An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking Finnish. Still like running gags."

-Start Chapter-

Naruto was lying on his bed inside the room that had been his home for the past week. Not that he minded living here, truthfully he really enjoyed being with his new friend Elsa. But yesterday was one of the weirdest days that he had ever experienced. Okay maybe it wasn't the weirdest, he had fought against several self proclaimed gods.

But not only did he learn that Elsa was some kind of noble, but he was living in her castle. Being restrained to his bed meant it was difficult to look out the window. Save for when he tried to escape through said window, but he didn't really get a good look due to being grabbed by Elsa's ice. He was only able to look outside while Elsa took him on a tour of the castle.

In truth he should have honestly known he was in a castle due to the amount of servants running around, but in his defenses he was never that observant. But even though it was odd that he was now living in a castle, it was the snowman and deer creature that were still on his mind.

Having had the night to think about it, Naruto realized that he shouldn't have been as unsettled by the living snowman as he was, but when Olaf started running at him and yelling, he really didn't have any reason to believe that the snowman wasn't a threat. Although thinking back he should have figured that he was safe when Elsa didn't react the same way and instead stood next to the snowman.

Thankfully that whole fiasco was resolved quickly, even if he had to carry Elsa out of the way of a charging Sven. Apparently the snowman and whatever Sven was, he still wasn't sure, were just both overly excitable. Not that he had any room to talk, according to Sakura.

And thinking of Sakura, even with the new additions to the friends he had made in this strange place, Naruto wondered how everyone was doing back home. He knew they were all safe since he had beaten Kaguya, but he couldn't help but wonder about how they were getting along now that the war was over. Maybe he'd see them again someday, and he could introduce them to his new friends here. He bet that they'd all really like Elsa. But that was for the future and in his past while he needed to focus on today.

So once he had woken up that day he had started in on some basic exercises, to keep himself fit. He had been doing this in secret at night, since he worried that Elsa would disapprove of him being out of bed, but with the tour yesterday he figured that he should be able allowed out of his bed for a bit.

And while Elsa seem to be initially displeased when she showed up, she eventually relented. Naruto believed it was because he had shown her that he was perfectly alright, and healthy enough for some light training. Although he might have gone too far when he was showing Elsa that his body was fine when he flexed his shirtless muscles and she went red in the face. He really hoped he hadn't made her angry, but at least she relented and let him continue his workout.

So for the first little bit Elsa sat at her desk while Naruto continued to exercise, under her watchful eyes. It wasn't long before Naruto stopped, mainly because he wouldn't be able to do anything else in the bedroom. So with nothing left he begrudgingly sat back in his ice bed, and proceeded to wait like he had done for the past week. He had thought to ask Elsa if she could bring his some leaves from outside, so he could keep up his wind manipulation training, but quickly realized that the leaves would ignite as soon as he touched them.

And so he spent the rest of the morning sitting in his bed just watching the queen of the country filling out forms of paperwork. The sight actually reminded Naruto of the times when he was younger and he would sit in the Hokage's office and watch the old man work. Even though he liked all of the old pleasant memories from when he was a kid, Naruto felt helpless as he watched Elsa work. He had always hated being stuck in a bed and not able to train, but now not only couldn't he train but he also couldn't find a way home. In all honesty he liked it here but, he wanted to try and get home.

When he had been lying on the ground burning up from his fight with Kaguya all that Kurama had been able to say was that something drastic needed to be done to save his life. At the time all that was said was that Naruto needed to "move" somewhere to waste as much chakra as he could. And by move, that apparently meant anywhere. Naruto could be anywhere in the world, or even not on his world. But he wouldn't know until Kurama woke up and the two could talk. So for now he would just sit, wait, and enjoy the presence of his new friend.

And that wasn't so bad he really liked Elsa. Despite not being able to talk with her, and having a village to run, she never pushed him off onto anyone else. Every morning she would walk into his room and smile at him, she would then check on his health, physically. Her soft hands would run over his body as she determined if his "fever" had gone down any. Her lithe fingers would trail over his muscles, while her piercing blue eyes followed his every movement.

While Naruto greatly preferred spending time with Elsa he was always unsure of how he should react around her. She was just so physical. At first it was small things that he wasn't even sure Elsa noticed she did. When she was done with her examination she would drag her fingers up his chest and let them rest near his shoulders. When they were alone and "talking" together, if he seemed sad her hands would hold his. And when she left his room for the night, what started as a mere caress of his shoulders for the first few days, had recently turned into chaste hugs.

