There was always the chance of history repeating itself. Sometimes it turned out to be a good thing but generally, it was a bad thing.

Hashirama Senju becoming friends with Madara Uchiha as one of those pivotal moments in time even though neither of the two kids at the time knew what was going on.

With Naruto Uzumaki meeting up with Sasuke Uchiha at the pier, it was just like old times where neither of the two knew what would become of one such meeting.

Two kids were both going through a lot at the time and their friendship might have never formed if it wasn't for the blonde haired one out of the two to initiate the conversation. "Hey you wanna spar?" Naruto called out to Sasuke.

Sasuke turned around. Recently, his elder brother had murdered the entire clan and he had been having these feelings inside of him, just waiting to come out. The sound of a spar actually sounded quite good to the raven haired boy as he thought about it.

"Alright" was all Sasuke said as he turned around and got into what he thought was the Uchiha clan taijutsu style. He hadn't actually even been taught it yet so he was just going off of his memory from seeing his father do it once.

Naruto on the other hand didn't know what to do. He didn't know a stance but he knew just standing with his hands by his side wasn't going to be good enough. In the end, the blonde haired boy decided that he was going to simply copy Sasuke and try his best from there.

Naruto didn't have as much patience as the Uchiha and thus it was he who charged first. As he was running, Naruto pulled back his left hand and planned on punching the living daylights out of Sasuke Uchiha.

This was something that Sasuke didn't want to happen as he knew that getting punch in the face would hurt a lot. As he watched the punch closely, Sasuke waited and waited and then right when he thought it was the right time, he moved to the side.

Naruto's punch only barely managed to skim the t-shirt that Sasuke was wearing. This wasn't good enough in his opinion though as he followed it up by turning his body around and attempted to punch Sasuke with his other hand.

Sasuke had a similar idea in that punching now would be the right course of action. The timing was so perfect that Naruto and Sasuke's respective fists collided with their intended target at the same time.

The duo of aspiring ninja fell down onto the ground after getting hit for the first time. The pain was immense for the two seven year olds but as they slowly got up to their haunches, they shared one look and the fight was back on like Donkey Kong.

Naruto surprised Sasuke by charging from a crouched position and managed to tackle him back down to the ground. The scuffle ended with Naruto kneeling on top of Sasuke's stomach. grinning as he thought he was going to win given the position that he was in, Naruto threw a right punch. What he didn't expect was for Sasuke to catch his wrist and prevent his knuckles connecting with his face.

Oh well, guess I'll try the left hand then. Naruto thought to himself before launching his left hand right Sasuke's face. Sasuke however had correctly guessed what Naruto was going to do and in a feat of perception managed to grab the left wrist of Naruto before it hit him.

Now the duo of wannabe shinobi were locked in a stalemate. After a while of the stalemate, Sasuke figured out a way to break it. Using his knee, Sasuke raised it as powerfully as he could and managed to hit the back of Naruto.

Naruto grunted at the pain when he felt something collide into his back. It wasn't enough to stop him though as he was determined to win the fight. Willing his muscles with all of his might, Naruto's hands slowly closed the distance to Sasuke's face and managed to hit him.

It wasn't that hard but it still hurt the seven year old Sasuke as he hadn't ever taken a punch before today. As he didn't like the pain that he was feeling, Sasuke retaliated just like before and kneed Naruto in the back.

Naruto realised that he was taking more damage than he was dishing out. Although he hadn't been at the academy long enough to learn strategy, he knew that this wasn't a good thing if he wanted to win the fight. As he leant back, Naruto rested on Sasuke's legs so he didn't have any room to generate force when kneeing him.

Sasuke meanwhile started panicking. He didn't know what to do as Naruto had just taken his only offence out of the game. Thankfully for him though he saw Naruto wobble in the slightest of movements trying to keep his balance. When he saw this, Sasuke grinned as he saw his chance to turn the tides on the fight.

Rolling his hips and using his abdominal muscles whilst also attempting to throw Naruto to the side, Sasuke managed to flip Naruto off of his body. This was done so that both of them kids fighting were on the ground. Realising what could happen if the other got into the position Naruto was in just a while ago, they both got up as quickly as possible.

