A Different House

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter Five

" Potter, Malfoy, and Flint come with me to my office NOW" Snape yelled. All the older Slytherins had seen Snape mad on a couple of occasions but not this mad. It seemed like he really cared about what he was doing. Harry and Draco stood up and walked over to the door. Flint followed behind the boys. They started to walk the way to Snape's office. When they had left the common room everybody started talking. Wondering what Snape wanted with the three.


They turned a corner then went right then left. It was all confusing in Harry's mind. The walk to Snape's office seemed longer when a person was in trouble. They were just about there Harry could tell because he saw a door up ahead. There was no portrait on the door but there was a key lock. Snape put his hand into his black robes and drew out a long silver key. He placed it in the key hole and turned it. The door opened reveling Snape's office. The walls were a shade of green. There was a mahogany desk in the center of the room. In front of the desk was about four chairs. The chairs were the same color as the desk. There was a lamp on the desk and two candles on top of a table in the corner. They walked into the room and sat down. Harry was sitting by Draco and Flint was sitting beside Draco. Snape sat down on the chair that was in front of the desk. When he had sat down Snape spoke " what happened up there Mr. Flint"

" Well all the Slytherins were up in the common room talking about the first day. Well then Potter and Malfoy entered the common room. I told Potter to come over to talk to me. His reply was No. So I forced him to come over to where I was sitting. Well Malfoy seemed to know something so I had two other people bring him over to me. It seemed that Potter was afraid of me but I did not know why. I wanted to find out. You know it being the Famous Harry Potter" Markus said.

" Yes I have your side now could I have Draco's" Snape said.

" Well Harry and I had just came back from the library. You see Harry was getting books because he loves to read. Now getting back to the point. We got into the common room and there was a big group of our classmates and other Slytherins there. Well once they noticed that Harry had come into the room they all stopped talking. Flint forced Harry to come over to where he was sitting. Well then I told them to leave him alone and he had me brought over there. And that's about it. "

" Now I want Mr. Flint to leave but you will have two weeks of detention and 50 points will be taken off Slytherin."

" But Professor Snape 50 points from your own house"

" I said Leave if you do not leave now it will be 100."

Flint quickly left the room. When he was gone Harry started to cry. " I'm I in trouble" Harry asked in a small voice. " Why would you think that" Snape asked. " You were yelling I thought" but Harry did not have time to finish his sentence when Snape interrupted him. " Harry nobody is trying to get you into trouble. What Flint did up there was not trying to get you into trouble" while Snape was saying this he was putting his arms around Harry in a hug. Harry seemed confused and recoiled from the touch. " I'm not trying to hurt you Harry" Snape whispered to Harry. It seemed that Harry let Snape hug him after telling Harry that he was not trying to hurt him.


Draco's P.O.V.

I feel jealous as I watch the scene in front of me. It seems that Harry has someone that cares about him. Me I have none. My Father never really cared about me and my Mother was always too busy for me. Even when I was a baby she had the house elves take care of me. I was taught magic at an early age. It was not dark magic but a couple levitating spells. You see the ministry did not know about what happened at our manor because there was a barrier. It would detect magic outside but once you were in you could do all the magic you wanted.

Harry's P.O.V.

I have never been hugged before. My relatives never really cared for me. I have mixed feelings. I think Snape is trying to get me in trouble but on the other hand I feel I should trust him. I feel as I can trust Draco but could I really trust Snape?

Snape's P.O.V.

I feel sorry for the live that Harry has lived. I can't imagine what Harry has lived through. He has never heard words of comfort from his relatives. He was never hugged. Never cared for. I feel that I can't be mad at Harry because he was James's son. I feel I have to take care of him .

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