After your chat with Bones, you'd continued your work and when there was nothing left for you to do, you returned to your quarters. You hadn't seen Chekov since the morning, and you were actually a little bit happy about it. You had no idea how to say anything to him now that you were planning on confessing your feelings to him. For the next couple of days you managed to busy yourself so the two you barely had the chance to see each other or talk.

Chekov had begun to worry. You were acting strange, and he wanted to know it wasn't because of the night earlier. Had he done something wrong after all?
He saw you walk down the corridor towards the turbolift and he sprang after you.
"(y/n)!" he called when he was closer. You swirled around, surprised.
"Pavel." you greeted as the boy steadied his breath.
"Hi. I vanted to talk to you."
"About what?" you asked a bit nervous, when the two of you stepped into the lift.

Chekov was silent for a moment, before asking:
"Hawe you been awoiding me?"
You looked at him, taken aback. You hadn't realised that Chekov might interpret your absence like this.
"Of course not. Or, maybe a little...?" you said wincing a bit.
"Vhy?" There was no accusation or dissappointment in his voice, but he frowned slightly.
"I ...uh..."
"Hawe I upset you?"
"No! It's just...that I..." you blushed deep red at your own stuttering. This conversation didn't go too well. Chekov's bright blue eyes never left your (e/c) ones, and you really didn't find that helpful at all. Instead, you found your feet very interesting to look at.
"Shit..." you whispered before continuing: "Pavel, I like you."

Chekov hadn't been expecting to hear that, and he was completely baffled. You glanced from your feet at him and furrowed worriedly. Why was he so silent?
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have sa-" you started to apologise quietly, but you were cutt off short, when Chekov got his train of thought back on the rails.
"No, don't apologise. I like you too." Chekov beamed a smile and you relaxed, starting to smile as well.

The lift came to a halt, and the doors opened revealing a pissed off doctor McCoy.
"There you are! I've been trying to get you here, I need everyone I just can get to help me. A landing party returned with many severely injured officers, now come on!" he barked at you and you stepped immediately off the lift, Chekov following you.
"Apparently I need to go." you said apologetically. You walked a few steps away, but then returned to Chekov and pressed a quick kiss on his cheek before runnig to the Medbay. He smiled and stepped back into the lift. He should've been in the Mechanics bay half an hour ago, Scotty would probably hang him from his uniform on the warp core. But it was worth it.

Once it was the time for the luch break, you went to the mess hall and chose your favourite food. You spotted Chekov sitting in a table nearby, grinned and walked to him. You put your tray on the table and sat down.
"Hello." he said smiling.
"Hi." you answered and picked up your fork.

The two of you ate in a comfortable silence, and once you were almost finished, Chekov cleared his throat. You raised your eyes from your plate and looked at him.

"I vas thinking zat..." he started, lost his words and cleared his throat again, flustered.
"Yes?" you tried to encourage him to continue. He set his gaze on the table and rubbed his neck.
"I vas thinking zat vould you like to be my girlfriend?" he finished and peeked almost fearfully at you. A smile spreading on your face, you took his hand gently in yours.
"I would like that very much."

Somehow almost everyone on the ship had heard about the change in your and Chekov's relationship. You heard your friends discussing the matter in the sickbay the next day. Apparently someone they knew had lost their money in a bet. You were surprised. Why were people talking about you and Chekov and why had there been bets going on?

You huffed as you lifted a box, which included medicines, back on its shelf. The crew must have been very bored, if your relationship offered them any kind of amusement.

The next days went quite normally, except that you spent time with Chekov even more than before, if possible. You had mustered the courage to walk hand in hand in the corridors, and occasionally exchanced a kiss or two on each other's cheeks.

A couple of nights you two had played card with Scotty, McCoy and Sulu. Those game nights often included heavy amounts of alcohol, to compensate the rough days of work. Usually you didn't drink as much as the guys did. You didn't want to be hangover the next morning. You drank enough, so it didn't bother you to sit in Chekov's lap, though. It was actually pretty fun.

