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Chessboard Chapter 12: Hey There, Sweet Lips

Jace's POV

I close the fridge and press my newly obtained frozen peas against my groin. Groaning in both pain and pleasure, I stiffly walk towards the couch and then proceed to awkwardly sit down.

"You really shouldn't have done that Jace," Isabelle says, walking into the room while looking at her phone.

I glare at her. "I realize that now."

"Do you?" She raises a brow.

"I'm pretty sure I do."

"Sure, sure." I again glare at her as she retreats to what I'm thinking would be her room.

Now, lying back on the couch, I'm definitely regretting that I kissed her. For more reasons than one of course. Though, I'm not sure what those other reasons are.


I groggily sit up from the couch rubbing my eyes. I probably fell asleep. Ah, oh well. Stretching, I start to make my way towards my room but stop hearing the doorbell ring.

I change directions and start towards the door and open it up and watch as a particular redhead tries to retain her breath on my front porch.

"Yeah, hi. I've got Alec inside of my car and he's very drunk... By any chance can you help me get him inside?" she finally says.

I stare at her for a second, bewildered before I remember that I'm supposed to reply.

"Oh, why hello sweet lips."

Wait. What the hell did I just say?

More importantly, why is Clary Fray standing outside of my house...claiming she has a drunk Alec inside of her car...?

"So, little red-" I start.

"Don't call me that."

"So, Where exactly did you get a drunk Alec? I myself have never exactly heard of one, never the less seen one." What I want to know is, why exactly is Alec drunk?

"Well if you really want to know, I found his drunken self in my apartment when I got home." What? Alec was drunk and inside Clary's apartment? Confusion does not rest well with me obviously.

"And, erm, how exactly did that happen?" I ask, trying to cover up the surprise in my voice.

"Alec and my brother were drinking. Vigorously I might add." She has a brother? Her brother knows Alec?

"Oh." I reply.

"Yeah... So I've got to ask, why are you at Isabelle's house?"

"I live here."

"You live here?" she asks incredulously.


"At Isabelle's house?" she deadpans.

"Why is it Isabelle's house? She doesn't own it, does she? For all you know, this can be my house and Isabelle's living in it," I reply.

"Fine. But why do you live here?"

"Mind your own business Fray," I sneer.

"Fine, fine," she says submissively."So are you going just stand there like an idiot or are you going to help me with the intoxicated person in my car?"

"And what do I get for helping you?" I ask, greedy as ever.

"Well, I won't knee you in the balls again." I cringe remembering what she did today. She had a nice kick, I have to admit. My groin can surely can testify.

"Um," my voice squeaked unnaturally so I cleared my throat, "yeah, that seems like a good deal. Let's go." I'm pretty sure I heard her snickering behind me.


Clary's POV

Ugh, I can't believe Jace Herondale actually lives here! Isabelle should've at least given me a heads up.

But admittedly, I never really asked much about her.

And I did flat out leave her for a few years without saying a word...

Plus I didn't talk to her at all during those few years...

Actually, now that I think of it, why is she even friends with me?

Well anyway, Jace Herondale was probably the thing I mainly focused on, seeing as he was the one most major thing that made my life hell.

Jace was always the popular one in school; always having people surrounding him and wanting to be friends with him, even during our elementary years. He just seemed to have this...charisma that people found...appealing to their socialistic minds.

But then, there was me; the loner.

Not many people came up to talk to me, besides all the people who had to talk to me of course, like the teachers and those adults. It was just like how Jace was with that magnetic energy that draws people to him just...completely opposite.

I suffered my loneliness alone of course, and it continued that way for a while. Then, there was that one faithful day when a certain someone came up to me tugged on one of my pigtails. And I'm pretty sure we all can guess who that certain someone is.

Oh, and when I say tugged, I actually mean yanked. As in hard enough to be able to rip your hair off your head. Well, at least that's what I seemed like to my adolescent mind.

But imagine my surprise when little 6 year old me looks up to see an angelic-looking boy looking down at me. He seemed so harmless with the sun shinning a halo above his golden hair. His soft features and eyes similar to his hair made him look like a playful little boy, looking around for something fun to do. It all seemed like the perfect image, if you ignored the scowl that adorned his face.

"Why are you so ugly?" he had said.

And that was the most vivid memory I can remember from my childhood. Sad, I know.

Those five words managed to sneak their ways into my head and burn itself there permanently.

Now, here I am today helping the same person that gave me that horrid memory carry into his home.

"Jace! Grab his freaking legs!" I yell at him for what seems like the millionth time.

"Why do I have to carry his legs?! Why do you get to carry his arms?!" He screams back.

"Ok, fine. If you want to carry his arms where most of his puke is then fine by me."

"You know what, I think I might just stick with the legs. It seems a lot more beneficial-" he says, clearly disgusted at the thought of even going near Alec's vomit.

"No, no, I insist. It looks like you really, really, really want to carry his arms so I'm going to be nice one and let you have the honors." I look up to see that Jace is about ready to argue with me, so I quickly run over to the side where Alec's legs are and go to grab his legs.

We had already 'lifted' Alec out of the car or more accurately dragged him out of the car and then dropped him onto the street. Both of us didn't really seem to care seeing as it would make the job a lot more easier.

Jace sighs, giving up, and gingerly picks up both of Alec's arms with his hands. We both moved quickly (though not exactly quietly) towards the house. At one point, Jace had actually dropped Alec on his head on accident when he backed up into a statue. Alec only grunted but I'm pretty sure he'll have a hell of a headache in the morning.