He was confused. He had only received a few hugs over the years. Most of them had been from Sakura or Tsunade after a dangerous mission. And it was usually after he woke up in a hospital bed. Much like his current situation where Elsa was keeping him bed bound. All though it was better here, because he was used to literally being bound to a bed, back in Konoha.

However before Naruto could start contemplating Elsa tying him to the bed, said radiant queen broke him from his musings. He had been so lost in thought the he hadn't noticed that a servant had entered the room. Apparently Elsa needed to go out and wanted him to stay in bed. And while naturally opposed to confinement of any form, he agreed. If for no reason other than he didn't want to worry Elsa. With a nod and a spoken "thank you," Elsa was gone with the servant leaving Naruto alone in the room.

While tempted to just leap through the window, Naruto stuck to his promise and stayed within the room. Though he did open the window and sit on the sill. Maybe it was the time he had spent sitting on top of the Hokage monument, but Naruto had always loved being up high where he could watch over the village. And while not as high up as he was used to, he could see all of the village that Elsa presided over.

It really was a beautiful place. From the ornately decorated houses to the small river that trickled into the valley from the mountains. With the cloudless sky only obscured by the billowing black smoke, rising from behind the castle walls.

Naruto had to do a double as the smoke began to rise. At first he had just believed it to be from a blacksmith, but the more he watched, the more he was convinced that it was actually a fire. With little thought to his previous promise to stay in his room, Naruto jumped from the window and landed across the courtyard on one of the walls surrounding the castle. And a second jump got him onto the peaked roof of a larger building.

His new vantage point afforded him a better view of what was going on, and he could easily see the large flame licked building on the outskirts of the village. There was already a crowed of people moving towards the building, many of whom were carrying buckets of water. Others were moving hoses towards the sea.

While there were a great many people helping to douse the flames, what caught Naruto's attention about the scene was that no one was coming out of the building. Having seen a few fires, Naruto was looking around for the family that had lived in the home, huddled together and happy with the knowledge that they were all safe. Instead Naruto saw a group of men trying to clear the way into the house. With a fear that there were still people stuck inside the blaze, Naruto sat down and began to meditate.

While still impulsive, Naruto had grown over the past few years, and knew that the best thing to do was to enter sage mode. With the life sensing abilities, he would be able to locate where everyone was, run in, ignore the heat because his body was already hot, and leave with everyone, saving the day. If he did everything right, no one would even know it was him, and Elsa wouldn't find out that he left his room.

As the orange pigment began to spread over his closed eyes, Naruto was able to sense a multitude of lives still stuck inside the burning building. However instead of the wealthy family Naruto was expecting to own a house like this, he instead felt a large number of children hidden within the basement. There were a couple of adults scattered among the kids. Obviously trying to keep everything calm.

It was then that Naruto recognized the building for what it was. An orphanage. Full of children as the building burned down over their heads and trapped in the basement. Where they would be buried by the rubble if they couldn't get out soon.

And it was to the sound of wood breaking that Naruto's eyes snapped open. Just in time to see the weakened building give under it's own weight.


The people of Arendelle had been hard at work for awhile now. No one knew how the fire got started, but many blamed the hot weather. Even with their queens snow powers, it was still hot, and they couldn't just have the queen blanket the town in snow again for fear that the crops would die. So when a fire broke out everyone was ready.

It had been terrifying to learn that it was the orphanage going up in flames, but it was worse that the kids and the caretakers had gotten stuck inside. From what anyone could tell they were safe from the fire for now, but it was only a matter of time before the flames collapsed the building on top of them and they would be stuck down there. Every available hand was present forming bucket lines as others helped run hoses towards the sea to pump water. Many hoping that they could control the flames until the hoses were ready, or the queen showed up.

Several men had bravely started working on the doorway, hoping to clear it enough that the children would be able to escape. But fate worked against them as the creaking of wood sounded over the congregation. There was only enough time for the men nearest the house to run away as the house collapsed, sending a wave of embers and smoke over the area. The villagers could only look on horrified as where there was once the front wall of a building, there now rested the roof of said building. Supported only by a few stray beams, keeping it from covering the entirety of the foundation.

Many had started crying at the sight of the inferno. It was impossible for a normal person to even approach the flames now, let alone do anything truly useful. It was with silent resignation that those present began to pray. Some prayed that the queen would show up, and freeze the fire. Others gave a more abstract prayer for a miracle to occur, anything at all that could save those trapped inside. While the queen would stop the fire, it might be to late, as the children suffered from the heat.

And to the people, it was as if upon the wings of those prayers that a golden orange blur descended from the skies, braking past the flames, and crashing through the roof. And just as the smoke began to escape from the newly made hole, there was the deafening yell of a wild animal. The roar was only a precursor to a rush of wind that immediately followed, knocking over many to the ground as the air pushed against them.