When neither of you had any work to do, you liked to hang out in either your or Chekov's quarters, eating, drinking tea, reading or just talking. You liked these little moments, when you could be with him without having to do anything else.

"Pasha, could you hand me that book?" you asked as you lay on your bed. Chekov had told you about the nickname he had, and you had immediately adopted it. It sounded so adorable! He reached for the book you had pointed, trying not to have to get up from his chair. He managed to get the book, after he'd almost fallen to the floor. You laughed and took the book.

It was a short history of space travel. And short in this case meant 150 years worth of information, from the first intergalactical travel to the present day. You had started to study pretty much everything you just could get your hands on to, because you didn't like the idea of being the one who knows nothing.

"Thank you."
"No problem." Chekov said and smiled at you, watching you as you started taking notes from the book. He was impressed of the speed you had learned things. You had already learnt almost everything about the space ships and essentials of the different alien races.

If you could keep this up, it would be no problem for you to catch up with the medical knowledge once you'd reach the Earth and you'd applied to a school. The Enterprise was already headed towards her home planet, and everyone was exited about the upcoming long shore leave. You waited anxiously to see what the Earth would look like in late 2250's. Would there be flying cars or droids doing everyday work, like selling pastries in aprons? You snorted to yourself, catching Chekov's attention.
"Vhat?" he asked, amused.
"Nothing, nothing. Just a funny image in my head." you answered and tried to wipe the stupid grin away.

When you had enough of the history you were reading, you got up from your bed and stretched. Chekov hadn't readed in a while, and you thought he'd be bored to death already, but he didn't complain.
"You wanna grab something to eat?" you asked as you put your books away.
"Sure. But first, I'd like to do something else." he said and you turned around, about to ask what he wanted to do, but you noticed that he was right in front of you. Your breath catched in your throat and you just stared in his blue eyes.

Chekov trailed carefully his fingers on your cheek before cupping it tenderly. You were both blushing, but you didn't care about it. As he leaned in, you closed your eyes and tilted your head up to meet his lips. They were softer than you had expected them to be. He placed his hands shyly on your lower back while you twined your finger into his soft, curly hair. It was absolutely perfect. You smiled into the kiss and rubbed the back of his neck gently.

After a while you parted for air and smiled to each other. Your smile, however, faded quickly and a frown took it's place as you felt a completely different kind of tingle in your stomach. Chekov noticed the sudden change in your mood, and became worried. "Vhat eez vrong?" he asked. You didn't answer. The feeling in your stomach was oddly familiar, but you couldn't connect where you had felt it before. That was before you glanced at your hands.

They were transparent and fading more as you stared. You lifted your hand in front of your face and now Chekov saw what you had been looking at, too. His eyes widened immediately and his grip on you tightened.
"I'm... disappearing..." you managed to say and turned your head to look at Chekov with matching horrified looks on your faces.
"No." That was all Chekov was able to say. He just clutched tighter on you and stared, as if you couldn't disappear if he just didn't take his eyes off you.

Sadly that wasn't the case. You could already feel being pulled away from him. You knew there wasn't much time left, so you lift your chin and pressed a hasty kiss on his mouth, in which he responded urgently.
You cupped his cheek and looked into his eyes.
"Pavel, I love you." Chekov tried to smile, but he looked pretty miserable. His face told more than a thousand words and you smiled sadly, feeling a tear fall down your cheek.
"I lowe you too, (y/n)." he said and that was the last thing you heard before feeling more disorientated than ever.

You closed your eyes, and tried to stay awake during being pulled from one time to another. Somehow it felt worse this time than the last time you had jumped through the time. Once you felt nothing was spinning or whirling anymore, you opened your eyes cautiously. Part of you had hoped that you just had had a very bad case of dissiness, but when you saw your old apartment, you sighed raggedly and slid down to the floor. You couldn't hold the tears anymore.