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Joey slid the door to the barn open and went from stall to stall, leading the unicorns out into the paddock. He took a moment to ruffle a colt's mane before it pranced off after its mother, smiling a little. Some days it seemed tedious, doing the same tasks again and again, but when he saw the foals prancing around together and head butting each other, it helped lift his spirits a little.

He wished that he had someone to share it with, sometimes, but his farm was self-sufficient enough that he even had a little extra at the end of the month, so he made do with that. It wasn't like there was anything particularly attractive about a farm with a handful of unicorns. Girls weren't lining up to marry him. He wasn't poor, but he was… comfortable. Maybe one day he'd find someone that was looking for comfortable.

He watched one of darker unicorns as it pranced around the edge of the paddock and chuckled quietly before turning to head back into the barn. If he screamed when he was immediately met with bright blue eyes, then that was his business alone.

"Seto what the fuck are you doing?!" Joey hissed, glaring at him.

Seto swung down from the rafter and smirked as he followed the blond back into the barn. "Just wanted to see you."

"Ugh." Joey grabbed a shovel and turned to glare at him. "If you're gonna bother me while I'm workin', you can make yourself useful."

The older boy hummed, nose wrinkling in distaste as he watched him enter the first stall and begin mucking it. "I'll pass."

"Then get lost," the blond snarled without looking at him.

"You know the reason I come here," Seto said, pushing the wheelbarrow closer to him.

Joey sighed and rolled his eyes. "Ya mentioned somethin' about the sheriff."

"Yes. This is the best place to hide, after all." He watched the muscles flex in the younger man's arms and mourned the fact that it wasn't hot enough for him to work without a shirt. He loved it when he could watch the muscles in the blond's back flex, so much so that sometimes he just wanted to… lick them.

And he had licked them before, when Joey had pulled a muscle in his thigh and had been laid up in bed. He hadn't been able to get away and had been completely embarrassed.

Seto had loved every minute of it, even if he did have to take care of the unicorns for a week.

"What didja steal this time?" Joey asked after a few minutes, because he was too curious for his own good.

The brunet leaned toward him and purred, "Some silk ropes and a beautiful satin house robe." He let out a startled yelp as the younger man turned and threatened to throw his shovelful of manure at him. "Just some gold! And jewels! Okay, not just some. I think I robbed one of the King's caravans. In my defense, his guards were so unprepared it might have been a massacre if it was anyone else stealing them."

Joey snorted in disbelief. "And you're nothin' but merciful, huh."

"I'll admit that I'm not a saint," Seto muttered, smirking, but lifted his hand to cover it when the blond glanced at him in disbelief. "I may have tied the guards up and put them in the carriage in only their underwear. It's okay, I'll say it for you; I'm a dick."

The blond chuckled but hurriedly covered it with a cough. He didn't want the older man to think he approved of anything he did. God, his ego didn't need to grow any further.

Seto leaned in the doorway and shrugged. "I'd love to be able to tie you up in your underw—Why," he shouted, ducking and rolling out of the way when an entire shovel of manure came flying at where he'd been standing.

Joey's glare was just shy of scandalized as he hissed, "You know why."

The brunet muttered to himself, dusting his shirt off, then walked over to him, grabbing him by the chin and yanking him around. "Well, if that's how you want to be."

"Of course it's the way I wanna—" Joey let out a quiet noise that almost sounded wounded as the older man leaned in to kiss him. He blinked up at him as he leaned back, frowning. "Why didja do that?"

Seto's brows furrowed together in confusion. "Why wouldn't I?"

"You've never kissed me. It was always just—" Sex, he'd thought. Release, every once in a while. He looked up at the brunet from beneath his lashes, embarrassed suddenly.

Seto cupped his cheek, thumb stroking his cheekbone thoughtfully. "I've been remiss. I apologize. From now on, I'm going to kiss you as often as I can." He leaned in and whispered, "Because you should be kissed, often and well."

Joey blushed a little as the brunet's thumb slid down to press against his bottom lip, mouth falling open in surprise. "I—"

"I have to go now, but I'll come back later." He leaned in and kissed the corner of the younger man's mouth, then smirked and turned to leave. "Tomorrow evening, at the latest. I need to make sure my men are hidden from the sheriff and his deputies."

The blond blinked a few times, frazzled and embarrassed, then flushed brightly and turned to glare at him. "Ya know the king would just give ya the money if ya just asked, right?!"

"What's the fun in getting the money if I can just ask my cousin to give it to me?" Seto retorted, smirking, before he turned the corner of the barn.

Joey ran to the door to figure out which direction he was going, just in case he ever needed him. But when he got there, there was no sign of him. Seto had left no trail, no sign he'd been there except for the warmth of where his lips had pressed to his mouth. But somehow, he knew that Seto would come if he needed him, like he always had an eye on his little farm.

Joey lifted his hand to cover his mouth, trying to cover his smile just in case Seto was watching. Just because Seto was a good kisser didn't mean he needed to know about it.