And with the wind went the air fueling the fire, snuffing the flames in one go. Were once there had been a raging inferno of a building now stood only ruined remains. The few scant walls that had withstood the initial collapse were now gone. Blown away with the fire, thanks to the beastly wind. Only the roof remained as it fell were the house used to be, crumbling into itself.

What seemed like years had in fact been mere minutes as everyone held their breath. Slowly, in the stillness of the gathering, the house moved. Were the ruined remains of the front door where, movement was clearly visible. Tantalizingly at first the roof shifted to the side, before stopping, and then it began to rise. At first all that could be seen was the color orange against the chard black of the buildings interior. People worried if the flames had come back, but were soon reassured as the bare torso of someone came into view. His arms following soon after, showing his fingers buried into the ashen wood of what used to be a support beam.


Naruto's previous plan had gone from the complicated jump in, save everyone, and escape unnoticed, to the less complicated jump in, save everyone, and figure out the rest later. As soon as he had opened his eyes and saw the collapsing building, he was in the air. Leaving a dent in the roof he had been occupying due to the force of his jump. Descending from the air he crashed down into the weekend roof, making a hole that dropped him onto the floor.

Once on the ground Naruto had to shield his eyes from the blaze, barely registering the flames licking at his bare skin. Before he had even stood to his full height from his crouch, Naruto was trying to think of ways to disperse the flames enough that he could get the children out, if only he could ask Kurama. It was due to his wish that he could ask his partner for a suggestion that he remembered his fights alongside the giant fox.

His thoughts focused on the aptly named tailed beast shockwave. A move so powerful that it displaced air knocking projectiles and other jutsus away. If it was that powerful it should be able to blow out a raging fire completely, he theorized. However all of the times he performed the technique he was given chakra from Kurama, against his will or not. And at the moment all he had was sage chakra, but both were a form of chakra so it should be okay.

So with little thought to the word impossible, Naruto arched his back, sucked in what little oxygen there was, and gave a bellowing roar as he released all the sage chakra he had. The iris of his eye turned red for all of a second before changing to blue as the orange pigment from around his eyes receded. The chakra exploding out of his body, forming a dome of power blowing out the flames like candles. The ash and loose pieces of debris lifted into the air, as what remained of a solid structure groaned under the pressure before giving out causing what little was still standing to collapse entirely.

Naruto just stood in the epicenter of the explosion, unharmed and uncaring that he had just destroyed a house to put out a fire. What mattered at the moment was making sure that everyone in the house was alright. And without sage chakra to locate anyone Naruto just relied on his senses. Now that he was able to open his eyes Naruto found that the entirety of the house was pitch black, due in part to him getting rid of all the fire, and destroying all the windows along with the walls. So now there was just a floor and a roof sitting on top of said floor.

But without the crackling of fire, Naruto found that he could hear, and specifically he could hear crying. Tucked away in a corner of the wreckage was a small door nearly falling off its own hinges, a set of downward stairs visible behind it. Moving closer to the door and moving several beams out of the way, he cleared a path from what used to be the entrance hall of the building to what he guessed was the basement stairs.

Calling down to who he hoped were survivors, again forgetting the language barrier. He received a yell back, and shortly after the soot covered face of an older woman poked out from the bottom of the stairs. Finding words to be as useless as ever for him, Naruto began to wave the woman up hoping that the others down below would follow.

Take the steps two at a time and moving like a woman half her apparent age, she ascended the stairs at Naruto's beckoning, coming out into the destroyed remains of her home. She looked around for a while, before staring at Naruto, giving a quick thank you, which he understood, the woman turned back to the stairs and gave a yell. Soon the small heads of children began to appear, making their own ways up the stairs as other adults guided them.

With everyone looking well, Naruto began to busy himself with trying to locate an exit. Where he was known for filling in his plans as he went, Naruto had thought that they could climb out of a window, before he took out all the walls. Now having really no other options he began to look around for a safe place to make another hole they could all crawl through. And finding no place that looked stable, he decided that he could just lift the roof enough that everyone could get out. It was only a half burned roof, how heavy could it be to the greatest ninja ever?


Elsa had been running towards the orphanage as soon as she had been told where the fire was. Her dress flowing behind her as her heels clicking on the empty cobblestone streets. Whoever was able to help had already moved to the site of the fire, giving the queen ample room to run.

