Have you ever seen something you wish could be unseen? Were you ever told a story as a child and learn that all of it is true?

My name is Leslie White and I live with my parents in Portland, Oregon. I always knew I was adopted because I look nothing like my parents, Sarah White and Adam White. My mom has light brown hair and brown eyes and stands at 5'4. My father has blond hair and green eyes and is 5'6. I have jet black hair and blue eyes and I stand at 5'8. I think it's funny that I'm taller than my parents but I love them anyways. My parents told me my biological mother gave me up to them desperately and my biological father was murdered. I have always wondered where my real mother is now but I don't really want to go looking for her if she didn't want me in the first place. Besides, if she really wanted to see me, she would have kept in touch with me.

We just moved into a new house in Oregon from Wake Forest, North Carolina. The new house is big and nice but I miss my old hometown. Portland has some very weird people here. It wasn't until I went to my first day of school that my life here started to get very strange.

"Here you go, your first period Biology!" A perky girl from Student Survives exclaimed as we stood out side the classroom door and handed me my schedule. "Here is your schedule, if you need help finding your classes, just go down to Student Survives."

"Thanks." I simply say and walk inside the classroom.

"Ah, you must be Leslie White!" A tall blond hair middle aged teacher greeted as I walked in. "Class, this is our new student, Leslie White, let us all welcome her to Cleveland High School!"

"Hello Leslie White..." A handsome brown haired boy who sat in front of the class said as he looked at me up and down, eyeing at my chest. I raise my eye brows at him and he looked away.

"Please go sit down next to Emily Crown." My teacher, Mrs. Ryan, said and pointed at a small blond haired girl who had bright blue eyes and wore a white dress. As I walked to my seat I could see the same boy eye my butt as I pass him. I put my backpack down next to my chair and glare at the boy who smiled cockily.

"Be careful with him, he can be very creepy." Emily whispered to me.

"Keep your mouth shut Emily!" The boy yelled at the girl.

"Don't worry; I can handle people like that." I whisper back with a smile.

Mrs. Ryan went over lessons about chromosomes. I didn't really pay attention because back in Wake Forest I learned all about this. I usually get really good grades in science anyway. The bell rang, signaling everyone it was time to go to our next class. I take out my schedule and see what I have next. English Honors which was right down the hall. As I was about to walk out of the door, the same creepy boy stood in front of me, blocking my way.

"Hi Leslie, I'm Dallas Austin, but you can just call me Dally." Dally smirked and looked at me up and down again.

"Can you move away from the door please?" I ask but when he didn't I pushed passed him.

"Oh come on babe, don't be like that I was just trying to be friendly!" Dally exclaimed and ran to catch up to me.

"Listen here, I am not your 'babe' and I don't like your way of friendly!" I snap at him.

"We'll you didn't have to yell in my face..." Dally muttered and walked away from me. I sign and walk to my next period.

Second and third period went by in a flash and it was time for lunch. School lunch was not my favorite but I forgot to get money at home to buy something from the snack machine. I got in the lane and got a chicken sandwich and some grapes. I found an empty table and sat down to eat. There were a lot of people at this school it was pretty different than back home.

"Dally, can you please leave me alone!" A small voice shouted. I turn to look and saw Dally smiling evilly at Emily Crown. He hit her lunch tray, making it spill all over her. He then pushed her so she could stumble backwards and fall over.

"Hey!" I shouted at him and walked over to him. "She told you to leave her alone!"

"Move babe, this has nothing to do with you!" He said and put his hand on me to push me away.

I push his hand away, "Don't put your filthy hands on me!" I shouted at him. I never could have expected the next thing to happen. I wish I was punched in the face instead of seeing this...

Dally's face changed into something that looked like a wolf! He had a wolf mussel and dog like ears! He had sharp teeth and yellow eyes. He even had a fury mane! Dally's face changed back and he looked at me frighteningly.

"D-don't hurt me!" Dally staggered back. "P-please!" He turned around and ran away from me. The teachers and students looked at him and me with weird expressions.

How is he scared of me!? I'm the one who is scared to death here! Why is it that nobody else was freaked out!? I was so scared I never realized I started to hyperventilate. Suddenly I blacked out and fell to the ground.

"Leslie!" A soft voice called as I began to wake up. I saw Emily look at me worryingly.

"What happened, where am I?" I asked as I took in my surroundings.

"You're in the clinic you passed out in the lunch room." Emily answered.

I thought about the incident at lunch... "His face," I exclaimed. "Did you see it!?" I looked at Emily and she gave me a look.

"I didn't see anything..." Emily said. "I think you need more rest."

"No, no I saw his face! It changed, he looked like a wolf!" I started to panic.

"Easy now Leslie, I'm going to get you some water." Emily got up and left me to get water.

What did Dally look so afraid of me, I don't understand... He told me not to hurt him. I must be going crazy... Emily came back and gave me a glass of water. "Your mom should be here soon to come pick you up."

"Where are the nurse's?" I ask.

"They are on their lunch break I am in Heath Class so I'm allowed to treat students when they aren't here." Emily smiled.

"Do you want to be a nurse?" I asked her.

"Yes, I do!" She exclaimed. "What about you?"

"I don't know I wanted to be a zoologist..." However, after what I just seen, I think I'm done with animals.

"Hello?" A familiar voice called out.

"In here Mrs.," Emily called and my mom walked into the room.

"Leslie darling, are you alright?" My mom came in looking all worried.

