An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking native Frozen language. The running gag continues."

-Start Chapter-

"Did you see the Queens guest," a woman asked her friend as the two walked down the main street, all around them people whispering the same topic. That being the the strange blond that had saved the orphanage.

The sun was now setting as only a few hours have passed since the incident, but already the talk of the town was the new blond and what his relation to the queen was. Many wild rumors and theories already resounded throughout the streets, from the simple and mundane to the wild and exotic. With each new rumor came a different telling of how the mysterious "Naruto" saved the children. Everything from what could be considered as the actual story, all the way to the young man having the same ic powers as the queen. And everybody had their own opinions on the matter.

"He looks like a wild beast," the friend of the first woman said quietly. Any friend of the queen was not to be insulted lightly. "I was told that he had whiskers like a cat."

"He's apparently a foreigner with a large scar over his heart." The first woman replied.

"Do you think he comes from the southern isles. I heard there's been unrest ever since last year after Hans' failed coup here."

"The butcher's wife told me that scar is where the trolls pulled his heart out."

"Do you mean he's not human any more?"

"More like he doesn't fear death now, so he was able to walk into that fire with no fear at all."

"So the queen is trying to heal his missing heart, and in return for her kindness he'll protect the town right?"

"That's what the baker said, so this means we have a genuine hero in town who'll protect us."

"The queen would never let anyone dangerous into our kingdom, so he must be a nice young man."

All in all the town was happily chatting amongst itself, even if some of the theories being spoken about were of the farfetched variety.

Meanwhile at the end of the main street inside the walls of the castle itself, things were only beginning to quiet down. What had once been the great hall had now been covered with all forms of sleeping bags, blankets, and cushions. Many children loitered around the hall and its connecting corridors. The caretakers from the orphanage, with the help of the castle staff, tried to keep order, but the prospect of a "sleepover" in the castle was too exciting a prospect for the young children. And this is where the queen, her sister, her sister's boyfriend, and an overheating guest she was tending to are now trying to help keep some form of peace.

Once all the children had been led around the castle, letting them marvel at all pictures and wonder of the palace, as they ran through the halls. Everything had calmed down enough for dinner to be served, it was a simple meal due to how many mouths there were to feed, but everyone enjoyed it.

So after many tough hours the sun began to set and the queen of Arendelle was finally able to sit down behind her desk, currently in Naruto's room, and relax. While vehemently trying to ignore the once again shirtless blonde doing squats.

"Maybe this is how he relaxes," the young queen pondered, finding herself watching him exercise despite her wishes for him to take it easy. Every so often she would send a quick blast of freezing air in his direction. Not only to help keep him cool but also as a reminder that he shouldn't over exert himself. Naruto would only continue to push himself, but every chilling wind sent his way caused him to at least turn and give a bright grin. If she didn't learn to communicate with him soon her hair would turn white as the virgin snow.

With a tired sigh the queen put away the papers she had been looking at and instead picked up the translation dictionary Kai had gotten and began to leaf through some of the pages. Near the front of the book were the messy scribbles of the sailors, who had jotted down many words they wished to have ready at all times. The common hellos and other pleasantries, that Elsa quickly committed to memory, were followed by a quick guide to numbers and other such stuff that the merchants had use for. These words gave the young queen a useful place to start at least trying to understand what her guest was talking about.

They also gave her a better insight into what she had already learned. Specifically the odd suffixes he would add onto names. She had to hide a small blush as the merchants noted that "chan" seemed to be for young beautiful girls. Memories of all the times that word seemed to follow her name, even after he started calling her "hime," turned her face pink.

Shaking her head to return her cheeks to their pale hue and calm herself down, the queen decided to get some help from a native speaker. Calling Naruto over was easy enough, but trying to explain that she wasn't angry about him exercising, proved to be a bit more problematic. Once the shirtless blond was seated across the desk, Elsa began trying her best to explain what she was doing. This mainly involved saying foreign words with much help from her confused friend. Slowly but surely the queen was able to get through the first few words that she felt would be handy to have, although her pronunciation apparently left much to be desired.

With enough practice, and a lot of help, she should be able to figure out how to speak japanese. Although it would be much better if Naruto were to learn her language instead. If he did the excitable blonde could speak with the people of the town and make friends outside the walls of her old room.

It was strange really, how she and Anna had grown up shuttered within the castle walls so that she could learn control of her powers while her sister healed from the blast of ice to her head. But now that the doors were always open here she was keeping this man locked up inside. It clawed at her heart how so short a time ago her only comfort came from the locked gates. Yet now, as she had done for so many years, she was keeping someone locked away. First with Anna and now Naruto. The only difference from back then was that it had been Elsa herself who had been a danger to everyone, and now it was another blonde entirely. Even if her father had been the one to order the gates closed, it had all been done because of her, and now she was the one giving the order.

As the queen's thoughts turned inward she became quiet, the mid-summer wind from an open window hissed against her naturally cold skin. A soft chill began to fill the room, as fractals of ice and frost began to dance around trying to bring comfort to their queen's aching heart. And yet it was fire that stilled everything and brought peace.

