From the Desk of the Sharper, here is Book II of A New Redheaded Cheerleader, which continues the exciting drama of Candace yearning to become a cheerleader for the Middleton Mad Dogs but, alas, she finds it to be more difficult than she imagined.

For those of you who are new to ANRC, I'd suggest to y'all to read Book I and its surrounding stories first before preparing to read this story.

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The fanfic is rated PG-13 for language, brief sexual references, brief teen drinking and smoking and cartoon action violence.

Chapter 1

(Near Chez Couteaux, 3:00am)

Kim and Ron were both picked up by Mr. Charles, a furniture store owner. Mr. Charles was happening to be on his way for his routine walk on the lit biking trail north of Middleton when he received the call.

"Thanks for the ride, Mr. Charles!" the redhead smiled. She rolled down the window for the cool summer wind to blow through her hair.

"It's the least I can do for you, Kim, since you helped me with my flat tire problem a week ago!" Mr. Charles replied, concentrating on the road.

He briefly wondered in thought, "Though I wonder what did cause the flat tire in the first place?"

Ron then made a reminder to himself in his brain.

Note to self, never play around with extremely sharp arrowheads near car windows!

The car pulled up to Chez Couteaux in the empty parking lot. Mr. Charles dropped them off right in front of the water fountain. He pulled his car away, leaving the two teens behind.

"So here we are…" Kim observed, hands on her hips, "…the scene of the crime."

"May the reason why all of this happened was because someone fainted from one look of the menu?" Ron joked a little. "Get it? Because….the prices are….you know…pricey?"

"Ron, I don't think the reason Mr. Couteaux called us here was because of a silly case of sticker shock!" Kim countered.

"Are you kidding, KP?" Ron exclaimed, "Chez Couteaux is the most expensive restaurant in town!"

"Haven't you seen the video from Mr. Couteaux?" Kim questioned.

"Um….to be clear, Kim, I haven't seen the video yet…." Ron said.

Then he came to a realization from the video that he had seen at Felix's house.

Look, don't you recognize the place? This is where Felix showed us that fight between…

"Quiet, brain!" Ron shouted loudly, "I'll feed you some Nacos in the morning! Just be patient!"

"Ron…" Kim grumbled, "…are you arguing with your brain again?"

"Umm…" Ron paused before trying to pin the blame, "...he started it!"

Kim complained impatiently, "Ron, this is no time to be talking to yourself! Come on, we got to get to the bottom of this!"

The two of them opened the doors and was caught by surprise at the amount of destruction of overturned tables and chairs. Exquisite food that were signature recipes passed down in the Couteaux family for three generations was all over the place.

"Whoa!" Kim gasped. She had seen crime scenes before that were messy, but not on the level that she witnessed here at this fine restaurant. "Now that's what I call a food fight!"

"You can say that again!" Ron replied, whistling in amazement "I mean, look at all that food on the floor! That's gotta cost somewhere between seven….nine hundred simoleons altogether!"

"Simoleons, Ron?" Kim moaned with a slight blush on her face.

"The mucho dinero, Kim! You know, the moo-lah, the green bling…"

Kim groaned, burying her hands in her face.

"Just say money, Ron! It's more simple…" Kim uttered from beneath hear hands.

"…the fancy Franklins, the livin'-large Lincolns…"

They heard the tapping of footsteps from the second-floor staircase. Kim and Ron both looked up to see who it was.

Pierre Couteaux emerged from the shadows of the dimly-lit shadows and advanced on downstairs. He was in his mid-40s with his black hair slicked back and twirling his mustache. Pierre adjusted his black tuxedo and blue tie as he approached the heroes.

"Ah, Mademoiselle Possible! Vous, avez enfin arrive!" Pierre exclaimed in French. He had only been in the United States for around two weeks, without any English language skills.

"Um….can you please speak a little English?" Ron requested.

Pierre's brother, Jacques, came downstairs from the second floor. His normally meticulous black hair was disheveled from the lack of customers and revenue coming into the restaurant for the past two days. In addition, his tuxedo shirt was untucked.

He was relieved that Team Possible had finally come.

"Ah, forgive my brother, Mademoselle Possible! What my brother said zat you have finally came to our aid! Oui Oui!" Jacques replied through some mastery of the English language.

