LEGEND OF ZELDA TIME LOOPS: Two New Loopers for the Price of One

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10.1 - Detective Ethan Redfield

Looper Conference: LOZ Side story Part 1 (Cross with Elder Tale)

The light of the sun was blinding overhead as Link awoke laying face up on the ground. Most of the time he awoke, it was both literal and figuratively, as he was usually napping in one way or another. His eyes opened to snow covered fortress city that he had never seen before. He searched his memories for a moment to get the feel for the loop, when he was forced to stop as panicked shouts filled the streets, 'where am I,' or 'is this, Susukino,' and finally 'but this is just a game! Where's my keyboard? I want to go home!'

Wherever he had just looped, it would be an odd one, he just knew.

Half an hour later, he sat in a private home he owned in Susukino. His memories revealed he was part of a guild called the Termina Alliance. Apparently, a version of the other Hyrule loopers were there, awake or not. He sent a ping out, only for countless pings to echo from across Theldesia. He sat down atop his bed and looked up, pondering what to do this loop, only for a menu to open.

His eyes scanned the wealth of information, such as his own:



Guardian Lv. 90

Butler Lv. 90

He snorted, apparently the loops had a sense of humor saddling him with a subclass he never acted out before. That was when the sound of ringing in his ears. His menu shifted and showed him Zelda was trying to call. It was short and to the point, "Link, meet me at the guild hall. Everyone currently looping are here as well."

Their guildhall was in Susukino's meeting hall. Upon opening the doorway, it resembled a small villa, reminiscent of Hyrule Castle's interior with big tapestries containing the symbol of the triforce. The other loopers had gathered in the dining hall: Zelda, Malon and Impa were on one side of the table with Vaati and Gannondorf on the other.



Lv. 90 Cleric

Lv. 90 Fortune Teller



Lv. 65 summoner

Lv. 90 Animal Trainer



Lv. 90 Monk

Lv. 90 Berserker


Race of Ritual

Lv. 90 Sorcerer

Lv. 90 Vampire



Lv. 90 Assassin

Lv. 90 Assistant

There were a few other guild members present, none awake, but they took on the appearance of friends he knew in Hyrule. Most of them made sense, such as Romani, sister of Malon, the Masked Salesman who took on the form of a foxtail this time, even the king of Red lions was there as a werecat. The more baffling members though were Tetra (since she was another incarnation of Zelda), elf forms of Tatl and Navi (sisters in this loop), and even Marin from his dreams of the Wind Fish adventure.

More bizarre than the Unawake guild members was the fact that Ganondorf was the guildmaster. Link couldn't help but think that Zelda would typically be leader in one form or another. He searched his loop memories for an answer, and a moment later, the history of Termina Alliance held the solution. Apparently, the guild was originally called the Gerudo Thieves, who held aspirations of ruling Susukino. They were the most successful PKers out there, drawing their targets to assault more rowdy adventurers and counterattacking en masse, claiming self-defense.

Things changed when Zelda appeared on scene, using her saint like attitude and kindness, redeemed the the king of thieves, Ganondorf, and his Lieutenant Vaati, reforming them and purging the worst elements from the guild. Ganondorf re-christened the Thieves into the Termina Alliance.

Questions arose from the non-awake members, seeking to be reassured that everything would be alright, some desiring confirmation that they were indeed in Elder Tales or another world altogether. When the questions became deafening, Ganondorf arose, sending out a deep pressure that demanded silence. When all noise had dissipated, he turned towards Zelda's side of the table, "Impa, please escort the newer players out and see if you can answer their questions. The veterans will discuss this world and our future actions in it."

Impa looked to Zelda, who nodded in acknowledgement of Ganondorf's command. With that, the room emptied of all but the loopers minus Impa. Vaati was the first to speak, "I have looped here once before. It seems my role is similar to that time, replacing the local guild leader's second in command. Ganondorf apparently took the guild leader's place. But with Zelda's presence earlier, everything has changed from what I knew of this place. I assume the anchor, Shiroe, is in Akiba."

Zelda folded her hands together, "What was your impression of the Anchor."

Vaati sighed, "Shiroe was very cunning, sent me out of Susukino to explore the land with a friend of his. Of course, I saw through those attempts to get me to leave, but the rest of his plan wasn't unveiled until I had already departed."

The dark wizard finished with a brief tale of his adventures with Kaname, along with how to access the world's menu system, the help guide (which sent a ripple of jealousy through even Zelda) and tips on how to survive in the world (such as cooking food and building items that no longer existed in the game world). Malon also shared her own adventures with Shiroe in the Crescent Moon Alliance. Following that, there were a brief moment of silence as the gathered loopers considered their options. Malon arose first, "I will look into my farm outside the city."

Plans were already taking shape in her head for later in the loop for forming a party to go to the dragon nesting grounds and capture some eggs for breeding. Before exiting, a hand landed on her shoulder, Link's, which made her pause. The triforce wielder spoke, "Better safety in numbers. I will accompany you."

The city was in a dreadful state, with adventurers laying on the ground, sitting against walls without a shred of life in them. They were like living dolls, their hearts still beating but their minds far away. When Brigandia took over, they at least had some direction and motivation, but now...it was almost pitiful. Life briefly returned to their faces as Malon passed by, but seeing Link next to her drove the hope of a girlfriend or companionship from their minds.

Link grimaced at the adventurers as they slipped through a stone alleyway into the more public market. But the stone marketplace was somehow worse, with angry customers shouting at the people of the land for selling them tasteless food. The landers were getting more and more nervous, backing away from the stands as the adventurers. Silently, Link's Master Sword and Hylian Shield materialized in his hands as he approached the gathered players, his blade extended towards the stand, "Leave!"

The player raised his hands, "Come on, man, I ordered this sandwich from the stand and had a bite. It had no taste to it at all. I think I deserve a re-fund."

Link's blade never wavered, causing the player to start sweating a bit, "You'll find that all the food here, except ingredient items, have no taste. No exceptions."

The other adventurers contemplated Link, examining him and sizing him up. They read his information readout, but it was when they reached the Termina Alliance guild member status that their swords were drawn. Link didn't know it, but the adventurers picking on the landers were former Gerudo Thieves members. Link's mouth twitched into a grin, "Oh?"

The leader spat in Link's direction, "You're what's wrong with Susukino these days, a pack of do-gooders that ruined the game for us, turning Ganondorf into a weakling like yourselves."

The commotion drew a crowd of adventurers and landers around the stand, people whispering among themselves. One in particular approached Malon from the side, "Seems like your friend has everything under control."

Malon turned to the speaker and froze. She had heard of her, seen a picture of her given by Ganondorf. Her hair was bright pink, cut short with a blue headband holding her hair in place and her eyes held a soft, calculating gleam to them. Malon's face turned pale as she backed away. The girl sighed, "As always, my reputation precedes me even in the newer loops I never visited. Sakura Haruno of the Naruto loops at your service."



