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Thor stretched his warrior arms above his head, the impressive muscles notable even under the layer of his borrowed shirt. Then he rubbed at his eyes, dispelling the last remains of what had been a good sleep and settled himself in a vacant chair at the kitchen table.

'Good morning.' He'd learned that was the common greeting among Midgardians when one woke up and he chose to extend his good wishes to the man sitting directly opposite him. Loki didn't make any sign of having heard him, his face buried in the book he was currently devouring the contents of. Thor smiled softly to himself. He recognised one of Loki's most common moods easily. When he got that lost among the pages of a book or scroll it was almost impossible to bring him back to the real world. The tower could have crumbled into dust around him and Loki's only action would be to turn the page over. The trickster held a cup in his other hand, suspended in mid-air as if about to be drunk from but then forgotten. Thor recognised the cup which became known as Loki's. The same cup he'd used that very first day when they'd made an unexpected appearance on Earth.

Thor shook his head in bemusement and rose to his feet again, having decided what he wanted to eat for breakfast. He was already accustomed with the contents of the various cupboards and drawers and took the cornflake box and the milk from the upper cupboard and fridge respectively. He found the idea of the crunchy cereal brilliant and was usually what he settled on consuming every time. Except when Steve was kind enough to make pancakes or they were unfortunate enough for Tony to give cooking another shot. He felt his stomach turn violently at the memory of the last time Stark was allowed near the stove...

The guys were all too kind to tell him to stop since he did just want to make a nice gesture but fortunately Loki had no such problem. Thor found himself looking at his brother again, unsurprised to find him still frozen with the exception of his quickly darting intelligent eyes. Loki'd been living in the tower for nearly two weeks already and, though it had been a little tense at first, the Avengers took a quick shining to him. Without his insane plans to subjugate all humankind and his need to hurt other unnecessarily Loki could be quite a charmer. His cutting tongue was a downer and he still played the occasional prank but they didn't have that dangerous edge which had the heroes reaching for their weapons in self-defence anymore. They'd even asked him for help with one of their most recent missions, his ability to strategize proving to be the leading factor which lead to their victory. If things continued like that, Thor wondered if Loki would one day become an official Avenger. How ironic was that? The group had been created in order to fight him and now they were living under the same roof. The Norns sure had spun a strange fate for them...

The thunderer returned back to his seat, bringing the first spoonful of milk and cornflake to his mouth. He was swallowing when Loki finally took notice of his existence and looked up from his book at Thor as if he'd never seen the man before.

'Thor? When did you get here?' Loki placed the book on the table, his long fingers holding the pages opened at his interrupted passage. His other hand brought the forgotten cup to his lips like it just then remembered what it was supposed to be doing.

'Only a few minutes ago. I wished you a good morning too.' Loki grimaced, the mint tea already long cold, and placed the red cup on the table permanently before he smirked at Thor. But this wasn't one of those smirks he'd usually been shown in the past, full of venom and spite. It was just a gesture of amusement and the older god found himself smiling again.

'How very kind of you, though you don't seem to fully understand what morning is. One in the afternoon is not morning Thor.' The blond glanced at the nearby clock, surprised to find Loki was telling the truth. It seemed he'd slept far better than he'd thought...No wonder the base was so quiet. 'Also, Jane called. Apparently you two had a date today.' Thor widened his eyes in alarm, the spoon falling from his startled fingers and clattering to the table only to send drops of milk everywhere. Loki immediately lifted up his book and avoided the assault.

'Damn! I completely forgot. Was she mad?' Loki wondered whether he should tell the truth or lie, and settled on the latter as always.

'Oh yes. Furious. Apparently she had been waiting for this all week and you've really disappointed her. Not your best move.' Loki looked so serious Thor didn't even consider the possibility of it being a lie. He ran a worried hand through his golden hair while he wondered how he could possibly right this wrong. Maybe if he brought her flowers or... A snicker drifted to his ears and when he looked back at Loki he saw the incriminating grin on his thin lips.

'Loki! How much of what you said was actually the truth?' His eyebrows furrowed in annoyance but it was short lived when Loki's clear chuckle filled the room. Compared to some of the lies the trickster had told in the past this was a pleasant how-do-you-do.

'Well, Jane did call and she did wonder where you were. I told her you had to talk with Fury today, something top secret. She said you have to make it up to her.' Loki shrugged like this was the most natural thing in the world and in a way it was. Back when the two of them had been close Loki had covered for him countless times when he didn't want to go to a boring meeting or history lesson or strategizing practice. He was still amazed every time the younger god did something nice for him, used to the opposite since the surfacing of Loki's desire to claim the throne of Asgard. It was great having his little brother back and he could only hope the transformation continued down the right path and soon all of Loki's past transgressions would be nothing but a distant unpleasant memory. He could only hope...

'You couldn't simply say that from the beginning?' Thor reached for the spoon again and resumed his eating but his smile was back.

'And miss the opportunity of seeing you nearly get a cardiac arrest? You don't know me very well brother.' Loki realized what he'd said just a second too late and he froze for a moment but Thor chose to do the smart thing for once. He knew Loki was still in the process of righting himself and perhaps he would never be able to call Thor a brother again with absolute conviction but his heart did skip a beat at the Freudian slip none-the-less. He didn't let it show though and Loki smoothly resumed his devil-may-care attitude, his eyes drawn to the inviting words once more.

'I'm glad you're back Loki.' Thor's words were soft and spoken with absolute sincerity. Loki didn't meet his eyes but the older man could see he had heard him. He also knew Loki understood the unspoken meaning behind his words. After a moment, the trickster answered before resuming his interrupted reading and getting lost in the book for the rest of the day until Tony distracted him in the most effective way yet, but a way which only he could use.

'Me too.'

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