Sasuke was the first to get up and he kicked out at Naruto. He didn't have good balance just yet so he couldn't get the height on the kick that he would have liked but Sasuke's kick managed to connect with Naruto's thigh.

"Ahh." Naruto cried out in pain but it seemed as if the look on his face turned to one of determination when this happened instead of agony. Naruto in retaliation gave his own kick which connected with Sasuke's thigh.

Not wanting to seem weak at the fact that he couldn't take what his opponent, Sasuke applied a determined look to his face before he gave another kick, this time with his other leg.

When Naruto tried to return the dick measuring contest, Sasuke managed to break suite and jump out of the way just in time. Naruto didn't like this one bit because as soon as his foot landed on the ground he charged after Sasuke wanting to punch him right in the kisser.

This time around Naruto connected with his haymaker and it sent Sasuke a few steps back before he managed to correct his feat. As he planted his foot down on the ground, Sasuke used the momentum he had and gave a punch back. He too managed to hit the desired target of Naruto's face.

It seemed like whatever one did, the other wanted to copy them as Naruto stumbled back a few steps. Seeing this as a good opportunity to do some damage, Sasuke started running towards Naruto. The next punch hit and unfortunately for the blonde haired boy, Naruto didn't have the balance to stay on his feet.

As he fell on his arse, Naruto had the presence of mind to focus on the fight instead of the pain he was feeling. Sasuke meanwhile was in the process of stomping Naruto but the blonde managed to kick the back of Sasuke's only knee which was on the ground.

This manoeuvre caused Sasuke to fall to the ground and he jolted his elbows when he used them as the first point of contact with the ground. As he got up, Naruto got up and stomped right on the lower back of Sasuke.

"Ahh!" he cried out as the pain from this was worse than any previously inflicted.

Seeing that he had elicited a response from Sasuke, Naruto thought that he was on the verge of victory. Jumping in the air, Naruto used his hamstrings so the first point of contact with whatever was beneath would be his kneecaps.

At the last second Sasuke barely managed to move out of the way and this caused Naruto to take the full brunt of the shockwaves right at his knee caps. "Ow…" Naruto complained as he got up off of the ground and rubbed his knees.

When he looked up he saw Sasuke there panting for breath. "I'm *pant* really glad that *pant* you agreed to spar with me Sasuke." Naruto said with a big grin on his face.

For the first time since the massacre, there was a smile on the face of Sasuke. Admittedly, he didn't think that this would be that fun. The surprise though was the fact that Naruto was as far as he could tell, just as skilled as himself and that made for a very interesting fight. "Yeah, so am I." Sasuke said as he responded to Naruto's statement.

"How 'bout we step it up a notch." Naruto questioned to which Sasuke had a look of shock on his face. He thought that they were going at top notch, he didn't think that there was another notch to go to. That being said, if there was another notch to go to then he would do it because after all, how could he Kill Itachi if he couldn't even beat Naruto?

What Sasuke didn't know was that Naruto was bluffing. He was almost on his last legs but he wanted to prove that he was capable of hanging with the class' best up and coming ninja. After all, how could he become the best if he couldn't beat the best?

Just like the start of the fight, Naruto charged head first at Sasuke with his little legs carrying him just that little bit faster thanks to the adrenaline running through his body.

Seeing what Naruto was trying to do, Sasuke planned on doing the same thing. He didn't know it but he didn't think it would be this easy seeing what moves people were doing.

Having dodged the attack of Naruto, Sasuke attempted to retaliate but Naruto had seen this coming. It was all part of his plan and he quickly followed up with a kick at Sasuke. When that didn't land he continued on with an elbow and then a knee. Each attach was becoming progressively faster and faster.

Dodge, dodge and block was what Sasuke had been doing but there didn't seem to be an end to it as Naruto kept up the relentless pressure. Eventually the blonde haired boy managed to crack through the defences of Sasuke and he got what he thought was a clean punch right into the nose of Sasuke Uchiha.

