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This was going to be rough...rougher than any blood curdling, bone snapping fight she had ever participated in. She looked in the bathroom mirror with bloodshot, swollen eyes. Her eyes were a dim grey instead of the usual blistering blue...She figured it was from the sleepless nights she had encountered. The tired eyes roamed over her own body; noticing the almost sickening pale pigment of her skin. Her stomach rumbled. Sighing, she made her way into the kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cereal. Beth stared into the bowl with disgust. She wasn't all the hungry all of the sudden. Instead, Beth had an overwhelming feeling of sickness wave over.

"You need to eat."

Beth jumped at the sound. Sniffling, she turned to her sister. "I'm trying."

Maggie looked at her little sister with deep pain. Her baby sister, her life, the only real family she had left was pregnant. The last year had been a whirlwind of emotions for the Greene sisters. Maggie been irrevocably shocked with the news of Beth entangling herself with the lifestyle of a dangerous fight ring. But this...this topped everything by far. Sure, Maggie liked Daryl enough...but something about him just didn't settle well with her. Maybe it was the fact that he was twice her age. Or that he was the reason why Beth had no choice in joining forces with someone like Merle Dixon. Her pondering thoughts ceased. Had Beth asked her a question?

"What?" She plastered an apologetic look.

Beth worried her lip before repeating herself. "You think he will be mad?"

Maggie's heart broke a little more at her sisters words. How was she to know? She knew her sister loved Daryl deeply, so she prayed to whatever God above that Daryl would somehow be OK with the idea of bringing a newborn into the world. Sighing, Maggie sat down next to her sister. "I don't think so." She ran a long finger through Beth's hair.

"I think he will be." Beth sniffled and tried to swallow the lump of regret in her throat. "I f-feel like...if he w-wan-ted a kid...he would've had one b-by now." She felt the anxiety building in her chest, making it difficult to breathe. Her eyes widened, hands pulling at her blonde hair. "He's going to fucking leave me! He's going to fucking leave and never come back!"

Maggie became increasingly worried at Beth's sudden behavior. Instead of replying, she wrapped her arms around the thin, worried-stricken, shaking frame of her sister.

"It'll be okay." She whispered.

She prayed it would be.

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