect he had yearned for all these years. And Sasuke had finally returned to the village in their time of need. Now if only he wasn't burning to death from his own chakra.

While victorious he had used too much of the kyuubi's chakra in conjunction with the invincibility of his sage mode, and was now suffering the backlash of combining the two powerful forces into one for so long. The massive amount of energy released had left his chakra coils so expanded that the kyuubi had to continually push chakra through his system to keep it from collapsing in on itself. Leaving him with more chakra than he could use, and his body had to literally "burn" the chakra off, in an effort to get it out of his system.

Kurama was kept busy as the bijuu directed it's chakra between slowly returning Naruto's coils to normal, and simultaneously healing his body from the heat damage the chakra burn was doing. Naruto's temperature had finally evened out, but didn't seem like it would be dropping any time soon. Eventually the large fox demon was forced to admit that unless something massive was done soon; Naruto would just continue to suffer before dying via immolation.

Naruto looked at his friends surrounding him as he lay on the ground in agony. His body radiating so much heat that his loved ones were unable to get close enough to give him a hug or even hold his hand. Slowly the rest of the army that Naruto had led to victory circled around to watch their hero's final moments.

To its credit the nine-tailed fox gave its jailor turned partner as much time as it could with the ones he loved after it told Naruto what needed to happen to save his life, and began to direct the chakra inside Naruto's body to perform one more jutsu. Showing the Uzumaki determination once more, Naruto pushed through the pain of his burning body and looked to his precious people and smiled.

"Don't worry guys," Naruto said as loud as he could so everyone heard him, "Fuzz butt say's I've got to go away, but he promised that I'll live so I'm going to continue being awesome somewhere else and you guys need to stay here and look after the place. Okay?" Naruto's ever present smile and always optimistic attitude continued to prove infectious as all his friends promised that they too were going to continue on, and make a better world.

With one more weak wave goodbye Uzumaki Naruto vanished from the world that he had called home from the beginning of his life, and was sent off to his next adventure.


While Naruto's unconscious body hurled through time and space, the kyuubi had returned his coils back to normal and was hoping that Naruto would survive the side effects that he would have to live with. Mainly that his body temperature was insanely high right now and would be higher than normal for the rest of his life.

Drained of its own chakra Kurama could only hope that Naruto would not only live through the "landing" but that he would survive long enough on his own until the bijuu had regained enough of its own chakra to finish the healing.

If only their luck could hold out long enough Naruto would land on a nice fluffy snow capped mountain that would keep his body chilled for the time being. If only there wasn't an ancient summoning circle carved into the earth by a group of trolls disguised as rocks that was attracting Naruto's body to it like a beacon. And if only it wasn't the middle of the hottest summer the city of Arendelle had felt in a long time.


Several months had passed since Elsa's coronation, and subsequently her people discovering her powers. But the young queen was happy. She and her sister had returned to being the best friends they were as children. The people had fully accepted her, powers and all, trade with the other countries, besides Weaseltown, had never been better, and using her gifts she was able to put a slight damper on the blistering heat that was plaguing the town. Of course it was only by a few degrees. She wouldn't want to put Kristoff, the man many were calling her future brother-in-law, out of business, now would she. At least Olaf was enjoying the heat.

Currently she was on her way to the Valley of the Living Rock to thank the trolls for helping her family as much as they have. She wished she could have come to thank them earlier, but being the new queen of a country did take up most of her time. And what free time she did have was spent with Anna, as they made up for all the time together they had lost over the years.

But at the current moment Kristoff had plucked up enough courage to ask Anna to join him for a picnic before he went back up the mountains to fetch more ice. So Elsa thought it would be nice to visit the trolls, especially since she had just gotten over her cold from Anna's birthday. And with there being no life threatening need for her or her magical ice powers in town, she took the time to relax for a little bit while riding deeper into the mountains with nothing but her thoughts.

And at the forefront of her thoughts was the recent want that her people expressed for their kingdom to have a king. As nice as it would be to make Kristoff a prince, many still wanted a king. While her mother had helped run the country as an excellent queen that everyone adored, they were still used to a king having final say in everything. Even their neighboring countries and trade partners had sent inquirers about any prospects for Arendelle's new king. Most of the time she would just ignore them.

Truthfully Elsa wasn't sure she could find a husband. She was known as the Snow Queen, and no man would be able to be near her for long periods of time. Her body was colder than a normal human, and occasionally her magic would wrap her body in a cold breeze when she became emotional. So any suitors would either have to accept a severe lack of physical intimacy, or be able to stand freezing temperatures almost constantly. Neither of which seemed very likely to her. They would probably need to have separate bed chambers as well.

And there was another problem, if she did get married she would be expected to produce an heir for the throne eventually, and how would that work. Elsa was forced to stifle a giggle as she thought about a man in heavy winter clothing entering her chambers to lay with her. The image was almost too funny as she imagined that she would only be able to see his eyes under all his layers of clothing. Of course, his eyes would be a blue color that sparkled like the sun, able to warm her cold body through the night. But this was a thought for another, more private time. Even if Elsa would have loved to have someone keep her warm at night, despite the cold not bothering her.