Lv. 90 Monk

Lv. 90 Scholar

She held out her hand. Malon looked at her, then to the hand and back to Sakura. Deciding it better not to offend one of the first loopers, she accepted it, "Malon, Zelda Loops."

The pink haired ninja gave a bright grin, "Well met. You have nothing to fear from me. I already have plans for the loop with the Wyrvens. Hoping to try my hand at breeding dragons, maybe taking a few eggs for home."

Malon nodded, "I'm going to do that myself when I get a party together."

Malon's gaze turned back to Link, but Sakura's never left Malon. That previous calculating gleam had returned, "Oh? You have experience back in Hyrule with animals?"

Link and the thieves were still facing each other down, only talking. Malon nodded, "I've raised most creatures in Hyrule in one loop or another."

Sakura circled around behind Malon and stood next to her, glancing between Link and Malon, "And you ever tried cross-breeding," she baited.

Malon sighed, "Yeah, but Link talked me out of trying any more cross-breeding. He and the other loopers didn't seem to like the results."

Sakura shrugged, "But did you enjoy it?"

Malon nodded, "It was fun, applying my knowledge and making a new form of life! It was like nothing I've ever done before."

Sakura nodded, "It's like that for me in my home loop. 'Sakura, do not experiment with the borg' and 'Sakura, do not cross-breed Godzilla and chickens.'"

Malon looked at her with a slight amount of anger, "I heard what you did to Kakashi. You sent him into a coma for the better part of three loops!"

Sakura cringed, and lowered her head, "I've made mistakes and I've done terrible things to others, I won't deny it. Heck, I've unleashed the Zombie apocalypse on Konoha more times than I can count. But when I research, that's not my intent."

She held up her hands and glanced at them, a gleam entering her eyes as she allowed her passion to flow out, "I just love the thrill of discovery! Trying new things that no one ever has before and pushing the boundaries of mortal knowledge to new heights! Sure I screw up and things break, but the Loops give you infinite tries to get this stuff right. I don't set out to hurt anyone, but what's really lost if I make a mistake? It's all gone when the Loop resets, with only a few people remembering what happened. What's really important in the Loops is doing the things you love doing and discovering new ways to keep your love for them alive."

Malon considered the notorious looper's words. She really didn't sound like the ravening sex-crazed madwoman who committed atrocities on her friends for giggles. She sounded like a kindred spirit. And what's more, she made sense. What would it hurt if she really pushed herself? How bad could her cross-breeding experiments really get if the Loops just wiped away her mistakes like Sakura said?

Then, a blade cut between the two of them. Sakura and Malon looked up with Link's eyes burning with anger at Sakura. Malon looked to Sakura, who now held that calculating gleam once again. Her voice that was filled with so much joy a few seconds ago sounded like ice, "Link...been awhile since we faced off at Wall Rose."

Link's teeth were bared against the girl now. Sakura chuckled, "Come now. I did nothing to you, only took apart that interesting wall for study. Who could have known they were filled with 50 meter tall Titans?"

"I did, but you wouldn't listen, and half of humanity died due to attacking titans thanks to that. Holes don't plug themselves, never mind those titans tearing themselves free of those walls. I'm warning you, stay away from my friends," he growled, his blade now inches from Sakura's eyes.

She gave a wicked smirk, "You think you could take me?"

Link tried ignoring her, even as memories of their destructive fight played across his mind and his body being left broken atop the remains of the wall. He instead looked to Malon, "Are you alright?"

Malon put his hand on Link's blade hand, "What are you doing!? We were just talking. She's not going to cause any trouble, right Sakura?"

Malon's eyes were so innocent, pleading. Sakura held up her hands, "I won't start any trouble. We really were just talking Link."

Sakura's hands reached forward, tapping her menu screen and opening up her friend list. Seconds later, she sent the request to Malon, who opened mentally without moving her hands. She blinked, surprised. Link probably wouldn't think it wise, but Sakura seemed OK, and she had promised not to cause trouble. A couple seconds passed as she weighed her options, then decided to accept her friend request with but a thought.

Sakura closed the menu and shrugged, "I know when I'm not wanted. I'll leave, peacefully."

She took a step back into the crowd and faded into the crowd. Link returned his blade to his sheath and turned to Malon, "Keep an eye out for her. Wherever she goes, trouble will follow. Let's get you to the farm."

The rest of the trip passed without incident as they make their way to Romani's ranch. Upon arrival, Link turned to leave and left her one warning, "Malon, please be careful. Don't let anyone you don't know into the Ranch. And if you see Sakura again, let us know immediately."

Malon felt torn. On one hand, Link had more experience looping than her. On the other, Sakura's words would not leave her, "I don't think Sakura's going to cause trouble. She promised after all."

Link scoffed, "Sakura would only follow the exact words of any agreement she gave. She won't cause trouble...no of course she wouldn't...herself. Her machinations will cause trouble...or she'll trick us into starting the trouble. Just be careful."

He turned to leave, "I need to let the guild know of this development."

The girl Malon had interested Sakura, greatly. In a way, she reminded her of herself just as the loops were starting...though much more sane by comparison. If she could thank her teammates for anything, it was the counseling she was given over a hundred loops that solved quite a few of her problems, though most of her therapists did go insane, they just reset in the end anyway.

It was that last shrink that gave her purpose, a 'positive' coping method of expanding human knowledge, to see the boundaries of science expanded. The loops held infinite possibilities even as they continued expanding to encompass more and more loops. And now, she hoped to help this new Looper cope with hers.

Her looping experiences served her well as she accurately predicted the Thieves would have a tracker follow Link and Malon, and they would inflict some form of revenge on Link in one way or another. This tracker was a natural at erasing his presence and following Malon and Link. Given some time to hone his abilities, he might have made Jounin one day in the Elemental Nations. Against regular adventurers or new loopers, it might even have been enough. But to Sakura, he might as well have been a child playing ninja on the playground with other academy hopefuls. As he made to leave the area, a pink blur enveloped him as he slammed against the tree, a kunai embedded against his neck in a way to apply pressure but not injure.

Her mouth had a simple grin, but her eyes held no mercy, "Let's talk, shall we?"

Interrogation was hardly her strong point. No, she left that to Sasuke when Awake. But she did have a healthy supply of veritaserum on hand and was dying to use it. A few drops forced down his throat, and he started singing like a bird. The Thieves were gathering even now on the edge of town, planning to hide in the woods around the ranch and kidnap Malon. Sakura envisioned those thieves and knew they would do terrible things to her given the chance. The captive tracker was to meet with them at the gate and lead them to the Malon's ranch.

Perhaps it would be best if they disappeared. After all, she could always use more test subjects in her subspace pocket. With that decided and a shadow clone departing under the disguise of the assassin, her eyes darted between the farm and her captive, a new branch of her plan forming.

