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Summary :

She knew that she was running deep into his veins and now she was feeling the same primal need. He was all she could feel and taste. He had become her addiction and no matter how much she tried to fight it she had no other options left. Their bond was unbreakable… for love might be forever but blood is eternal.

General information:

For this story Klaus returns to Mystic Falls because Caroline desperately needs his help. In this world Klaus lives in New Orleans but that is pretty much it. The NOLA story and anything that includes the unfortunate idea of the cringe worthy pregnancy and of everything and anyone remotely connected with it doesn't exist. Why? Because in my fictional world anything goes as I say lol.




Dark themes and themes of addiction. Rated M.




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Part i : Your blood is calling me



I'll return from darkness and will save your precious skin
I will end your suffering and let the healing light come in





Spain 1402

Rebekah was cradling his body as if she could bring him back to her. As if only her hug could give him life.

This had to be a lie she kept thinking. This couldn't be happening. Not after everything they had been through. She couldn't lose him this way. They had survived the nightmare of what had happened to them, to him, so it couldn't end this way. Not like this. But it was too late. Darkness was coming through the cracks of reality and his absence was forever. She would give everything she had for another chance, but it was too late. She couldn't rewind time. Her daylight had faded. Forever. She was cursed. To be alone.

She kissed his cold lips as she broke into tears when he didn't kiss her back.

She wanted to bring him back. She had to do something, but no matter how much she pressed her hands on his opened bleeding chest his heart was still missing and his flesh had already turned grey.

She looked up to see her two brothers looking at her with pity.

"Why, why Nik?" she cried as she held the body of her lover closer.

Klaus kneeled next to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"It's over sister," he simply said as she broke into sobs and endless tears in his arms.

Whitmore College.

Present day.

He strode into the campus not caring for anyone or anything else but Caroline. He had to get to her; he had to see her, to make sure she was okay. His thoughts were consumed only by her and he could clearly see now that she was his weakness. They had said their goodbyes at her graduation in their own special way. He hadn't seen her since then and yet he felt like she was constantly with him. No matter how much he tried he couldn't get her out of his mind. Or his heart assuming he still had one. She was like a ghost in his soul. Nothing seemed to go like he planned and his only thoughts seemed to be conquered by Caroline's form. No matter how much he tried to pretend that she was out of his mind her face would come into his thoughts no matter what. Her imaginary figure would find him in his days and nights. Everything seemed to change, nothing stayed the same, and Caroline was always there.

He was dying to talk to her. To see her. To be with her. And yet he was holding on. It was one of the hardest things he had to endure in his long spanned life, but he was not one to beg for love. He would give her time to grow up, to learn, to travel, to mature. He was a patient man after all. He waited a thousand years to break his curse and he knew that if there was something worth waiting for another thousand years it was Caroline.

And yet now he would see her again and he didn't have to wait a thousand years. He could feel her near him like a gravitational pull. From the moment he entered her college he could feel getting closer to her step by step and that was making him ache. He would have hoped that he would see her again under different circumstances but alas it was not meant to be.

He was in New Orleans when he had received her call. At first, as he had seen her name appear on his phone, he had smiled and felt his heart skip a beat. He hated his reactions when it came to her, but his mind and body were never in sync when it came to Caroline. He hated to admit this but he was missing her terribly.

It was true that he wanted to do things right with her. He wanted to wait patiently for her. A day, a month or even a century. Time didn't matter when it came to her. He intended to be her last and he was certain that when he had told her this she hadn't fully understood that sooner or later, one way or another he would make sure that the promise he gave her would come true. He knew he was impulsive and in another time he would have taken her with him whether she wanted to or not. But she had changed him. He was unable to treat Caroline like he would do any other. He didn't want to compel her or to force her into submission. He wanted her to be with him of her own free will. Or at least this is what he was trying to do because there were times that he was ready to go seek her out. Usually those times were during the restless nights he would dream of her.

So when he had received that incoming call from her his heart filled with hope. Moments later his hope went to dust when he heard her strained voice over the phone.

He had never heard her like that. Not even when she had werewolf venom running through her veins. She sounded in pain and in despair and she was asking for his help. And if he knew anything for sure it was that Caroline would never willingly ask for his help. Not unless things were bad. Really bad.

He was the Original Hybrid. He was a true immortal and virtually undefeatable and yet when he had heard her asking for his help panic settled in his heart. Rage and fear at the possibility of anything wrong happening to her.

He didn't care what he left behind. He didn't care about anything or anyone. He left immediately. All of his instincts had taken over and before he even knew it he was in his car and driving to Whitmore College.

