An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking Norwegian"

"~Kristoff Speaking For Sven~"

-Start Chapter-

The whole town of Arendelle was buzzing. Many people were running around the village, in the hope of finding the missing children. While Hedda and Ingrid had been missing since the previous night, now there were two more children missing, Sara and Arn.

"Thank you so much for your help," Elsa said to a group of men.

"It's no problem, your majesty. We're just as worried about those kids as anyone," one of them answered.

"It's still a great help," the queen insisted. "But I also know most of you will be needed at the docks soon. If any of you need to leave, we can keep searching."

"The docks aren't going anywhere, your highness. We'll keep looking for as long as we can."

"Thank you," Elsa said once more, as the group disbanded. Going their separate ways to look for the missing children.

"I really wish we could find Hedda and Ingrid," Olaf said from beside the queen. "Now's about the time all of us would play together."

"And what would you be playing?" the blonde asked, eager for a lighter topic about the missing girls.

"Well, sometimes Hedda wants to go to Viking Valley, where you can hunt dragons," the snowman stated.

"Dragons huh," the ice queen chuckled.

"Other times Ingrid wants to jump to the moon, or go to the Forbidden Lands."

"The Forbidden Lands?" Elsa questioned. "As in the area east of Villmark. That's a real place."

"Hedda and Ingrid want to conquer it someday. That's their dream," the snowman answered back. "I hope they get to achieve it someday."

"The two of them said they want to conquer the Forbidden Lands?" the queen asked. Waiting only for Olaf to nod his head. "We need to go find Kristoff and Anna. If Hedda and Ingrid went to the Forbidden Lands, they could be in extreme danger."

With a quick word to the ever faithful Kai, who was helping to organize the search, Elsa and Olaf went out the town gates. Hoping they could find the pair of girls before they got hurt.


Sven trotted along, pulling his sled behind him. With Kristoff holding on to the reins, while Anna talked with Sara and Arn. Hoping that either one of them might have an idea where Hedda and Ingrid had run off to.

"Sara, you mention you got into an argument with Hedda and Ingrid last night," the princess recalled. "What were the three of you talking about?"

"It wasn't anything important," the black-haired girl started. "They were talking about going to the Forbidden Lands."

"I overheard you talking about that yesterday," Kristoff said. Remembering when he last saw the girls.

"Yeah, but they were still talking about conquering it last night," Sara continued. "I told them they couldn't, because if the Forbidden Lands haven't been conquered already, they never will be."

"Was that what the fight was about?" Anna questioned. "About the Forbidden Lands."

Sara nodded. Tilting her head slightly in confusion.

"Could Hedda and Ingrid have gone to the Forbidden Lands?" Anna turned to ask for her boyfriend's opinion.

"I hope not. It's very dangerous out there," Kristoff replied. Tightening his grip on the reins.

"Are the Forbidden Lands real?" Arn asked. "Everyone talks about them, but no one talks about where they are."

"It's a valley squished between two mountains, with a sheer cliff on one side," the ice harvester explained. "If there's any kind of snow drift, or worse, from the mountains, the valley floods with snow. Washing away anything that isn't firmly attached to the ground, over the cliff. This makes exploring and mapping the area extremely dangerous, and almost impossible. Which is why it's forbidden."

"If Hedda and Ingrid don't know about how dangerous it is, maybe they really did go there," Anna said.

"We can head in that direction, and see if there's any sign of them," the blond man responded. Directing his best friend to turn the sleigh in the direction of the Forbidden Lands.


As the four member search party made its way to the forbidden valley, strong winds began to form. Picking up snow and obscuring everyone's vision, but the group continued looking for the missing girls.

"Kristoff, on the right," Anna called out. Pointing off in the distance, where two shapes could be seen.

With the sled turned, the group was soon at the shapes. A pair of wolves fighting over a pink piece of cloth.

"Hedda," Sara yelled out, looking at the familiar jacket.

