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Ch 1


The plane broke through the clouds as we began our descent into the Wilmington Airport and I watched the fluffy clouds pass as we cut through them. The anticipation I felt simmering just below the surface bubbled up and ratcheted up several notches. The stress of the last school year melted away as we drew closer to the one place I considered my home away from home.

Save for a few summers, I had been coming to Wilmington, North Carolina since I was ten. I loved hanging out with my Uncle Marcus, he was the odd man out our family, a perpetual bachelor and made no apologies about that fact. My mother was forever trying to get him to settle down, even now that he was in his late fifties. He brushed her off and continued to do his own thing. I loved that about him. His carefree spirit rubbed off on me. If Mom only knew half the shit I did when I visit him, she wouldn't have let me keep coming.

There was the summer we built a go-kart and entered it into the beach races. The poor thing didn't last too long, I crashed it on the first turn and ended up with a major knot on my forehead. How my mom believed I walked into a wall, I'll never know.

When I grew older, he guided me through other rites of passage; he gave me the "real" sex talk, complete with do's and don'ts and a pack of condoms at sixteen, my first tattoo at eighteen, mom flipped her lid and bitched him out for that, and he was there for my first drink when I turned twenty-one. The following morning, he took me out for the greasiest breakfast ever known to man when I still felt drunk.

Uncle Marcus was the closest I had to a father, mine had died when I was young. I had fuzzy memories of him at best. It was my mom's idea to send me to Marcus as she felt I needed a male role model in my life. Even when I was older and she married Carlisle, I had developed such a bond with Marcus that she continued to send me down to visit. Now my summer didn't seem complete unless I spent some time with him.

A low whimper from next to me dragged me away from my memories and I looked over at my roommate, Jake, who sat next to me. His hand closest to me was clutching the arm rest and the other was squeezing the hand of his boyfriend, Mike.

"I fucking hate landings. I always feel like I'm going to hurl," he moaned as he plane steepened its decent.

"It will be over in a few minutes, babe," soothed Mike.

I looked away and chuckled at them. One would find it odd that I was friends with them, but fate pushed us all together. Jake had been my roommate freshman year and once he got over the fact that I was happily straight, he stopped hitting on me. It was then that I learned that Jake was a closet sports nerd, and when we bonded over our mutual love of sports we were inseparable. I was witness to him falling in lust, then in love with Mike after a Greek Rush frat party later that year.

I helped him analyze every word and action he observed from Mike until one night I dared him to ask Mike out. I worried I was growing a vagina with all our feelings talk and had to take desperate action. It took a few days, but he grew balls and asked him out. They had been a couple ever since. Now that they were a very happy and sickly sweet couple, they were making it their mission to pair me off.

Jake was bound and determined to find me a summer romance to allow me to sow my wild oats. I just wanted one more summer of relaxation before senior year, graduation and having to be a real adult in the big bad world. I wanted one last summer of fun.

Marcus was more than thrilled to have my friends tag along, "the more the merrier" was his motto and it showed when he picked us up. He greeted Jake and Mike as if they were long lost friends. When he finally hugged me, I held on a bit tighter, I felt as if I was home.

"Good to see you, Edward. Glad you could come down." His smile told me he meant every word.

"You know there isn't any place that I'd rather be." I hoped he could hear the sincerity in my voice. "Summer isn't summer until I've been here."

He laughed and threw the last of the bags into the back of his black SUV. The trip from the airport to Marcus' house was a quick twenty minute drive. He lived on the Cape Fear River and to me there was no better sound than the rush of the water to lull you to sleep. His modest four bedroom house was too big for him alone, he always said it was so I had no excuse not to come and visit.

The master bedroom on was on the top level and the other three bedrooms were in the basement. He helped us unload our bags and determine who was sleeping where. Jake and Mike took the larger room with the bigger bed and I was on the other side of the basement. That way I didn't have to worry about hearing them. I had walked in on them too many times and I'm way too familiar with their junk for my own comfort. I tried my best to limit my exposure to it.

"I'll leave you to get settled in. I was thinking of taking you to Maggie's for dinner, how does that sound, Edward?"

My ears perked up at the mention of my favorite place to eat.

"Hell yes!" I turned to look at Jake. "You will die when you taste one of her shakes, they make the ones at Groucho's taste like sawdust." I rubbed my stomach at the idea of gorging myself silly at Maggie's.

When we had all agreed on Maggie's Marcus left and I looked at my friends. "Boys, get ready for the best summer of your life!"

Later that night as we lazed around, our stomach's full of greasy burgers, salty fries, and the best chocolate shakes this side of the Mason-Dixon Line, I let myself contemplate living here full time. I had one more year before I graduated with my degrees in Education and Mathematics. I knew that my mom would like it if I went back to Minnesota to teach. That had always been the plan when I got my scholarship for Northwestern. But lately I'd been thinking more and more about coming to the one place I had always felt was home to me. I had looked to see if there were any student teaching assignments close to Wilmington, but unfortunately there were none. So, I had decided to do a little investigation into teaching positions and what else I could find in the job market for after graduation. I knew better to place all my hopes on coming down here to work, but I couldn't help but entertain the idea. There was just something about being here, close to Marcus and in North Carolina that spoke of being home at last.

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