10.2 - (generiguy)

Link Awoke and looked around. He was on the very top of a floating island, with blue sky all around him. His name was Geezer, and like the other villagers on this island, he was a white blobby... person... thing. He was waiting for another villager named Gomez to wake up and climb to the top of the island, where a square pedestal sat surrounded by green grass. He was probably the Anchor, Link decided. Link dug a little deeper into his memories, and his eyes widened.

Apparently, the villagers here had no sense of a third dimension.

Link looked around at the most definitely 3-D world around him.


Forget waiting for Gomez, Link thought. I'm going to see what's up with this Loop.

As Link walked through the door back to the village, arms full of several yellow and blue cubes, a villager emerged from a doorway. After yawning, it pulled out a red cubical fez from nowhere, put it on its head, and looked around. After a second, it spotted Link and his curious cargo.

"Are... are those cubes?" the villager, who Link recognized as Gomez, asked.

Link looked down at the contents of his arms and nodded.

"All 64 of them?!"

Link nodded.

"...you got them all before I woke up?!"

Link shrugged. "I've seen harder puzzles."

"Even the artifacts?!"

Link nodded.

"You... even got the anti-cubes?!"

Link nodded at his pile of cubes, around half of which were blue.

"All 32?!"

"The one with the bell was actually pretty fun to solve."

"But... the clock cubes take a week before they appear... And Zuish... and... but... they're hidden until you turn... Wha... How did you... ...Hexahedron... "

As Gomez stared at Link with a look of utter confusion, Link decided he'd mention the Lens of Truth later.

10.3 - (Leviticus Wilkes)

Sometimes, you just knew that you were in for a really, really bad loop. Sure sometimes that realization came too little too late, but every so often, Link's impressively well developed sense of danger informed him of such facts. Other times though, it was the world around him that managed to inform him of it's general level of suck.

This loop had the distinction of filling both categories within a matter of seconds. Yes, Link was in for a hard loop.

Link Awoke in an alley, smaller than usual and clothed in a few ragged coats and moth eaten pants. Neither really did much to disguise the fact he felt as though he had been sleeping in dank alleys for most of his life, but they certainly helped keep him warm. Above him, the sun had already sunk low in the west, forcing the city walls to cast long shadows, while a cool breeze swept through the street, indicating twilight was almost upon them.

Link got to his feet and took stock of his body. Small, with short arms and legs, and an oversized head in comparison. All were indicators of youth, and thus he guessed his age to be about twelve. Link then turned his scrutiny outwards, scanning the cobbled street, checking the area against his own encyclopedic knowledge of technological eras.

'Large houses, crammed close together, with only a handful of unlit torches the would provide illumination at night...

...Wait, walls?'

It was then that Link's Loop memories kicked in, as he stared in gob-smacked awe of what his mind told him where 50 meter tall stone walls, constructs so enormous that until his Awakening in the loop, he had revered them as gifts from god, if not gods themselves.

'Those things are huge... And they surround an entire NATION!'

Link continued to stare at the impressive feat of human engineering, utterly amazed at the constructs before him, so completely engorged by the shocked and entrancing wonder that the enormous wall, absolutely lost in awe of what his memories deemed Wall Rose...

...that he completely missed the twelve year old blonde being beaten up by three guys not twenty paces to the left him.

Of course, when said blonde cried out in pain from a particularly vicious right hook to the jaw, Link had enough sense to turn and see that someone was being beaten up in a rather one-sided three on one fight. Thus, Link took the necessary actions.

Namely, he got a running start and kneed the guy who was holding the blonde in the face, leaving a sickening crack as he broke the bullies nose and knocking the bully off the blonde and onto the cobblestone street.

Link didn't really do what he did next in any particular way, certainly not in any manner that would require or suggest an adjective to be present to describe the action; he just stepped between the bullies and the blonde, intent to stop them from hurting the kid.

"Hey, wants the big deal bozo?" The lead bully growled from on the street. "Get out of our way so we can teach that little heretic a lesson."

Link rolled his eyes and slipped into a fighting stance. Three kids versus the Hero of Hyrule with hundreds of years of experience? Get real, they were going down.


Link, the blonde, and the bullies all turned in the direction of the horse, youthful shout. Running down the road were two more kids. "WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU'RE DOING?!"

The bullies lined up all grins and muscle, looking like a ludicrous impression of a phalanx. "It's Eren. This time around, he's out for our blood, the little prick," one of the bullies said. Another was more observant however.

"He's got Mikasa with him! WE'RE SCREWED!"

And just like that, the bullies ran like cowards, leaving Link and the blonde to wonder what was happening. The boy, Eren, stopped and smirked, red faced and huffing. "Ohh...look at them...the mere sight of me and they scurry like rats." Eren sucked in another breath to satiate his burning lungs.

"N-not quite," the blonde said, actually quite surprising Link with his voice. He had thought... But the blond continued. "They ran away when they saw Mikasa, more like... ow."

Link stepped back as Eren and the asian girl, Mikasa crowded in on their friend. "Hey, you okay Armin?" Eren stuck out his hand, but Armin, instead of taking it... teared up. Armin struggled up, leaning heavily on buildings wall.

"I don't need help to stand..." Armin got up and looked at Link. "Thanks...?"

Link just shrugged. "You're welcome."

Eren glanced from Armin to Link and coughed into his hand. "Maybe we should get out of here..."

"...and then I told them that humanity would need to go outside one day. That's when they started hitting me." Armin, Eren, Mikasa and Link sat forlornly by the long river that ran through the town of Shiganshina, brooding. Link checked the story against his Loop memories, and growled angrily and with shame at himself. His memories told him he had been an orphan, a street urchin, for his entire memorable life, quietly raising himself and living off of scraps he could find and, when that was too hard for him, from charity at the local Wallist church.

His feelings stemmed not solely from Armin's little speech about how he'd been beaten, but also from his memories telling him that, had he not woken up literally a minute before Eren and Mikasa arrived, he probably would've joined in the bullies beating. Suffice to say, his pre-awake self had been a bit of a jerk.

"Thank you, for helping me."

Link jolted out of his introspection. The three kids were all looking at him, various degrees of gratitude and confusion etched in their faces. "We never did ask you name..." Armin prompted.

Link shrugged. "Link."

Eren raised an eyebrow. "Why'd you help Armin, Link?"

Link mirrored the look. The three kids were all looking at him as if anyone showing genuine kindness or empathy to a complete stranger was well out of the norm. Of course, his loop memories quickly collaborated to remind him that it was. More evidently though, his memories told him that Armin was being heretical, suggesting that humanity leave the safety of the walls and venture out into 'their' territory.

It was then that Link remembered another fact about the walls. They were basically living through a zombie apocalypse, albeit, one where the zombies were three to fifteen meter tall monstrosities that weren't rotting and didn't come from a virus affecting humans.

"Hey, Link?"

Link jolted out of his thoughts again at Eren's voice. "Eh?"

Eren minutely glared at him. "Why. Did you. Help Armin?" Now Mikasa and Armin were fidgeting in apprehension.

