A lot had changed since the gang was a bunch of pre-teens. We had all stayed close for the first year of our high school experience, but the second we began to drift and, well, by the third we had stopped talking.

Perhaps this had something to do with Phineas and I breaking things off after our two month relationship, I really couldn't tell you though. It would make since though, after years of them betting on when we would FINALLY end up together, and I had ended it. The week before prom, the night after what was supposed to have been just another night for me. But I just had to take a walk around the park close to my house, and I just had to see Phineass' black car in the retreating sunlight.

I had walked up to the car, wondering what he was doing here since he had told me he had a headache. I was only a couple of steps away from his car when I noticed the foggy windows, a few more I could hear moaning coming from the back seat. I had taken one step more, and saw Phineas in the back seat with another girl. It had taken my mind a moment to catch up with what I was seeing. In that moment the topless, panting girl had opened her eyes and saw me standing there with tears in my eyes watching them.

I hadn't stayed to see if Phineas would turn to see me or not, I had ran. It wasn't I who was in the wrong, but I felt like it was my fault. I had ran all the way to my front door before I let the tears spill over. When they did my whole body shook and I collapsed on the front steps, not having the focus to unlock the door and let myself in.

Ferb had found me in a curled up ball of tears and pain. He had been returning something his mom had borrowed from mine, and he had helped me into my own home. I had told him what I saw, and he had held me while I cried.

That was almost seven years ago though, and I was over it. I was over Phineas and what he had done, I was over making summer last, and most importantly I was over the person I had been. I don't wear pink all the time, I don't go boy crazy, I don't let my imagination run wild with dreams that will never come true. I'm a new person, one who's focused on her acting and modeling career. I'm a big girl, living the dream. I know people, I'm on the cover of magazines and half the movies I've stared in have hit the top five. I'm successful in what I do, and I got here on my own. I have friends who care about me, and who I really enjoy. I really had everything a girl could want. Money, fame, perfect body, friends. So why have I been feeling like something is missing in my life? I don't have a boyfriend, but I honestly couldn't care less about that. So, how do I make this feeling go away?