Just a one-shot that has been running around my head.

Inspired by Children of god from the Hunchback of Note Dam, and Through Heaven's eyes From the Prince of Egypt.

I do not own the songs nor do I own Danny Phantom.

There will be a lot of singing in this fanfic.

Lyrics will be in italics

Someone had finally noticed that Phantom visited a run-down section of Amity every day. Some had even said that they saw him carrying food into the area, but coming out without it. The person who noticed Phantom's daily habit alerted the news agencies, who in typical fashion decided to follow Phantom and see what he did in that area of town. So The next time Phantom was seen approaching the area, this time holding a grocery bag that he had gotten from somewhere, they followed him to see what he did. They were surprised to see him land on one of the streets that lead into the district and continue on foot. They were further surprised when He started to sing. They were even more surprised when they recognized the song.

I don't know if you can hear me. Or if your even there.

I don't know if you will listen to a humble prayer.

They tell me I just an outcast I shouldn't speak to you.

Still I see your face and wonder where you once an outcast.

During the song Phantom walked deeper into the district. As he did the news crew and reporters noticed movement to the sides of them. One of the cameras panned over to the movement and the man holding it gasped. Coming seemingly out of nowhere was a group of kids that were covered in dirt. They were running toward Phantom and before anyone could stop them they latched onto his legs. Phantom merely smiled at them and continued to sing.

God Help the outcasts, hungry from birth.

Show them the mercy, they don't find on earth.

Lost and forgotten they look to you still.

God help the outcasts or nobody will.

I ask for nothing I can get by, but I know so many less lucky than I

God help the outcasts the poor and down trod.

I thought we all were the children of god.

I don't know if there is a reason.

Why some are blessed some not.

Why the few you seem to favor.

They fear us, flee us, try not to see us.

God help the outcasts, the tattered the torn.

Seeking an answer to why they were born.

Winds of misfortune have blown them about

You made the outcasts don't cast them out.

The poor and unlucky, the weak and the odd

I thought we all were the children of God.

As Phantom continued on more children came out and gathered around him. He did not seem to notice the increasing amount of children around him even as the song came to an end. By the time the song came to an end Phantom was standing in front of a crumbling church with about ten children of various ages both boys and girls. The children walked into the church before him, Phantom merely smiled and then followed them in. The reporters that were following Phantom approached the doors to the church, which were not hanging strait in the first place. Inside they saw Phantom and all the children kneeling in front of some kind of podium. Surprisingly on the wall in front of them was a tapestry that held depictions of the major symbols for all the major religions. They were startled when Phantom once again began to sing though this one was more upbeat than his previous song. They were even more surprised when the kids joined in.

A single thread in a tapestry

Though its color brightly shines

Can never see its purpose

In the pattern of the grand design

And the stone that sits on the very top

Of the mountains mighty face

Doesn't think it's more important than the stones that form the base

So how can you see what your life is worth

Or where your value lies?

you can never see through the eyes of man

You must look at your life

Look at your life though heaven's eyes

Suddenly the children Started to dance singling some nonsense words.

(the children singing will be in bold italics)

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

Lai lai lai lee

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

Lai lai lai lee

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

A lake of gold in the desert sand

Is less than a cool fresh spring

And to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy

Is greater than the richest king

if a man lose everything he owns

Has he truly lost his worth

Or is the beginning

Of a new and brighter birth?

So how do you measure the worth of a man

In wealth or strength or size?

In how much he gained, or how much he gave

The answer will come

The answer will come to him who tries

To look at his life though heaven's eyes

And that's why we shall all we have with you

Though there is little to be found

When all you've got is nothing there's a lot to go around

Though life can escape being blown about by the winds of change and chance

And though you never know all the steps

You must learn to join the dance

You must learn to join the dance

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

Lai lai lai lee

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

Lai lai lai lee

Lai lai lai lee lai lai

So how do you judge how much a man is worth

By what he builds or buys

You can never see with your eyes on earth

Look through heavens eyes

Look at your life

Look at your life

Look at your life through heavens eyes.

The kids all collapsed into laughter and Phantom joined then a few seconds later, only to be dog-piled by the still laughing children causing him to laugh even louder. After a few minutes Phantom extracted himself from the Pile of giggling children, for some reason not using his ghost powers to do so, and walked over to one of the pews. When he got there he pulled out the bag that he had been carrying earlier. As soon as the children saw it they all stopped laughing and gathered around Phantom.

Phantom reached into the bag and took something out only to give it to a small girl in front of him He repeated this with all the children. He then shooed the children away and told them to go play with their new toys while he cooked something for them. The children all scampered off and separated into pairs with the occasional group of four when their games got close to each other. Phantom on the other hand was doing exactly as he said he would he was cooking. It was a simple dish that would feed the kids for a while and would still taste good when it was cold, still without his powers. After the food was cooked he called the kids over and gave each of them a serving before saying farewell and walking out of the church. He walked to the edge of the district before he turned to where the reporters were hiding. He said nothing merely nodded before he took off into the night.

The reporters were stunned at the ghost's behavior before shrugging and returning to their various news companies so they could review the tapes so they could run them on the evening news.

Danny Fenton merely smiled as the news ended with the tape of Phantom visiting the children; His friends were staring at him in disbelief that he had been ditching them to help some homeless kids. Sam was the one to snap out of her shock and promptly Kissed Danny on the lips earning a shocked look from said teen.

Danny was happy when many of the kids were adopted off the streets by caring families, no one wanted to hurt the kids and possibly incur the wrath of Phantom.


Well what do you think? Just popped into my head while I was attempting to write Phantom's Justice while listening to songs. Please review. This is a one-shot do not expect it to continue. Once again I own nothing!