Link shrugged. "I'm a nice guy. That's about it. Do I need a reason?"

The three ten year olds collectively blinked. Link rolled his eyes, laid back on the grassy riverbank, and decided to let his companions figure things out. Eren took Link's prompt and got into an argument with his sister, which lasted up until Armin spoke, "The wall may not have broken in one hundred years, but that's no guarantee that it won't happen today, and still..."

Link opened an eye and sat up, both actions done to more effectively glare at Armin. "Armin?"

The blond flinched at the strength of the glare, resulting in Eren and Mikasa glaring at Link. Eren spoke hesitantly, "Yes?"

Link leaned in. "You do know you've just doomed us all, right?"


The ground shook and bucked for a moment, almost as if some great force had appeared to rend the very fabric of the peaceful life the walls tenuously held. The four children stood up.

"What was..."

There, rising from a cloud of steam just beyond wall Rose, was a Titan. A monstrosity so huge that it just surpassed the Wall's height of fifty meters. It dwarfed the humans cowering in it's sight. With an almighty shift of it's leg, the skinless, colossal monster readied itself, and then loosed a kick that effortlessly destroyed one hundred years of peace.

And a big chunk of the wall as well.

'Yup, this loop is gonna suck,' Link thought.

10.4 - (generiguy)

Link stepped out of the temple of time to find a world much less apocalyptic than he expected.

Instead of a decrepit Castle town, he found a bustling launchpad, with a giant red tower looming in the distance. Link stared for a moment before focusing his attention on the figure in front of him.

"G.G. Cuccoo launching in T-minus-60." announced Ganondorf, his usual organ replaced with a control panel filled with sliders and buttons, at least 5 of which were large and red.

"What. Did you do. To Castle Town."

Ganondorf gave a low chuckle. "You are going to find this... interesting."

He turned to face Link. "As I'm SURE you well know " - Link's expression hardened - "Cuccoos can summon infinite swarms. So if someone were to say, train a Cuccoo to flock on command..."

Ganondorf gave a low smile.

"Then they could, say, eject that flock at high speed. And use that power for other things. And in addition to actually effective leadership, and the great supply of Cuccoos Hyrule is blessed with, and a legal grant from a certain princess..."

Ganondorf pointed to the rocket, which gave a burst of smoke and began rising into the air, emitting something white.

"Hyrule now has the power to launch cuccoo-powered rockets."

10.5 - (masterofgames)

A very shell-shocked Link stumbled into Castle Town, having to resort to hanging onto a fence to keep from falling until he could reach a bench in the marketplace, collapsing down on it and pulling out a bottle of something a bit stronger that the suspiciously alcoholic milk he enjoyed from time to time, though his hands were trembling so hard, it took him a good four tries to open it.

After a minute, Zelda sat down next to him, in her usual disguise for going out in public. "Rough loop?"

Link swallowed and re-stoppered his now half-empty bottle. "I'm swearing off time travel outside Hyrule. Never again. It does weird things to clocks. No, from now on, only in Hyrule, where it's safe!"

Zelda tilted her head in puzzlement. "Clocks? I'm not sure I understand."

Link looked up at her, with dark, sunken eyes haunted by knowledge best left unknown. "I won't go into detail. You don't deserve that. Nobody does. But... Zelda, they have cucco clocks out there!"

10.6 - (generiguy)

Link stared at the golden wolf in front of him, which had a ... derpier-then-normal face.

"Sometimes enemy. Much pointy. Such helmet. Then, much helmsplitter. Such jump and much sword. Very helmsplitter. Such helmet gone.

How helmsplitter? Much simple. First such shield bash. Very Nunchuck. Then much A."

Link continued staring at the wolf, very confused.

"Such teach Ghost Doge. Now very try!"


Link sat up and stretched. Another day, another Loop. And he was back in Kokiri village this time.

He smiled. He really treasured the memories of his childhood here. He quickly checked the Triforce and sent out a ping at the same time. After a couple minutes, he didn't receive any response. Solo Loop it was. He was looking forward to testing out his newest blade and seeing how it compared to the Master Sword and...where was Navi?

Link glanced around. He usually didn't arrive too much earlier than the point where the Deku Tree was attacked. Maybe...

Link hopped out of bed and quickly made his way out of his house. If he was early this time, he might be able to head of Ganondorf's attack on the Tree completely.

Link raced down the path towards the Tree. After all these Loops, it was pretty simple to slip past Mido, with or without a sword and shield. This time, he had opted to Wind Waker up a breeze, and sail over using the Sailcloth. Mido has just stared in shock, before jumping up to catch him, but a quickly chewed Pegasus Seed let him speed away. Mentally, Link went through his inventory.

'Maybe I can rig up a Light Arrow Launcher? Link up a couple with overlapping fields of fire in front of the Deku Tree? No Cuccos, that's for sure.' Link shuddered. Malon had forced him to 'disarm' his Cucco Bombs a few Loops ago, and he hadn't chanced fate yet by trying to build up a new stockpile. Link made the final turn into the Deku Tree's Meadow, and froze.

Link wasn't early. In fact, Link would say he was very, very late. The field was trashed. Long lines of grass were torn up all around the meadow, and several of the smaller trees at the edges were snapped clear in two. As for the Deku Tree itself, it was already the ashen shade that marked it as being dead. The tree was on its side, several of its massive roots piercing through the soul, and massive gashes of bark were ripped loose, scattered about the ground. Link stumbled forward slightly, stunned at the sight. 'How did we not hear anything?'


A faint voice echoed from a nearby root. Link twisted, moving closer, searching for the source of the voice. A faint light glimmered at the base of the upturned root, and Link realized it was a fairy. Not just any fairy.


Navi lay in a small heap at the base of the root. Her glow was flickering, revealing her tiny, feminine form. Her wings were damaged, one partially torn and the other crumpled.

"I-I'm so-ory, Link. I-I tried to-to stop him. I cal-led fo-or you. Ganon is-s back. He-he chopped down the De-eku Tre-ee..." Link dropped to his knees by Navi. She'd called for him? She shouldn't even... The answer hit him, obvious now that he thought it. Navi was Looping. She was Looping, and she had seen Ganondorf, and tried to stop him from attacking the Deku Tree. She had called for Link's help. Link closed his eyes. How long had it been since he had listened to Navi's voice? A hundred Loops? A thousand? It used to be, when he was first starting out, Navi could call to him across vast distances, much farther than her voice should be able to carry over. Now, though...

Tenderly, Link scooped Navi up into his hands, and called on the healing magics he knew of. A mixture of divine magic and healing chakra filled his palms. Navi's wings straightened and healed, her glow returned, and intensified, until she appeared to be nothing more than an orb of light, glowing in Link's palms.

"How? How did you do that, Link?"

Link smiled. "It's kind of a long story. Basically, time is Looping a lot more than the little trip we took to the future and back. We're back at the beginning of the journey."

"But, the Deku Tree...it...he..."