"I'm fine mom." I said.

Mom signed the papers to take me home early and we walked to the car. "I was so worried when I heard that you passed out!" Mom said almost in tears. "What happened?"

"I thought I saw something..." I said.

"What did you see?" Mom asked.

"Nothing, you will think I'm crazy because it is crazy!" I shout.

"Honey, talk to me..." She said as she drove away from the school.

"I want to go back home..." I said sliding down in my seat.

"We are going home." Mom chuckled.

I roll my eyes, "No I mean back in Wake Forest!"

"You know your father just got a job at the Portland Police Station as a police officer." Mom explained.

"I don't care I want to go back!" I pouted.

Mom sighed, "Leslie your 15 years old, you are old enough to understand why we can't go back. You're father lost his job and just got a new one."

"I know..." I look out into from the car window and stared out into the streets.

When we got home I went up stairs and locked myself inside my room. I didn't come down until my dad came home from the station.

"Hi Daddy," I greeted and hugged him.

"Hi pumpkin," Dad smiled and hugged me back. "How are you feeling?"

"Horrible..." I said.

"Hm... Your mother told me you saw something, do you want to talk about it?" Dad asked.

"No." I snap.

Mom walked in the kitchen and kissed Dad, "How was your first day of work?"

"It was good I met two detectives that I will be working with." Dad answered.

"Good, maybe we can invite them over for dinner one night!" Mom smiled.

"That would be nice." Dad smiled as well.

"Are you hungry Leslie?" Mom asked me.

"No, I'm just going to go to bed." I said and walked up stairs. I took my shower and got ready for bed.

Lying down in the darkness was never scary to me, until now. I stayed up with my light on, watching TV in my room. I had a bat next to me in my bed just in case one of those monsters comes in the middle of the night.

I stayed up all night with the TV and lights on. I heard my parents wake up and walk down the stairs to make breakfast. I crawled out of bed and walked down stairs to greet them.

"Good morning sweetie." Mom said as she saw me. "Did you sleep at all?"

"No..." I said and grabbed a piece of bread to eat.

The door bell rang and I went over to answer the door. Who would come over to early in the morning? I answered the door and two men stood outside.

"Hello!" A tall dark man greeted. "We are looking for Adam White?"

"Oh hey guys, come on in!" My Dad walked over and put a hand on my shoulder.

"This is Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin." Dad introduces me.

"Hi." I said shyly.

"You must be Leslie it's nice to meet you." Nick shook my hand. "I heard a lot about you."

"Oh?" I smile at Nick. Something about him makes me feel safe.

"Hello, may I offer you some coffee?" My Mom came in and asked.

"No, but thank you Mrs. White," Hank smiled. "Are you heading off you school, we can give you a lift. It's on the way to the office."

"You would do that?" I asked.

"Of course," Hank exclaimed.

My Dad looked over at me with a concerned look. "Are you feeling better to go to school?"

"Yes Daddy, I'll be alright." I said with a soft smile.

"What happened?" Nick asked.

My father turned to Nick, "She passed out at lunch yesterday and said she thought she saw something."

Nick and Hank exchange looks, "What did you see?"

"I-it was really nothing, I must have been tired or something and I was seeing things." I turned and walked up stairs to get ready for school.

"You ready?" Nick and Hank waited at the door.

"Yeah," I hugged my parents and walked out the door with the detectives.

"I'll meet you two at the station!" My Dad called out.

"Alright," Hank waved and claimed into the driver's seat. I took a seat in the back right behind Nick.

"So," Nick looked at me from the rear-view mirror. "What grade are you in?"

"Tenth," I answered. Nick smiled but frowned when his phone rang.

"Yes Wu?" Nick answered his phone. There was mumbling over the phone. "Yes, we will be there in a second thanks! Hank we have to turn around there was an attack at the next neighborhood!"

"Looks like you're going to be a little late to school, Leslie!" Hank turned the car around and sped down the street. I honestly thought this was so cool! It's like being in a movie!

We got to a house that has yellow tape around the house. "Stay here, we will be right back." Nick said and walked out the car with Hank.

I waited for a while for them to come back it was taking a while so I decided to put my head down to rest my eyes a bit. Suddenly, the door was yanked open and I woke up with a start. "Get out!" It was Dally.

I scream as Dally pulled me out of the car. He threw me on the ground and kicked me over and over again. "I'll just kill you before you kill me!" He shouted and bent down to punch me.

"Leslie!" I heard Nick shout and tackle Dally off of me.

"Get off of me, I need to kill her or she will kill my family!" Dally screamed frantically.

"You are under arrest!" Nick shouted. Dally turned to look at Nick and his face changed into a wolf once again! He stops struggling with Nick and stares at him in disbelief as he changed back to normal.

"There are two of you..." A police man takes Dally away from Nick.

"His face..." I muttered and Nick turned to me.

"What did you say?" He asked as he helped me up to my feet.

"His face... It changed..." I stare at Dally as he was put into the police car.

"Is everything alright," Hank ran over to us and stopped when he saw me. "What happen to you?"

"Wait, what did you see?" Nick ignored Hank and looked at me intently.

"I- I saw his face change, he looked like a wolf!" I exclaimed. "Please tell me you saw that!"

Nick nodded, "I saw it."

Hank looked over at Nick, "What did she see, Nick."

Nick didn't take his eyes off of me, "She is just like me. She can see what I can see... She is a Grimm."

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