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Date Night

Raven's room

Raven finished getting a dress for her date. It took half the day to find the right dress, but it was worth it. Despite being taken to so many different stores to find any clothes with Starfire. She had to try on so many different clothes. Still, she is glad Starfire helped her and gave her some advice on what to do on her date.

She knows Starfire has never been on a date, but she hasn't either. Her friend though read plenty of magazines about dating and romance movies.

She wish she could talk to her mother about this, but she knew her father would probably block her from going to Azarath. If Anna is right, then her home wasn't destroyed, but her father would do anything to keep her from seeking their help.

"I wonder if she would approve of this," said Raven to herself wondering what her mother would think of her with a woman.

She knew the monks of Azarath were different than the people of Earth and how they feel about homosexuals. But, since her mother was from Earth would she approve of this relationship?

As she finishes brushing her hair she noticed the amulet Anna gave her. She smiled happily as she placed her hands between it. She is glad Anna gave it to her, especially how it has come in handy. She has been able to fall asleep without any nightmares, her father isn't trying to mess with her thoughts, and she doesn't need to meditate to keep her emotions in check.

The thought of her father reminded her that it won't be long before the day the prophecy is supposed to be fulfilled. She knew despite wearing the amulet that her father will send Slade to come get her. Her friends and Anna will try to stop him, but will it be enough? Will they be able to stop her father from coming into their world?

Raven begins to shake her head so she can get those thoughts out of her mind. "Don't think about that, just focus on getting through your date."

"You've got that right," Anna appeared behind Raven surprising the girl, who fires a dark energy blast at her. This time, she dodged the attack which hits her bookshelf. "Ha! You missed me."

"Anna!" Raven shouted. "I told you to stop sneaking up on me."

"Sorry," Anna walks up to her girlfriend and gives her a hug. "I just I should surprise you and let you know I'm back."

Raven pouts and breaks free of the hug. "Yeah, well your surprise caused me to hit my books."

"Just use your magic to fix it," Anna then noticed Raven's dress and whistles out loud. "You look beautiful, my dark angel. I see you're ready for our date."

Raven begins blushing. "Y-you really think I look, beautiful?"

Anna leans forward and kisses Raven on the lips. She can feel her girlfriend kissing back as the two continued making out until they needed to breath.

"You've gotten better," said Anna surprised by the new changes from her girlfriend. "I'm impressed, I wonder how else you improved when we get into bed."

Raven's face was now as red as a tomato. "Just go unpack."

Anna gives her girlfriend one last kiss before making her way towards the door. "Oh and by the way, have you considered the three-way?"

Raven uses her powers to open the door and shove her girlfriend out of the bedroom. Once she was gone she goes back to her mirror.

"A three-way, yeah right," said Raven as she remembers Starfire taking her to a Victoria's secret store where the two tried out lingerie.

She remembers seeing the outfit her friend had one and how hot she looked. She then realized what just happened and shook her head.

"She's my friend, I'm not going to ask her for a three-way," Raven gets up and uses her magic to pull out a book. "I need to go meditate."


Anna finished unpacking and heads towards the kitchen for a snack before dinner. She looks around the Common Room and sees no one is there. Just the way she wants it. No one to bother her and ask her questions.

She pulls out some bread, some baloney, vegetables, cheese, mayonnaise, and Ghost peppers Rose bought for her. She makes her sandwich and puts on three of the peppers. She then pulls out a milk gallon nearby just in case.

"All right, time to eat," suddenly the doors open and Robin walks into the room.

"Anna, where have you been?" Robin asked when he saw the former angel in the kitchen.

"Out with some friends," Anna explained still holding her sandwich. "What do you want? Make it quick I'm in eating mode."

"I came to talk to you about something," said Robin as he walks towards the computer. "Can you come over here?"

"Can I eat my sandwich?" Anna asked, till Robin gave her a stern look. "Fine, but don't take long. Momma needs her food."

Robin begins to show Anna a video image caught by some tourist that were out exploring in the Middle East. They were videotaping, when they spotted someone nearby. A group of thieves attacked the man, who set the thieves on fire. The video is paused when they got a glimpse of the attacker.

"Slade," said Anna narrowing her eyes. "What the hell is he doing there?"

"I don't know," said Robin as he shows on the TV an image of a temple. "I know he came from in there, but I couldn't get any information about the temple and what's inside. Do you know?"