Link glanced up and around the clearing, before spotting what he was looking for. He carried Navi over to a spot off to the side of the fallen tree. A fairly large seed lay on the ground. Link pulled out an Ocarina from his subspace pocket, and quickly played the Frog's Song of Soul. Unlike what happened in Koholint Island, where the Rooster revived from his corpse, the song had a different effect on the fallen Deku Tree. The large fallen form of the tree quickly crumbled away, while the seed in front of them sprouted, and quickly began to grow. Link hopped back, finishing the song, as the tree sprouted into a tall sapling. The sapling opened its eyes, coughing a couple of times, before focusing on Link.

"Hello! I'm the new Deku Tree. Huh, I'm a bit taller than I expected to be." Link had learned that the new Deku Tree had most of the memories of the old one, and, more importantly...

"Do you have the Kokiri's Emerald? We need it to stop Ganon's evil plans." Every Deku Tree could call on the Kokiri's Emerald from where it was hidden away.

The Deku Tree shook sadly. "No, Ganon has claimed it. You must find a way to retrieve it."

Link nodded. If worst came to worst, he could gimmick the Kokiri's Emerald he kept in his Pocket to work in breaking the seal. The fit was usually close enough to work.

Navi took off from his hands and circled around his head. "Link! I don't understand what is going on. How did we end up back here? Didn't we win?"

Link grinned. "Don't worry. We'll beat Ganon. I have plenty of tricks that can work. Heh, now it's my turn to teach you."

Link could just imagine the scowl on Navi's face from the way she flit around angrily.

10.8 - (Stonebrow)

It had taken the free time of a few dozen loops, and required several fused loops to get the parts and equipment necessary. But it was finally time to unveil Link's project.

Zelda had her self-breeding project, and Ganon spent time tutoring the rare looping antagonist whenever he could find one. Link, however, had focused on this ever sense he saw Mario and Bowser competing so strongly, yet without bloodshed.

Now everything was ready, and they were in Hyrule with the whole gang awake this loop; it was time to unveil his creation.

"You had best have a good reason for getting us together, Link," Gannon growled. "I was at an important stage of research in cucoo weaponization, I think you will find it… vexing… once I complete it."

Malon glared at the man, pulling a Light-arrow out of her subspace pocket and starting to jab it into him. "No more cucoo research! Did we or did we not all sign the Kakariko Accords?"

"Ow! Stop that at- Ow! Once! Wench!"

Link rolled his eyes; they all ignored the Accords when it suited them. "Hey, cut it out, both of you. We're here to test out my project! I give you- Zelda Cart Racing!" With that, he whipped the sheet off of the go-kart next to him.

There was silence from the others.

Zelda was the first to speak. "This was your big project? Couldn't we go horse racing instead?"

"I love Epona, but this is not the same thing guys. And I didn't just bring go-karts, I brought mushrooms, star-men, grabbed a bunch of banana skins from Donkey Kong… Oh, and two words… Blue Cucoo…"

Impa snorted. "And where will we race? Hyrule is rather lacking in transport infrastructure."

Link smirked. "It was until I paid the Gorons to lay out several tracks around the country side. They literally work for rocks, you know. They go nuts for exotic geology- they mostly eat metamorphic rocks around Death Mountain."

Ganon smiled, a chilling sight, even for those used to his new demeanor. "Then let me be the first one to challenge you Link, in the Hyrule Cup Prix!"

Link grinned back. It was all worth it- he was go-karting with Gannondorf!

10.8 cont. - (generiguy)

"Oh, and before we start, teleporting your kart is cheating."

Ganondorf and Zelda frowned simultaneously.

"...I'm pretty sure that making a ramp out of Moblins is also cheating."

"There were no rules against it."

Malon scowled at Ganondorf. "So does that make it okay if I use a few hundred Cuccos?"

"Was Death Mountain supposed to erupt mid-race?"

"No, but you have to admit it made this race much more fun."

Link surveyed the smoldering, boulder-stricken ruins of the track.

"Although it's probably going to need a bit of renovation before we use it again."

Saria walked into the Lost Woods and gasped. Two of the four large tree trunks had been replaced with rubble, and the once-pristine grass was charred in several places. Most of the trees had several strips of missing bark, and in the corner a small fire smoldered. 'What monster could have caused this?' Saria thought, her eyes widening.

An explosion sounded nearby, and Saria whirled around.

And nearly got ran over by something green moving at very high speed.


Several more colored blurs sped around the bend, leaving trails of dust in their wake. Saria instinctively froze, then ducked to avoid a ferocious-looking blue cucco, throwing her arms over her head. When she reopened her eyes a second later, the clearing was empty once more save for a large banana peel that definitely was not there before.

A few minutes later, a shell-shocked Saria stumbled into her house and refused to come out for the rest of the morning.

Impa suddenly swerved to the right and shot off a bomb arrow at Zelda, forcing her kart off the track and, with a splash, into Lake Hylia.

"Navi?" Zelda asked the fairy flying over to her kart.

"Hey! I'm coming! You don't have to pester me..." Navi panted. "You guys are brutal to each other."

Navi grabbed the hood of the car. Her wings beat furiously, hauling the car up into the air. No matter how many times she fell, Zelda still found it slightly amusing to watch a tiny ball of wings carry a several hundred pound kart into the air.

When the kart was above the track, Navi let go and watched it drop to the ground and zoom off. "Thanks!" yelled Zelda behind her, already trying to catch up.

Navi sighed and stretched her aching wings before zooming off to another downed racer. 'How does that "Lakitu" guy DO all this lifting anyway?'

10.9 - (generiguy)

Link grabbed the last rung of the ladder, and with a final heave, pushed himself up to the top of Tingle Island's tower. "Hey, Tingle!"

"Ooooh!" said Tingle. "Mr. Fairy! Welcome! Welcome!"

Tingle paused for a second before sniffing the air in Link's direction.

"You don't have a chart this time, sir? Have you come... to play?!"

Link walked over to Tingle, a smile on his face. Someone who knew Link much better would have recognized that smile as a something-very-unusual-was-about-to-happen smile, but Tingle was not one of those people.

"...Yes. I even brought you something to play with!"

Link produced a metal ball the size of a Cuccoo, with several holes drilled into it on all sides, and offered it to Tingle. Tingle took the ball and examined it.

"Sir... this doesn't look like a toy..."

Then the 'toy' began firing dark green spheres.

"AAH!" Tingle tried to drop the ball, but found that he couldn't, because he was 3 feet to the right of where he was. And then he was in the ocean. Then he was on top of Tingle Tower. Then floating in midair- and then falling.

Ankle and Knuckle stopped their turning to look at the source of the noise, and were rather shocked to see their brother materialize in midair, then disappear in a cloud of purple smoke. As Tingle continued teleporting randomly, Link leaned over the railing to stare at his creation.

'Ender Pearls are awesome.'Link thought. 'I wonder what else I can test while I'm here.'

