"So you know." Naruto merely said as he sat down overlooking the ocean. He felt the presence of Jiraiya nearby so he didn't bother to hide himself. Naruto wasn't even sure he could. He didn't turn around to face the man.

"Tsunade just told me." Jiraiya started off softly before the pace in which he spoke quickened up. "You have to believe me that if I had known of your existence, I would have done everything in my power for you." Jiraiya rushed his words.

"I know." There was a quizzical look on the face of Jiraiya so Naruto expanded on his answer. "I've seen the way that Azula talks about you. She loves you like a father and I know that if you did that for her, I would like to think that you would have done that for me." Naruto said as he formed a stone in the palm of his hand. He pulled his arm back and threw the item in his hand.

Jiraiya was impressed with the skill that Naruto showed. "So, do you want to spar?" Jiraiya questioned with a grin on his face. He was eager to see the skill level of his godson and he hoped that Naruto wanted to have a fight. Tsunade said that he was pretty damn good and he wanted to see if the hype was true.

Indeed he did as Naruto finally found someone else that he could go all out on and not worry about the consequences. He was still in the stage where he would like to keep his Mokuton ability secret. It wasn't for his sake as he felt that he was good enough to hold his own against anyone. It was the village that he was building alongside Sasuke. They were not able to defend themselves and would have to rely on Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara and Tsunade as the world class ninjas of the village.

Naruto didn't want to bring any unwanted attention onto the place that he called home.

With Jiraiya here though it meant that Tsunade trusted the man to hold secrets as she would have never told him if she didn't think that he would compromise what they were working towards. It would be awkward between the two if they sat down and talked. It wasn't the way how guys worked.

The blonde haired boy did a quick check of the area to make sure that no one was around. "Sure." Naruto said before surprising Jiraiya by launching a powerful chakra infused punch at the wooden dock that he was sitting on. The debris went flying in the direction of Jiraiya and the man had to dodge the incoming attack unless he wanted his eye poked out by toothpick sized pieces of wood.

"So it's on like Donkey Kong right? I see how it is?" Jiraiya said with a grin on his face. He hadn't had a fight against a top class ninja in a long time even if it was just a spar. Azula wasn't quite at the level where she could trouble Jiraiya as he had taught her so he knew the ins and outs of her style and how to easily take advantage of it.

Naruto though was different as he was going into this fight completely blind whilst he assumed that Naruto at least had an idea of what his skill set was. Going into the fight blind without the threat of death was extremely exciting for Jiraiya.

The same could be said for Naruto as there were only two other people that he had gone all out against with those being Tsunade and Sasuke. With Tsunade being the type of person who really only fought when necessary, it meant that Naruto got most of his Mokuton progress fighting against his best friend. Going up against someone knew was something that definitely excited Naruto.

Jumping back on the water behind him, Naruto went through a few seals. "Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon jutsu)" Naruto called out as the jutsu quickly took shape and violently roared in the direction of Jiraiya.

The silver haired managed to dodge the incoming projectile with relative ease and watched the powerful water smash into a tree breaking it in half. Using the water, Jiraiya had an easier time creating mud and sent it flying back at Naruto with a jutsu of his own. "Doton: Doryudan no jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Dragon jutsu)"

The jutsu took shape immediately and speared out of the ground right at Naruto Senju. Like Jiraiya before him, Naruto managed to dodge the incoming attack. What he didn't expect was that he would have to dodge the same attack twice.

The earth dragon went into the water below Naruto and didn't dissolve like he had originally thought it would. Instead Jiraiya continued the jutsu and it came out of the water and smashed him in the back. It just went to show that despite having come along way, Naruto was still lacking in the arguably the most crucial aspect; experience.

Not one to waste an opportunity as he was a veteran shinobi, Jiraiya sprinted off the line and held his palm out. A jutsu that was created by Naruto's father appeared in the hand of Jiraiya.

Naruto knew what the jutsu was thanks to the history books he had read and knew just how powerful the jutsu was. He held out his arms in a cross in front of his body and prayed that he would be able to heal himself up.