Anna takes a look at the picture and tries to recognize any of the symbols that the temple has. However, despite her knowledge of ancient symbols, she couldn't recognize these.

"No, I'll send this to my friend to see if he can figure it out," Anna replied.

"Do you think we should do something about this?" Robin asked.

Anna thought about this and knew what they had to do. "Try upgrading more on the defenses and tell the others. I'll tell Raven later after we get back."

"Back?" Robin asked confused. "Where are you two going?"

"I want to take her out to relax," Anna replied without telling Robin the truth. "I don't want her kept up in the tower waiting for Slade to show up. Is that okay, fearless leader?"

Robin was about to tell her no, but he knew she was right. Raven has been through so much and she needs some time off.

"Okay, but be careful," said Robin.

"I will and thanks," Anna then feels her stomach growling. "Are we done then?"

Robin nods. "Enjoy your sandwich."

Once Robin is gone Anna turns around, then her jaw dropped. She sees Cyborg taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"Cy! That's my spicy ghost sandwich!" Anna shouted.

"Spicy ghost, what?" Cyborg feels his stomach and mouth get hot. "W-what was in this?"

Anna turns towards her sandwich with Anime sad tears. "Meat, vegetables, mayo, and three ghost peppers, which are soooo hot."

Cyborg's mouth begins getting so hot that he runs towards the sink and begins pouring water in his mouth. Anna pushes the plate away and whimpers.

"I miss you sandwich."

New York City

Rose Wilson is in a fancy hotel room wearing bathrobe as she gets ready for a mission. She has her uniform, weapons, and equipment. She walks over towards the mirror and removes her robe. She is wearing red lingerie panties and bra as she begins getting her things. Her phone begins ringing as she pulls out her cell phone and sees who it is.

"What do you want Jade?" she answered. "Don't tell me you're in trouble?"

"No," Jade replied. "I wanted to let you know your father was sighted in the Middle East."

That caught Rose's attention. "What was he doing there?"

"I don't know," Jade replied as she begins typing on her laptop. "All I know is he stole something from an unknown temple. I wanted to tell Anna about this, but I figure she is busy with her date."

"Okay, I'll check in on her then," said Rose as she sits down on her bed. "Thanks for telling me. I know you did it though to help Anna."

"I did it to keep her from getting killed," Jade replied annoyed. "Anyways, I have to go. Make sure she's gets the message and doesn't get killed."

"I will," said Rose as she hangs up the phone and grabs her things. "Anna, you better not get killed. Otherwise, Jade is going to try killing me."

Titan's Tower

Raven exits her room and heads towards Anna's room. She has to be careful not to be seen by the guys since she doesn't want to explain to them why she is wearing a dress. She makes it to Anna's bedroom and phases through. She looks around and doesn't see her girlfriend anywhere.

"Where is she?"

Suddenly a pair of two hands appeared from behind and they move around Raven grabbing her breasts.

"Hi," Anna whispered from behind. Raven elbows her in the face knocking her down. "I think I preferred getting blasted than be physically hit."

"Anna!" Raven shouted while her face is red from embarrassment.

"Oh relax, you didn't mind it before when we were in bed," said Anna as she gets up.

Raven's anger vanished when she sees her girlfriend's outfit. She is wearing a long white dress, like hers, and it showed how well her figure looks.

Anna noticed this and posed. "Like what you see?"

Raven moves her eyes away and nods. "Y-you look pretty."

Anna walks up to Raven and wraps her arms around her neck. She has her girlfriend face her as their lips were inches away from the other.

"Thank you, so you ready to go?"

Raven nods nervously. "So um where to?"

Anna giggles. "I know a good spot where no one will recognize us, and we won't be judged."

"Okay, let's go," Anna pulls out a paper with the address on it and hands it to her girlfriend. Raven uses her powers as they teleport out of the room.


"You shouldn't have eaten that sandwich," said Robin sitting on the sofa, while Cyborg is nearby lying down.

After Cyborg ate the ghost peppers, it upset his stomach. So he had to take some medicine to help calm his stomach down. He may be part machine, but was still part human. So, he could still get sick with anything he ate like what happened when he got that virus that made him eat a lot of stuff.

"I didn't think it was going to be that hot," Cyborg replied while holding a bucket near him. "Why does she eat that stuff?"

"Dude, she made another sandwich and it didn't affect her," said Beastboy who is in the kitchen eating some tofu burgers. "And why did she make a funeral for the one Cyborg ate?"