Said boy panicked immediately right before the impact of the punch. It was on instinct that right as the punch was about to hit that Sasuke's body did whatever it could to get out of the way of the hit.

The prematurely unlocked sharingan from before during the massacre paved the way for Sasuke to fully unlock the sharingan with one tomoe in each eye by channelling chakra unintentionally into his eyes, hoping to the mitigate the damage.

Unfortunately for him, it didn't work as he copped the full brunt of the attack right in the schnoz. Sasuke closed his eyes as he fell to the ground and hit his head on the dirt beneath him.

Despite the pain that he was in, Sasuke knew, in the depths of his mind that if he didn't get back up right away, there was only going to be more pain coming his way.

As he opened up his eyes, Sasuke saw yet another punch coming his way but somehow, it seemed as if time slowed down and he managed to get out of the way. Naruto immediately stopped when he saw this but not because Sasuke had dodged his attack. There was something else that had taken his attention and that was the fact that Sasuke's eyes had gone from black to red and black.

"What happened to your eyes Sasuke? They went all weird." Naruto called out to which Sasuke was confused, he had no idea what had happened to his eyes. It was then that he felt something running down his nose and realised that it was blood. Quickly wiping it off on his sleeve and got back into his stance ready for the next round.

"Nah, I'm spent and by the looks of things you are too Sasuke. You should really go over to the water, stop the bleeding and check your eyes in the water." Naruto said to which Sasuke nodded. He was grateful for the fight being over although disappointed at the fact that in his mind he had lost.

As he went over to the water, Sasuke held the bridge of his nose with two fingers on either side stopping the blood flow. Three minutes later and once he was sure that there was no more blood coming out, Sasuke reached down and splashed some water getting rid of all the evidence that he ever had a blood nose.

Once all of it was gone and the water had stopped rippling, Sasuke got a good, clean look at his reflection on the water's surface. Instantly, the Uchiha knew what Naruto was talking about when his eyes went red. The sharingan! I finally unlocked it! Sasuke thought to himself with utter glee. If the smile that was on his face during the fight with Naruto, the one on it afterwards utterly trounced it.

Testing it as he wanted to make sure that he wasn't just seeing things, Sasuke tried his best to take the chakra from his eyes even though he didn't think he was using any. It took a few goes but the third time was the charm and Sasuke's eyes returned back to normal. When he decided to make doubly sure that he had properly activated it and not just partially, Sasuke tried activating it on his own accord. Like before it took a few goes as he didn't have much practice with controlling his chakra but eventually he got it.

The grin that was on his face got even larger if that was somehow possible.

When he deactivated it this time, he got a bit more proficient at the act and it only took him two tries to get it done. When he turned around, he saw Naruto standing there awkwardly. Deciding that it was probably best if he offered an explanation to the blonde haired boy, Sasuke went about doing that.

"I activated my sharingan."

"What's that?" Naruto curiously questioned.

It was at this point that Sasuke realised he couldn't criticize Naruto for asking this question. He probably didn't come from a clan family like he did and they hadn't been taught it yet at the academy.

"Certain clans have special abilities passed down from mother to son. Our one is called the sharingan and it makes our eyes look like this." As Sasuke said this, he attempted to activate his sharingan. It showed how he was getting better when he activated it first go although he only barely managed to get it working for a few seconds. Once that time was up, he noticed it going away and he felt really weak.

He remembered hearing from his mum a while back about using too much chakra and how it makes you weak. This is that then…Sasuke thought to himself.

"Oh… man I wish I had some super cool thing like that, I'd be so awesome if I did." Sasuke didn't know how to respond when Naruto said this. Instead there formed an awkward silence for a few minutes before Sasuke spoke up.

In this time Sasuke had been thinking about how Naruto had managed to activate his sharingan. He was under no illusions that if he hadn't accepted this fight, then it wouldn't have happened any time soon. That was something he was very thankful for and wanted to properly thank the blonde haired boy for.

He also got benefits since he would get a training partner who would be at his level and also provide someone to help keep him motivated. If there was no one he could compare himself to then he knew that eventually, he would become less intense when it came to training.

