~ Lean on Me ~


It's been seven years since Esme Cullen passed away. Seven years since Heaven got a new angel.

Since that day, Edward's life was forever changed. Losing his mother made him realize what he had been missing for so long. Losing her made him the man he is today: a loving and loyal husband and a dedicated father to his two children. He's also become an attentive son to his father. Gone are the days of the hard selfish man who was driven by status and greed.

Edward and Bella both took some time off from work to come to the house in Forks for a long weekend. It was something they did for the anniversary of Esme's death. They felt closer to her and they wanted their kids to feel close to her as well.

Essie was now five years old, going on twenty-five, and Charlotte was almost three years old. Charlie, as everyone called her, was named after Bella's father.

It was a rare sunny day in Forks when Edward parked his car at the gates of the cemetery.

"Ready?" Edward asked, looking over at his father.

"Yeah," Carlisle replied. He stepped out of the car and grabbed the bouquet of pink daisies from the backseat.

Edward and Carlisle walked through the cemetery until they found Esme's grave. Carlisle took a seat on a nearby bench and allowed Edward a moment to himself with his mother.

"Hey, Mom," Edward started. He crouched down and dusted the stone off with his bare hand. "Time sure has flown by. The girls are getting so big. You would have spoiled them rotten. Essie is all girl; I know I'm going to have my hands full with that one. She loves dresses and anything pink. I fear the day when boys come knocking on the door. And Charlie, wow, she reminds me so much of you. She's so sweet and gentle. Her nature is calming for a three year old, I see you in her every day; I swear she has your eyes. I see you in both girls, really. I know you're there."

Edward stood to his full height and wiped at his eyes. He took a deep breath and then let it out. "I miss you so much, Mom. Every day, I miss you. I wish you were here to see your granddaughters, to see me and the man I am now. You are the reason I am who I am today. You are the reason I found the love of my life; had it not been for you, I never would have seen what was right in front of me. I wish I could take you in my arms and tell you how grateful I am. I love you so much, Mom. I always will."

Edward wiped his eyes again and turned to walk to the bench where his father sat. Edward nodded and took a seat on the bench. Carlisle stood and slowly took his walk to his wife's final resting place.

"Hello, my love, I brought you your favorite flowers. I haven't forgotten." Carlisle placed the flowers in front of the headstone and stood quietly for a few minutes before speaking again. "How about our son, love? He's changed into a wonderful man, not that he wasn't before, but he's much softer now. You'd be so proud of him. He's a wonderful husband to Bella, always by her side. And he's an amazing father. He loves those little girls more than his own life; he'd do anything for all of his girls. Those little granddaughters of ours are so perfect, darling. You'd be eating them up. I tell them about their nana all the time, they are just so beautiful. I miss you, love. You will always be the love of my life. You will always be the other half of my heart. I know we'll be together again one day, but until then I will love you for all the days of my life."

Carlisle touched his fingertips to his lips and then placed his hand on his wife's headstone. He stood for another long minute and then walked back over to Edward. Father and son embraced and then walked back to Edward's car to go home, both feeling Esme in their souls.


Later that day, Carlisle had taken the girls out for ice cream, leaving Edward and Bella alone.

"How are you?" Bella asked Edward, knowing this was a tough day for him.

"I'm okay," he answered. "I'm just glad we kept this place, I always feel closer to my mom here. Especially today."

"I know you do; I love it here too," Bella replied. She then sighed and looked at her husband. "I have something I need to tell you. I was going to wait until tomorrow due to what today is."

"Tell me, babe," Edward insisted.

"Well, it seems you've gone and knocked me up again." Bella smiled.

"Really?" Edward asked. A smile spread across his face. "You're pregnant?"

"It would seem so," Bella said. "We said we wanted three, so baby number three is cooking."

"I am so happy," Edward said taking his wife in his arms. "Thank you for making this sad day into something happy."

"I love you, Edward," Bella said, wrapping her arms around Edward's middle and holding him close.

"I love you too, Bella." Edward leaned down and softly kissed her lips. He then pulled back and grinned. "Damn, I'm really good at knocking you up."

"Yeah, well, whatever this new baby is, boy or girl, this is it." Bella smiled and then pushed a pair of scissors across the counter in Edward's direction, his eyes widening. "Get ready, Mr. Masen, you're getting snipped."

Edward's hands cupped his balls and groaned. "I was hoping you'd forget about that."

"Not a chance." Bella smiled. "We agreed, three babies, and then you'd get... well, neutered."

"Bella, really?" Edward spat. "Must you used the words neutered and snipped while talking about my boys? Besides, I thought you liked my balls?"

"I do, I love your whole package; it drives me crazy when it's inside me, but I just don't want it knocking me up anymore."

"You love it, huh?" Edward asked and then pulled Bella against him, making her gasp when she felt him.

"I do," she said. "But your appointment is getting made right after I have this baby."

"Okay, okay, but in the meantime, since I already knocked you up, can I please fuck you? You know, to celebrate that I did it again?"

"Now?" Bella questioned. "Your dad will be back with the girls soon."

"A quickie then?" Edward asked with a raised eyebrow. "Come on, you know you can't resist."

"Clearly." Bella blushed, knowing he was right. She could never resist him. "Okay, since you asked so nicely. Just a quickie, so you better get a move on, boss."

Edward wasted no time in scooping Bella up in his arms and bolted up the steps to their bedroom. Clothes were shed in no time, and before Edward pushed inside, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Bella's stomach where their new life was growing.

And then, once again, Edward and Bella became one.

One heart.

One soul.

One love.

One lifetime.

~*~* THE END *~*~

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