Her hand had laid empty on the desk, but was now being held by another. A warm feeling spread upwards to her heart as she looked up to meet the sparkling sapphire gaze of her friend. He leaned forward his golden hair catching the last of the day's light, as his bright smile broke the self imposed trance her own thoughts had instilled.

The young woman's heart stilled as their faces moved closer together. The once comforting cold that had previously filled her body now felt constricting, freezing her in place. There was only a hair's breadth between the two now, and the queen's breath caught in her throat when an all cleansing fire burst forth inside her as Naruto closed the distance and laid his forehead against her's. All the anxiety and sorrow she had built up seemed to burn away from the contact. Nothing but contentment remained.

Elsa didn't know how long she sat there, staring through her fellow blonde's eyes. Yet for all her years that followed nothing felt as long or pure as those few seconds. And so it was with a cold heart but light shoulders that she felt him pull away. That ever present smile on his face.

A small grin tugged at her own lips after the tender moment. However she quickly dissolved into full out laughter at the sight of the man sitting across from her giving a thumbs-up and looking like he had just solved the greatest mystery, if the smile on his face was anything to go by. Getting her chuckles under control Elsa stood from her chair and stretched. A small bit of herself took some joy in Naruto's gaze following her movements. Especially when she was arching her back or bending over to pick up the dictionary from the desk. A little revenge and/or motivation for adding "chan" to her name. She would figure out which one later.

With the day over and all the work she was going to get done finished, the young woman bade goodnight to her guest and began to leave for the night. However something stopped her as she stood in front of the door, a feeling that she should at least do one more thing before she headed to bed. Turning on the balls of her feet and looking towards her fellow blonde, the queen gave a soft bow and a heartfelt "thank you" in reference to his actions at the orphanage. Being the first words the two shared she knew he understood, and hopefully could figure out what he was being thanked for.

However before Elsa could make it past the door's threshold the scrapping of a chair being pushed back quickly, as well as Naruto calling out, caused her to stop and turn around again. He stood in front of her with his right fist held out to her and had a large grin on his face. When she continued to stay where she was the superheated man brought both his fists together making the knuckles touch, before moving them back again. With his demonstration finished he once again held out his right hand, fingers curled, with an expectant look in his eyes.

Believing she understood what he wanted, and seeing no harm in a little more skin contact, the queen moved forward. Maybe this was just a way of signifying friendship over in Japan, or possibly it was used as a greeting. Have a more interactive form of welcoming each other would be nice. After all the two of them couldn't really talk with one another, at the moment, so they had to express themselves with gestures, and this could work perfectly with the more physical relationship they shared.

Elsa lifted her dominant hand, her left, towards his closed fist and lightly tapped her knuckles against his. What happened next would forever be burned into the queen's mind. Bringing comfort to her coldest nights and making the brightest days she would spend with her family that much warmer. Feelings of hope and determination welled up inside her, embedding themselves deeply inside her heart.

Just as quickly as it came the feeling passed and the two once again stood quietly in the darkening room. Somewhere within the infinity of that experience, their fists had unfolded and their palms now rested against each other. Her smaller and soft hand was dwarfed by the calloused and work scarred paw that pressed against her own. Each ridge and crevice that marked his skin flowed together in a dance of hard work and self sacrifice. She understood him now, and felt that he knew her just as well, letting all that he believed show through.

And for his desire to protect his precious people, with all the pain that it had brought onto him, she hugged him.


It was the day after he had rescued the orphans, and while happy about that, Naruto was bored. And the day had started out so interesting as well. For starters Elsa had actually brought him out of the room, ever since the tour he figured she would return to insisting that he stay near his frozen bed. Maybe she was finally beginning to figure out that he healed quickly and that you shouldn't contain him to one room. Tsunade baa-chan and Shizune had been like that when he was younger. Sure it was different now, with the whole everything he touched caught fire, but he could be careful.

And all the kids he saved seemed to like having him around. The older ones watched him with amazement, and the younger ones would follow him around. Especially that little girl who had ran up and hugged his leg yesterday. She stayed particularly close to him, but at least stayed far enough away that she wouldn't be burned. The little girl, whose name he wouldn't dare try and pronounce, reminded him greatly of a young Moegi from back home. It was kind of endearing how she kept so close to him, as long as she didn't turn into a fan girl.

So with the early morning spent inside his room while his friend did some of her paperwork, and the rest of the morning until lunchtime spent with the children things were great. Even Elsa seemed to be in better spirits today. He had grown worried last night when she had gone quiet, and he even went so far as to check her temperature like the nurses did back home. When he had placed his forehead against her's he couldn't really tell how she was doing due to the natural cold that seemed to follow her, but she did perk up afterwards so that was good. And she had even thanked him before she left, although that was probably for everything that had happened that day. He wasn't really sure.

Admittedly he was still worried about her when she got up to leave. Especially since she had been acting strange while gathered up her papers, she kept turning to look at him as if she was expecting some reaction as he watched her. Although what that was he didn't really know.