Finally if all that wasn't enough, Sasuke remembered his mum once upon a time saying that it would be good for him to make some friends. He didn't really want to at the time but now that she was gone, he wanted to do everything she ever said to him.

"Naruto, do you want to train with me after each day we go to the academy?" Sasuke stammered out as this wasn't something that he was used to doing.

Naruto became guarded when Sasuke said this and the raven haired boy didn't know what was going to happen. "Why, why would you let me train with you? No one's ever nice to me so why would you be?" Naruto questioned out loud. Internally though, he was really excited as he knew that not only could this be a good chance to become a stronger shinobi but more importantly a chance to make a friend.

He had heard what had happened to Sasuke's family and whilst he was sad for Sasuke, he was kind of grateful that there were no parents to tell Sasuke who he could and couldn't make friends with. All of the other times he had tried to make friends, once their parents found out, they immediately put an end to all potential friendships.

"I want to thank you for helping me get my sharingan. Also, with you as my training partner, you can keep me focused and I can keep you focused. The competition can help us grow into better fighters."

When he heard this Naruto grinned. Whilst he knew that Sasuke might have wanted to help him out as a way of saying thanks, the fact that Sasuke said that he would also benefit from the friendship made Naruto sure that Sasuke was genuine. I mean why do something like that if you are only going to throw it away? It would hurt Sasuke's development as a shinobi just as much.

"Sure thing Sasuke, I'll meet you at school but now I have to go home and get some food, I'm starving! See ya!" Naruto responded before he turned around and ran home. There was the biggest possible in the history of humankind smile on the face of Naruto Uzumaki as he ran home as he had made his first friend as far as he was concerned.

The raven haired Uchiha for his part was thinking that maybe having a friend would alleviate some of the loneliness he was feeling.

The next day

"I hate how everyone gives her anything and everything she could ever want and more. Just because she's the daughter of the late Yondaime Hokage, it doesn't mean that everyone should treat her like kami-sama." Naruto complained to his new friend Sasuke Uchiha as they sat underneath a tree, eating lunch.

The person who Naruto Uzumaki was talking about was none other than Azula Namikaze. He hated everything she represented but more importantly he hated how much they looked like carbon copies of one another. The only difference being that she had three whisker like marks on each cheek.

When he heard this, Sasuke didn't know what to say without sounding like a hypocrite. Ever since the Uchiha massacre, everybody in Konoha had been treating him like a prince. Sure he didn't ask for it but he didn't exactly tell them to stop when they kept giving him free things. In the end he decided the safest thing to say was a simple "Yeah."

"It just makes so me mad how people like her get everything handed to her on a silver platter while people like me hav'ta struggle for every single thing we get." Naruto said as he clenched his fists into the grass below.

He didn't know why but whenever he put his body on any form of plant life, life always seemed better. They just seemed so full of life and never wilted in the face of danger. It also kind of helped how he somehow had the magic touch when it came to plants. Naruto had a special skill that only he knew about where plants on the verge of death could be healed to perfect health just by touching them.

He didn't want to tell anyone, not even his new friend Sasuke as it could get out to the masses. There was a real chance that they would do something to him that would make him even more of an outcast than what he already was.

I don't even know why everyone hates me. What did I ever do make everyone treat me like trash? I don't get it. Naruto thought to himself as he ran his hands through the blades of grass.

Before he could delve any deeper into internal thoughts about how the world wasn't fair, the bell rang which signified that class was now back in session. With a sigh, Naruto got up from the tree he was resting against. He thought that he was weird for even thinking it but it seemed as if the roots of the tree were trying to pull him back down or at least preventing him from leaving.

At least I have a friend now to make this a little less unbearable and I can't wait till we can get started on real training. What Naruto and Sasuke didn't know was that the other was thinking the same thing at the same time.

It was the start of a friendship between two people that would once again change the shape of the world that they lived in.

Author's note:

I deleted the story called Uchiha Honour as that story was too focused on Sasuke and didn't allow any real development outside of Sasuke with the way I started it.

This is a remake of that story with a revised plot and more characters introduced from the beginning which creates a lot more plot devices for me to use.