Lucy the dragon Slayer

Chapter 1 – memories part 1

Lucy POV

"Lucy." A soft voice growls, "Yes Mum?" I look up from my studies of dragon language. My mother rattles her brown scales and puts her long snout on my forehead. "It is time." I start to tear up, knowing what she meant. I nestle into her scales hugging her deeply, "But I don't want to leave." Mum looks down to me with a sad yet serious expression. "I, Fertility, dragon of soil and earth, have taught you all that I can. You have learnt well and studied hard but now you must go to your father and learn a new magic. I will fly you to the edge of my territory but it is there that I will leave you in his care."

I look at her for a long time but I finally nod. Slowly I climb up behind her head and grab onto one of her neck spikes. Mum launches herself into the air and begins to fly west. For half an hour we fly in silence, each with our own thoughts. "Lucy," Mum says in a distant tone, "I have raised you since you were three years old, it has been four years since then and I have watched you grow and flourish beautifully. One day, you will leave the safety of a dragons nest and venture into the wide world, living amongst other humans." I didn't interrupt her, I could tell that what she was telling me was important. "There are some," she continued, "that are like you, children of dragons, each fighting with their parent's element. They are known as Dragon Slayers. When you exit the dragon realm, you will also be called one, however, be cautious, you are the only one who will master more that one element. Of the ones you are to learn you must choose one to live by and be known as a user of that element. Choose wisely."

I remain silent, absorbing all that she said, running it through my head so I wouldn't forget any of what I was told.

Eventually we stopped at the edge of a vast desert, it was here we parted ways. Once mother had left, the sands around me started to shift and from it emerged a golden dragon. "Greetings my child." It said with a voice like silk, "I am Duster, dragon of the sands. I will teach you all that I can in the time I am allowed." With that he took me under the sands.

-2 year time skip –

Lucy POV

"It is time, my child." Once again I hear those three words signalling my departure. "Yes father." I am sad but I do not cry, I move closer to him and he gently blows on my face. "Go south until you reach a large green field with the aroma of charcoal. I will accompany you as far as the edge of the desert. From there we must part ways." We travelled together to the edge of the desert where we face each other. For long minutes we look at one another before he finally speaks, "My darling daughter, remember all that you have learned here but before you go, I have some last advice for you. When you leave this realm and live on amongst the humans, find a place where you are happy and surround yourself with the people you love. Find a place where you can be accepted for who you are." With that, he touched his nose to my brow and headed deep into the desert. I watched him go before continuing south.

It took me just over two hours to reach my destination. When I arrived a powerful red dragon greeted me. "Greetings little one, I am Igneel, dragon of fire. If you train hard enough, at some point in our allotted time I will bestow upon you a gift that only one other has ever received." "I will make you proud Uncle." I reply firmly. He smiles down on me and we begin.