So, I've been told that I'm good with dialogue, so I thought I'd try a story of just that. (This is Stella Bella 123 btw).










"Okay then, we won't."

"Wait. What? Raven!"

"You really do fall for that too easily."

"You really do use it too easily. You just think I'm too ugly but you won't admit it."

"That's not the case and you know it."

"Then why not? Starfire and Robin did it last week and they haven't even been going out for as long as we have."

"Yes, and Robin hated it. He just did it because he would give into anything Star asks for when she uses those darn puppy eyes, which, by the way, she learned from you."

"So you'll do it if I give you puppy eyes."


"Come on! It's not like I want us to do it on top of a billboard saying 'look over here!'"

"No, but you don't want to do it completely alone either. And even if you did, you'd still be there!"

"Well, don't I kind of have to be there?"

"Technically I could just be thinking of you while I do it."

"So you're open to doing it?"

"No. Why don't you do it alone?"

"Cause then where's the fun?"

"It's not fun. That's my point, Beast Boy."

"Come on, Raven. It doesn't have to be particularly romantic. It's just something fun to do."

"Beast Boy, I will not sing at karaoke night with you and that is final!"

So, yea… that was short. But, I hope it was entertaining anyways!