Tales of a Prankster

Set before the series.

Seven-year-old Ikisatashi Kisshu was well-known as a prankster throughout his school. By the time he was in first grade, he had nearly destroyed the school at least once, and all the teachers thought he was a menace.

His first prank ever was in kindergarten, and some of the teachers were actually pretty amazed that a five-year-old had done this.

The kindergarten teacher had come in one morning to find that the whole classroom, from the ceiling to the floors and everything in between, had been painted black. The children's desks were painted black as well, but her desk had been painted dark green for some reason. Looking at the top of her desk, the teacher saw that there was a rather well-drawn picture of her with horns and a pitchfork, prodding a boy who looked a bit like her newest student, Kisshu, off a cliff. Under the cliff was a depiction of Hell.

The teacher teleported to the principal's office, and as the principal looked up, she said, "Did you see my classroom this morning?"

"No, why?" the principal asked.

"Someone painted everything except my desk black," the kindergarten teacher said. "And my desk is painted dark green with a picture on the top of me as a demon pushing a kid into Hell. Any ideas on who did this?"

"The only one I could think of would be Ikisatashi Kisshu; he said he forgot something in your room, and I said he could go get it," the principal said. "But how would he be able to paint everything black? A five-year-old wouldn't be able to fly or teleport yet."

"I can't imagine why one of the older children would do that, though," the kindergarten teacher commented. "Should we talk with Kisshu?"

"I suppose," the principal said. "Go find him."

The kindergarten teacher teleported back to her classroom, and found a few students in there, whispering. She went over to them, and asked, "Have any of you seen Kisshu today?"

From behind her, Kisshu said, "I'm here, Sensei. What happened to your classroom?"

"That's what I'd like to know," the teacher said. "YOU wouldn't happen to know why the entire classroom is black, would you?"

Kisshu suddenly looked cornered, and the teacher said, "Thought so. Come on, we're going to go chat with the principal." She grabbed Kisshu's hand and dragged him off.

The principal looked up as they came in, and asked, "What did you find out?"

"Kisshu has major explaining to do," the kindergarten teacher said.

"Yuka-sensei said she'd feed me to the piranhas the next time I pulled Kasumi's hair, so I decided to prank her before I got fed to the piranhas," Kisshu said. "What ARE piranhas, anyways?"

"They're a type of fish," the principal sighed. "And to my knowledge, they only live on Earth, so you didn't really need to worry."

"I wasn't worried," Kisshu said. "I could outrun piranhas any day, but I thought I'd practice my drawing before art class. This was the perfect opportunity. You should be happy; I'll get GREAT grades in art class!"

"But why did you paint everything black, of all colors?" Yuka asked.

"It's the color of your heart if you feed your students to fish for bad behavior," Kisshu said cheekily.

"And how did you get it on the ceiling?" the principal asked wearily.

"I'll show you!" Kisshu said, and grabbed a pen off the principal's desk. Then to the women's shock, he floated up to the ceiling and started drawing a fish with fangs. When he was done, he floated back down and said, "See?"

"You can FLY?" Yuka asked.

"You can't?" Kisshu asked, snickering.

"You're only five!" Yuka said.

"Your point being…." Kisshu said.

"I don't think I've ever seen a five-year-old fly," the principal said.

"Well, now you have," Kisshu said. "Can I go home now?"

"We'll call your parents," the principal said. She concentrated briefly, and said, "Anzu is on her way."

Sure enough, a woman with Kisshu's green hair and blue eyes teleported in, looking puzzled. "Did something happen?" she asked.

"Your son decided to redecorate his classroom," the principal said dryly.

"How bad is it?" Anzu asked nervously.

"BAD," Yuka said. "Come with me."

Anzu, Kisshu, and the principal followed her to the kindergarten classroom, and Anzu and the principal's jaws dropped. "Kisshu, how did you get paint on the ceiling?" Anzu asked incredulously. "And why did you do this in the first place?"

"I flew up to the ceiling and painted it, and I did it because Yuka-sensei wants to feed me to the piranhas," Kisshu said. "So I decided to prank her before she fed me to a bunch of fish. You and Dad would come get me if I couldn't get away from the fish, right?"

"Of course, but why was Yuka threatening to feed you to piranhas?" Anzu asked, confused.

"I was pulling Kasumi's hair," Kisshu said. "She was telling that jerk Kino that I suck my thumb, so I decided she would never have another peaceful day."

Anzu groaned. Looking at the principal, she asked, "I suppose you're going to think of some punishment for Kisshu?"

"He has to repaint the whole classroom pink," Yuka said.

"I despise pink," Kisshu grumbled.

"Yuka, why don't we have him paint it yellow?" the principal asked. "The boys won't like a pink classroom."

"Oh, fine," Yuka said.

"I LIKE black," Kisshu said sulkily.

"Well, the rest of us won't be able to see very well in the dark, so you have to paint it yellow," the principal said sternly. "Let's go find some yellow paint, and you can repaint your classroom while I speak with your mother."

Kisshu sighed and followed the adults to the art room.

This will be a very short story, with very short chapters. Each chapter will be a different prank from Kisshu's childhood, and I promise to work on other stories at the same time. Review plz!