Tingle heaved himself out of the water and flopped onto the sand. "Mr fairy... that... was very naughty..." he groaned.

He looked up, face full of sand, to find Link standing in front of him with a cocked bow in his hands.

"Mr. Fairy!" Tingle tried to yell, but it came out as a whimper.

Link let go of the string.

Tingle may have been immature, but he knew when someone was trying to kill him. As the arrow sped towards his face, Tingle closed his eyes. Now, he would never find the fairies and learn their songs, their dances, and see their world. There was a Tingle-filled gap in their culture that would never be placated now.

And it was all because of that mean boy! He looked like a fairy! Well, now he was being MEAN! Fairies were NEVER mean! To think Tingle trusted him, and was even willing to decipher any charts he had! He wasn't a fairy. He was EVIL.

...Shouldn't he have felt a booboo already?

Tingle opened his eyes.

And then the ground beneath him gave way into a sinkhole of blue, sending Tingle down into the ground... and then the blue turned into orange, and Tingle felt himself fly into the air, do a midair flip, and land on his feet.

Tingle stumbled forwards for a second before blinking and doing a double take. He was... back on the deck of Tingle Tower?

"Thanks for deciphering my chart, Tingle! You're the best!" Link said cheerily, waving as he disappeared over the edge of the ladder.

"...what?" Tingle got out, barely managing to stand.

'Great! I got to prank Tingle, AND test out the Ender Ball and Portal Arrows!' Link thought, flicking the ignition switch to the King of Red Lions' newly-installed rocket engine. 'I wonder how he'd react to Zelda Kart.'

10.10 - (Stonebrow) *Edited by LordCirce for completion*

Link saw it through the window. It was shiny, and called to him. It called to his soul.

Link entered the store. "How much for the guitar, the one in the window?"

"Hello! You're in luck, it's on sale, $200."

"Hm, would you take this ruby the size of my fist?"

"Er, where did you get this?"


"Never heard of the place."

"It's in Africa."

"Oh, that would explain the ruby then. Sure, she's yours. I'll throw in the accessories. You know how to play?"

"Not exactly, but I'm musically inclined."

"Well, OK. Here, take this beginner's guide. Come again!"

"Thanks, I will!"

- Back in Hyrule -

"Alright. Strum up, strum down, strum up, strum down."

*Breng! Brank! Brunk!*

"This is harder than an ocarina..." Link complained to himself. But it looked so cool! And he just knew he could use it to teleport to other places than temples if he could get this down.

"Maybe I should use that instruction booklet after all."

"Ok, so that's a C cord..."

"Smoke, over wa-ter..."

"Hello, I'm Link, and I'll be your entertainment for tonight! I've got some classic folk songs sped up so you can dance to them, and if you have any requests, I'll do my best."

The patrons of the milk bar looked up briefly. One man clapped once, then sipped his drink again.

Ganondorf smirked from the back. "Free Bird!"

Link jumped up, snarling. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

10.11 - (generiguy)

When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he walked through the left door announced the mysterious British voice following Link, as he walked through a door. This loop was a bit weird. Link was in an office trying to find out where his co-workers had all mysteriously vanished to, and this voice kept narrating whatever he did.

But that's what Stanley would do. You don't seem to be in much of a hurry at all.

Link looked upwards, eyebrows raised. Was the voice loop-aware? He tried to spot a trace of whoever was speaking through the ceiling, but all he saw was a ceiling.

It's a shame, too. I had a perfectly-crafted story, all ready for Stanley, and now you show up and take his place. Hm. Can I tell you a story, not-Stanley? asked the voice.

Link paused for a moment, then nodded.

Once upon a time, there was a tree. the voice began narrating. It was a perfectly normal tree, except that it held worlds in it. It started off with only a few branches. It was a bit odd, carrying all of those worlds, but it managed, and it grew.

The narrator paused.

Then, somebody introduced a pony to the tree. The tree liked the pony, and grew a nice and big branch for the pony. But the pony brought so many friends that the tree had to grow even further. The tree grew so much, in fact, that it made space for everybody on the planet. Even if a few of its branches were invisible, and wouldn't be noticed, there was a branch for it.

The narrator sighed.

Then, the tree decided that it wanted to grow further. And one its gardeners decided it would be a great idea to invite Stanley. And the tree grew a branch for Stanley, and for all of his friends, and invited Stanley inside. But of course, there was a problem: Stanley couldn't fit into the tree.

Because the tree was in my story.

Link resisted the urge to facepalm as the voice chuckled. But don't take that too seriously. After all, it's just a story. So. What did you think of my story, not-Stanley?

Link rolled his eyes. "If that was supposed to be Yggdrasil, that's completely inaccurate."

Oh, yes, yes, I know. Anyway, the story I had ready was for Stanley, and you're most definitely not him. Do whatever you want with the office, I guess. Oh, and good luck with your time loops. Now that's a good story.

"So what's a normal loop like for you?"

Oh, you know. I have the story set up for Stanley, but he derails it to try and get more achievements.


10.12 - (kalimaru)

Link looked down at the ball he'd just been given. "What is this supposed to be?"

The Great Fairy laughed. "It's Din's Fire!"

"No, Din's Fire is an red eight-sided gem with a sphere at the center. This is a metal ball with the symbol for radiation on the side and a button on top." Link looked up at the Great Fairy. "So what is this?"

"Well, why don't you press the button and find out?" With that, the Great Fairy shrank back into the Fairy Pond and left Link feeling more than a little put off.

Having retreated to Lake Hylia, the Great Fairy joined her colleagues. All of them were wearing large white lab coats and glasses. As one, they turned to watch the sky and wait for the fruits of their labors.

"So why was that ball made?"

One of the fairies shrugged but kept watching the sky. "We thought that magic would be too silly to give to a hero."

"And it wasn't tested first?"

Another fairy spoke up. "We figured that the hero could handle it."

"Ah. Well consider this the test then." Slamming down the ball, Link whipped out his ocarina and warped to the Spirit Temple. Turning, he watched as the mushroom cloud formed over the now ex-lake. "Well it did make a lot of noise and burn up the lake, so I guess it makes sense that they would confuse the two."

10.13 - (generiguy)

Link walked out of Termina's Clock tower and, without bothering to wait for Tatl, set off for Termina's resident banker. This loop, he was planning to buy out the Marine Research Laboratory and renovate it to be the venue for a few hundred a capella squid quartets. Last time he had tried setting that up, Ganondorf was looping in as Skull Kid, and he had rattled the ugly scientist who worked there just a bit too much. As Link walked up the steps to the Banker's mat, he was glad that nobody else was looping this go-around.

"I'd like to withdraw 5,000 Rupees." Link asked the banker, like he had so many times already.

The banker stared back at Link and laughed. "Ha! Well, little guy, you can sure dream! Maybe if you save your allowance you can buy something for the party-"

He paused to stare at Link's outstretched arm. He stayed silent for a few moments, trying to process the immense balance he saw.

