You glanced around and you felt the panic growing. You had no slightest idea where you were or HOW. You had been at your home, reading and relaxing, when you had suddenly seen a bright light and felt a tingle in your stomach. The next thing you knew was that you were standing somewhere surrounded by people wearing uniforms. And they all stared at you. You became very conscious about the fact that you were wearing your home clothes; an oversize hoodie, sweatpants and furry slippers.

You clutched the hem of your hoodie, unsure what to do next, as a young man in a yellow uniform and blond hair addressed you.

"And who might you be?"

You didn't answer. You were too much in shock for that. When he came right in front of you and snapped his fingers couple of times, you recovered enough to look at him.

"Do you understand me?" he asked tilting his head slightly. His voice was stern, but his bright blue eyes were friendly.

"Y-yes." you said, voice cracking a little. You cleared your throat. "I understand you."

"So, who are you then? And how are you here?"

"I'm (y/n). I have no idea how I got here. I was at home, I saw this bright light and now I'm here." you answered.

"...Where is 'here' anyway?" you asked a little cautiously, fearing what the answer would be. Everything looked so odd and too modern for your liking.

"You are on board on the Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Enterprise, and I'm captain James T. Kirk." the man introduced the place and himself. You just nodded in acknowledgement, and took a better look around.

The crew had already returned to their posts, and no one paid much attention to you. There were all kind of screens and buttons everywhere around the room, and in the middle of it was one chair, which was more fancy than the others. You thought it was the captain's chair for sure. You glanced to your right and saw a large window. But what really got your attention was what you saw outside the window. You turned fully towards the window and could feel your mouth hanging open. Holy shit, you were in space!

You had stopped paying attention to the captain, who was now talking with a man with pointed ears and a blue uniform. You started to feel dizzy, lonely and being totally in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a few minutes of discussing, captain Kirk turned to face you again.

"We will have to investigate the situation more. I'll have to ask you to stay...Well, where would you go, right?" Kirk grinned and continued:

"Someone will escort you to the sickbay to get checked, and then lead you to the quarters I'll assign for you." he finished with a thoughtful nod. He called out a name, and you turned your head when you saw a young man stand up.

He said something to the man sitting beside him and walked to you. He had blue eyes and light brown curly hair. He wasn't that much taller than you, but he still had to look a bit downwards to greet you directly.

"My name eez Pavel Andrejevich Chekov. It eez nice to meet you." Chekov smiled at you. You tried to smile back, but it felt more like a grimace.

"I'm (y/n). Nice to meet you too."

"Take ms. (y/n) to Bones and then to her quarters." Kirk said to Chekov.

"Yes, keptin. Follov me." Chekov had started walking towards a door and you followed. What else could you do?

The young man led you along the labyrinthine corridors, and everyone who walked past you, looked at you curiously. Chekov told you some things about the ship and their mission and you tried to nod or hum at appropriate times, but you hardly listened him.

Finally, after riding almost too fast lift, he announced that you'd arrived to the sickbay. He seemed to notice your growing anxiousness, because he put a warm hand on your shoulder, looked you in the eye and said:

"Don't vorry, you vill be okay. Doctor McCoy eez a nice man."

Chekov led you through sliding doors to a room, which seemed to be quite normal medical station. There were several beds against the walls, some of the occupied but most still vacant. Nurses walked around items in their hands, checking the patients. Despite how alien everything looked, this still seemed very familiar to you, and you relaxed a bit.

"Doctor McCoy!" the boy called. You heard an answer behind you.

"What is it, kid?"

The two of you whirled around and you saw a man perhaps in his early fourties standing in front of you. He was wearing a blue uniform and he had brown hair and hazel eyes.

Chekov smiled and greeted the man. "Hello, doctor McCoy. Keptin Kirk sent me to get her checked. She popped on ze bridge out of novhere-"

"Yeah, I know. Jim sent me a message." McCoy said tapping the device he was holding in his hand.

"Well, should we check you then?" he asked you while going towards one of the free bunks on the left. He smiled and the patted the bed lightly. "Just come sit here. I'm not going to bite you." You moved to the bed and sat down a little awkwardly.

Somehow you found it comforting that Chekov had stayed in the room with you. You didn't really know him but he was still the most familiar person to you on this ship, so you appreciated his presence a lot. He stood a few meters away, but you could still see him looking at you curious.

McCoy ran somekind of a scanner on your body and you watched with fascination. Something with the results had caused his forehead to crease, and he tried another 'tricorder', as he put it.


"What?" you asked. This was starting to be unnerving.

"Either all my tricorders are broken, or your dna is old. I'm going to go for the first option." the doctor said and tried to figure out what could possibly be wrong with the device.

"Vhat's ze problem?" you hadn't noticed Chekov shuffling closer, and you flinched when you heard him closer than you thought he would be. You were being too jumpy for your liking.
"This stupid machine isn't working. It says that she's at least couple of hundreds of years old." McCoy said with a frown. You froze. It hadn't occurred to you to think that maybe everything looked so odd because, well, maybe...

"What year is it?!" you asked, louder than you'd meant to, almost shouting. The men turned to look you surprised of your sudden loudness.

"It eez 2259." Chekov answered, looking a little concerned for you not remebering what year it was.

It was a good thing you were already seated, because you felt immensely dizzy and almost blacked out. You were already falling from the bed, but McCoy catched you by your shoulders and steadied you back to sitting position.

"Whoa! You okay?" he asked as you tried to do the math in your head. If it was the year 2259 now -which was really difficult consept for your to grasp- and it had been the year 2014 back home...That would make almost 250 years.

"I'm...250 my time..." you whispered in panic.