The rasengan tore through Naruto's hands and went for his rib cage. It was at that point that Naruto exploded. Jiraiya was not surprise whatsoever as he had seen the move made by Naruto to replace himself with a water clone.

The momentum carried Jiraiya through and he landed on the water without even a ripple below him.

Naruto saw this as an opportunity. He sped up from below the surface edge and came up behind Jiraiya who could only turn around with an expression of surprise and fear on his face. "Suiton: Suiro no jutsu (Water Release: Water Prison jutsu)" Naruto said and immediately, a sphere of water encapsulated Jiraiya.

This happened for all of about 5 seconds before Jiraiya simply turned into water as well. "Well I guess that Tsunade was right when she said that you have a lot of potential for someone of your age. She also said that you were also the going to be the closest to achieving the level that Hashirama and Madara were at. As far as I can tell so far you haven't shown anything that would warrant getting that much praise. You seem like your everyday run of the mill Konoha prodigy but not one on the same level as Itachi or even Minato."

Jiraiya said as he hoped that he could egg Naruto on to showing what he was really capable of. They had had a nice little warm up but Jiraiya wanted to test out how strong Naruto really was. There was the Akatsuki and it would definitely be beneficial if there was someone else who was at the level to fight off members of that group.

"You want to see my best huh? Just so you know, you're going up against the great one, the people's champion and after I'm done with you, you're going to be on your rock bottom!" Naruto shouted back at Jiraiya who merely grinned. He wanted to see what the son of Minato was made of.

Naruto's skin got much harder and a little jagged. Small spikes appeared along his skin but this was not something that Jiraiya could see from such a distance. The blonde haired boy ran in the direction of Jiraiya.

When he was two metres away from Jiraiya, Naruto punched the ground so that at precisely the right angle for a large boulder to jut out of the ground and into the air. Naruto then combined it with a super kick to the boulder which splintered the rock into a hundred different pieces. Oh, and it also happened to send them flying in the direction of Jiraiya.

"Damn, Tsunade's been teaching you pretty well gaki! Too bad it won't be good enough because I was always the better frontline fighter out of the two of us." Jiraiya offhandedly stated as his hair rapidly grew to the point where it was strong enough to cover his entire body. He certainly felt the incoming rocks but it was nothing serious and no damage was done.

Naruto used the opportunity presented in front of him to rush Jiraiya since he wouldn't be able to see what was coming his way until it was too late. The silver haired man had other plans though and he used switched from using his hair defensively to using it offensively.

It was a surprise for Naruto because he had never seen anyone use their hair before as a form of weapon. He dodged the hair on the first attempt but unfortunately, he got his foot stuck in a few hairs which was enough for all of the other strands to latch on around Naruto's ankle. Once the grip was tight, there was no way that Naruto was going to release the hold on his ankle because it was as tight as steel.

The veteran ninja flung Naruto at the fastest speed he could generate with his hair right into a nearby tree. Naruto cleanly snapped the first tree he hit and left a severe crack in the second. He let loose a large gasp as pain rocketed throughout his body. Just one look at his right forearm and Naruto knew that there was a break in the limb.

Jiraiya wondered whether or not he had gone too hard on his godson. Of course they were sparring but he thought that his excitement might have gotten the better of him. The only saving grace that Jiraiya knew was that if Naruto was getting taught by his team mate then he would surely have to know medical ninjutsu.

"Naruto, are you alright? If you want we can stop this spar." Jiraiya said out loud. When he got no response, he quickly created a shadow clone to go and investigate the damage done.

When he saw that there was no sign of Naruto at the tree, Jiraiya smirked. This fight was far from over. In reality, it only just started.

Naruto for his part was healing the wound to his arm as quickly as possible. He would never be able to fully heal it but he could at last get it to the level where he would be able to continue the fight. It would be tender but shinobi over the years had won fights with more severe injuries so he knew that he just had to take a tablespoon of concrete and harden the fuck up.

Naruto took the time away from the action to gather his thoughts. Fighting up against someone like Jiraiya who had decades of experience over him was definitely a step up. Outside of fighting Aoi Rokusho and Kabuto which, even then that was a team fight, Naruto had never had a fight against someone as good as him.