Kristoff lit a torch, and ran at the wolves. Scaring them off with his wild movements, and grabbing the pink jacket. Once he was back at the sled, everyone's fears were confirmed.

"This is definitely Hedda's," Sara said. "She was wearing it last night."

"So she was here," Anna added.

"The wolves tore it up, but there's no blood," the ice harvester noted. Able to put his hands through one of the new holes in the fabric. "I think she got away from the wolves, but she's now missing her jacket in the cold. We need to find her and Ingrid soon."

Suddenly a loud howl sounded over the valley.

"Are the wolves coming back?" Arn asked, grabbing onto Sara's jacket.

"No," Kristoff responded, looking around scared. "It's something worse."

A rumbling came from higher up the mountain. Seemingly getting louder the longer it went on.

"Sven run," the mountain men yelled, barely making sure that everyone was inside the sled. "It's an avalanche, we need to find shelter."

The group raced down the valley, no one willing to look back. Only listening to the loud rumbling getting louder.

"We're nearing the cliff," Kristoff shouted.

"I see an alcove on the right," Anna yelled.

With no other choice, Sven pulled as hard as he could, dragging the sled into cover. And with no time to spare, when a loud thump soon followed them. As a wall of snow blocked where they had entered from.

"At least we're safe now," Kristoff sighed, walking over to the obstructing snow mound. "But I don't think we'll be able to dig our way through this snow."

The rest of the group looked at the area they had found safety in. It was a large cutout on the side of the mountain. With an open side that emptied onto the cliff they had been trying to avoid.

"I'm going to try and climb up the mountain side," the blond woodsman said, pulling some climbing gear from the sled. "If I can find an anchor point farther up, I can secure a rope and we can all climb over the snow wall."

With a large coil of rope around his arm and an ice axe, Kristoff prepared to climb. But when he struck the wall a vicious tremor tore through the ground beneath them. Forming a gash on the snowy ground beneath them.

"Everyone against the wall," the blond yelled with panic.

Everyone moved next to the mountain, and as far from the edge as possible. With the iceman even unhooking Sven from the sled. Once the entire group was there, the fissure stopped. Leaving a crack in the terrain.

"The ground's not solid," Kristoff groaned. "We should be fine for now, but if we try anything reckless, the whole cliff might collapse."

With nothing to do but wait, the group sat in silence for a few minutes. Listening for any more cracks to form in the unstable ground. But soon a new sound was heard, crying.

"It's all my fault," Sara sniffed. Rubbing some tears from her eyes. "I'm the reason that Hedda and Ingrid ran away, and I was even wrong about avalanches in the Forbidden Lands. I wish those two were here so I could tell them I'm sorry. Even if they won't forgive me."

Anna wanted to say something to try and comfort the children. But she was interrupted by Kristoff.

"Even if those two are angry with you, I don't think they'll hate you. There are times where I'm still angry about how the other kids picked on me when I was young. But sometimes I think about a certain night at the orphanage, and it helps me understand," the blond man started. Making sure that the children were listening.

"I was sneaking down to the kitchen, when I saw a light on in the main office. Once I got closer I could see the caretaker talking with this kid named Gustav. He was upset because his parents were supposed to visit him that day, but they couldn't. Gustav was so upset that he was actually crying, and kept asking why this was happening to him."

Kristoff took a few moments as he let everyone digest his story. While collecting his own thoughts.

"I later learned that Gustav's parents weren't able to take care of him, so they put him in the orphanage where we could be. His situation was different from mine, but he was also in pain. And he took that pain out on some of the other kids, including me. It's not an excuse for the bad things he did, but I understood him better after that night."

The blond ice harvester turned to look at Sara, even kneeling down to her level.

"You can learn from both him and this experience, and do better. Be better. And I'm sure Hedda and Ingrid will forgive you."

A comfortable silence washed over the group as Kristoff finished his story. Glad that it had gotten the children to think about their actions. While also distracting them from the situation they were in.

"Kristoff, is that you?" a voice questioned from above the group, startling everyone.

