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Empty. Yes, that is what you would call most of her life as a child. Every time she stepped out of her chambers which to her was a prison cell, she had all eyes on her. It was a very lonely childhood that claimed her. She felt that Death was just around the corner for her, waiting to spread its wings and abduct her. Tyrion Lannister was her only friend and she liked that and respected it.

He never told her the politics of the outside world like she had asked him too against his advice. She saw and heard what it had done to people. She didn't want that. Tyrion practically taught her everything she knew. Filling her curious mind with books and riddles.

Marianna sat on the balcony seat, resting her head on her arms as she watched the busy city from above. She would be lying to say that she was fine in her chambers and didn't care for the outside world, but she wanted to know more of the world that she was supposed to be apart of ever since her birth.

"Mari," Tyrion groaned in irritation.

She shook her head. "No, no. I don't want to."

"You have no choice according to every other person outside of this room," he said, walking forward.

She sat up. "Choice? That is a word I'm not familiar with. Did I ever even have a choice?"

Tyrion's face softened. "I'm sorry. Believe me, I tried to convince them otherwise, but being the dwarf that I am, they don't want to listen. Besides everyone is excited to meet you."

Mari scoffed. "I highly doubt that since only a few have met me."

"Name them," he said smirking.

She couldn't help, but smile a little. "Well, King Robert, Lord Tywin, Queen Cersei, Grand Maester Pycelle, Ned Stark, and Ser Barristan."

Tyrion sat down and squeezed her hands in reassurance. "I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

"I've never been out of this room. I wonder what they're going to do to me."

"Breathe. When you're there and you start to get nervous, just breathe."

She nodded and breathed in and out, her eyes never leaving Tyrion's. "Will you be there?"

Tyrion shook his head and said apologetically, "No, Mari, I will not. But-"

She groaned mockingly. "Ugh! I hate when you have buts in your sentences."

He smirked. "But my older brother, Jaime has been assigned to be your guard so he'll be there."

"Yay," she said with fake enthusiasm. "I can't wait."

"My brother volunteered to be your guard."

"I've never even met your brother so why would he want to guard me?" She asked curiously. "By volunteered, do you mean forced? And by forced, I mean you must've blackmailed him into doing this."

"I would never," he mocked his hurt. "If anything, I simply suggested that I have a friend that needs to be protected at all cost."

"How considerate of you," she mocked back. "But I don't want nor do I need to have some guard."

"Jaime is one of the best."


"He's claim to be the most handsome man in all of the Seven Kingdoms."

"That means nothing to me."

"I'll tell him to obey your every command."

She chuckled. "He's a Lannister and your brother if I may add so I doubt that he would listen to me."

He sighed. "You're probably right about that. He's the only person I trust with you."

"The irony in that sentence is like Valaryian steel." She told him. "You're asking me to trust the man whose family murdered my entire family."

"Not your entire family. Don't be so dramatic." He argued as he stood up.

"Dramatic? I'm surprised that I even made it to the age of nineteen with everyone trying to either kill, rape, or manipulate me."

She groaned and sat on her large bed with a huff. "Why can't I just stay here? Where it's safe and sound."

Tyrion walked to the door and said, "Because they don't trust you, my dear. It is that simple. They think that if they leave you behind then you could and I know you will find a way to escape."

She rolled her eyes as Tyrion left her chambers and closed the door behind him. She stared up into the oval and high ceiling, counting. She quickly stood up and darted for the balcony. She hovered over the edge, looking for a spot to land on. Lucky for her, there were strong and fat vines against the brick wall, durable enough to climb.

Mari smiled in victory as she braided her long and curly cloned hair and decided to dress in breeches, a sky blue tunic and a coat that matched her tunic. She laced her white breeches and brown boots. She climbed on the stone railing, straddling it as she reached over with her foot and stuck it on a branch. She hopped off and not the vines, steadying herself as she swayed from side to side a little.

Mari started to gracefully yet carefully, climb down…one vine at a time. She knew that she would have to be back before the sun goes down since that was when the guards searched the grounds for intruders. She always felt guilty for sneaking out without Tyrion knowing since he thought that she had never been outside. She always had some sort of adventure every time she went outside. She perfected the act of deceiving and lying to everyone, thanks to Tyrion. She gave a fake name to all of her "friends" in case they betrayed her which she knew they would when the time came. It seemed as though she had a friend in every department in the city. She wished she had the courage to step out of the gates of King's Landing, but she knew that they would hunt her down. Then kill her just like they did to her family.