This was a whole new experience for him and it was better that he fought Jiraiya in a safe environment rather than have to learn this with his life on the line.

The head on jutsu for jutsu cockfight wasn't working so Naruto knew that he had to change things up. He could sense that Jiraiya hadn't moved from his position and that was going to be his downfall.

Naruto went through hand seals and placed his hands on the ground. Once the jutsu was started, Naruto created yet another jutsu and didn't even have a bead of sweat going down his brow. He had trained a ton as a kid on increasing his chakra reserves so at this point, they were massive.

Jiraiya for his part thought that there was a genjutsu going on at the moment and it was the weirdest one that he had ever heard of. He had never heard of a genjutsu that made multiple cacti appearing out of the ground. Then another group of plants popped up out of the ground to surround the area that Jiraiya was standing in.

"Kai!" Jiraiya shouted out as he tried to break the illusion that he was under. Unfortunately for him, there was no change whatsoever in his circumstances and the plants remained. He tried it once more but the result was the same.

"Mokuton: Sabotenpin Hari Jutsu (Wood Release: Cactus Pin Needles Jutsu), Mokuton: Ginpi Hana no jufun (Wood Release: Gympie Flower Pollination!)" Naruto said rather loudly as he unleashed one jutsu right after the other.

Hundreds of needles came out of the multitude of cactus plants littered around the area at a fast pace. They were not the only stingers to come though as the other plants that Naruto had brought up out of the ground. They were not even the ones that Jiraiya had to worry about the most.

The gympie plant was one that had barbs on the leaves, they did no damage apart from getting lodged into someone's skin. The kicker was the fact that it had a neurotoxin which attacked the central nervous system sending extreme messages of pain to the brain.

You weren't in pain but it certainly felt like you were and that was more than enough of an advantage for Naruto to capitalize on. Jiraiya though acted on instinct and much like Naruto, he used a Doton jutsu to underground to avoid the attack.

Naruto didn't have the same mind set of Jiraiya. He didn't want the man any chance whatsoever to gather his thoughts and plan something. Naruto charged to the area where the needles from both sets of plants lay and punched the ground at the maximum he could control his super strength technique. The ground in the immediate vicinity got butchered as rocks started flying up in the air revealing the area which Jiraiya had used to escape.

"You have the fucking Mokuton!?" Jiraiya shouted out as he definitely didn't see this coming. There was astonishment written all over his face.

"Well yeah… I thought that Tsunade told you that?" Naruto said in response but he didn't want to let Jiraiya off the hook so he quickly went through hand seals.

"No… she conveniently forgot to mention that to me." Jiraiya replied and he waited to see what Naruto would do next as he had never fought a Mokuton fighter before. He wanted to see what all the hype was about.

"Well I guess that now is as good a time as ever to learn it. Mokuton: Mokusei Rippotai Kangoku (Wood Release: Wooden Cube Prison)" Naruto said and immediately, four trees popped up out of the ground and sent beams connecting each tree to one another. they quickly connected in a way that created a cube that even had a floor that Jiraiya had to stand on unless he wanted his ankles pierced with spikes made out of wood. As he stood on the wood, Jiraiya quickly realised one of the famed properties of the Mokuton. It sucked out chakra of whatever it touched. Knowing that he had to get out of here unless he wanted his chakra sucked dry, Jiraiya went through the motions.

"Katon: Endan (Fire Release: Flame Bullet)" Because of the fact that he was going up against a Mokuton prison, it meant that Jiraiya had to use a much large reserve of chakra to break a hole in the wall so that he could escape.

As he exited the hole, there was still smoke so he couldn't see anything until it was at the very last second. It was right at that point where Jiraiya saw Naruto land a punch to his chest. He winced heavily as the hit connected with his ribcage and Jiraiya was sure that there was a broken bone or something along those lines. He had far worse injuries in his career as a shinobi so it was nothing new to him and he soldiered on.

Jiraiya grabbed the hand of Naruto which punched him and did not let go. Naruto tried to break free of the hold but was not able to do so. Instead he tried to kick Jiraiya to force the man away from him but now that he could see his opponent, Jiraiya was able to dodge the incoming attacks.