Farther up the wall that the blond man had attempted to climb, were Hedda and Ingrid. Looking down at the group in surprise.

"Sara, Arn, and Princess Anna too," Hedda added.

"We heard Kristoff talking, and came to look," Ingrid said.

"It's so good to see that both of you are alright," Anna called up. "When we found Hedda's jacket, we thought something terrible might have happened."

"When we heard the wolves, both of us climbed a tree, and I had to ditch my jacket when it got caught on a branch," the redhead responded. "The wolves carried it away from our camp. They were probably interested in the crumbs in the pockets."

"Thankfully, the trees we climbed were away from the avalanche," Ingrid added.

A loud snap reminded the lower group that they needed to get off the ice shelf. Quickly.

"Is there anything you two can tie a rope around up there?" the blond man called.

"There are several strong trees, and Naruto taught us how to tie knots," Ingrid responded.

"Perfect," Kristoff grinned, tying the end of a rope around his ice axe. "Grab my axe when it lands, and wrap the rope around a tree."

With a grunt, the ice harvester threw the axe up the cliff. Purposefully aiming to the side to avoid the girls, while the rope coil unwound as the tool flew higher. Soon the axe landed, and the girls rushed over to grab it. Where it was soon tightly wrapped and knotted around a tree.

"Everything's secured," Hedda called.

"Great," the blond replied. Attaching the other end of the rope to Sven's harness. Before turning to the other humans with him. "We don't have enough rope to wrap around ourselves, so we're going to have to climb up with just the rope. Sven will stay down here and be our anchor. We'll help him get up from the top. Does everybody understand?"

The explanation had been directed at the two kids, who nodded their heads, but looked unsure.

"It'll be fine," Anna assured the children. "You two will go up first, so if you fall, Kristoff and I can catch you. The cliff has a low enough angle that if you hold tight to the rope, you can walk up the cliff."

The two youngsters were relieved to hear that. Although their nerves were still very much unsettled. Especially when the princess began guided Sara to go up the rope first.

Under the redhead's guidance, Sara was soon holding the rope, and walking up the steep cliff. With Arn soon following after her, before Anna started her own climb.

"Hang tight buddy," Kristoff said to Sven, patting the reindeer's head. "We'll get you up soon."

Making sure that everyone was steadily making their way up the cliff, the blond mountain man began after them. Keeping a fair distance away from everyone else, so his height wouldn't pull the rope away from the mountain.

Slowly, the group made their way up the mountain. The tense atmosphere kept an oppressive silence over everyone. Even Hedda and Ingrid were unable to speak, as they watched the group climb.

It was Hedda who noticed first. "Hang on," she called, confusing everyone else.

But it wasn't enough warning for the group on the cliff, as a sudden bellow of wind slammed into them. Shaking their bodies, and threatening to tear them away from the rope.

Arn slipped first, sliding down into the more steady form of Anna. Whos was quick to plant her feet to take the new weight. While Kristoff's experience kept him stable.

Sara, however, was not so lucky. She might have been able to hold on longer than her friend, but soon lost her grip. Yet instead of slipping down, her small body moved with the vicious gusts, and slid sideways on the wall. Where she was able to grab a lone, weak, branch sticking out from the cliff.

"Hang on Sara," Kristoff yelled over the wind.

Luckily the wind died down quickly, letting the small girl keep hold of her new lifeline. Although she could do little more than whimper at her new predicament. Especially as she thought she heard the wood crack.

"Anna, how's Arn?" the mountain man asked.

"I've got him," the princess responded.

"Continue on, and get him to the top. I'm going to try and walk the rope over to Sara, but I'll need you and Arn off of it first," Kristoff explained. Anxiously watching the dark haired girl as she clung to the branch.

Anna agreed, and tried to get the small boy walking again. Although he was practically laying on her at this point. However, it was only when she looked up, that the princess noticed that Hedda and Ingrid were missing.