"Thanks!" Link waved, tucking the rupees he had teleported from the banker's vault into his subspace pocket and setting off from the shell-shocked banker. Then all of what the banker said registered.

'Party?!' Link's eyes widened.

...Oh no.

Termina's clock tower bonged once, and in an instant the town changed. Banners appeared on walls, confetti fireworks exploded overhead, the clock tower noisily unrolled several party streamers, and a pink blur flew past an annoyed Link, now sporting a conic party hat on top of his normal green one.

Link sighed and spoke up. "I had plans this loop."

The pink blur screeched to a halt in front of him, kicking up way more dust than most people would think possible from a gasping pink fairy. "You made plans to not attend a Pinkie Pie Party?! You need to lighten UP big time, mister greenie hero!"

Link blocked a thrown cupcake with his shield. "How long is this party going to go on? Because in case you hadn't noticed, the moon's falling in 3 days." He pointed upwards at the large angry face in the sky- now sporting rainbow face paint and a moon-sized party hat.

"Yepperoonie! It's going to be the BEST moon-falling party EVER!" The overexcited fairy replied, then zoomed off with an "Ooh!".

'...So much for no other loopers.' Link thought, grabbing his confetti-covered party hat off of his head. After a second he shuddered, then quickly thrust his ocarina in his subspace pocket. 'Oh Farore, I hope she NEVER finds out about the Song of Time.'

10.14 - (generiguy)

But as Stanley came to his wits and regained his senses, he got up and walked out into the hallway.

Link thought otherwise. The last time he had been in a loop like this, he had the mysterious narrating voice tell him a story. He seemed to particularly care about the story, and even mentioned creating a story for 'Stanley', who he was taking the place of in this loop. Link wanted to see what would happen if he completely disregarded that. So for the sake of science, instead of walking out the door, Link walked over to the office room's window and peered through it, while doing one of the few things he did best: saying absolutely nothing.

Stanley stepped in front of the window to admire the view, but all he could see was pure white, so he turned around and got back on track.

Link continued standing.

There was nothing there. No choice to make, no path to follow. Just a window filled with light. Stanley knew this perfectly well, yet he continued to stand there, driven by some outside force.

Link continued standing.

Perhaps Stanley would have been justified in doing this, had there been something to the window. If there was something to interact with, then Stanley's actions would have made perfect sense. But as it stood, Stanley was just standing in front of a perfectly ordinary window.

Link continued standing in the same place.

Stanley was literally just standing there. He's not even doing anything. Perhaps Stanley was suffering from a medical condition that made it impossible to follow the story. Perhaps Stanley was actually a horse, and could sleep standing up. That would make an interesting story. But back to the point. Stanley seemed to be suffering from an acute disease called idiocy.


All Stanley had to do to resume the story, was to turn around and walk down the hallway. Stanley was not very good at following directions, but surely this was simple enough for his diseased brain to follow.


Perhaps Stanley wasn't injured at all. Perhaps Stanley had a large ego, and wanted to show that he was superior to the story. This would have made no sense, and Stanley knew it. This story was perfectly rational, if only Stanley would get back on track.

Link continued standing, holding back the urge to smile. This was surprisingly entertaining.

Stanley couldn't have been dead, since he had just smiled, yet his legs refused to move. Stanley may have possibly had a stroke, or another of those physical aliments that tend to handicap your species. Maybe next time, Stanley can substitute a more capable species. One that can actually follow directions, like "Move away from the window."

Link wondered what would happen if Ganondorf looped into this, and concluded that he would probably have punched out the window and completely derailed all point to the story.

Stanley. Stanley. Stanley. There's no point to all this nonsense. You won't get achievements for this sort of behavior. The only thing standing in front the story's progress is you, Stanley. You're the handicap here. Not me. If nothing's wrong with you, is something wrong with me, Stanley?

Link stood perfectly still.

Is it my narration? Because it's perfectly good narration. It can't possibly be that. Hmm... Perhaps it's a problem of my tone?


Perhaps it simply failed to transfer itself over mediums. You have to admit, Stanley, that my voice is a very good voice. Is it the tone failing to convey itself? Let me try again.

Stanley walked away from the window, and continued down the hallway.




Can you offer me some explanation here, Stanley, I'm genuinely confused. This window is of absolutely no importance to the story. What. So. Ever. I can understand if you wanted to hear about the broom closet ending, and you decided it would be a good idea to stay there and listen. But this is completely irrelevant to everything the story is about, and you know it.


Oh, I give up, Stanley. You win.


You win!


Are you happy now, Stanley? Now that you've had your indulgence of silly pastimes, can we continue with the story? Just pull back from the window, and walk through the hallway.

Link stood perfectly still.

Well, I don't know what's going on with you, Stanley. I don't know what's come over you. I sincerely regret letting you take part in my story, Stanley, if you're going to stand around all day doing nothing. Did you know that?


Stanley decided staring at a window was absurd, and deliberately walked away from the window and into the hallway to find his co-workers.




Well, I've come to a conclusion, Stanley. Since I'm most definitely not keeping you there, somebody else is running the story. I'm not sure why this keeps happening, Stanley. It's already happened... hmm, four times now. Anyway, since you refuse to budge, I'm going to go ahead and say it's their fault. There's nothing I can do until they make you pick up the story. It's going to be quite boring unless they can add some interesting flavour to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do.


Of course, they won't get very far in the story, with how cooperative you're being.




Oh, this is hopeless. Good luck with Stanley, other narrator. I'm done with this story.

After a minute of silence to see if he was actually gone, a wide smile broke out on Link's face.

10.15 - (generiguy)

Link climbed up the now-familiar ladder to Tingle Tower, and stepped up to the deck. Normally, Link wouldn't come here unless he needed a chart deciphered, a test subject, or a drowning lockpick to save like that weird loop he'd had where that was Hyrule's currency. This visit to Tingle was for a different reason: curiosity.

As Link walked over to Tingle, Tingle's head popped up too late to notice Link casually slip Ankle and Knuckle spare Power Bracelets. Nevertheless, Tingle was delighted to see him. "Ohh, Mr. Fairy! Hello! Have you come to play?!"

Link shook his head. "I was wondering, Tingle, why do you dress like that? Are your clothes supposed to be a fairy?"

Tingle's smile deflated slightly.

"Oh, that's a secret, Mr. Fairy. Can you keep a secret? Can you tell nobody?"

Like every looper, Link was extremely good at lying through his teeth. Link nodded.

Tingle leaned in so close to Link's face he could smell Tingle's breath. Tingle's eyes narrowed, and Link could almost feel the area around them darken.

"I'm a hired assassin for the Princess. " Tingle spoke in deep whisper, several octaves lower then his normal voice. "This costume conceals 27 different knives and two vials of poison in my hat, mister fairy. And my pants are dyed. With blood."

Link tried to take a step back, but Tingle grabbed his shirt and looked at Link with a serious expression.

"With blood."

