title: leather
author: cheebs!
email: chbkamen@optonline.net
rating: PG-13
characters: Faith
summary: Faith takes a trophy.
improv # 52 - Tori!!!
disclaimer: characters aren't mine, or Faith would spend
lots of time in a lot less.

Thanks to Erica - your comments on Siamese Whispers inspired

Lots of love and thanks to my bunny, who beta'd. :)


Death was her art. She was sex and violence incarnate,
wrapped in the stolen skin of her prey, like hunters of old.

From the shadows she watched, waiting, running her thumb
over her knife's blade. Something in the combined scent of
blood and oil made her smile; not only because she knew it
to be irresistible to her quarry.

Weak and hungry, it scented her almost immediately and
stumbled towards her in game face. Its lips pulled back in
an obscene grin, thinking her injured - an easy meal.

Bloodlust called too loudly to be ignored. She stood,
letting it get close...closer...she pounced! Fists and feet
flew, cracking bones with supernatural strength. Silver
rings rent flesh, leaving bloodless cuts. She grinned
savagely, showing her lack of fangs and fear, and her heart
leapt at both the thought of the fight to come and memories
of past battles.

It fell at her feet, mewling, begging for mercy. She would
be denied, then. She was nauseous at its cowardice.

With a quick twist, its neck snapped. She knelt and stripped
the brutalized vamp of its vintage jacket, soft and worn but
still servicable and holding that scent she adored.

Her nameless victim (the fourth that night) looked at her
sideways, still very much aware and undead in its broken and
bloodied body. Its eyes widened as the huntress slipped a
wooden implement from the small of her back, then closed -
it knew what was to come, and preferred it to spending the
rest of his unlife paralysed.

Dark eyes gleaming unnaturally golden in the moonlight, she
snarled and bared her teeth, and drove the stake home.

A light breeze kicked up, swirling dust into a small
whirlwind before it was scattered by heavy boots. She
retreated into the darkness from which she was born, to