Her voice imprinted on his mind.

"Please …help me…Klaus…"

He didn't care if it was a trap. He didn't care to wait. All he cared was to get to her.

When he had called Stefan he began to truly worry.

"We don't know what is happening to her…

She seems to be out of control…She attacked a girl…

Klaus I have never seen her like this…she is spiraling…

she looks like a …ripper…"

He had closed his eyes in pain as Stefan used that word for Caroline. years ago he would have relished in such a possibility and he would have been the one to try to make her succumb to those instincts like he had once done with Stefan. She would be easier to be handled like that. But he didn't want that. He didn't want to manipulate her into a replica for who she truly was.

As images of Caroline passed through his mind he knew that he could never bear seeing Caroline like that. Not Caroline.

He tried to reassure himself somehow. He kept thinking that she always had excellent control, a remarkable trait for her age, so there had to be a way out of this.

But the next words that came out of Stefan's mouth filled him with dread.

"She is in pain…no matter how much blood she drinks it isn't enough…she won't last long like this…if this doesn't stop soon she might…turn it off…"

If there was something that he knew beyond any shadow of a doubt it was that Caroline was special for everything she was. She balanced her vampirism and her humanity using as guide her beautiful light. The light that had attracted him in the first place. She couldn't lose her light, not like that. If she was to surrender to her bloodlust and turn her emotions off he didn't know if he would ever get her back. If she were to indulge in her most primitive instincts while abandoning her light she would eventually break and she would forever change. And he knew that a world that was not going to be illuminated by her light was not a place her wanted to live in. He had barely survived that dark world before Caroline came into his life. He was not going to return back to it. And if there was anything he could do Caroline would never live in such a world either.



He didn't pay attention to Damon or the doppelganger that were outside Caroline's dorm. Elena tried to ask him to compel Caroline in order to give her back her control, but he ignored her and went in. He saw Stefan sitting on a chair next to Caroline's bed. He also saw many empty blood bags all over the room. Too many blood bags. Caroline's eyes were vampiric and she was looking into space with an empty expression.

Stefan looked at him with worry.

His felt a pang of pain in his heart at the sight of her. She was obviously in pain and he hated the fact that he hadn't been there for her from the beginning.

"Hello sweetheart," he gently said, but Caroline remained unresponsive. Lost in an unknown world that was not allowing anyone else to enter.

Klaus couldn't take his eyes away from her. He took a step forward, but then he stopped feeling uncertain.

"She's been like this for the last few hours," Stefan told him.

He looked at his once good friend with a pained expression, but he quickly regained his composure.

"Give us a minute, mate," he ordered Stefan.

He then saw Stefan tensing up and he clenched his jaw.

"You should have known by now that if there is one person that is always going to be safe around me it is Caroline," he said with a soft voice while looking at her with a melancholic smile.

"So ripper I suggest you remove yourself now before I ask again in a less kind manner," he told Stefan with a calm tone and after all their shady controversial friendship Stefan should know that when he was using his calm voice then all hell was about to break loose and that was the last thing Caroline needed right now.

"I'll be right outside," he informed Klaus with a serious tone that earned him an ironic smile from the Original Hybrid.

When Stefan left them alone his cool façade vanished. His gaze was once again filled with worry as he carefully took some steps towards Caroline.

She was in a state of lethal hunger. He had seen many blood thirsty vampires looking like this and he knew that even the slightest movements could trigger psychotic outbursts. And yet, even though he knew that Caroline was now a dangerous hunter, he couldn't ignore the way she looked. She looked so fragile and small on that bed.

As he moved closer he couldn't help but smile as he remembered that once upon a time he was approaching her like this while she was laying in pain on a bed. Back then he was the one that has caused her such pain. Back then she was celebrating her 18th birthday and he was responsible for ruining that day for her. But it was then that he had seen for the first time how strong she really was. He had promised her a thousand more birthdays and he was going to keep his promise no matter what.

He gently sat on the edge of the bed making sure not to disturb her and he waited.

He whispered her name and he could swear that she felt him and that a part of her reacted positively to his sight, but he remained still and cautious.

When he was certain that she was feeling more comfortable with his presence he took the risk of stretching his hand and tenderly removing a stray lock of hair from her sweaty cheek.

She flinched, but she didn't move. His warm palm cupped her cheek and he slightly turned her head towards him and she closed her bloodshot eyes in shame.