If he had confidence in the arm that was broken a while ago, Naruto would have used that too. Using his superior reach over his godson, Jiraiya swung his other fist and connected square in the jaw of Naruto.

With the angle of the punch, Naruto was sent flying into the ground. It created a dust cloud with the amount of force that the blonde impacted the ground. Eventually, as it cleared, Jiraiya noticed that there was once again no sign of Naruto. The only difference this time was that Jiraiya had absolutely no idea where Naruto was. He tried sensing him but he was completely invisible.

For a spy master like himself, this was both an incredibly good and bad. Good because if he couldn't sense Naruto then very few people in the world would be able to. Bad because it probably meant that Jiraiya was in for a world of hurt as he didn't know which direction to position his body.

Naruto who was using the mayfly technique created by Hashirama was very much aware that not many people could sense him. A jutsu didn't get the title of being the best escape and infiltration jutsu without it having some pedigree.

The great thing was that since Jiraiya's feet were connected to the ground, Naruto knew the pinpoint location of his godfather whilst he was confident that the man had no idea where he was.

The only downside to the jutsu that Naruto was aware of was the fact that he couldn't use any chakra. He had read the notes and apparently Hashirama could move great distances in a short space of time but as of now, Naruto was only able to use it for a kilometre before needing to resurface.

As Naruto came up out of the ground, there was a slight noise and that was all that Jiraiya needed to pinpoint the location of Naruto. It was just as well that he did as Naruto had prepped up another chakra powered punch and he didn't need to get hit by that when he already had damaged ribs.

"Doton: Yumi Numa (Earth Release: swamp of the underworld)" Jiraiya called out as he had jumped back and the second that his feet hit the ground, his hands had already gone through the seals and were already firmly planted on the dirt below.

As the name suggested, Jiraiya created a swamp right beneath Naruto. The Senju was surprised with just how quick acting the jutsu was. He was already caught up to his ankles.

Using the water in the swamp, Naruto loosened up the hold on his feet and stepped out of the hold. "Suiton: Suidanha! (Water Release: Water Severing Wave!)" Naruto replied with using one of the trademark jutsus of his ancestor Tobirama.

Jiraiya just barely managed to dodge the attack the first time but it kept following him. He took a quick look behind him and was surprised to see just how potent the jutsu was as it had sliced through two trees before stopping. The silver haired man definitely didn't want to get hit by a jutsu like that as it would mean taking heavy damage which to be honest, wasn't something that he looked forward to.

The speed and the power of the jutsu was developed from the speed in which the user spat out the water from their mouth. It was a very potent jutsu that ended rather quickly. With Jiraiya on the defensive and Naruto having his hands ready for the start of another jutsu, the blonde haired boy went through the motions and planted his hands on the ground. "Mokuton: Mokuryu no jutsu (Wood Release: Wood Dragon Jutsu.)"

Naruto pumped a lot more chakra into this jutsu that the previous ones and when it came up against a bullet of fire from Jiraiya, it partly ate the chakra of the fire attack and ploughed through the rest.

It was his trump jutsu at the moment so he hoped that this did some damage to Jiraiya. He was running out of options as it was. Of course there were much stronger jutsus in that he could use but he had already used a fair amount of chakra and those jutsus weren't really sparring jutsus, they were landscaping jutsus on a much grander scale.

There was a big grin / smirk on his face when he saw the wooden dragon connect squarely against the chest of Jiraiya which was already injured. It got flung to the ground and the dragon continued after its prey.

He was cheering on the inside that he finally felt like he had the edge in this fight with his godfather. That was until he felt a cold, metallic sensation running along the main artery connecting his brain to his heart.

"This spar is over." Jiraiya simply said. The second that he heard those words, Naruto was in shock.

"Wha… how? When did you swap? I never saw it!" Naruto exclaimed, furious with the fact that he should have spotted something so simple. Because of this, Naruto lost control of the jutsu he was guiding towards Jiraiya lost momentum and slammed into the ground coming to a halt right in front of Jiraiya's nuts.