Link tried to take another step back but Tingle's eyes went bloodshot.

"WITH BLOOOOOOOOOOD!" he yelled, looking directly at Link with an expression of pure hate that severely contrasted with his outfit. Link tensed and put one hand on the Master Sword, the other ready to cast a shield spell if need be. Preferably an explosive one.

Then, as suddenly as it had vanished, Tingle was back to his cheerful disposition. "And it refuses to come out when Tingle washes it." he smiled at Link. "Thanks for asking, Mr. Fairy!"

Link stood in place for a few seconds while his brain rebooted.

10.16 - (masterofgames)

Link paused to stretch as he finished his trek to the Sword of the Goddess. He liked Skyloft, he really did, but the fact was that he just spent more loops down on the ground, and the thinner air up here tended to get him tired faster. He couldn't help but grin though, as he was about to be reunited with his most graceful partner. Nothing against the others, but Fi was just so useful, and though he would deny it if asked, he rather liked her dancing while interpreting the language of the goddess. He had no doubt that if she had a rapier of some sort, (well, and arms) she would be untouchable in a fight.

Walking up to the pedestal, he drew the sword. "Well Fi, ready for another grand adventure?" he chuckled.

Fi's answer was not quite what he was expecting as she emerged from the sword and hovered before him. "Master, I am receiving conflicting conclusions as to the proper steps to suggest you take to ensure your immediate safety. I calculate fifty percent odds you should look behind you, and fifty percent odds you simply run." she calmly stated.

Link paused at that. Then his curiosity won out and he turned back to look.

There were two more pedestals behind him.

More importantly, there were two more swords.

Even more importantly, there were two beings each hovering over one of those swords.

The first folded her arms and scowled at him, wings beating rapidly in agitation as her usual soft blue glow changed to an angry red. "You have some nerve! I go out of my way to go above and beyond the call of duty to help you! I offer my nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the entire world and everything in it! I keep track of the to do list, and patiently tell you what the next step is, no matter HOW many times you forget and ask me again! And you repay me by slipping off to go adventuring with another partner?!"

Oh crap, Navi was here!

The other sword spirit growled, light glinting off her fang. "I break you out of prison, let you tag along on my mission, do you the honor of recruiting you as my personal servant, tell you the lost lore of my people, aid you with my magic, GIVE you some of my magic, save your life, let you into my HOME, let you FINISH my mission, and then grant you your freedom from my service with no strings attached, and you just up and replace me TWICE?!"

Oh crap, Midna was here!

... Oh CRAP! Midna was Awake!

"It's not as bad as you make it sound! I really did devote myself to finding you once we were separated, and it was only with the most reluctant of hearts that I oh crap you already know about Tatl and the King of Red Lions don't you?"

A pair of nods and angry glares answered him.

"Mommy..." he whimpered as he braced himself.

Fi floated in the same location where she had started, next to her sword in one of the only remaining intact locations in the room. The pillars were fallen, the walls cracked, and the roof had a long crevice which shifted dangerously every so often.

In front of Fi, Link stood, a pair of mirror shields strapped on his arms. He was breathing slightly heavily as he slowly he lowered his shields. Out in front of him, Navi and Midna both lay, panting and exhausted on the floor.

"Are you two finished?" He asked, still tense and ready to block more flying masonry or Navi's Koten Zanshun she picked up from a Bleach Loop.

Midna growled lowly, but didn't move from her position on the floor, while Navi fluttered weakly. Link sighed, then turned to stare at the fairy.

"I know I told you about my adventures, and those that accompanied me." The question 'what is the problem?' echoed unspoken.

Navi moaned, then sniffled slightly. "...you don't need me."

"Huh?" Link frowned at Navi's quavering voice.

"You don't need me! I've seen, Zelda, she showed me pictures, videos, of your fights. You've fought Ganondorf, Majora, Demise! Dark powers that I can't even imagine, and you did it without me!" Navi fluttered, rising up in the air. "What use is my knowledge? You know more about this world, and others, so many other worlds, than I do. You told me about your adventures, but seeing it..." Navi flutter to rest on her sword, which was skewed to a slight angle in its pedestal. "I'm useless."

Before Link could respond, Midna scoffed. "Feh. You sure are, if you're going to give up like that."

Navi glowed an angry red. "What?!"

Midna sat up, her hair stirring. "So what? Yeah, Boy-o has gotten stronger, but that just means that I'll need to work harder. I can't let my servant outshine my majesty. If you want to give up, fine. Less competition for me."

Link stepped forward before another fight could break out. "Navi, Midna. Yeah, it's true that I don't 'need' a partner as much. I'm not a wide-eyed kid or lazy farm boy anymore, and it would be an insult to both of you to pretend that I am. But! I do need friends. These Loops...they are lonely. Zelda, me, Ganondorf, we don't have it quite as bad as many Anchors, because we tend to show up together fairly often, but I still spend long times in lonely loops." Link grinned. "You both are unique, and knowing that there are more people out there sharing these experiences will help me, help us, tremendously."

For several moments, they were all silent. Then, with a faint chime, Fi floated forward. "This is all true. I welcome you both. I predict a 78% decrease in difficulty in keeping Link unharmed with your assistance."

"Hey!" Link frowned as Midna and Navi laughed. Fi then floated over to Navi.

"May I peruse the videos provided by Hylia's Reincarnation?"

Link raised his eyebrow. "Wouldn't you have more recordings yourself?"

Fi turned to look at him and nodded. "Yes. However, knowing the disposition of Zelda, I predict an 86% chance that embarassing videos would be included in such a compilation, and a 93% chance that they are of unknown nature to myself."

A chill ran over Link's spine as Navi giggled, pulling a thin PADD from her Pocket. Fi floated around to view it, and Midna flew over as well, grinning.

10.1 - Sakura is...reasonable!?

10.2 - When Link solves puzzles, he solves puzzles!

10.3 - And the walls come tumbling down.

10.4 - Houston, we have Bwak-off.

10.5 - Cucco clocks. Not to be mistaken with their nice safe cousins, cuckoo clocks.

10.6 - Memes have infected the Loops. Oh noez.

10.7 - Let's give Navi a big hand to welcome her to the Loops. No, no, don't swat her!

10.8 - For some reason, Shy Guy is still a racer in this version.

10.9 - Link + Toys = Odd Times for Tingle

10.10 - "This kind of music just soothes the soul. Now I'm gonna play the Frog's Song of Soul."

10.11 - The Zelda Parable (based on the Stanley Parable)

10.12 - Din's Fire, Tsar Bomba, Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

10.13 - There is always time for a party. Always!

10.14 - The brooding hero stares out the window, waiting for his dashing, red-haired Gerudo King to come and sweep him off his feet and... "Gacck! OK, OK, I'll go through the door!"

10.15 - Tingle Tingle KILL YOU Limpah!

10.16 - Demise hath no fury like a companion spurned. Oh, and welcome to yet another Looper, Midna!