He smiled sorrowfully at that. She was so beautiful with her vampire face on. It was the first time he ever saw her like this. It was sad that it had to be under these circumstances and like this but he couldn't help the feeling of attraction that washed over him at the sight. She was magnificent.

"Quite the predicament you found yourself in, sweetheart," he said with his most soothing tone. He used the same tone when he was trying to lure his victims in. He knew how to manipulate his voice and even his accent in a way that would create a sense of familiarity and security to the person he wanted to control. This time, though, all of his intentions were pure. All he wanted was to make her feel safe and to keep her protected.

She slowly opened her eyelids and she looked at him with hooded eyes as the purplish veins covered her skin under her eyes like a silky spider web. Her heart rate went up and she shifted uncomfortably on her bed, a moan escaping her lips as she put her palm over her eyes.

"No, don't," he said and took her hand into his own. His gaze was intense and fixed on her trembling form as she inhaled hard.

She looked at him in surprise and her chest kept rising and falling in an erratic rhythm. Her fingers wrapped around his and he held her hand tightly into his own as his moved his other hand to her face. He seemed mesmerized as his fingertips gently touched the veins under her eyes and she gasped in surprise. For a moment the blood inside her eyes dissolved leaving the clear blue shade shining inside her orbs.

All around them seemed to be dark and in that moment her eyes changed back into their normal color and it was like he could catch a glimpse of the light he so had missed all this time.

But the moment was gone when he heard her moaning in pain and he saw her face changing again. Her fangs were now shining under the dim lights of the room and her eyes had changed back revealing the vampire that was hidden under her angelic features.

She tried to get away from him and leave the room as the vampire inside of her took control, but he held her in his arms as she tried to get away. She thrashed, screamed and hit him with her fists and kicks. She even tried to bite him. This was more than her body could take, but he wasn't relenting. He was stronger than her and restrained her. He made sure he didn't hurt her. She seemed to be possessed by her hunger and now he could see with his own eyes what Stefan meant. She did seem to be in a ripper mode. But it looked a thousand times worse. It was like she was a wild animal with no logic. Everything that made her who she was seemed to be gone.

She kept violently hitting him, her body moving in a convulsing way. Eventually she tired herself and collapsed into his arms. He held her in his embrace and kept caressing her hair. Her whimpers and her almost soundless cries broke his heart.

"All is going to be okay, Caroline. I am here now," he said as his fingers massaged her head and caressed her hair.

Her fists grabbed his shirt tightly and she buried her head into his chest.

"I am not going to leave you again sweetheart, you are going to be okay, I will fix everything," he kept promising her with his most soothing tone.

He took her face into his hands and looked in her eyes.

"Focus on me love. Nothing else exists. Focus on my breath," he encouraged her.

She moved her head and tried to push him away.

"I can't!" she cried.

"You can! There is nothing you can't do!" he strictly told her as he held her tighter.

She looked at him desperately. She was unable to change her face back.

"Compel me, please," she begged him even though they both knew that there was nothing she hated more than that.

"Never," he told her as his dark piercing gaze claimed her own.

"Please," she whispered.

"You can do this Caroline, you have excellent control, breathe and change your face back now!" he ordered her.

She couldn't explain it. She couldn't understand how it was even possible, but it was the power of his conviction that cleared the haze inher mind.

His faith in her made her concentrate on the sound of his breathing and on his eyes. Soon her breaths joined his slowly. Nothing else existed at that moment. The world was becoming smaller and smaller until there was nothing left except him. He became her anchor that brought her back.

Her face slowly changed back. Her control coming back to the surface again.

"That's it Caroline, that's it!"

He nodded at her and she took a deep breath in relief again. The pain was dissipating and her need for blood became less sharp and demanding.

"What is happening to me?" she asked him, trembling as pain flashed through her eyes.

"We will figure this out love," he told her with a certainty that not even she could defy.

If there was one thing he definitely knew it was that he was going to figure this out. He had spent centuries searching for solutions and answers for his curse. And he knew that for Caroline if he had to he would bring the whole world upside down.

He saw her nodding and biting her lip. She was fidgeting now, but she was still maintaining her control.

"Tell me what happened, sweetheart," he asked her with a serious tone.

She sighed and looked guilty.

"I attacked a college student," she said in a barely audible voice.

He looked at her and waited patiently for her to continue.

She breathed deeply and moved away from him. She sat at her bed and brought her knees over her chest.

"She didn't have any cuts or anything, I just…," she bit her lip and closed her eyes.

His eyes kept scanning her. He didn't care for the human. Humans were just a means to an end. What was important was Caroline and what was happening to her.