We finally got to the front porch after carrying him up all those stairs, but not without a few bumps and bruises along the way. Both of us were out of breath, I even more an than I was before. And, being the idiot he is, Jace had apparently closed the door before, effectively locking it leaving us stranded outside without any keys. So, we were forced to ring the doorbell, hoping that someone else was home besides Jace.

After a few seconds of no answer Jace rang the bell again. And again. And again. And after that, just kept on ringing it continuously.

A few minutes of that later, we heard footsteps marching towards the door.

The door opened to show a disheveled Isabelle grumbling about 'stupid blondes and their intense laziness'.

"Hey! I'm right here!" Jace shouts. He had obviously heard what Isabelle had to say about him.

Isabelle's eyes snap up.

"Oh Jace, what are you doing outside? For a second there I thought there were two Jace's and the world was ending." Her eyes then pan a bit downwards and she sees me.

"And Clary? When did you get here?" Both of us glare at her and gesture behind us and Isabelle lock her eyes onto Alec, who lay unmoving behind us.

"Alec? Why is he sleeping on the porch?" she asks skeptically.

"He's not 'sleeping on the porch' he's laying unconscious on the porch," Jace states.

"So, what's the difference?" she said.

"The difference is that he passed out because he was drunk," I explain.

Isabelle gasps a bit too dramatically for my taste. "Alec was drunk? Why the hell was Alec drunk?"

"My thoughts exactly," Jace said looking over at me with an infuriating grin.

"Geez, I don't know. I pretty much just met him today!" I huffed at them.

After a few minutes of mild arguing and bickering, we all decide to just get on with it and carry/drag Alec inside. Jace, of course, decides to be as lazy Isabelle had predicted and sat on a chair watching us drag him in, giving us orders. Which meant that he was pretty much ordering us around like some sadistic dictator.

We both leave Alec on the floor, seeing that we won't and can't carry him onto the couch, so we leave him in yet another awkward position on the floor. At least we were nice enough to give him some pillows and blankets.

Somewhere in the time being, Jace had left both us and his post as dictator. It looked like he disappeared into what seems like thin air. Neither of us minded; he too annoying anyway.

Isabelle leads me upstairs and into her room, which has a shocking amount of pink everywhere.

"So," she starts as she plopped down onto her bed, "how did you get here?"

"Well, it took a while of shouting at Alec but I eventually convinced him to show me the way. Alec is surprisingly difficult when he is drunk you know." She gestures for me to sit down on her bed beside her.

"I actually did not know that."

"Oh, so it's true? That Alec doesn't drink much?" Isabelle doesn't answer but merely nods her head.

"I see."

"I'm quite worried, actually. Alec never drinks. Well, with the exception of wine at a party and even then he only drinks about a glass. For him to come home completely wasted and passed out troubles me." I nod understandingly.

"Anyway, why do you think Jace kissed you?" she asks, changing the topic. I groan.

"I so do not want to talk about that."

"Why not," she whines.

"Because I almost completely erased the memory of it and now it's back because of you." I glare at her. She rolls her eyes.

"So what's up with your sudden tolerance with him?" she asks.

"Ugh, such persistence Isabelle. And I just got used to his arrogance," I state simply.

"So I've got a question for you," I continue. "Why in the world did you never tell me that Jace lives with you?"

She thinks for a second before looking at me.

"If I tell you this, can you promise that you won't tell anyone I did? Especially Jace."


"No, Clary, you really can't tell anyone though. It's not something Jace would want you to know and if he finds out that I told you, he'll kill me then resurrect me just so he can kill me again." I can tell that Isabelle is being serious from her unmoving expression. So I nod my head.

"I promise." She looks at me for a bit then starts to talk again.

"In Freshman year, sometime after you disappeared, Jace's dad was in a car accident and he died shortly after." My eyes snap up to meet hers.

"Apparently, right before he left the house, he and Jace's mother were fighting. His mother had just found out that her husband had been cheating on her for a long time. He was going to the other person's house when he was in the accident.

"When his mother found out about the car crash, she was completely devastated. She killed herself a few weeks after because she still loved him even after all that, and couldn't live without him. Jace moved in with us because apparently his parents knew our parents really well."

"And now because of all of that, Jace has this crazy notion in his head that 'to love is to destroy' since both of his parents died."

"Damn, that just makes it even harder," I mumble to myself.

"It? What's it?" Isabelle asks, apparently having bat-like hearing.

I groan. "Let's just say that I have a plan to get back him. It's getting harder, though. It's starting to become like chess, but with people."

"Ah, Clary. Always the game enthusiast. Even thought I'm not sure what that means," Isabelle says with a grin.

"Don't worry. You'll know soon enough."

"So, are we still on for the shopping trip tomorrow?" she asks.

"Definitely," I say. A smile grows on her face.


Later when I got home, I checked on Jonathan to see if he was alright.

His face was now facedown on the pillow I had given him him, with his ass up in the air and his knees tucked underneath him.

I sigh and walk into the bathroom connected to my bedroom and took out all of the mouthwash I had bought earlier.

I began the hard task of washing all remainder of 'Jace' from my mouth.

Ah, too bad bleach was poisonous. I would've been quicker if it wasn't. I got bleach when I went out since Jon said he didn't have anymore due to...whatever he did.

My head pops up and I look into the mirror. I watched the grin slowly cross my lips as I turn off the sink tap. Maybe I can use the bleach for something else?

Oh yes, I can definitely use bleach for something else.

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