In a lovely and abundant land in Kansas, there was a house just alone in the open. Just as if it was a vacant building. Inside contained many different items. Beds, bathrooms and of course, the kitchen all in it. Looking into the shelves inside the kitchen was a mere can of tuna. Suddenly the owner of the house takes the can and opens it swiftly. He then takes two pieces of bread to his left and puts it on a plate. Next, he grabbed a knife and smeared the tuna all over one piece of bread. At last, the other piece of bread was crowned on top of the tuna, creating a yummy treat! The man took a bite of the layered meal and went "bleh" as he was eating it. With immediate thinking, he threw the sandwich out to the woods behind his home. The tuna fish sandwich was slammed into a tree of hard bark. There the sandwich was all messy thanks to the asphalt on the ground.

Rain began to fall out of the sky and with the sandwiches inability to move, the sandwich got all soggy. Then...footsteps starting to make noises. The one possessing the feet was a four legged creature with black and white coloring all around. It was none other then the mighty panda. The panda laid her eyes on the tuna fish sandwich that was all nasty from the rain. The panda went with a simple "sniff" to the sandwich. In return, the sandwich replied with "...". With it's mouth, the panda yelled out loud so high with pride, ready to love the meal like it was no tomorrow.

But this signaled the house owner's ears. He knew something wasn't right. The man grabbed his gun and rushed outside to the woods. As the panda was ready to treasure the sandwich, she turned her attention to the human with the weapon. The owner took a gander at the beaten up sandwich. However the panda was angered by his looking. The owner was in big shock that he started to run. The panda, with her instincts, chased the guy until he fell onto a branch. The panda then turned around, knowing he would never return. She then goes to the sandwich, saying "grr". The sandwich again replies with "...". With her stomach wanting more, she grabbed the sandwich with her mouth and walked to a nearby stash of food where they would have a bright future together.