A sturdy rope sailed from the top of the cliff, with one end sliding down the wall. Not long enough to reach the bottom, but able to get close to Sara. And that was enough, as Ingrid, followed by Hedda, began to descend the cliff.

"What are you two doing?" Kristoff called more than asked.

But the girls ignored him as they quickly reached the bottom of the rope. A thick knot serving as a good handhold to stop at.

With only a nod between the two, Hedda linked her arm with Ingrid's, allowing the blonde to let go of the rope, and drop low enough to finally reach Sara.

"Grab my hand," Ingrid said, holding her hand to the stranded girl.

"Hedda, Ingrid," Sara stuttered out. "I'm sorry for all of this, and ruining your new clothes."

"You don't need to worry about that now," Hedda said.

"What matters is making sure you're safe," Ingrid continued, keeping her gloved hand within grabbing range.

With her whole body shaking, Sara managed to pull one of her hands away from the branch, and grasped Ingrid's.

"Link your arm with mine, like Hedda and I are doing," the blonde girl instructed with a smile. "Once you do that, we can safely get back to the main rope."

Sara did exactly as she was told. Feeling a sense of relief as her form was supported by the other girl. With newfound confidence, she let go of the branch. Letting the three girl human-chain leisurely swing back to the first rope. Where Kristoff, Anna, and Arn were waiting with held breaths.

Thankfully, everyone made it back to the main rope. And with the second rope that Ingrid and Hedda had used to reach Sara, it was now even easier to climb to the top of the cliff.

A few minutes later the whole group finished climbing over the cliff. With Kristoff being the last one up, and the only one not completely tired. Chuckling to himself, the mountain man let everyone else catch their breath, while he looked around the small clearing.

A little farther back was a row of trees, one of which Hedda and Ingrid had tied his rope around. While closer to the cliff was a quick snow anchor that the girls had made to secure their own rope. Evidently those two knew what they were doing. And when they grew up, they might actually conquer the Forbidden Lands.

"Okay everyone, don't rest too long," the ice harvester called. "We still need to get Sven up here."

However, before anyone could even stand up, a loud cry from the reindeer caused everyone to jump. As a sudden gust of wind blew past them, and a trembling Sven was with them at the top of the cliff. Being carried in the arms of an orange cloaked ninja.

"Do not worry, I brought him up," Naruto happily said. While putting the wide eyed reindeer back on the ground.

Kristoff ran over to his fellow blond. Intent on checking on his reindeer friend.

"Sorry Sven," the ninja apologizes. " I did not think you would mind if I carried you up here."

"Well, reindeer were never meant to fly," the mountain man said, patting his partner's back. "It's probably best if we avoid you carrying him in the future."

"Naruto," a sudden cry rang out, as Hedda and Ingrid had recovered. Standing up from the ground the two girls ran to their blond friend. Giving him a big hug, as he knelt down to meet them.

"How did you find us?" Hedda asked with a smile.

"I followed the markers you two made," the ninja responded. "I am proud of you two. You did everything I taught you, and looked after each other."

The two girls blushed under the praise, while also glowing with happiness. Eager to tell the blond of their adventure, but there was something they had to do first.

"We're sorry for running away," Ingrid spoke, her voice low.

"We didn't think anyone would come looking for us," Hedda added. "We just wanted to show that we could get to the Forbidden Lands on our own."

While Naruto was not familiar with the area they were talking about, he understood their feelings. Wanting to prove themselves to others.

"I understand," he said, gently placing his hands on their heads. "Sometimes, it can feel good to run away from people. When I was young, I ran away to a forest. It was peaceful there, but I was lonely. Thankfully a kind old man kept me company, and I went back to my village."

"So we should go back to our village too?" Ingrid tried to summarize.

Naruto smiled, pulling the girls into another hug. "Promise me, if either of you ever want to run away again, you will run to me first."

"We promise," the girls swore, slightly muffled as they squished themselves into their friend.

Several minutes passed, as everyone settled down. Each glad that the experience was over. Even Sara and Arn couldn't stop smiling.