"I could smell her blood anyway, I had already fed, but it wasn't enough, lately it never is," she said with a trembling voice. He squinted his eyes at that, but he didn't say anything.

"All I could hear was her heartbeat, her breath, her pumping vein on her neck," she told him.

She picked her head up and looked straight at him.

"I stalked her Klaus and I…I blacked out…"

"You blacked out? How?" he asked, concerned.

"I don't know, I don't remember," she said as despair laced her tone.

He noticed that anger was finding its way back into her mind and he couldn't allow that. It could trigger another vampiric transformation and he needed her to stay calm.

"It's okay, love," he tried to placate her.

"No Klaus! It is not okay! None of this is okay! I hunted her down and the last thing I remember was draining her! If Elena hadn't been there I would have killed her!" she yelled at him.

"But you didn't," he told her with a calm voice.

She moved her head to the right and then to the left. She seemed on edge.

"Then what happened?" he pressed her. He didn't want to upset her anymore, but if he was to find a solution he had to know everything.

"I have lost control! That is what happened!" she screamed and punched a pillow. She couldn't control her strength so she destroyed the fabric and the feathers of the pillow flew around her.

Her eyes filled with tears again.

"No matter how much blood I drink…it is not enough!...it doesn't even taste like blood anymore, it is stale and it feels like water, I am hungry all the time, I can't get enough, I just need…I …I cannot control it…my throat is burning and all I can dream of is blood," she confessed to him. She refrained from telling him that her dreams were plagued with visions of him. She was constantly reliving the moments where she had fed from him. In her dreams his luscious blood was pouring down her throat and only in those moments was she feeling happy and alive and the hunger was going away. Only to return even more demanding.

"I don't know what is happening to me, I don't understand Klaus," she said breathlessly on the verge of tears that she refused to shed.

"You are a young vampire sweetheart, sometime it happens," he told her, but he was concerned. He knew about young vampires losing control, but every each one of them found pleasure in the blood. Caroline was now telling him that she wasn't. And that was causing great worry to him.

She laughed bitterly.

"Has it happened to you?" she asked him. Her doubts evident in her tone.

"Sometimes, yes," he told her thinking of the times he had lost his control in the past and succumbed to multiple bloodbaths.

"I was not in a rage, Klaus, I wasn't upset or in pain, and then I couldn't change back," she said. "If it wasn't for Stefan holding me back again and again I would have already drained half the campus. I can still hear everyone's heartbeats in a mile's radius! Has this happened to you?" she asked him with a burning gaze.

It was a look that turned the liar in him silent.

"No," he honestly said to her "but you are too young and you've been feeding by blood bags. You need warm blood and you have deprived yourself for far too long," he told her.

"It is still blood," she defended herself.

"Yes, but the vampire inside you isn't satisfied just by consuming blood, sweetheart. You have been ignoring your needs and that never ends up good," he told her.

"No," she said with conviction.

"Before attacking that girl when was the last time you hunted? When was the last time you fed from the vein?" he asked her.

She blushed and looked anywhere but at him.

"Caroline?" he pressed.

"From you…" she choked.

His gaze darkened and he felt his skin starting to burn up.

She wasn't one to hide or back away so after some moments her eyes found his and she gave him a proper answer.

"The last time I fed from someone was with you," she said with a clear, yet low, voice.

She sighed and picked herself from the bed.

She didn't see how his eyes changed. How they turned heavy with wonder and lust. How he craved for the unattained; For her.

She didn't know how many times he had dreamed of the moment her lips had found his wrist and drank from him. She didn't know how much he wanted to relive these moments, to feel her near him, to have her scent envelope him as his blood ran into her veins claiming her from the inside.

"Maybe you are right," she said as she started pacing around the small room.

"Feeding from the vein is different, I…I keep thinking of it, I…can't stop thinking of it, actually." She turned around and looked at him, only to found his eyes following her each move like a hawk.

Her cheeks flushed red and she bit her lip. He picked himself up and reached for her. As he was ready to go to her he stopped at his tracks. He looked at her with surprise, curiosity and something akin to an epiphany.

No matter how much her inner vampire would want to hunt and to get in control, in the end Caroline's reactions made no sense. She had already hunted that girl so that need should be somewhat sated. And yet she said it wasn't. She said that even blood tasted different.

His eyes then widened as he remembered a very similar situation from the past. And Caroline noticed it.

"What?" she asked with fear.

Klaus shook his head. No, what he was thinking couldn't be happening. The chances were less than a million.

"Klaus, what is it?" she demanded.