He was scared that she had been making sure that he wasn't staring at her too much, and he tried not to but she was really beautiful. The sway of her hips had been more distracting to him than any of those girls Ero-sennin had wandered off with. But when she had thanked him and turned to leave he could have sworn that he could see sadness in her eye's and didn't want her to go like that. So he had called out to her and extended his fist in friendship like Bee had taught him. What followed after brought a dopey smile to his face and got rid of some of the boredom, but that was last night. And he had to face the unfortunate truth of the present. Naruto Uzumaki was back in school.

Sitting near the back of a room, inside the castle, that had been converted into a set of classrooms for the displaced children, Naruto was doing his best to try and stay awake. It would have been easy enough for him to escape through a window, but every time he thought about doing so he would look towards the far corner where a certain red-head was keeping watch over him. He had been looking forward to playing some more with the kids after lunch, but as soon as he put down his bowl Elsa had shown up with Anna, who he assumed was either a close friend or the queen's sister. The exuberant girl didn't act like a princess, but neither had some of the royals he's met.

Taking his hand in her's his fellow blonde took him towards a rather distant room where some chairs and desks had been placed. Once he was sitting and some of the younger children had occupied the other seats, the older woman he had first met inside the destroyed orphanage came in with a stack of papers. It was at this point that he figured out that he was in trouble.

What followed was terrible and awful, at least to him, he was forced to write out strange symbols in a repeating pattern. At least that wasn't too difficult, thank you calligraphy lessons used for sealing, but once he had finished the teacher would point at one of the shapes and proceed to make a noise. Eventually Naruto figured out that they were teaching him their language, and that each symbol he had just drawn was related to a noise. Now that he knew what they wanted him to do he actually tried to put in a bit of effort, even if it was still boring. At least Elsa would appreciate the effort and would enjoy having someone to talk to, especially given how lonely she looked while working at her desk.

Thankfully the lesson ended, not soon enough, and Naruto was led out of the room by Anna. The young students stayed in their seats and waved goodbye, with the blonde happily waving back, before moving on to their next lesson. Being brought back to his room where the ever busy queen was working hard his redheaded guide gave a hug and some words to his fellow blonde, he was starting to think they were probably sisters.

Once the two girls had finished, and Anna had left with a smile, Elsa motioned for him to take a seat across from her while she finished signing a few papers. As he sat and waited for whatever was to come next, the dictionary on the desk gave him a clue, he watched as the queen finished her work. Naruto was admittedly a little embarrassed that he had just noticed that Elsa was left handed when they had bumped fists last night. Although truthfully he only learned that Sasuke was left handed when old man Hagoromo asked him and the bastard for their dominant hands.

"Naruto-kun?" Elsa called out before the blonde could fall back into his memories, however he was now distracted by her word choice. Seaming to have finished her work, the queen had picked up the dictionary and was now sitting with it open. She had obviously been reading it and had picked up some of the honorifics. He would have told her that she didn't need to use them, but he doubted she would understand. So if she was going to try and learn some of his language why couldn't he. After all he was the greatest ninja to ever live.

In truth though he wished he could just use his shadow clones to learn everything faster, but they might burn any books they picked up to read. Also from what Kurama had told him before they came to this world his body was burning off chakra and would need time to readjust, so it was probably a good idea to not use any chakra heavy techniques until fuzz butt told him otherwise.

Speaking of, where was Kurama.


It had been a good day for the queen of Arendelle. There were no more fires and she had gotten some work done, mostly due to the fact she wasn't being distracted by Naruto being in the room. She gave another silent thanks towards her sister for agreeing to watch over him during his first language lesson. Especially since it had been Anna who had come up with the idea of putting Naruto into the class when some of the children had been disappointed that they still had to attend their lessons despite the orphanage being gone. Many of those sorrows had been dealt with for the younger children when it was revealed that Naruto would be joining them for class.

According to Anna he had at first only done so begrudgingly, but eventually began putting some effort in. Probably once he had figured out he could then talk with other people. From what she had seen, once he was brought back to his room, her fellow blonde was putting in quite the focus to at least learn some of the more common phrases. Which pleased her greatly and gave her hope for the future.

Although what had made her the happiest was the surprised look Naruto got on his face when she started adding the "kun" suffix to his name. The merchant's notes in the book stated that "kun" was the male equivalent of "chan," one of the more crass sailors noted that it might be something akin to flirting.

For now just calling Naruto something different from what everyone else called him felt fun and more personal. Almost like she had a pet name just for him, and given how fox like he was with his penchant for running off on his own maybe she should put a collar and leash on him.

Try to stifle a laugh as the young queen stripped for bed she dismissed the idea as a bit silly. However as she sat on the side of her bed and began to slide under the sheets a stray thought entered her mind that it would be nice if he wore a hat or some kind of headband to keep his bangs out of the way of his beautiful eyes.

She would have to think about that more in the morning. Maybe once she remembered to take him to the gallery, so she could use the portraits as teaching aids. But she would worry about that latter, since for the moment the more physical relationship she shared with Naruto felt fine.

-End Chapter-

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