Eventually, when the problem of returning to town with so many people was brought up, Naruto was quick to jump back down the cliff. Returning with Kristoff's sled that had been abandoned there.

With the sled attached to the now calmed Sven, everyone got in. Happy to be heading home. Until they reached a new problem.

A wide chasm was between the group, and the quickest route home. It was impossible for all but Naruto to jump, and it would take some time to go around it. Especially as the sun was beginning to set.

"I don't think Sven will let Naruto carry him across," Kristoff said. Leaning over to try and see into the crevice.

The reindeer of the group gave a loud snort. Showing his disapproval at the very idea.

"We might have to if we can't think of something else," Anna said.

"Perhaps I can help," a voice called.

Before the group could see who had spoken, a set of handrails, made of pristine ice, latched onto the cliff. With a set of steps following soon after.

"Queen Elsa," the children cheered. Running to the new ice bridge, only to be greeted by an excitable snowman already crossing towards them.

"Hi everybody," Olaf yelled, running into the group.

Across the bridge, Elsa stood beside her horse. Smiling that everyone was safe.


Twilight was setting in, as the four kids, and one snowman, were nestled in the back of the seigh. Awake, but obviously tired from their day long adventure.

Sven trotted along happily, with all his legs on the ground. As Elsa's horse moved beside him. While Anna leaned on Kristoff's shoulder.

Elsa, meanwhile, kept looking at the forest nervously. Watching for something that hadn't shown up yet. Until they reached a certain point.

"Does anyone mind if we take a quick break here?" the queen asked.

Kristoff looked unsure, but did pull Sven to a stop. "We're still several minutes from one of the main roads, but we can take some time."

"Thank you," Elsa said, dismounting her horse. "Naruto, Anna could both of you please follow me."

"What about me?" the iceman called. As his fellow blondes and girlfriend made their way to the tree line.

"Someone needs to stay behind and watch the kids," Anna replied.

"Sven and I can watch everyone," Olaf exclaimed.

Kristoff grimaced, and decided to stay with all the children.

Elsa guided the other two past a few trees, going deeper into the forest. Always moving forward, without saying a word.

Suddenly the group found themselves in a clearing. Everyone stood still, shocked by what they saw. Naruto silently noted the signs the Hedda and Ingrid had been in this clearing before. But there was something else.

An ice sculpture of two children was at the edge of the clearing. It was crude, with little detail, but from the pose, they were being chased.

"Elsa, what is that?" Anna asked. While Naruto moved closer to the ice figure.

"While I was headed to the Forbidden Lands, I passed through this clearing," the blonde admitted. "I thought that Hedda and Ingrid might have stayed here, so I looked for footprints."

The queen lowered herself next to the feet of the statue. Pointing at them as she continued.

"I found some here, but there were leaves on them. So I sent a blast of magic to clear them off, but my magic didn't stop. Before I knew what was happening, this statue formed over the foot prints."

Distress began to show in the blonde's eyes, as she looked at her companions. Confusion, mixed with a hint of fear, tore at her. "I don't know what happened, but I think my powers are growing."

Naruto stepped forward and hugged the woman. With Anna close behind. The trio stood there for a few minutes, letting the heavy feeling pass. With Elsa worrying that she might lose control again.

"It will be fine," the displaced ninja finally spoke. "I do not think this new power is dangerous. Instead it looks like a memory of what was happening here."

The blond moved behind the sculpture. Carefully moving some snow out of the way to reveal a set of wolf paw prints.

"Hedda and Ingrid made camp here," Naruto explained, moving around the clearing. "They were about to set out again, when some wolves began chasing them. The statue is showing them about to climb a tree to get away."

Anna gasped, "This must have been where Hedda lost her jacket."

"That would make sense," the ninja said. "There are signs of the wolves dragging something off, leaving torn pieces of pink fabric behind. But up in the tree, there is a green string from Hedda's scarf."

The queen and princess looked up. Stuck to a branch and hidden by some leaves, was a piece of green string.