No, she had to live. If not for them, then for vengeance. Her older brother and little sister were across the Narrow Sea. Exiled. She would've been with them if it had not been for King Robert and Lord Tywin. They decided that they would keep her here in order to keep the rest of her family away. They taught her everything she needed to know. Her lessons on the houses and grounds. She even had some lessons from a maester, not Pycelle of course because she had a strange feeling about him. The Queen talked to her about being a woman, a lady…and what their duties were. Not many people knew about nor have they laid eyes on her.

If her family came back…then she would die. She no longer feared Death, but welcomed it for the possibility of being with her family again. Yes, you could say it was a strange thing to think about, but it was the truth. It was the horrible reality of it all; they took everything from her and if by chance she does make it on a ship out of Westeros, she knew that the little voice inside of her head that kept on telling her to go anywhere, but Essos…she would take it.

Mari hopped off the vines when she was close to the ground. She walked towards her secret passage into the city from The Red Keep. She ducked under some bushes and to a small crypt. She pushed the door open then it closed it with the rope on the outside. She walked down about four or five flights of stairs that lead to a tunnel. Mari had little light in the tunnel, but luckily the sun was bright in the city that it beamed through the manholes in the ground.

She turned a corner and found the little cave opening. She then causally walked out of it and into the busy street. She looked around and noticed she was near Flea Bottom which meant closer to Littlefinger's main brothel. She avoided that place because of Tyrion. As she passed by it, a woman's rich voice called from above on the balcony, "Evy!"

Mari looked up and smiled at Ros, who was waving down at her. "Ros! How are you?"

"Perfectly well. You mind explaining to me why I haven't seen you in a while? Have you got a man?"

Mari rolled her grayish-blue eyes. She had two lives. One belonged to Marianna Targaryen; a prisoner, a highborn, a princess, and a quiet kept away person. Another belonged to Evelyn Blackwell, Evy for short; a commoner, friend to many, adventurous, a free bird, and a firecracker.

"I have no man nor might I ever." Mari stepped closer to the brothel. "As for my whereabouts I had some out of city business to do." And by out of city business, she was talking about being occupied by Tyrion…and her damn lessons.

"Right," Ros said skeptically. She turned and walked back into the brothel. Mari walked further down the street until she reached the market area. She had many coins; gold and sliver all in her pouch attached to her pocket on the inside of her coat. She browsed around the stalls.

"Evy!" The butcher exclaimed happily. His chubby face lighting up. He slammed the knife in the table and wiped his hands on his apron. He came forward and hugged her tightly, picking her up off her feet, hands pinned at her side.

She laughed and croaked, "Malith, so lovely to see you again."

He laughed and set her down. "Did ya' get chubby?"

She gestured to his beer belly and said, "If I've gotten fat, I'm still skinner than you."

He laughed heartily. "Oh Evy! I'm glad to see a pretty face like yours around this shit hole."

"You're right. This place is a shit hole." She mused. "Well, I've got things to do. See some old friends."

"You don' get out much, do ya'?"

"No, no, I don't." She shouted as she walked back into the bust streets.

She browsed some more, she wanted to buy some things but she couldn't risk Tyrion finding out. She stopped at the fabric stall that had all colors of laces and silks hanging on the stall that blew through the wind. She smiled politely at the old crone they called, "Mandarin". She sighed softly as her fingers grazed the fabric in awe and then turned to walk away. She was looking around when she bumped into a hard and broad chest.

She immediately fell on her ass with a soft grunt. She looked up at the person saying, "Next time, watch where you're going."

The tall stranger held his hand out and smirked smugly down at her, but she could only see his mouth because the sun at been blocking the top half of it. She rolled her eyes and stood up, not taking his hand. She wiped the dirt off her butt and hands. Now the she was on her feet and the sun wasn't blocking her view of him. He was definitely a lot taller than her. He had blonde hair, amused green eyes; he was handsome though not enough to charm the pieces of clothing off of her. What really made her irritated was that smile her was giving her right then.

"Next time you too should watch where you're going, girl." He said with complete ease.

She scoffed. "I did know. You're the one who clearly didn't."

She decided that it was best to ignore him and walk away. She walked past him, irritated at his rudeness. At least, he could've said sorry, she thought. Suddenly a hand caught her arm, stopping her. She whirled around and yanked her arm out the blonde stranger's hand.