"So what happened here, Mr. Couteaux?" Kim questioned. Her green eyes circled on the pathway of destruction around the restaurant. "I see silverware, food, and overturned tables all over the place! Now… let's see if any money was taken"

Kim put on a pair of latex gloves and went on over to the cash register and opened it up.

"Seems like the register wasn't emptied." she said, seeing that all the money was there.

"Oh, no, no, no!" Jacques replied. "There was no money taken from our exquisite clientele!"

He then whispered inside Pierre's ear.

Pierre then spoke with his native French tongue. "Je vais vous le dire a la table ou la lute a commence."

"He says that he shall show you ze table where ze fight began!" Jacques replied with the English translation for his brother.

Pierre and Jacques then followed the trail of destruction amidst all the splattered food they worked so hard to prepare and was beginning to spoil on their imported carpet.

"KP, remind me to sign up for French class next fall!" Ron remarked.

"Duly noted, Ron!" Kim agreed. She was going to have to learn the language the next time she has a mission in France.

Pierre continued on in his native language. "Lorsque nous avons essaye de contacter l'equipe Possible site por, toute aide conduisant does auteurs qui a commence cette lute, notre site etait…comment vous dire….hors liane!"

"My brother said when we tried to contact ze Team Possible website for informacion zat could lead to ze perpetrators, our website was…offline!" Jacques replied with the English translation to Kim.

"Offline?" Kim asked with more interest, "How did that happen?"

"I do not know, Mademoselle Possible!" Jacques exclaimed before sniffling up, "All I could remember was that our business was ruined for ze next 28 hours!" He took out his hanky and sobbed into it with tears streaming from his eyes. "Even though ze insurance will pay for ze damages, it won't pay for my damaged pride!"

Kim came to Jacques' aid to calm him down. "Don't worry, Mr. Couteaux! We'll make sure that just will be served to those responsible!"

"Oh thank you!" Jacques exclaimed with gratitude towards the teen heroine before all four of them came to a stop.

"Zere!" Jacques said, pointing to a table with a ripped tablecloth and splattered food. "Table 75! That's where ze uncivilized fight began!"

"When did the fight begin?" Kim asked.

Jacques then whispered in Pierre's ear.

"La lutte a commence a la deuxie'me de juill et...six-trente." Pierre replied in French.

"He said zat it began on July 2nd at 6:30." Jacques replied with the translation.

"Hmm...didn't the police come here?" Kim wondered.

"Oui...oui...Mademoiselle Possible! But alas, zey only took a few photos of ze evidence before zey left and never came back!" Jacques groaned.

Kim muttered, "Typical sloppy work by 'Middleton's Finest'!" She paused a moment and said. "Wait a minute, did you say 6:30pm?"

"I did!" came the reply from Jacques.

Kim looked around and observed the damage to Table 75. She put her fingers on her chin…thinking…pondering.

"Kim, what are you doing ?" Ron wondered.

"I'm trying to construct a timeline of what happened, Ron, duh!" Kim explained with a hint of sarcasm. "CSIs do it all the time!"

She turned to Jacques and asked, "So if the fight began at 6:30 and… when did the police arrive, Mr. Couteaux?"

"Around 7:15." Jacques answered.

"And you said, the restaurant's website went down sometime when you tried to reach my site?" Kim asked another important question.

"Oui! Ze site went down at 10:40pm !" Jacques said, giving the time.

"So if I base my conclusions correctly, the people who started the fight must've been the same people who brought your site down!" Kim deducted.

"I haven't zought of zat before!" Jacques said with astonishment.

"Can you give me a description of the person or persons involved in the fight?" Kim asked, getting her notepad and pen out.

"I'm sorrie, Mademoiselle Possible, but I was so depressed from ze lack of customers zat I had six glasses of vine!" Jacques apologized. He pointed to a security camera along one of the walls and Kim turned her attention to it.

"Ze cameras vill tell ze story more than I!" Jacques explained. "Also, follow ze path of destruction! That'll lead to you to your answer!"

Kim turned to Ron and said, "Come on, Ron! Let's start gathering up some clues!"

"Rightey-o, KP!" Ron replied.

The two began their search on Table 75.