She had just rounded a corner when a loud roar and a rush of wind pushed past her, billowing her gown. When the wind died down a few seconds later, Elsa took notice of the lack of smoke that filled the air only a few seconds ago. And were once there was an abundance of yelling, was now replaced by a unsettling quiet.

Redoubling her speed for the last few steps Elsa was greeted by the sight of what was once the orphanage, burned and destroyed, but no longer on fire. The towns people standing around in silence as no one dared move for fear of breaking what ever spell had put out the fire. The first bit of motion came when the roof of the building itself began to move.

Slowly the roof began to rise into the air, a pair of familiar orange pants began to appear. Once the roof was high enough that the lower half of a torso and a pair of arms were visible, Elsa already knew who was lifting the roof.

A few tense seconds to readjusted his grip, Naruto lifted the roof above his head showing his cold blue eyes as his hair shined golden through the soot that covered him. And with the roof over his head and supported, from around his legs came the running forms of children. The caretakers following behind, bent low to avoid his arms. With everyone out and away from the wreckage, the blond stepped forward as the roof fell out of his hands crashing to the ground behind him kicking up more ash and dust around the stranger's legs.

As the particles settled again there he stood, to the villagers he looked like a monolith of strength as he began to calmly walk towards the town people. To many he was a god amongst men and a savior of children, yet he looked no more extraordinary than any of them. He stopped about halfway to the gathered people, silently watching.

While the townspeople checked on the children Elsa began to walk around the gathering, drawing a few awed murmurs from the crowed. It was only as she passed her people and began to walk towards her fellow blonds did all present take notice of her. Including Naruto.

While he looked worried, most likely since he wasn't in his room where she told him to stay, Naruto stood tall. His form was covered in soot, and his skin took on a red tint, only letting the scar over his heart shine through like a badge given for his will to survive. The special pants that were made for him seemed fine so she wasn't going to worry about those.

She spent several seconds looking him over, trying to give her softest smile to show that she wasn't angry he left his room. Naruto just watched her, scratching the back of his head nervously. It was only when the small form of a young girl ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his leg that either of them were broken from their thoughts.

While Elsa had noted that he was wearing his heat resistant pants, she didn't want anyone to get hurt from accidentally touching him, she moved to intervene. Placing her hand on Naruto's shoulder to stop him from moving she kneeled down so she was eye level with the girl and smiled sweetly at the child.

Standing she turned to address the crowed. "Everyone this is Naruto. He is my guest at the castle, but he is very sick with a fever so we must be careful when touching him or letting him out."

Many people started to whisper to each other, none really sure what to make of the strange man. Some had seen their queen bring him into the village on a slay of ice, but while rumors had spread, no one had really been sure who he was other than a guest of the queen.

While the crowd were discussing their newest resident, Elsa turned towards a group of soldiers and instructed them to gather all the doctors they could, and bring them to the palace. When asked why, she reasoned that the grand hall would be large enough to hold all the children and adults who needed to be looked at. And after everyone had been checked over there was also enough room in the castle for them to stay in, until a new orphanage could be built.

Upon hearing that many of the children started yelling in excitement. Forcing the caretakers to try and calm the excitable children down, although they were just as happy with the arrangement. Elsa just smiled at the exuberant children, and the perplexed look that Naruto now had as a result. He was probably confused by the dancing kids.

However this did bring about a new problem for the queen, mainly how she was going to transport everyone to the castle. Thankfully luck seemed to be on her side as Anna, Sven, and Kristoff with his sleigh showed up at that moment. Getting everyone loaded onto the sled took a while, and some of the younger caretakers and older children insisted on walking to give more room. With everyone on and now moving towards the castle, Elsa could turn her attention to her fellow blond. Who had at least not run away.

As was becoming customary between the two, she smiled, grabbed his hand, and began to lead him back to the castle. Ignoring some of the catcalls from the still in view children, she began to wonder if Kai had returned to the castle with the book yet. Because if he hadn't it was going to be difficult to explain to Naruto that the orphans were going to be staying with them. Especially now that he was walking around on his own. Which she needed to question him about.

Giving a sigh at the long day ahead of her, Elsa gave one last look at the wrecked orphanage, and on a spur of the moment whim cast a wave of freezing wind towards the house, just to be sure. And unknowingly putting out the small embers that still remained from where Naruto had grasped the wooden frame.

But what Elsa didn't know, and Naruto only felt as a tickle in the back of his mind was that deep inside Naruto, a slitted crimson eye fluttered open before closing again.

-End Chapter-

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So now the people of Arendelle have met Naruto the mysterious young man that their queen brought into their town on a sleigh made of ice. And now Naruto and Elsa get to live in the castle with children. Foreshadowing the future maybe.

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