"It seems like those two really learned a lot from you," Anna teased, making Naruto scratch the back of his head.

"I am just glad that they remembered everything," he muttered, blushing under the praise. Especially when Elsa wrapped her arm around his shoulder, and began agreeing with her sister. It was several more minutes before the trio made it back to the sleigh.


By the time the group had made it back to town, the sun had long since set. Lanterns were lit, casting light over the roads. While the townspeople breathed sighs of relief that all the children had been found.

With the safe return of everyone, many people suddenly felt tired as the stress of the day finally caught up with them. Leading many to happily return home for some well deserved rest. All while the sled continued on to the orphanage.

Mr. Hansen was waiting for them at the door. A smile under his large mustache. While the rest of the children were waving from the windows.

Hedda and Ingrid waved back quickly running into the building, dragging Naruto behind them. Who was followed by Elsa and Olaf, much to the kids' delight.

Sara hesitated outside the door, unsure of what would happen when she entered. Quietly she stood alone, only broken when a small pair of arms wrapped her in a hug. Beside her, as always, was Arn.

"I'm glad that you're safe Sara," the young boy said. "I was really scared. I didn't want you to get hurt, cause I like you."

Stunned, the older girl was frozen for a second. But she soon hugged her friend back. "I like you too, Arn," she whispered, "and I'm glad we both got back home safe."

The young boy smiled, pulling his friend inside. With many cheering at their entrance. Leaving only Anna with Mr. Hansen outside. While Kristoff stood far away from the orphanage.

After unloading everyone, the blond ice harvester had said he was going to take his sleigh back to the stables. But only drove a little down the road, still within sight, but away from the building. Standing beside Sven.

Eventually the reindeer got tired of his partner standing in place, and nudged him forward. Giving him a grunt of encouragement to walk forward. Which the mountain man did, reluctantly.

Kristoff stood a few paces from the orphanage. Sighing to himself before calling out, "Gustav."

The orphanage caretaker turned away from his building and looked at the tall blond. "Kristoff," he choked out. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me," was the curt response.

"It's been so long since I last saw you," the moustached man said slowly. "It's been almost as long since anyone called me Gustav. Everyone knows me as Mr. Hansen now."

"Everyone in the fjord knows how great you are at taking care of the orphans," Kristoff said with a smile.

"I just didn't want anyone to grow up like I did," the man replied with his own smile. "Thank you, for finding those kids. It broke my heart when I found out those two had run away. And it only got worse when I couldn't find Sara or Arn."

"Who knew you were so soft hearted on the inside," the blond chuckled.

"You're only saying that now cause you're finally bigger than me," Guatav answered back. Causing both men to laugh.

Eventually the two men began making their way inside. Passing Anna along the way. Missing the princess smile, as she watched her boyfriend talk with the man who picked on him as a child. But, with time, might become a friend.

-End Chapter-

Finally done, I have honestly been planning for this arc for years (before Frozen 2 was announced). It's really nice to have it all written out, and I'm really glad that a lot of people enjoyed this.

Sadly, these notes are going to be long, because there is a lot to discuss. To make things easier I have numbered and labeled every topic, so you can focus on the ones you want to.

1: The Arc As A Whole

Being that this was the first planned out arc for this story it was a lot of fun to write. I've been planning this for awhile, and it feels good to finally finish it. I have a couple more arcs planned, but nothing that should be as involved as this one.

2: Kristoff

These past few chapters have had a lot of Kristoff in them, and that was partially intentional. Once more, this arc was based on the comic book "Frozen - The Hero Within," and that story mostly follows Kristoff. When I decided to adapt that story, I wanted to do more things with Kristoff. He's an interesting character, but there's not a lot that can be done with him.

He's happy where he is and doesn't need to change. While he can give good insight on a situation, it's more interesting to follow someone who is changing. Anna and Elsa are the best examples here, both need to change in the movies. This is also why (I believe) that Kristoff doesn't have a lot of screentime in Frozen 2. While he is interested in changing his life, by marrying Anna, it requires Anna to happen. He doesn't have a lot that is just about himself.