Robin shrugged his shoulders. "She loves her sandwiches and she told me she has gotten used to eating hot food."

"No one can get used to what I ate," Cyborg grabs a gallon of milk, but then throws up. "Oh, what the hell was wrong with this milk?"

"Hey! That's my soy milk!" Beastboy shouted.

Cyborg throws the milk in the bucket. "That was so disgusting. How can you drink that stuff?"

"It's good and healthy," said Beastboy as he sits down next to Robin. "It's way better than the meat you eat."

"Don't you talk bad about my meat," Cyborg feels his stomach growling again and throws up in the bucket.

"It was because of your love for meat that got you in this situation," Beastboy pointed out as he takes a bite out of his burger.

"No, it was Anna and her damn peppers that is the reason I'm like this," Cyborg replied.

Robin sighed in annoyance and slips off the couch while his two teammates fight. As he makes his way towards the door when Starfire floats in.

"Hey Star, what's wrong?"

"I came to see if you and the others are free to see a movie I rented?" she asked.

"I think that is going to be hard to do because of them," he points towards the others who are still arguing. "Want to go out to see a movie instead?"

Starfire was about to say yes, but then remembers her friends are out on a date. If they went to see a movie there is a chance they might catch them in the act.

"Actually, why don't we go up to the roof and watch the night sky, alone?" she asked hoping this would work.

"Um, well sure I guess that seems nice," he answered liking that idea.

"Then I shall see you up there," she replied before flying off. I just hope Raven and Anna are having fun on their date.

Jump City

Raven was indeed having fun. The address Anna took her is a restaurant where there wasn't that many people. She was also told that the people who own the place don't mind lesbians and others. So, they could kiss or be themselves without being judged.

Anna took her to a table where they ordered their food. After that they finished eating they began talking. Anna told her some things about herself, while Raven did the same. They already knew a lot about each other, before their date. One was Anna telling Raven the two girls she had sex with, but only had one relationship with one of them.

Raven was a little jealous, but Anna told her the relationship she has with her is different than her ex-girlfriend. It calmed her down and she is now just happy that she is with her girlfriend.

She then told Anna some things about herself that she didn't tell her girlfriend. She told her about the reasons why she couldn't trust people with her secrets that weren't her friends. When she met Malchior she allowed herself to believe he was the one for her, but she realized he was using her and it hurt her a lot. Anna already knew about that thanks to Starfire, but didn't say anything until Raven was ready to tell her.

Raven then confessed something else that she didn't tell Starfire. She never told her that when Terra was living with them, she had formed a small crush on the blonde girl. With Malchior it didn't feel like love, she saw him more like an older brother. With Terra, she thought there was something until she betrayed her.

"I'm sorry for not telling you," said Raven. "I thought you would be upset if I told you. You're not, right?"

Anna shook her head. "Nah, you had a crush with a girl and I had sex with two of them. Sounds like we're even."

"Not exact…" Raven stops mid-sentence knowing there was no point in arguing about this. "I guess so, thanks for being okay with this."

"No problem, I'm just glad you were okay with me and my ex-girlfriend," said Anna as she grabs her girlfriend's hands. "By the way, if you ever break Terra free from her stone prison, would you consider a four-way with Starfire involved?"

Raven pulls her hand free and playfully smacks her girlfriend's hand. "Why do you want to have a four-way? You don't like having sex with me?"

"I do, you're so beautiful and sexy," Anna replied getting a nice reaction out of her girlfriend. "I just thought it would be fun for all of us to have a little fun."

Raven rolls her eyes. "Can I ask you something?"

"You just did," said Anna taking a sip of water. "What is it?"

"If you're ever allowed back into Heaven, what would happen with us?" she asked.

Anna's expression changed to confusion. "Like, would we still be together if I went back home?"

Raven nods. "I know you want to go back, but would you stay here with me or leave?"

Anna knew that question would eventually come up. She always knew any relationship she had with anyone would end with her having to make this decision. She does want to go home and be with her family. However, she doesn't want to hurt her girlfriend by leaving just like what a lot of guys do to women.

"Raven, I'm not sure what I would do. However, for now I want to see where we go from here and then I'll give you my decision, okay?"

Raven was about to protest, but she knew Anna was right. They have only been dating for a short time. She isn't sure if what they have is a serious relationship. So, until that day comes all she can do is wait.

"Okay, let's just enjoy the rest of our date then," she suggested.

