Rueing The Day

Burke and Jerin are copyright me, Aisha and Jim are copyright Toei

Jim and Aisha walked paw in paw down the street, earning looks from the humans they passed. They turned into the bar, ignoring the stares. They'd gotten them a lot in the week since they'd become mother and son. They sat at the end of the bar, Aisha ordering a soda and Jim ordering an iced tea. They sat back, their arms around each other, listening to the music from a local ad/hoc band. The pair recieved their drinks and sipped them quietly, taking this time to relax. The pirates were becoming a pain again and there was more coming and going in the house, what with more jobs coming in. They remained this way until Jim was tapped on the shoulder. Jim turned and got thrown up against the nearby wall as a consequence. "We don't like seeing furballs like you around here, so me and my friends think we'll make an example out of you and your lady friend here" rasped a heavily drunk voice from a very ugly face. "They're dead, and unless you don't want to lose what little balls you have, you'll take your filthy hands off of my son" Aisha growled, grabbing the drunk from behind and clutching at his crotch, her claws bared. Jim was dropped onto the floor. "Relax mom, they're just a more drunk version of Gene, nothing I can't handle" Jim said calmly and she let go, with the large man trembling in fear. "Listen to me you sorry piece of trash, unless you don't want to lose your balls and your heart, you'll leave before my mom gets mad" Jim instructed. "Why would I lose my heart?" The drunk asked in puzzlement. Jim clacked his teeth together and smiled evilly. "I'd eat it, that's why" Jim said with a grin. "Oh yeah?" the drunk laughed and pulled out a caster. Jim laughed as he fired, then shook it off while the smoke obscured him from everyone's vision except for Aisha (her eyes were sharp enough to see him as a charcoal version of himself). Jim roared and leaped out of the smoke, tackling the man and holding his throat in his claws. "Now you made me mad. As a result, I will leave you with a reminder of your folly never to mess with a C'tarl C'tarl" Jim snarled and ripped the man's shirt off, slashing him an X in his chest and getting off as he howled in pain. Aisha tossed 5,000 wong on the bar. "Sorry for the trouble" she said to the bartender, finishing her soda, while Jim licked the blood off his claws, spit it onto the floor and downed his iced tea. Aisha and Jim then put 100 wong on the bar next to the 5,000 and walked out, their tails waving in unison. "I warned you Jerin, that you'd rue the day you messed with a C'tarl C'tarl, but ya didn't listen to me, didja?" the bartender said to the slashed man on the floor. "Shut up and get me a doctor Burke" groaned Jerin. "You want a doctor or a vet Jerin?" Burke laughed and picked up the phone as Jerin groaned again and a laugh was heard from outside. Burke shook his head, grinning. "No one ever pays attention to the 'Don't mess with C'tarl C'tarl' sign" he said and dialed both the doctor and the vet.

Finished: 6-27-02 Last Modified: 6-27-02