I've wanted to do more with Kristoff, mainly to try and set up more of his character for when this story gets to Frozen 2. I plan to have a lot more interaction between him and Naruto, but I wanted to do something with him first. Speaking of Frozen 2.

3: Elsa's Powers

Elsa is now aware that she has the power to "show" the memory of water. As a lot of reviewers have noted, I have been building up to Frozen 2, and specifically Elsa's part. From her hearing "the voice," to her now showing the memories of water (if anyone has a shorter name for this power please tell me). I always felt that Elsa gained her powers rather quickly in Frozen 2, mainly since it was a movie and only had a set amount of time. But for this story, which has more time, I wanted to explore her powers a little deeper. She won't be able to use this new power right away, but will be experimenting with it going forward. (For more check the Cut Content section under Footprint Water)

4: Sven

Would you believe me if I said that part of the reason for this whole arc was to establish that Naruto can lift and carry Sven. But Sven hates being carried. It's true.

5: Gustav

In the comic book, Kristoff never gets closure for Gustav. That last we hear of him is when Kristoff tells Sara about him. When I first read that comic book, I honestly thought that Mr. Hansen was going to be Gustav. He wasn't, his name is Jon, and we never hear of Gustav again.

I wanted to give Kristoff some kind of thematic closure where he talks with his childhood nemesis. And having that nemesis grow up to be a nice guy, who played a role in the story, seemed to fit nicely. For my head cannon, Gustav's full name is Gustav Jon Hansen.

6: The Orphans

Hedda and Ingrid will of course be returning in future chapters, next chapter will be a semi-epilogue to this arc. Sara, Arn, and Mr. Hansen are not planned to make any big returns. But they are now named characters, so they might show up in unexpected places.

7: These Overly-Long Notes

Really sorry about how long these notes are. But given that I've been saving a lot of these for when the arc finished, I knew they were going to be long. I didn't think they would be this long though. Thank you for reading them if you did.

-Cut Content-

Here are a couple of things that didn't make it into the story. Mostly because they didn't fit the flow of the story.

1: Villmark

At the start of the chapter Elsa says that the Forbidden Lands are east of Villmark, this comes from the comic. She says it like Villmark is a place, but from everything I can find, it means wilderness. I can't find that it's a specific place in Norway (if you know something please tell me, I would love to know). Looking a bit more, there is a movie named Villmark, that has been translated as Dark Woods, which seems a bit more specific for a location. If the gang ever needs to go to a dark forest Villmark might make a return.

2: Hedda's Undercoat

Hedda lost her pink jacket to some wolves, and I never found a good moment to mention that she had an undercoat or sweater on. She would have been very cold at night, but she was fine during the day.

3: Snow Anchor

While Kristoff, Anna, Sven, Sara, and Arn are on the cliff, in a normal circumstance Kristoff would have made a snow anchor to lower everybody down. Like he did with Anna, when the two of them were running from Marshmallow in Frozen 1. I was never planning to add this to the story, but I wanted to state that there were more options for that situation.

4: Naruto Sewing

Once Naruto reunites with Hedda and Ingrid, he was going to mention that could sew their new, but torn, clothes back together. But since it was such an emotional scene, I felt it was better to leave that part out.

5: Footprint Water

When Elsa made the ice statues of Hedda and Ingrid she was looking for footprints. These footprints had some melted snow (water) in them. Elsa doesn't know this, and neither do any of the other characters.


These are probably the longest notes I've ever written, and hopefully they will stay that way for a long time. I want to thank MonkeyDGabry for their fantastic review and criticism. All reviews and criticism are welcome. They recommended adding the [Slice of Life] tage to the summary, and I think it's a great idea.

Thank you all for reading this chapter, arc, and story. It was a lot of fun to get to this point, and I can't wait to get to everything else that is coming up. Take care.