Anna nods in agreement, when she hears a familiar song being played. "I love this song, hey let's dance."

"I don't dance," Raven replied.

Anna gets up and pulls her friend from her seat leading her towards the dance floor. She moves Raven's right hand around her waist, and the other in her hand.

"Anna, stop this," Raven protested. "I don't dance."

"You don't know until you try," said Anna as she begins moving. "Just follow my lead, please?"

Raven sighed in annoyance and begins following Anna's lead. They begin to move to the song and after messing up three times, they were able to synchronize their dancing. Raven found herself enjoying their first dance, and took the lead near the end of the song. The two women then stopped as they stare into each other's eyes.

They then begin moving their heads close as their lips are inches from each other. Suddenly they stopped when Anna's expression changed, which Raven noticed.

"What's wrong?" Raven asked.

"He's here," the music stops as everyone looks over to see Slade nearby burning the controls for the music. "Slade."

"Well, this is a surprise," said Slade almost sounds like he is mocking the women. "I haven't see you two in a month and I didn't expect us to meet while you two are on a date. Raven, you just keep surprising me, don't you?"

Anna moves Raven behind her and narrows her eyes at the villain. "What do you want?"

"I came here looking for you, Anna," said Slade as he begins moves towards the dance floor. "I came to pay you back after what you did last time we met. That, and because Trigon wants to make sure his daughter becomes the portal."

"That's not going to happen," said Anna as she move her hand behind her back. "She is not going to be a pawn to be used for Trigon to be free."

"You're right," said Slade as he pulls something from his back. "Unless I make sure I threaten her friends and girlfriend."

Raven pushes Anna away and blasts Slade keeping him against the wall. Anna sees the look of anger in Raven's face as she approaches the one-eyed villain.

"Slade, stay away from my friends and Anna," said Raven in a dark tone. "If you go after them, then I will make sure you regret it."

"Sorry, but I've got orders," said Slade as he breaks free using his powers and knocked Raven to the ground.

He is about to attack again, when a gunshot is fired. He holds his right shoulder where he got shot. He looks over and sees Anna holding her gun at him. She opens fire again hitting him on his other shoulder, and knees knocking him to the ground.

Anna approaches Slade aiming her gun towards his head. "Any last words before I put you down?"

"Yes, enjoy this," Slade reveals a vile from his hand and smashes it. It releases a dark cloud from inside and it goes into Anna causing her to become weakened.

She begins coughing loudly, drops her guns, and falls to the floor. Raven recovers from the attack earlier and checks on her girlfriend.

"Anna, what happened? Anna!"

Her girlfriend continued coughing and she noticed her skin turning pale. She tries using her powers, but it doesn't seem to be working.

She looks over at Slade who begins to recover from Anna's attack. "What did you do to her?"

Slade begins to laugh. "That vial was made by a Demon centuries ago. Once released it will go into the body of an Angel and poisons them. Your magic is useless to save her. In 24 hours, she will die."

"No," Raven whispered as she noticed Anna's breathing begins to slow. Don't you die on me, I can't lose you.

"Lucky for her, I have the cure to save her," Slade shows another vial in his hand, but when Raven tries to grab it, it disappears. "I will give it to you, if you become the portal."

Raven's eyes narrowed at the villain. "I won't do it. I won't let my father destroy this world."

"Then your girlfriend will die. When that happens we both know she will go," said Slade causing Raven's expression to change.

"Oh yes, we know about how she ended up on Earth and what will happen if she fails to do what she needs to do in order to go back to Heaven. Now I know you don't want that, do you? To know she will be tormented by the very monsters and demons she put away? I bet they'll have a lot of fun with her and make sure she suffers."

Raven knew what Slade says is true. If she doesn't save Anna now, she will be forever damned and will suffer eternal torment. She couldn't let that happen, but she also couldn't become the portal. If she does her father will be free and Anna will be just as dead, and so would her friends.

"I will give you until tomorrow night to think about it," Slade begins sinking into the ground slowly. "If I were you I would make my mind up soon, otherwise you'll be saying goodbye to your girlfriend."

Slade soon disappeared and Raven hears Anna wheezing as her condition worsens. She moves her head close to her chest and holds her close. A small tear falls from her eyes as she begins debating on what she needs to do. After a minute, she came to her answer.

"Anna, I'm sorry."

What has she decided to do? Damn Slade for ruining their date. Will Rose help save her friend? And what will happen next time?

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