Hello FanFic world! This chapter introduces a series of one-shots based off of songs, which is also a collaboration between MadMaxLaxBro and myself. We will alternate updates, and here is my first, in perfect time for BBRae week! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, Clay Aiken, or the song "Invisible." (apparently I misunderstood the meaning of 'public domain', so the story is the same you just have to search the lyrics. Sorry!)

Yes. He did sneak into her room as a fly. He knew someone was in there with her; he heard their voices and he heard them talking… happily. About him. She must have known he would hear, unless she looked at him as nothing more than that: an annoying pest. A pest who didn't matter, or have feelings, or the ability to bring any sort of happiness into her life.

And yes. Clay Aiken was not the most 'hip' singer he could have possibly listened to that night, but he felt like it was his song. It described him; it described their relationship.

Raven didn't see how much she was worth. He tried to make her see; he tried desperately, but she always seemed to act like he either didn't exist or like she wished he didn't exist. He would try to spend time with her, make her laugh, but it was useless. He got lonely, a lot. He wished that she would just spend time with him, even just a little time but it seemed like she went away as soon as she got a chance.

Then I Sometimes he used to wonder if Raven would even notice him in her room if he wasn't in the form of a fly. So he tried it. And she noticed. But before she threw him out the window she said that she never decorated in green, or something to that effect. Darn green skin. Darn ugly, stupid, green skin!

So yes, he spent a good deal of that week lying in his bed, crying, and slowly regaining the courage to go make another effort to find out more, protect her, and show her that he existed, only to be shot back to his room to lie on his bed, and cry, and slowly regain the courage to go make another effort… and this continued.

So a few days after Malchior was gone and things had calmed down, he was very surprised when she had actually made a few attempts to spend time with him, even stopping meditating one morning to go over and sit with him while he ate breakfast. She didn't even talk, just sat with him. A few days after that he was surprised again when he said that he was going for a walk and she asked if she could come, and on that walk they talked a little bit. About a week after the paper man/dragon left the Titans had a movie night, and when Beast Boy woke up to realize that he had fallen asleep before he even knew who the characters were he could not believe that Raven hadn't pushed him off of her shoulder. And the funny thing was he never really realized how much had changed between them until a month later when he was getting ready for their first date. They had grown closer and made it into a sort of tradition to meet out on the rocks supporting the T-tower and just talk each night, about anything that came to mind, and they both told each other things that they never thought they would tell anyone. And as he looked in the mirror one last time before heading out his door to meet her, it suddenly dawned on him that maybe, just maybe…

he never really was that invisible after all.