"Oi gaki that was some pretty impressive stuff." The real Jiraiya said as the clone, the one holding the kunai vanished into a cloud of smoke. Naruto when he saw this had a sudden moment of clarity. He took the hit himself so I would be distracted by the fact that I was winning.

"Now, since you've been training with Tsunade I would like to think that you know how to put people back together so if you wouldn't mind…" Jiraiya stated as he showed his hand off to the Senju.

There was not a single spec of white skin on the palm of Jiraiya's hand. It was solely red and Naruto knew that it came when Jiraiya slugged him down to the ground after coming out of the prison. He had his cactus armour activated which made it a complete bitch to get in close combat with him. You generally did as much damage to yourself as you did to Naruto when fighting him in a taijutsu battle.

After deactivating his armour, Naruto placed his hands over the top of Jiraiya's and washed away the blood with a disinfectant jutsu. The man hissed slightly but that went away in an instant as Naruto healed the wound. "Also, I'm pretty confident that you broke one of my ribs so it would be great if you healed that as well." Jiraiya said to which Naruto nodded.

He wasn't like Jiraiya, he could heal himself up whenever he wanted to. Jiraiya would either have to wait a month and a half for those injuries to heal up normally or find someone else to do it for him.

He still had enough chakra to mend the broken rib and have enough energy for the rest of the day so there was no qualms whatsoever from Naruto. He got to spend time sparring with his godfather so it was a good day as far as he was concerned.

Hopefully now they could spend some time getting to know one another. Naruto was looking forward to it because he never had a male role model growing up so now would be a good time to catch up.


Reality was slowly starting to sink in for Samui. Her life had completely changed in a single moment. She would no longer get to go home. Of course after what happened, the blonde haired woman simply could not return to a place like that.

As much as she thought about it, the action of C felt out of character. She had never once got the impression that he was capable of rape but obviously, her eyes did not lie.

The attempted rape, whilst bad, was not the main focus in the mind of the former Kumogakure ninja. Despite it being her choice to leave the village, she was depressed about the way how it played out.

She would never get to experience her favourite hickory smoked barbeque restaurant again. Samui was a simple person at heart and the only thing in her life that she became elitist over was how Smoque restaurant was the best place to eat in the history of mankind.

More important to the woman though was the people that she got to spend time eating at Smoque with. She didn't have many friends at all as she was naturally an introverted type of person by nature so the relationships that she had meant that much more to her.

In spite of the fact that he was the worst rapper in history, Killer Bee was the best sensei that Samui could have asked for. He always looked out for the three of them and whenever they had a question, he welcomed, no encouraged for them to ask him what was on their mind.

They could be annoying at times but Samui knew that if she was given the chance to go back in time and choose her teammates, she would have picked the same people.

Karui was the complete opposite of herself when it came to personality and looks. She knew that Karui envied her looks. Well to be specific, Samui knew that Karui envied the fact that she was absolutely stacked in the chest department whilst she was flat chested as according to their other team mate Omoi.

What Karui didn't know was that Samui was just as jealous of Karui. She hated the fact that she had big breasts because of the attention that she got. No one referred to her as the skilled kunoichi who just made the rank of jonin. They solely referred to her as the "hot slut with massive tits." Samui despised the fact that no one judged her on her merits and only judged her based on her appearance. She wished that she could not have such a big chest as it would force people to treat her with the respect her abilities deserved.

Then there was Omoi. He was a unique kid with all of his crackpot theories on why the world worked the way it did. Still, he was her friend and that meant he world to her.

She would even miss the ability to go and visit the graves of her parents. They were not great people, heck they weren't even good as Samui had lost count of the times where she saw her mother's face covered in bruises. Samui was left without a role model when her mother committed suicide and it was only after this that her father found out that he had cancer. He simply didn't have the will to live on.

But by far, the person that Samui would miss the mot was her older brother Atsui. The two of them came from the slums of Kumogakure without a cent to their name and they struggled a lot growing up. When their parents died it made it even harder on the brother and sister combination and it was up to Atsui to make ends meet.

He had only just graduated to the rank of genin and so he was far from making a comfortable wage to live off but he had no other choice. It wasn't as if he could ask Samui for help as she still had two more years of going to the academy at that point in time.

