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Chapter One: Contemplation Doesn't Always Help

Keith looked out over the castle lake towards Black Lion noting the sparking of the water and the current serenity of the tableau. The clear protective screen was currently enclosing the balcony so the crisp breeze that was blowing outside had no effect on him. In some ways, he wishes the screen was up so the brisk air could help clear his head. Allura had encourage the Voltron Force to celebrate their home planet traditions, so he, Lance, and Hunk had all taken it upon themselves to educate the Arusian's in the castle about some Earth holidays. It was because of these holidays and their traditions that he had come out on the balcony. He had to contemplate the imminent Valentine's Day holiday and the many possible ways that his friends and fellow pilots might try to push him into some awkward romantic scene with Allura.

Allura. His gaze moved from Black Lion to the lake that was home to her Blue Lion. In some ways, he thought ironically to himself, their lions were closer than they were. Well, at least in some aspects. Black and Blue were two lions in closest proximity to each other as Green, Yellow, and Red were all a few miles from the castle, but Black and Blue were only separated by about a half mile of water. The lions were made alike and were part of Voltron. Their purpose was the same. The more he thought, the more he could see that perhaps he and Allura were as close in nature as the lions. Together, they were part of Voltron and had the same purpose when they defended Arus. A slight smile came to his countenance as he lifted his face toward the sun, as for physical closeness…well, they were in the same castle and sat at the table together often. Except for the occasional directional touch to her elbow when walking or demonstration of moves when it was his turn to assist her with hand-to-hand combat techniques, he had managed to keep his distance… until a few weeks ago. After all, physical closeness was usually difficult when Nanny was never too far away with comments about those rough boys, or hooligans. Nanny actually cared for all them a great deal, although she tried hard to hide it behind her rough exterior. His smile started to fade. The comments were made as a reminder to team that Princess Allura was off-limits to all of them in the romance department. A prince and nothing less would do for the Princess that she had helped to raise from an infant.

How far apart were an Earth military pilot and a royal prince from a Denubian Galaxy planet? His head shook from side to side and he even let out a derisive chuckle. His eyes closed as his chin lowered to his chest. The answer to that question was too absurd to even consider, but if he chose to ask, he knew that Nanny would be able to describe the distance to the micron.

Enough thoughts about what he and Allura 'were' and 'were not' to each other, he said to himself as he walked back inside leaving Black Lion to stand guard. No need dwelling on what would never be. She had made it quite clear to him back at Christmas that she wasn't serious, that any flirting on her part was 'no big deal.' He thought his heart actually hurt as he recalled her words. He had to shake his head again, causing his dark hair to brush against his face as he worked to refocus his thoughts to what he needed to do to prepare for the holiday.

If he could just get the rest of the team, and especially Lance, to realize that Allura wasn't interested, he would avoid a situation like the one that had happened at Christmas. Even though he was alone, his face turned slightly red as he thought about the "mistletoe mischief" as he named it. Yes, he thought to himself as he walked toward the castle library, avoiding incidents like that was his primary goal. He was still reeling from the results of that prank and it had caused tension and stress to become the daily norm for him. The slow pace of his walk moved to a more brisk one as he strode towards the library. The library would be the perfect place for him to sit and contemplate Valentine's Day in solitude. Except for Allura, the rest of the team hardly ever visited the castle library as they were too much into other things to look through the dusty tomes that resided in the small interior castle room. Allura would be attending to royal duties from the surrounding villages and he would have a couple of hours of silent contemplation, with only the books, and perhaps one of the space mice, for company. It would be perfect.

As he entered the room, the lights came up to a soft glow – not too bright, but bright enough to read without straining your eyes. He truly enjoyed the castle library. So much knowledge, so much history, he couldn't get enough of it. He ran his fingers along a shelf of books about the flora and fauna of the Arusian southern hemisphere as he made his way to his favorite chair. The brown leather chair molded to his shape as he sank down in it and he put his feet up on the matching ottoman. He brought his fingers up to the bridge of his nose forming a steeple, trying to focus his thoughts and channel his mischievous side, which he kept under wraps so much, he was having problems accessing it. "What would they try? What would they try?" he thought over and over to himself. Obviously, they would all have other plans leaving him at the castle alone with the Princess, well, as alone as you could get in a castle filled with servants. They would probably orchestrate some romantic meal with candles or something, but then Nanny would be involved with the meal and she would make it something messy and have the lights turned up to their highest setting. Perhaps they would try to set up something where he had to take the Princess out on a horseback ride or a boat ride on the lake. He closed his eyes and leaned them forward on his fingers… there were just so many possibilities and they all made his cringe. Any of these possibilities would be catastrophes, as he and the Princess currently had a huge wall between them and he didn't think that she wanted to be in his company. After two hours of headache-inducing deliberation, there was only one course of action that he could come up with, since he was making up the duty the roster for the week, he would have to make sure that the shift assignments left no option but for him to be on night patrol and have duty in the Castle Control before the patrol on Valentines. He could tie up the rest of his day with Lion practice and GA paperwork. He nodded his head silently, this would work. The headache and softer lighting caused him to lean his head back on the leather chair and close his eyes. Having reached what he considered a completely plausible and workable plan for the holiday, he thought he deserved to rest his eyes for just a few minutes. If he had just glanced towards the vent located just to the right of the shelves holding books on Arusian history from four centuries ago, he would have noticed Cheddar peeking out at him and then disappearing into the darkness of the vent.