Chapter 116

The swarm of Monkey Ninjas began to descend upon Ron, Yori, and Rufus.

Fist then went to Fukushima, pointed to the trio, and said, "Fukushima, get your members of the Brotherhood and your father to join forces with my Monkey Ninjas to distract the cheer squad!"

"But what are your plans of summoning the mighty monkey god?" the ex-Yamanouchi pupil asked.

"I will be with Bates so that I can piece the puzzle together. Remember that only someone with the Mystical Monkey Power can decipher the puzzle!" Fist said before going to Bates. "Do not disappoint me this time!"

"I swear by my family's name that I will not disappoint you, Monkey Fist!" Fukushima replied before getting out his boa staff. The other ten Brotherhood members, including Fukushima's father, also brought out their boa staffs and numbchucks.

Ron, Yori and Rufus went into fighting stances as well. The three heroes charged headlong into the villains.

Fist climbed on top of Bates.

"Bates, we have to move NOW!" Fist demanded.

"Right away, milord!" Bates obliged as he used his mutated gorilla arms to walk himself and his master to the bay.

While the three heroes were knocking out the Brotherhood members one by one, Ron approached Yori while she was fighting off two of the members at the same time. He knocked out the Monkey Ninjas that were in his pathway.

"Yori, how are we going to get to Monkey Fist? We're outnumbered?" Ron asked.

"Stoppable-san, look in my knapsack and pull out the expanded trap!" Yori suggested as the three of them were 10 feet over a sturdy tree branch . "It is the pink squishy stuff!"

Ron pulled his hand into Yori's knapsack and pulled out a pink and squishy ball. Monkey Ninjas and Brotherhood members were surrounding the three!

"Now press the button on the right side of it, and hold my hand." Yori added

Ron obeyed and pressed the right side of the squishy ball and held Yori's hand.

"I would also suggest for Rufus-san to hold on as well!" Yori replied.

"Rufus! Get in my pocket!"

Rufus was fighting off a couple of Monkey Ninjas as well when he heard his master's command. He scurried into his owner's ninja pants pocket.

Yori held onto Ron as tight as she could as they jumped onto the strong branch. The three of them were on top of the crowd of Brotherhood members and Monkey Ninjas. The pink ball in the middle that Ron had pressed activated and the sticky trap expanded to all whom were in the middle. All the Monkey Ninjas and Brotherhood members were trapped by the large sticky adhesive.

Fukushima and his father, whom were twenty feet away from their henchmen, saw them getting trapped.

"Urrgh...useless henchmen!" Fukushima's dad grunted, "It's all the Outsider's fault!"

"We shall handle them together, Father!" Fukushima chuckled evily, clenching his bow staff hard.

"Yes! They will become Monkey Fist's slaves!" Fukushina's father added while spinning his numchucks.

Ron, Yori and Rufus landed in a clearing.

"Looks like they're quite in a sticky sitch, as Kim would say." Ron chuckled a little. "Man, you've been packing a lot of good stuff in that knapsack!"

"Sensei said that I should prepare myself for anything, Stoppable-san!" Yori grinned.

Ron then stared angrily at Fist and Bates below as Fist was trying to prepare the Sarukahito Puzzle pieces and then Fukushima and his dad charging with their weapons drawn.

"So what is your plan of attack, Stoppable-san?" Yori asked if Ron had any strategy of dealing with these villains.

"Yori, you'll handle Fukushima and his old man! Rufus and I will handle Monkey Fist and make sure that he does not put the pieces of that puzzle together and get the wish..." Ron said before pausing, an idea slowly coming into his head. "Wait a minute, I think I got it!"

"What do you mean?" Yori asked.

"I think I may know a way to not only defeat Monkey Fist and foil his plan, but also get back to Middleton! Trust me, the Ronster has everything all planned out!"

"I trust your words, Stoppable-san! Now go! We have very little in time!" Yori replied before making her death stare at Fukushima and his father.

Ron, empowered by Yori's words, made his way towards Fist and the mutated Bates.

"I do say, milord, the Stoppable fellow is headed right for us!" Bates exclaimed.

Fist, meanwhile, just stood there with the third Sarukahito puzzle, meditating. He had the first piece while Bates had the second and fourth ones on his back.

"Bates, I am not moving from my position until I have summoned the bridge where I will piece the puzzle together!" He knew that the third piece of the puzzle contained the incantation necessary to summon the bridge. "Just allow me to translate the symbols without any interruptions! And not to worry...I have a little distraction for the distraction!"

(Danville, 12:50 am)

Violet drove up to her house after dropping Tricia off about 15 minutes earlier.

"Ahh...such a perfect time for me to chew on my gum!" she grinned, smacking on her gum and reflecting on the success of her vile plans against Vanessa and Monty. "Soon...the photos of Tricia and Monty will go online for all the world to see! But I need that perfect moment to seize the opportunity for both their parents to bust them! I'll be just like a black widow spider...ready to strike! All I need is the perfect time to do it!"

She closed the car door and walked up to the front door.

I think I should get in touch with Trish to figure out a time to send those photos.

Violet unlocked the door and walked onto the plush carpet of the living room beneath her boots.

Scarlet was right there on the sofa, covered in plastic because of Violet's bubblegum-chewing habits. She was reading a book while in her pink cotton pajamas with broken hearts on them.

"So how was the rodeo, dear?" she asked.

"It was fine, Mom! Me and Trish had a terrific time!" Violet replied while masticating away at her gum.

"Did you get any good photos?" Scarlet questioned as she put aside the book.

"Oh..." Violet cleverly smirk, popping a small bubble, "...I got plenty of 'em!" She didn't tell her mom what those photos were about.

"Just get ready for bed, dear. You have Golden Dancer practice in the morning!"

"I will, Mom!" Violet smiled while embracing her own mom. She headed up the stairs to her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom, Violet took out the memory card from her smartphone and began to snicker quietly, throwing her gum in the trash.

"I need to time the uploading of the photos correctly with the next time that Vanessa and Monty will meet. Once that happens, then the photos will be sent to both of their precious parents! This is going to be the Ashleys once put it...scanalous!"