A short horse ride later the platinum blonde haired queen reached her destination, only to find the many resident trolls circling around something she couldn't quite see. The sound of her feet hitting the hard earth as she dismounted caused the trolls to turn and look in her direction. As the trolls disengaged their circle around whatever they were looking at on the ground, Elsa thought she could see what looked like gold lying on the ground behind them.

"Welcome Queen Elsa," The elder troll, Pabbie, greeted.

"Greetings Pabbie, King of the Troll," Elsa replied in kind. "I had come to thank you and your clan for helping my family as much as you have in these past years," Elsa started as she once again looked behind the trolls at what she thought was a lump of gold before she noticed it had a badly burned orange cloth wrapped around the rest of it. "I had not intended to interrupt anything important for you."

"It is alright my queen," Pabbie said quickly to ensure that the ruler of the land would not misunderstand. "We were merely checking on the one who arrived just moments ago," The ageing troll said as many of the trolls moved so Elsa could get a better look at the lump.

What she thought was gold had actually been the bright yellow hair of a young man who was covered in the burnt remains of what used to be an orange jacket. Every couple of seconds or so his body would spasm and shake as he lay on the hard ground. The moss that was ever present in the trolls domain had been scorched around where the man lay, as heat seemed to radiate from his body. As Elsa drew closer to the man she found herself subconsciously using her own magic to keep herself cool as she noticed the haze caused by the heated air around him.

"What's wrong with him?" Elsa asked while she kneeled over him as her magic protected her from the heat.

"We are not sure," Pabbie said moving to stand next to the queen as his rock body protected him from the heat as well. "He appeared in the ancient circle as if someone had summoned him, but when we gathered around him he was already like this."

Elsa tentatively reached down and felt her fellow blonde's bare forehead to check his temperature the same way her own mother had done to her. Even with the ice that now covered her hand, protecting it from being burned, Elsa could feel the heat from the man's skin slowly begin to fill her. What surprised the both of them the most was that the young man gave his first sign of life as he moved his body closer to Elsa when he felt her ice covered hand touch his brow.

When Elsa looked towards the troll king for an explanation he could only shake his head in sorrow. "I can sense a kind of magic inside him that burns him from the inside out. It is his need to be cooled down that draws him towards you."

When Pabbie finished speaking Elsa looked back towards the suffering man. With a quick flick of her hand the blonde was raised from the ground on a bed of solid ice with a thick sheet of frost covered him. After a few seconds had passed he stopped shaking and seemed to fall into a restful sleep within his frozen confines. With the man now comfortable Elsa turned towards Pabbie again with the hope that he could help the boy.

"You said magic was what was hurting him, so can you just remove it like you did with my sister fourteen years ago?" The queen questioned as she sat on the bed of ice.

"I cannot your majesty," The elder troll said in a morose tone. "The same magic that now harms him is also a part of him, and I can no more remove it than I can remove the magic you were born with from yourself."

With each word that was spoken Elsa's face grew more solemn as she turned to look at boy and saw a soft smile had replaced the anguish filled grimace that had previously marred his face. It was at that moment that she noticed the thin lines on each of his cheeks that looked remarkably like whiskers. Elsa felt a blush appear on her own cheeks at the thought of how cute he looked. If Pabbie hadn't started talking again she might have started touching the marks to see if they were real.

"Do not worry Queen Elsa I can sense that his own magic is also trying to heal him. It will however take time that he may not have with how hot his body is." Elsa had to stifle another gasp at the troll's words. "However I believe that I see how we can keep him alive while he recovers. You queen Elsa must take him with you back to your castle and keep his body cold with your magic just as you have done here. If you don't, his body will destroy itself before he can heal."

Elsa agreed immediately to the request. Mainly because she would never turn away someone she could help, but she also felt that she had to take the man with her. No matter how hard she tried, every time she looked at his smiling face as he lay on the icy bed just brought a smile to her own lips. Elsa entertained the thought that this boy might have the most contagious smile she had ever seen.

With a flick of her wrist Elsa conjured a set of ice skies below the bed, turning it into a makeshift sled. Seeing what her plan was many of the trolls that had been standing around watching, started to move forward and attach the newly made sled to the horse that the queen had arrived on. Elsa could only stand back as the trolls quickly and effectively wrapped ropes between the horse's harness and the bed of ice.

A hand pulling on her dress alerted her to Pabbie once more wishing to talk with her while his people industriously worked. "I do not know how he came to be here, but I feel that it is no coincidence that you, the one person that can save him, arrived only minutes after he appeared. I only ask that while you tend to him that you also try and befriend him yourself."

"I will King Pabbie," Elsa said as she checked that the ice sled was secured to her horse. "You said you were unsure of where he came from, so I can only imagine that he is not from around Arendelle. I am sure he would be most appreciative to have a friend while he is here."

Finding the sled firmly secured Elsa mounted her horse and said her goodbyes to the trolls before making her return home.

-End Chapter-

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