It was struggle town but once Samui managed to get to the rank of genin, their financial situation became much easier to manage between the two of them. When Atsui hit chunin their position, they didn't have to worry about going from pay check to pay check.

The fact that she would never be able to see him again made tears well up in her eyes. She was not an emotional person by any stretch of the imagination but that just made the friendships that much more important.

"Come on. We need to get going." Sasuke said as he came into the hotel room that they were sharing before leaving the room. Samui nodded and quickly blinked back the watery substance in her eyes. After having gathered her stuff which was all that she was wearing to be fair, Samui got up and followed Sasuke Uchiha out of the hotel.

Unaware to the internal thoughts that were going on inside the blonde haired woman's mind, Sasuke's own thoughts drifted to the massage that Samui had given him the night before.

She wasn't bluffing when she said that her hands had the magic touch as Sasuke felt noticeably limber the next morning. With the amount of time he spent training, getting a massage like this often would definitely be beneficial for him.

One thing that he was embarrassed about during the massage was the fact that he got an erection in a situation when there was nothing sexual about it. Ever since a day ago when he had his first experience of the sexual nature, his libido had skyrocketed and it seemed like he had an erection pretty much all the time.

He hoped that Samui didn't see it when she had moved the towel up slightly so that she could massage his upper hamstrings.

She did.


Whilst Naruto was tasked with making accommodation for the two of them, Jiraiya was tasked with getting dinner ready. The two of them were recovering from their intense spar and it was now time to rest up and recover.

Once the food was eaten and now there was downtime, Jiraiya knew that he had to bring up the Akatsuki. He was confident that Naruto had no idea what it even was let alone what their plans were and how it affected Naruto.

"Naruto, outside of meeting you for the first time, there is something else that I came here to talk to you about." From the time that he had spent with the man, the blonde pegged Jiraiya as a rather laid back fellow who only got serious when the situation called for it.

It was because of this that Naruto gave his full attention to Jiraiya. "Naruto, there is a group of nine S-ranked missing ninjas who have formed a group called Akatsuki." Jiraiya paused to let this sink in.

Naruto's eyes widened. Whilst he was confident in the progression that he had made as a shinobi throughout his career, Naruto knew there was still a significant gap between people like himself and S class ninjas like Jiraiya.

He had no idea what a group of nine people of such skill would all be doing together. Whatever it was, the fact that Jiraiya was telling him about this meant that Naruto got the feeling he wouldn't like what he was going to hear.

"I do not know much about them apart from their plan is to gather all of the bijuu by extracting them from their host." Jiraiya happened to notice the rapid paling in skin colour of Naruto. Just to be sure, Jiraiya continued on. "The extraction of the bijuu causes the host to undergo severe damage to their chakra coils to the point where they will die."

Naruto did not need to hear anymore. He got the message that there was a group of nine S-ranked criminals who were going to be coming after his sister. That was not something that Naruto didn't want to hear but was grateful for it nonetheless.

He believed himself to be stronger than Azula. He didn't know just how much she had improved but there gap between Naruto and Azula was the same as Jiraiya and Naruto. His thoughts immediately went out to his sister but he did not forget that he had a friend called Gaara who also happened to have a demon sealed inside of his body.

She wasn't ready to go up against people of that calibre by herself. "What sort of time frame is it that we are looking at before they actively make their move? It's obvious that they want to keep on the down low as we, the general population would have heard something about it."

Whereas Azula looks like Minato and acts like Kushina, Naruto is pretty much a clone of Minato. He is definitely more analytical like Minato. Jiraiya thought as he was impressed with the intelligence that his godson showed.

"It was three years roughly from when we left on a training trip so that leaves just under a year and a half before they start becoming active again. Hopefully that will give me enough time to get Azula to the level where she can at least hold her own against some of the weaker members of the Akatsuki. Unless she masters the Kyubi's chakra, people like Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki are simply going to walk over her."

Naruto's eyes widened as he heard that Itachi Uchiha was a member of the group. This was no doubt something that Sasuke would like to hear. He had been looking for links as to what his elder brother was doing.

