So was reading my old stories...and man, i have a messed up head, filled with many killing ways...sorry. anyway i hope you enjoy.

The last thing Chucky remembered was of coarse waiting in that dark box that got shipped to Andy Barcley's place and how could he forget getting a gun pointed at him while staring into the same face that used to call him 'friend', that was pretty much the last thing he saw before he heard a boom...then nothing...

Glenda's P.O

"Where's dad?" I asked in curiousity.

Mom looked up, and I could tell she had been crying, from her puffy red eyes. She didn't answer, she just started rubbing her temples and shook her head.

"I'll get Glen." I said to her.

Glen was always good with this mushy gushy stuff. He would probably tell her that dad was on his way home and then he would hug her. Then mom would act normal, but we could always tell she was worried, even if she tried to hide it.

"Mom has been crying, so go do what you do best and drown her with hugs..." I joked and went into the kitchen and searched for food.

We are 15 now and dad was getting better at well...being a dad. He still was getting used to it but it was still fun. Lately, he has been coming and going. Mom said he has just been going for walks...but it would be a tiring week long walk. Plus I seen her package dad in boxes then take him to the post office.

Yeah, he was probably getting revenge on people he hated. Gahh, why can't he just leave the past the past. Wait what am I saying? I do the same thing. Haha. Like father like daughter, I guess.

"Well...I don't want to deal with this sobbing forever..." I whispered to myself. "I'm going out for a walk!" I screamed up the stairs.

Okay, I loved my dad. Happy? He could be a jerk, but so could I. It won't be hard to find him...Like he always leaves a trail of news papers about him and not to mention the trail of blood. I slid me feet into my combat boots and headed out the door. It was sunny and a lot of people out walking, but they were on their phones so they didn't really notice me until i went by, then they all coward away. Haha I just love being me.

I headed up the road until I reached the post office and headed through the door. Parents were afraid of me too, so I knew I knew I'd get answers.

"Hello..." I looked at the woman's name tag. "Sue?" I said looking back up at her.

" Glenda..." Sue said nervously.

"Where did my mom send that package earlier?" I asked without a hint of emotion.

"Uh I am not supposed to give away addresses." Sue answered shakily.

"Sue, just tell me or I'll beat up your kid at school tomorrow." I threatened as I my jaw clenched.

"But you always skip school..." She protested.

"Look," I started saying calmly. "If you don't give me THAT ADDRESS RIGHT NOW I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN WHERE THERE AREN'T ANY VIDEO CAMERAS AND BEAT YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE ME THE ADDRESS!" I finished off screaming purposely keeping my back toward the video camera.

It's a good thing that camera didn't pick up sound.

"Fi...fine." Sue said as she began shakily writing down an address.

I snatched the small piece of paper from her hands quickly, which made her jump, (which also made me laugh.) I looked down at the address, it looked real. It was far though.

"Looks like I'll just have to bend the rules." I whispered to myself as I stepped out of the post office.

I looked at the parking lot, there were only a couple cars there. Six. I began walking toward the nicest of them all, it was black with thin dark purple lines across the sides.

"Okay..." I prepared myself, then threw a punch at the window of the car. "Youch!" I yelped as I held my fist.

I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain, it's not as easy as it is on t.v. After thirty seconds, the throbbing slowed down and I looked down at my wound. It was pretty bloody, but that didn't really bother me much. I looked at the window of the car which was shattered.

"Gahhh!" I yelled as I punched the window out of frustration. (Which was stupid, I have to admit...But if anyone said it was stupid I'd punch them.)

'Okay time to get in the car.' I thought to myself, getting frustrated at myself.

I put my hand through the window and unlocked the car, but being me I sliced my arm on the broken glass. I ignored the pain, then jumped in the car, but got a butt-full of glass.

"OW!" I screeched as I started sweeping the seat off with my sleeve.

"Alright...Put this wire and this wire together and BOOM! Wow it actually worked?" I asked myself with a hint of proudness.

Yeah, I learned a thing or two when dad was around. He is pretty much the only teacher I listen to. He is my...let's say the 'everything-I-need-to-know-if-I-want-to-be-a-killer teacher' Yeah he is a pretty good teacher. Sometimes we go 'hunting'-I mean we go on 'field trips' Haha. They are way funner then the ones my real teachers at school make us go to, like who wants to go to museums?

I started backing up, but then bumped into another car.

"Whoops! Hahahahhahehehe" I laughed as the post office employees rushed out.

I drove off before they could see my face. Not that I cared if they saw my face, well because I was Jennifer Tilly's daughter and that means I could get out of things easily. Possibly murder, but I'm so good I never get caught anyways.

I drove straight home and sprinted up to my room. I immediately started throwing clothes, bathroom things and last, but not least my 'killer Ken doll' (I made him myself from a Ken doll and some red paint).

I ran back downstairs and rushed into the kitchen. My eyes wandered through the fridge and pantry. I grabbed some chips, redbulls, gum, bottled water and a bag of mints.

"Alright! I think I'm done here." I said happily to myself.

I shut the fridge door to be face to face with Glen. He didn't look to happy...

"What?" I asked getting ready for him to plead me not to go.

"I wanna come." He said blankly.

"Oh, no. No way! You are not coming!" I argued as I started walking towards the door.

"Why not?" He asked confused.

"Because I said so!" I yelled as I grabbed my keys and walked outside.

I hopped in the car and looked back at him in the doorway. He looked in awe at the car.

"You are only fifteen! You don't have a license." He said as yelled as he began to approach the car.

"Well the person who owned it did." I said as I began to slowly back out of the driveway.

Glen ran over and opened the door of the car. He hopped in and sat on my bag.

"Glen!" I yelled angrily.

We drove off and headed to where we thought dad was being kept. We both silently prayed he was okay. He could handle himself, but he did die like five times.