"What in the seven hells are you doing?" She practically shouted, some people stopped in the streets to ponder at them.

He had a questionable look on his face, possibly shock. She waited for him to answer her. He seemed to be in some sort of daze. Her eyes caught the large sword on his belt. She groaned and knew that she had to get out of the market place, quickly. "You're a knight. That would explain your arrogance and gull to think that you have a right to touch me."

He smirked amusingly at her again. "My arrogance?"

"Yes, your arrogance. Did I stutter?" She said easily as she crossed her arms over her chest.

He cocked his head to the side and mirrored her. "No, I heard you, but I'm wondering if you know who I am?"

"Nope," she said immediately.

"Really? Obviously you know I'm a knight, but-"

"Your sword. It's…" she tried to find words that a commoner would have used. "Fancy-lookin'"

He glanced down at the sword and he was about to turn it over that must've showed the house sigil it was made from, but he hid it more into his leather coat. She sadly didn't get a glance to look at it. He frowned for a moment as he questioned, "You speak proper. What's your name?"

Ok, now she had to leave. He was getting suspicious of her. Not only did he ask her of her name, but he was eyeing her curiously. She raised an elegant eyebrow at him. "You want my name," He nodded. "Then you can go and fuck yourself."

She turned and was about to walk away. He side stepped her and stood in front of her, blocking her way. She briefly closed her eyes in annoyance. "Let me go."

"Tell me your name," he ordered.

"Why? Because you're a knight?" she questioned.


"That means nothing to me." She said with confidence.

"Name. Now."

"It's Anna. Anna Valamor." She lied. She prayed to the gods that he was stupid enough to believe her lie.

He stepped aside and silently gestured to go forward. Not taking his eyes off his, cautious of him just in case. She turned her eyes forward and quickly walked away. Though a thought came to her. What if he knew I was lying and follows me home, she thought worriedly. So as she turned a corner, her eyes caught a glimpse of his blonde head way behind her. He was following her. Mari smirked, already knowing how to lose him.

Mari ducked under a ladder, then turned a corner twice, and ran to a ladder that led up to one of the buildings in a dead-end alley. She climbed it quickly and hopped onto the balcony and braced her back against the wall. She peaked up a little and she saw him glancing around for her. He looked up, down, side to side, probably wondering where she was. She heard the ladder rattle a little and her eyes darted to an archway. Her heart started to pound furiously in her chest and the palms of her hands started to sweat. Mari crawled to it on her knees and got up immediately as she neared the other door.

She ran down the stairs and to the streets. She ran down them as fast as her legs could take her and she briefly realized that it was almost sundown which meant that she had to hurry back to her prison before supper with Tyrion as usual. She scratched her arm as she ducked under the bushes, then she climbed out of the crypt and glanced cautiously around for any of the guards. She was almost out of breath as she reached the bottom of the keep.

Mari grabbed the vines and stuck her foot on as she climbed hastily up them. She dared herself not to look down even though she had done this before; the fear of heights still frightened her. She grabbed on the railing and hopped on it. She swung her body around and jumped on the balcony. She sighed as she went inside, seeing that no one was there…yet. As she made her way to the bathing chamber, she started to take off her clothes. When she passed her mirror, she grimaced at her reflection. She had pieces of leaves and tiny sticks in her hair. She started to pick them out slowly because they would pull her hair of she did it quickly.

When she was done, she rubbed a wet wash cloth on her face and some parts of her body. She let her hair down in fair waves down her back. She pulled on the same dress she was wearing before; a lavender gown that was long and the neckline went below her shoulders.

She then as she slipped on her shoes, a knock was at her door. "Are you decent?" Tyrion's voice came from behind the door.

"Yes." She answered and the door opened.

He smiled at her. "You are a delightful sight after a long day, my lady."

"Thank you, my lord," she said politely. Just then their smiles faded as they heard the Sept's bells ring loud.

"Jon Arryn, the Hand of The King, he's dead." Tyrion said.

Mari wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say about the hand. She barely knew the man. All she knew was what she heard which was that he was old and the hand…and Lord Of The Vale and The Eyrie, Warden Of The East and Lord Arryn. Their sigil was a moon and a falcon, and their motto was "As High as Honor".

He sighed and went to the pitcher of wine that the servants brought in along with the plates of delicious food, saying, "So how was your day? Boring as usual?"

"You don't want to know." She teased.


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