"Also, with you having the Mokuton, if word gets out and the Akatsuki find out about it, they will probably try and capture you and have someone similar to Orochimaru go through your genetics to find any way that they can enhance the capture of the tailed beasts." Jiraiya said to which Naruto's eyes widened. He had never thought of anything like that happening. Naruto now knew that he would have to be even warier about using the Mokuton in public.

He would have to wait until he was on the level of Jiraiya and Tsunade before being able to show off to the world how strong he really was.

"I won't let them get my sister! I will become stronger to protect my family!" The fifteen year old Naruto stated with a determined look on his face. There was no other option but getting a hell of a lot stronger as he didn't want to lose the people he cared about. He had seen what that had done to Sasuke.

"That's the spirit! If you want I can train you in quickly but I will soon have to go back to Azula as she will be finishing her training with the toad clan soon." Naruto nodded his head at that. Despite wanting to spend time around his godfather, he knew that Azula needed the man more than he did. He still had the help of Tsunade and his friends whilst Azula would soon be going home to live in a place where the Hokage was Danzo Shimura.

Azula could be a bit naïve at times and he didn't want Azula getting taken advantage of and Naruto could confidently say that that wouldn't happen if Jiraiya was around to watch over.

"Okay!" Naruto said with enthusiasm as he was always down for learning new things when it came to being a shinobi.


To say the least, with the way how his plans had turned out over the course of a year, it made Orochimaru furious to say the least. The only good thing that had happened was that he was successful in killing his former sensei Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Apart from that, every piece of shit had hit the fan. He didn't get to put the curse seal on Sasuke Uchiha which made transferring his soul into the boy that much easier. He didn't get the consolation prise of having Naruto and Sasuke kidnapped and brought back to Otogakure.

This was something that he had tasked Kabuto with and much to his surprise, the man had never returned with the two genin. Orochimaru was not naïve enough to think that Kabuto had left his side as he always got the feeling that Kabuto had an ulterior motive for hanging around.

That meant that Kabuto was dead because there was no word of any capture and the spies that he still had in Konoha were relatively high up. To think that Kabuto was killed by two genin was something that Orochimaru never would have believed to be possible despite the skill level he had witnessed before the invasion.

It was now clear to the black haired man that those two children were hiding even more from the outside world and he could only lick his lips in imagination as to what Sasuke-kun's and Naruto-kun's potential was.

His plans were to have take over Naruto's body whilst training up Sasuke and feeding his head with ego trips about killing Itachi. Those plans were now in the shitter as he had a lot of trouble locating the duo let alone closing in on and capturing them.

There was no doubt that the two were well on their way to becoming world beaters and that meant that he had to readjust his plans. Having possession of the sharingan was the end goal of Orochimaru.

The Sannin was under no illusion that Sasuke didn't already know that he had less than admirable plans for the boy and would be getting stronger to counter him. Genjutsu was something that Itachi used and he had no idea if Sasuke was just as skilled in genjutsu and didn't show it.

He couldn't take that risk and wanted to prepare himself as best as he could because he didn't plan on waiting until either Sasuke or Itachi had a kid and kidnapping them. That would take far too long and he wasn't as patient as he told everyone.

The worst part about all of this was that he could no longer use his arms for jutsu. Minato Namikaze was still the bane of his existence despite not having been alive in over a decade.

He needed to use his soul transfer jutsu and because he knew that Sasuke wasn't coming, Orochimaru didn't waste any time in abusing the blind faith that Kimimaro Kaguya placed in him.

Orochimaru was now the proud owner of the dead bone pule bloodline. There were a few kinks that he would have to get used to but he was confident that he was going to be stronger than ever once he fixed the disease that the body was suffering from.

It was not as if he didn't have a plan in place for that though because if he didn't, Orochimaru simply wouldn't have taken over the disease ridden body in the first place.

Kirigakure was a good place to live at this time of year…

Author's Note:

Updates will no longer be as frequent as I have moved from doing graveyard shifts (which was when I wrote) to now working 9-5 and not be able to write during work hours.

I liked being a sysadmin during night shift, very little work to do :(