"Nothing, it's nothing," he said but his voice lacked conviction this time.

"You know what is happening to me don't you?" she asked him and gulped when she saw him worried. Klaus was never worried. He was irritating, annoying, charming, enraged, poisonous and a menace, but never worried. The few times she had seen him like this was when real trouble, that not even he could control, appeared and now he had that exact look on his face again.

She went near him and almost begged him.

"Please tell me," she implored.

"It's…it's a stupid idea love, it's nothing," he said, but she could see that now he was wearing a mask and was hiding his honestly from her.

"I cannot take this anymore, Klaus, the pain, the need for blood…it is too much!" she said as new tears swam in her eyes, "if you know something…anything that could help me then please…please tell me…anything would be better than this!" she said as she hastily swiped her tears with her hand. Even like this she didn't want to show weakness. She had to get through this. Ever since she turned into a vampire her life has been one challenge after another and she never gave up. She wouldn't do that now, either.

Klaus's hand went through his hair. He took a deep breath and looked carefully at her.

"You said you've been thinking of the times you fed from me right?" he asked her and saw her shifting uncomfortably from one leg to another.

"I don't-" she started saying something but he interrupted her.

"If you want me to help you then you need to be honest with me love," he told her with a grave tone and her heart started pounding in alarm. An ominous portent of danger encircled her.

"Yes," she admitted in shame.

"Is it a memory or a growing need?" he asked with a shaken voice and he held his breath when he saw her nodding in shame clearly indicating that it was both.

"For how long?" he asked her.

She gulped and looked away.

"Caroline!" he pressed her more and she moaned in shame.

"Ever since the night of my birthday," she whispered and he felt his heart constrict with an unknown emotion at her admittance. It was something akin to pride and worry all at once. And there was something else. More intense and powerful that he would never admit.

He stared at her and he couldn't help but feel his skin heating up at the memory of her teeth tearing his flesh and feasting on his blood. There were nights that he would recall those memories and would feel her absence even more. The need to have her was became stronger those nights and the need to feel her connect with him in such a primal bond was almost too painful for him to bear. At those moments he wanted to feel her. He would give anything for her to be near him and to have her taste his blood again.

He cleared his throat and tried to think more clearly. She needed his help and answers and his unquenchable lust for her wasn't helping at the moment.

He needed answers from her and he needed them now. But in the back of his head he couldn't help but think something else too. A part of him, the part that was egoistical and demanding wanted to know if she was having the same emotions and needs as him. They had shared blood before. That meant something. It had to mean something. Even she couldn't be detached from something like that. She certainly must have felt the same needs and lust every vampire in the history of their species felt when they bloodshared. He could feel his heart tighten in that thought, but tried to control himself.

He couldn't forget that he had some very disturbing suspicions now, but he also wanted to hear her admit to him what he craved to be true.

"How do you feel at those moments? When you fantasize of drinking my blood?"

He saw her shifting uncomfortably again and he couldn't help but feel the need to smirk. He didn't. Because aside of the part that wanted Caroline to feel the same as he did for her the most prominent part of him was the one that was worried about her. The one that he was deeply ashamed of. She was just a baby vampire and yet if anything happened to her nothing would stop him from tearing this world apart. And that part of him was growing stronger every passing day. He left her behind, but no matter the distance between them she was still a part of him. She was still his desire, she was still in his mind. He would say that she was still in his heart too, but alas he hadn't had one for centuries now. If anything Caroline was the heart he had lost long ago. She was the light he craved. He needed her to be safe and sound and all right because if that unsettling suspicion that had started forming in his mind was to become reality then he was afraid that his newfound heart would break. She would hate him. But no. His mind was playing tricks with him. No way this could be happening. No.


She looked lost and then her skin blushed and that lovely red shade covered her face and neck. He could hear her breathing becoming erratic and he feared that she would have another psychotic break again. She could lose control at any minute again and he needed answers so he pushed her a little more.

"Trust me sweetheart I don't want to make you feel any more uncomfortable, but I need to know. It is important, this need…how does it feel like?" he urgently pressed her.

"It's like your blood is calling me," she said in a whisper that caused all color to escape from his features.

His lips twisted.

The more details she was revealing to him the more concerned and upset he became. This couldn't be happening. No.

Not to her. Not to his Caroline. Because if what he was thinking was true then Caroline was now his. In a way that would never break. Irrevocably and forever his.

And she would despise him for it.



Girl I will cover you when the sky comes crashing in
I'll go the distance, lead the way to your darkest sin



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