Massages, Cuddles, and Newfound Family

Aisha groaned, rubbing her neck. "Man, whatever I did really messed me up.." she muttered, then purred softly as a pair of soft hands began to rub right at the sore spots, massaging the ache out gently.

"Ooh, that's much better..." she murmured, then heard a soft laugh.

"Better, eh Aisha-kitty?" said Jim, who then nuzzled at her neck, making Aisha gasp in surprise.

"Much better, thanks Jimmy, I owe ya" Aisha said, quickly turning and snatching Jim into her arms, snuggling him close to her, rubbing her cheek against his and purring. Jim laughed and snuggled her back.

"What in the name of all that's holy is going on here??" Gene shouted from behind them. Aisha turned around, still holding Jim in her arms, the latter having a very smug look on his face.

"It's a cuddle session, what's it look like?" Jim said.

"Like it's any of yer business anyway Starwind!" Aisha growled.

"You're sleeping with my partner furball! That makes it my business!" Gene growled back.

"Not yet she's not, but tonight.. heh heh heh... ... Now go away Gene before I get mad" Jim muttered.

"Oh? And whatcha gonna do about it little man?" Gene taunted.

"Now you've made him mad Gene, and you have to suffer the consequences. Don't come crying to me after you get sliced up, because he's gotten good with them" Suzuka said, smiling.

"Gotten good with what?" Gene asked, scratching his head in puzzlement. In response, Jim looked at Aisha, who bared her claws.

"These beautiful claws, of course" Jim responded, "diamond-dusted beauties that could slice through you like a hot knife through butter."

"I'll take your word for it... ... Any rate, I'm heading out, there's a pirate problem 30 miles from here that I'm going to deal with, I'll be back later" Gene said, grabbed his cloak and guns and left.

"He's getting really irritating" Suzuka said, with Aisha and Jim nodding in agreement. "I'm leaving as well, going to back up Gene, since he's so reckless. I shall return as well" Suzuka continued, "and if you're wondering, Melfina is on the Outlaw Star with Gilliam playing chess." Suzuka then left as well, leaving Aisha and Jim cuddled in each other's arms.

"Aisha?" Jim asked.

"Yeah?" Aisha murmured. Jim blushed, then looked into her blue eyes, totally serious.

"Will you... be my momma?" he whispered. Aisha's ears pricked up and settled Jim in her lap, hugging him tightly.

"Oh Jimmy, why do you ask me something like this?" she asked.

"Because... ... I never really had parents... From as far back as I can remember, Gene and I have worked together... I guess I just need someone in my life that means a lot to me... And to me, that's you, Aisha" Jim said quietly, looking at his feet.

"Well then, if that's the case..." Aisha said, stripping off her breastplate and exposing her C-cup breasts, "then we've got some catching up to do, don't we my baby?" and with that, she raised Jim's head with her paws, letting him get his first, full-on view of her chest. Jim visibly blushed and gulped hard in response. "Drink up, my baby, you want to get big and strong like your momma, don't you?" Aisha purred.

"Yes momma" Jim said simply and leaned forward, taking a nipple into his mouth and starting to nurse gently.

"Mmmm... That's it baby, drink up. MMM! Oh Jimmy, you're a natural... one thing you'll - ooh, yes - notice about we C'tarl C'tarl females *whimper* is that we lactate whether we're pregnant or not... momma has *groan* a large supply of milk, just for you... So drink all you like my little kitten, Momma's got all you'll ever want..." Aisha moaned, feeling her milk flow out of her and into Jim's mouth.

As he drank, however, Aisha noticed some changes going on with Jim's body. His ears became pointed, he began to grow fur where there was once skin and his hands and feet (Jim wasn't wearing shoes since he didn't have a job to work) changed into paws. She'd been forced to read about this back at the Academy: About the side effects of C'tarl C'tarl milk on humans.

From what she remembered, it messed with the very DNA structure and modified it to a more C'tarl C'tarl body structure. Sometimes the change was full, other times it was partial and still others weren't affected at all, but the reports were, for the most part, unconfirmed, but there were the rumors...

Jim finished, moving to her other breast, licking at her nipple before suckling, making Aisha gasp again and purr happily. Jim clung to Aisha, adopting more C'tarl C'tarl traits as he drank down her milk. Finally, Jim finished and opened his now catslit-pupiled eyes, looking up at Aisha. Aisha looked back down at him, gasping at the sight. "What's wrong Aisha?" Jim said, a low growling tone underlying his voice. Jim blinked, then noticed his changes and screamed. "What happened to me?!"

"Jimmy, I happened to you... My milk gave you some side effects that turned you into a C'tarl C'tarl... Jimmy I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I didn't mean to have this happen!!!" Aisha said, sobbing because of the impact of what happened had hit her.

"So this is what it's like to be a C'tarl C'tarl... Aisha-kitty, Momma, thank you" Jim said, licking her cheek.

"Huh? But-" Aisha started but Jim put a finger to her lips, silencing her.

"I couldn't do all that much before, but now... with this gift you've given me, I feel like I can do anything, all thanks to you" Jim said softly, nuzzling her neck and purring.

Aisha wrapped her arms around Jim and hugged him tightly to her, purring louder. "My precious little baby," Aisha murmured, starting to doze off, "you'll need to drink from me again when you wake up, ok?"

"Okay momma, I will" Jim said, dropping off to sleep in his mother's arms, holding her close.

* * * * * *

Gene watched from the window, having seen the event, along with Melfina, Suzuka and Gilliam's pink bot, who was on Gene's shoulder. They had returned in time to catch the majority of the event, having not had many pirates to deal with.

"Great, now I've got two fuzzballs to contend with" Gene muttered, shaking his head.

"Fascinating, I will have to ask Aisha about what side effects have been documented. New research project for me, I suppose" Gilliam commented.

"I think it's sweet that they've found each other" Melfina said, getting a smile from Suzuka.

"It certainly is at that, now only if Gene could sweeten up his attitude, there wouldn't be any problems at all, right Gilliam?" Suzuka said, the smile still evident on her face.

"Absolutely correct Suzuka" Gilliam said, earning a backhand from Gene.

"You stay out of this Gilliam" Gene muttered, looking back through the window, where Aisha and Jim were awake again after their short nap and Jim was nursing from her again. "Eck, geez Aisha, cover that thing up" Gene said. Aisha's ears pricked up again and, without taking her focus off of Jim, she flipped Gene the bird, then returned to purring, starting to give Jim a tongue bath.

She stripped Jim of his jacket, shirt and shorts, leaving his boxers in place. She'd decided to save that for later. She licked his ears, moving to his face, mentally noting her rather good timing, as Jim finished drinking and submitted to her ministrations. After she finished with his face, she turned her attentions to her other breast, hefting it and starting to nurse with Jim.

Suzuka slipped quietly in, carrying Gene with no effort up the stairs, opening the door in silence, then returning and doing the same with Melfina, Gilliam riding on Suzuka's shoulder. Aisha and Jim didn't notice a thing, being too involved in their pleasure to pay any attention to their surroundings.

Aisha and Jim fell asleep that night, curled up on the couch together and purring in contentment. Suzuka stood watch over the newfound family, a small smile noticeable on her face. As for Gene and Melfina, they were blissfully unaware of anything, having fallen asleep soon after they'd gotten into bed.

Suzuka sat and thought for a time, watching the bundle of contentment. 'They've finally found each other after all this time... very good... this bodes well for the future, where all of us stand strong in the face of adversity' she thought, dropping off to sleep finally in the wee hours of the morning.